Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Virgo and Capricorn. Earth + Earth

Capricorn’s compatibility with Virgo is very high thanks to a combination of similar elements, which gives a good foundation for their relationship. Virgo will have an immediate rapport with Capricorn. For some reason, Capricorn seems less serious to Virgo than to other zodiac signs.

At first glance, a Capricorn man and a Virgo woman are an almost ideal love, compatible in almost all aspects of life, due to the large number of coincidences that they have as earth signs.

Now, if we go deeper, we can discover a series of limitations that this relationship has. Both are fundamentally practical when it comes to governing their lives, as well as showing strength and being honest and trustworthy people. And of one thing if you can be sure, and that is that each of the two will do what it takes with discipline to achieve the goals that have been proposed in their relationship.

The Virgo woman has a distant, shy and even cold appearance, but inside she needs to undergo almost constant changes to feel alive. For this she needs a partner who is devoted to her for love. For her part, the extremely reserved Capricorn man may seem cold, uncommunicative and disinterested, but she will work hard if her goal is to win a woman’s heart.

Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman Friendship:

Both signs are characterized by their ability to work and perseverance, so they will do whatever it takes to make their personal relationships successful too. However, as both have an introverted tinge, their circle of really close friends is small, but each of those friends can be sure that they have the best and most reliable friend possible, and this is true for the Virgo woman. as for the Capricorn man.

Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility:

Virgo women are basically kind and idealistic, but also deeply analytical. Their shyness does not prevent them from being in the permanent search for their soul mate, and for this they are usually assertive, making decisions that bring them closer to their goal, but also being sometimes excessively critical if things do not go for what they consider to be a good way.

Because they love to work, and they do it hard, they can be harsh in their appraisals of those who are not doing well in their judgment. For them, work is almost always unfinished or capable of being improved. They think that everything can improve. Because they are so rigorous and perfectionists, they have a very high concept of friendship, and they are loyal and dedicated, and do not accept betrayal.

For their part, Capricorn men focus their discipline and attention towards the successful achievement of their goals, which are eternally renewed, once the previous one is achieved. Despite being introverts and loving solitude, even at work, they work with perfect leaders, without showing any shyness in their relationship with their subordinates and giving themselves body and soul to a team that they will demand in equal measure.

They are distrustful in principle, but if others show them trust, they become loyal and trustworthy friends, although they are implacable in the face of betrayal, they do not forgive. In this last aspect they differ from Virgos, who are soft-hearted and forgive easily, despite their desire for perfection and control.

Both signs are sensible and practical , but with some differences. For example, Virgos tend to be more interested in offering a practical and clear service than Capricorns who are more interested in success. A Both signs are realistic, loyal, and have the maturity to find real solutions to difficult problems.

Virgos help Capricorns to feel renewed and young and they manage to bring out the most mischievous and fun face of this sign, which is usually quite serious and ambitious.

Capricorn also brings out the best in Virgo , who is usually less critical of his Capricorn partner than his other sign partners. This can make the Capricorn gain confidence and prosper around a Virgo partner. Both signs need long-term security and comfort and are capable of giving each other.

Capricorn is more ambitious than Virgo and likes to plan each step and reach the top. Virgo is the ideal partner to fulfill his ambitions, because in addition to being a hard worker, he is not envious at all, so he will celebrate his partner’s successes as if they were his own. Together a Virgo-Capricorn couple can achieve almost anything, that they set their mind to.

From a financial point of view , it is a very good combination, as both signs tend to be hard-working and careful with money.

Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman in Love:

The Virgo woman longs to be loved, so she appreciates the manifestations of love from those who show they want to be her friends. Now, as it is demanding in its expectations, it tends to scare away most of those who seek it, but this is not a problem for a Capricorn, who loves challenges that require perseverance and hard work, both to achieve their conquest, and to. they conquer her.

It is in the intimacy where the convergence between the Capricorn man and the Virgo woman is fully expressed, and it is the perfect opportunity for the false masks of coldness and distance to fall, and they can both show the warmth and passion of which they are. able. Since the Virgo woman can be a bit shy and the Capricorn man expresses himself comfortably and widely in the sexual aspect, he will help her bridge the gap and venture out to enjoy a great sexual experience together.

Virgo and Capricorn generally have excellent physical relationships , since their needs and desires are similar. Capricorns will find that they are surprisingly loving and protective of their Virgo partner, who, in turn, will delight in the security and love that Capricorn offers.

Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman Relationship Issues:

Both aspire to the stability of the couple and move away from superficial relationships, so they will try to make intimacy a reason to deepen their emotional relationship and show their affection. As both are self-controlled, it will not be a couple in which arguments abound, and when that happens, both will put the same determination on their part to overcome differences and return to the stability that they appreciate so much.

Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Due to their compatibility, the pair Capricorn men make with Virgo women is almost insurmountable. Both strive to give their best and work comfortably next to each other, because they love to express themselves through work, which is not easy for either of them to say in their work interaction with many other signs, because both are demanding to the extreme, and perfectionists. As bosses or supervisors they are extremely efficient, which is why they have a reputation for being bossy and do not win the sympathy of everyone. They have a great organizational vision and are honest, ethical and responsible.

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Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman Relationship:

Remember in the conversation we mentioned Wendy’s tame wolf? So, he quickly sniffed out that she had appeared on the island, and tracked her down, and they met like old friends.

