Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

When a Sagittarius girl falls in love, her soul is like a gullible puppy, waiting for love and ready to answer the same. But someday, after counting all her mistakes, she can put on a mask of a skeptic and cynic, which she will cover with a bright makeup of a clown. Her innate honesty and sincerity would touch the most severe male heart. But sometimes it only tempts a twin man of a certain type to test her mind, deceive her honesty, ideals and even love with the help of abstruse games. This usually ends badly. It is Sagittarius who heals the scars of such offensive tactics of Mercury for a long time.

Of course, she too can go to extremes like several stormy scenes of frenzied passion.

This girl, cordial and open, needs love and emotional stability. If the aspect of the Sun-Moon in their horoscopes is unfavorable, she may turn to them for the wrong address, since the male Gemini can be cruel and merciless, cold and indifferent when he allows the negative twin of his “I” to come to the fore. What happened to the careless, cheerful, gentle and loving person who wrote such touching verses to her, drained her tears with kisses and conquered her with the smile of a little boy? It was as if he was playing an unkind hide and seek game somewhere among the many times reflected images of himself … He can leave her in tears, shrugging indifferently, not turning around and not throwing a farewell look of regret … and the next day, return with a bunch of violets ,

Is that what she needs? The Sagittarius girl is very vulnerable, all this can make her feel insecure as a woman or even as a person. At about the same time, he can take up his pseudo-psychoanalysis: it is not he who needs therapy, but she. He can even convince her of this! Gemini can convince anyone and anything, as long as their gullible victims fall into this focus. A man controlled by Mercury can do the most unacceptable things, and then expect that the woman who loves him will apologize to him, as if the misconduct was her own. Do you understand why these men are excellent sellers? They can sell anything and to anyone. Moreover, they are rarely caught when they slip past the Letter of the Law or the Letter of Love.

Of course, we are talking about those Gemini whose Sun at birth was devoid of harmony. Such Gemini deserve to be flaunted before the Sagittarius girls. The vast majority of twin men, fortunately, have more intelligence and other virtues than disadvantages.

Nevertheless, we should not forget that the negative type of Gemini broke more hearts and lives than could be glued with a whole sea of ​​universal glue. Unfortunately, even this type of Gemini is irresistible, especially when he asks with such innocent (at first glance) eyes: “Who, me?” This type of Gemini man can be recognized by the large number of nicknames or pseudonyms that he uses. Many people in Mercury like to play, trying on different names, but this type has different intentions ..

A harmonious, bright and charming twin man almost magically attracts a typical Sagittarius woman, by the way, like her. Opposites are not always attracted, but when they are representatives of the opposite sexes (the “opposite” man and woman), it often works like a magnet. Gemini and Sagittarius are signs opposite in the horoscope, and a powerful attraction begins with the feeling that everyone has qualities that the other lacks. It’s true. Each possesses what the other does not have. Therefore, they can give each other many wonderful lessons. The physical magnetism between them is almost insurmountable – such are their vibrations.

They have always young souls and an inquiring mind, both love nature. They need freedom and space, because without it there is no movement forward. And they both love to dream alone, and then return to hug each other. But being alone is not the same as being alone. Both the Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman constantly surround themselves with people because of a secret fear of loneliness.

She will almost certainly get a cat or dog (and give them strange names). He also loves pets, but without particularly passionate devotion, and until they begin to interfere with his pleasures. But the Sagittarius girl can sacrifice her own comforts for the sake of her beloved dog. There are other differences – more subtle. The twin needs new horizons and new heights. To her too. Mine also needs a faithful and reliable hand that would support it. He also likes to hold her hand. If she lets him go, he will just wave her goodbye, but if he lets her go, she may get lost.

They often forget about their conflicts when they remember love – this happens with all the signs combined. Their attraction to each other even increases with time. It seems that it always exists, just sometimes it waits for it to be remembered in order to return to its previous understanding.

They have a kinship of souls, which already promises harmony. For love, they don’t have to wait for the night. They can call each other silently – with one eye, or with a romantic note left where they will definitely find it, an intimate smile or a special nickname, and all this means: “I love you. I need you. I want you.”

But sex is also a trap for them. And the twin man sometimes uses a little deception: he starts a quarrel. Anger in a strange way arouses passion in both. Then they are reconciled with the help of love. Will they really make peace? He is capable of having a long conversation about it after their intimacy, when it must be forgotten! To be fair to him, we must admit that she has a habit of doing the same. Both of them should learn to forget about a quarrel after intimacy. Why use sex as a weapon against each other? But Gemini and Sagittarius do this often. Jealousy is the cause of many quarrels between them. And not unreasonable, because we will not talk about their infallible devotion. They are both too curious, hot and too fond of variety to be spotlessly clean.

If they have no inharmonious Sun or Moon, but there is the influence of Capricorn, Taurus or Scorpio, they will probably be able to remain faithful to each other. Otherwise, they may go astray, even if it is just an occasional light flirt. He is capable of this more than she is. But the Sagittarius girls quickly pick up the different games taught by their light-winged “Mercury birds.” And then feathers fly …

It can be so changeable! He is Mercury himself and mercury itself. A quick happy look, a bright gamut of feelings, wings of delight. Then the shifted eyebrows without warning. A look to the side. Sadness, turning into depression … And again, a smile and a cheerful offer to leave the pebbles in the lake or listen to how the frogs sing love songs on the edge of a magical land.

Sagittarius is also a dual sign, and she can have such different moods! But if one has a rise, when another has a decline, and vice versa, then together they can overcome the most difficult times. It would be great to take off together, but then you have to fall together … The best they can do is order the charts of their biorhythms.

And she will have to avoid tactless remarks, because he needs something completely different – her tenderness and her understanding. He better learn to restrain his sarcasm, because it hurts her so much! The Sagittarius girl, with all her naive sincerity, has no idea about this word. Sarcasm is when they say something completely opposite to what they think, exaggerating falsehood to emphasize the truth. Why can’t he say directly? Because, dear girl, that he is a poet and a dreamer and still Gemini. And we must learn to understand that truth is not always what you hear from him, but what you can read in his eyes.

But how to do it if the expression of these eyes changes all the time?

It seems time to remember that when two double signs meet, there is always another, lighter side in their relationship. It may be better or worse, but it may be better.

The twin man loves to look at the Milky Way, because it is not created for permanence. If a Sagittarius woman wants to keep him, she just needs to join him in his search, trying not to offend that third person who always follows him on the heels – his shadow. She can try, like Wendy and Peter Pan, to carefully and accurately sew his shadow to him so that he does not lose the other half of his self. How to do all this? Jupiter whispers this to her heart if she learns to listen.

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