Virgins are committed to loneliness. The name of this solar sign is symbolic. I do not want to say that the Virgin of both sexes are ready to take a vow of celibacy, but they are in no hurry to connect their lives with someone. Adapting to someone else’s lifestyle, putting up with other people’s habits, enduring a mess is a dubious pleasure. When a Virgo falls in love – and this happens to her, as to all mortals – a terrible dilemma arises.

Virgo respects the law and customs. She honors the institution of marriage. And then, if she really loves, she feels that she simply has to marry her beloved person, give birth to his children, darn his socks, rub celery and carrots for him, and monitor the cleanliness of his collars.

Her beautiful, clear eyes fade, wrinkles run onto her clean forehead. The more she thinks about it, the more fussy it becomes. Fortunately, Libra’s indecision is alien to her.

For Capricorn, marriage is a must. He does not recognize life as sin. He is afraid of one thought that his children will be conceived in sin. They must be recognized by law and bear his name.

It is difficult for a Virgo woman to avoid marriage to Capricorn, because the stars themselves bless their union. Scheme 5-9 promises harmony, but does not give absolute guarantees of happiness. In addition, there are always couples in whose birth charts the luminaries oppose each other. And yet these two are unhappy apart than together.

Dear Virgin, do not hesitate! This is exactly the person you need. Didn’t you understand this at first glance? Usually, from the first meeting, the auras of Virgo and Capricorn mix, harmoniously close, and it is not easier to untangle them than the tangle that the kittens played. (Most Virgos have a cat or even two. Virgos are not indifferent to cats. They either adore them, or they cannot stand the spirit.)

These two easily adapt to each other, whether they dance (this happens infrequently – what kind of dance, if you go to work in the morning?), Talk, make plans or make love.

Sex is a difficult subject for both. Secret fears and insecurity torment them. But when a warm and silky cocoon of love shelters them from the hostile world, doubts melt away, estrangement disappears, prohibitions collapse. Their desire grows slowly until it becomes deep and irresistible. When two signs of the Earth enter into an alliance, their feelings are very strong – sometimes it looks like an earthquake. The women who thought it was cold, and the men who called her the Snow Queen, would be amazed.

However, this ideal couple, like all others, does not avoid quarrels and friction. Oddly enough, housekeeping often gives rise to them.

Not all Virgo women are excellent housewives. A person who hates mess does not always like to clean up. He removed the bed, looking, and it was time to lay it out. I washed the mountain of dishes, and a new mountain grew in the sink. Washed a bunch of linen, and it is again smeared. The floor, which shone with purity half an hour ago, is trampled by dirty boots. What an obsession ?! How to break out of this vicious circle? Isn’t it easier to give up on an untidy bed, dirty dishes, hated floor and ill-fated underwear? Poor Virgin! She is skillful and neat, but she is ruined by the pursuit of excellence. Virgo gets tired of fighting chaos and directs her talents to where they bring more returns. Life is an ungrateful area of ​​exertion.

Quarrels also flare up if she inadvertently criticizes his relatives, whom he is devoted to with all his soul, or reproaches him for his unintelligibility. Virgo gives no rest neither to her tongue, nor to her nimble hands. Idleness tires her, while the pace of his life is leisurely. You can not discount the unconscious egoism of Capricorn. Selfless by nature, Virgo is glad to help, but this should not be abused.

And yet he dopek her. This marriage was a mistake. And why did she not obey the voice of reason? Enough of it, pick up your vitamins, a dictionary, a pocket calculator, a brush – and get out of here!

But after a month of calm lonely existence, she will cry in silence, remembering his soft look, his timid humor, even rudeness, bursts of irritation and insane egocentrism. What is it? The doorbell is ringing? Yes. Amazing

“You took my toothbrush instead of mine,” he says.

– Truth? But I didn’t notice. And then they will certainly throw themselves into each other’s arms, because neither Virgo nor Capricorn will never brush their teeth with someone else’s brush for no special, very important reasons. After all, this is a violation of the rules in which they were brought up. No, they can make an exception only for a loved one.

Vitamins, a dictionary and a pocket calculator again migrate to the bag. And the triumphant Capricorn takes the runaway back home. However, for some reason they are in no hurry to enter inside. He rips off his tie and hangs it on a tree. She throws off her sandals. And they dance in the moonlight under the astonished stars. Grass tickles their legs, intoxicates the honeysuckle with a heavy aroma. They fall under the tree, laughing and crying at the same time. In the end, this is their yard, fenced and lined with tall fir trees. The neighbors are sleeping … It starts to rain. Oh, the tie is gone! No one cares? That night, of course, there was an earthquake, although not one whose strength can be measured on the Richter scale.

In Conclusion:

This Capricorn-Virgo combination is a harmonious pair that converges on the same life values, which unites them to the extreme. As they are only similar, but never identical, as no human being is, the disparities between them can be resolved diligently by both parties, who are determined to provide mutual support without limitations. They are both clear and direct, so they will work without drama to achieve what they consider to be their perfect relationship.

The most compatible for this combination are Capricorns born between January 2 and 20 and Virgos born between September 3 and 22, although regardless of their birthday, both signs will benefit greatly from this relationship.

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