Leo Man and Aquarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aquarius + Leo = Air + Fire

Compatibility between Leo and Aquarius is good.

Aquarians like Leo’s warmth, generosity, and energy, while Leo is impressed by Aquarius’ intellectual ability and security.

If they decide to unite their lives, the Leo man and the Aquarius woman will have a path ahead full of moments of fun and adventure. Although there are many disagreements between the two signs, in the most important aspects of life they almost always coincide.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Friendship

Leo men and Aquarians are outgoing beings and are happy to be. The Aquarian makes friends easily, she will never be alone, unless she decides. However, her circle of trusted friends is small, and this is unlikely to change. The water carrier is generally accepting of everyone, but will avoid people from signs that are emotionally burdensome for them, such as signs characterized by emotional impulsiveness. Because of its more rational nature, the Aquarian finds it more difficult to relate to them and will repel them.

The Leo man also has a way of making friends and cultivating admirers. He does not put requirements or expectations when it comes to making friends, his personality is cheerful and attractive. Although he can be quite self-centered and constantly claim the attention of others, the lion is also capable of winning over other people for his kindness and great desire to make friends.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

The Aquarian is only comfortable in relationships where she can freely express all of her personality traits, and the Leo man will understand and never interfere with the Aquarian woman’s desire to simply be her.

Leo are optimistic people, they seek the appreciation and respect of their loved ones and their friends. With aquarians they will have no problem in this regard because they do not have the aspiration to steal the focus of their attention. Rather, it will be difficult for the Leo man to make the Aquarius woman not only make him feel the center of attention, but also dedicate to her the compliments that make him so happy.

The lion and the water carrier are considered karmic partners, therefore they are quite compatible, their relationship will most likely be ideal and satisfactory.

The pairing between the two signs is characterized by being jovial, energetic and passionate, largely due to the merit of the Leo man who keeps enough love and passion in his heart both to give himself and to offer it to his Aquarian companion.

One of the strengths of the relationship between the man of the Leo sign and the Aquarius woman, lies in the endless experiences that they are able to enjoy as a couple. One of the main activities that will satisfy both of you are the humanitarian causes and actions that you can join or undertake together. The Aquarian finds satisfaction and enjoyment in these activities because she is compassionate and cares for the good of humanity. Although the lion does not show such devotion, it is extremely generous, it is a person interested in collaborating with those who need it most, whenever they have the opportunity and it is possible to do so.

The two signs are very different, but despite their differences they manage to attract and be impressed. They are opposite signs that attract or as has already been shown in Astrology, this could be an advantage in the case of Leo and Aquarius.

Leo demands more intensity in a relationship than Aquarius. If there is love between the two, this can be an advantage for the couple rather than a problem. If Aquarius manages to keep his partner Leo from taking life so seriously, and in turn, Leo manages to teach Aquarius to focus a little more, both would win. They would work very well.

A Leo-Aquarius couple will have to focus all their efforts on combining their talent and working together to achieve common goals. Together they make up a formidable team. Faced with each other they would exhaust each other and end up getting tired of the relationship.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Love

The intimate relationship between the lion and the aquarian poses challenges, but it is also full of rewards. They are both loyal and upright, they are two values ​​that they cherish and cultivate, therefore it is unlikely that they will be broken on their promises. The Leo man will feel happy and comfortable even when the marriage is made to wait. It will be just because he knows that he has a couple who is dedicated to him.

The initial attraction and chemistry between these two signs will be very strong. Both signs love their social life and are often the center of attention. It will be important that they control their ego – especially Leo since this sign tends to feel jealous of those who have a greater role than him.

As for physical compatibility, there may be a slight struggle between the two signs. And it is that the lion is eager to have intimate romantic, lustful and spontaneous relationships, while the Aquarian, although she has no problem following the wishes of the Leo man, is less given to romanticism, enjoys sex more as an act of fun and creativity.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship Issues:

One of the challenges of the relationship will be dealing with problems that may arise from the possessive nature of the Leo man. Your tendency to jealousy may lead you to want to control the Aquarian. She will not tolerate it, will not accept surveillance or limitations, so there is a possibility that the relationship will suffer and the Leo man will begin to lose confidence in his partner. Before reaching this situation, it is important to set the record straight from the beginning of the relationship.

It would be important, that they did not compete with each other, because a relationship of force between them would be very difficult to stop it. Aquarians may become irritated by Leo’s desire to be a leader, while Leo can be bothered by the distance, which Aquarians sometimes need to put in the couple, so as not to feel trapped in a relationship.

Leo is a fire sign and is more spontaneous and emotional in his responses than Aquarius. And yet it has a very conservative side that collides with Aquarius’ rebellion. Both tend to be convinced that they are right, so it is essential that they try to resist the temptation to prevail and it is necessary that they reach an agreement.

The lion is a leader by nature and will immediately claim his leadership position, while the water carrier prefers not to define himself as a leader or limit himself to exercising a certain position.

The Leo man must understand that the Aquarian will not follow him just because he wants to; he has to be aware that he is a soul free to the marrow. Aquarians are enemies of boredom and monotony; Fortunately, the Leo will not allow you to be bored or prey to repetition because, like the Aquarius woman, she loves to have an exciting life.

One of the disadvantages in the relationship between the Leo man and the woman of the Aquarius sign, is that the lion will fight to get from the Aquarian what he needs. They can collide because the Leo man needs to constantly renew his self-confidence and strengthen his ego, and the Aquarian is not willing to please him when he has not earned it. Another problem with this pairing is the speed with which the relationship will progress. The water carrier will carry the relationship calmly, he may even be reluctant to compromise for quite some time. Rather, the lion, guided by his tremendously loving and passionate character, will want to drive the relationship faster, and will soon want to make a commitment.

Finally, the stubbornness that the Leo man and the Aquarius woman share can be a problem in the relationship, since neither of them will want to give in to what the other wants. It could be Leo who gives in first, but in the long run this attitude is likely to generate resentment in the lion and the relationship suffers.

Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility in Professional work:

At work, the Leo man will use his leadership skills to earn the respect and admiration he so badly desires. He behaves like a kind leader who has no problem working in a team or alone. Aquarians prefer to work alone, they feel that their performance is better when they perform tasks individually. In addition, the excessive obligation to meet deadlines and delivery fees is avoided.

The Leo man and the Aquarius woman have no big problems working together. Difficulties can arise if the water carrier is forced to criticize the lion, especially if he does so in public. The Leo man can take criticism as an offense, forever breaking the working harmony between the two. Both Leo and Aquarius are dedicated workers who are not afraid of hard work regardless of the task they must perform. Although the lion shows a tendency to be involved in dramatic situations at work, he is still a companion who does his job and who can be trusted to perform good quality tasks on time.

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Leo Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship

It’s not a mistake. The lion will be just as scared and confused by the unique manner of speech and the unique behavior of the Aquarius girl as the “ordinary” man. But such an answer is typical of Leo. He pretends not to notice anything. Openly embarrassed, he will show weakness, so that he will act as if he considers her eccentricity to be natural, calm and calm, even benevolently (if not slightly patronizingly).

If she prefers to call a thimble kiss, so be it. A lion will never let you be taken by surprise. If she says she wants to plant some cherimoya in the yard, he yawns, answers what he thinks, and then tells his opinion. But all next day he will read about cherimoya. When she asks him to buy some yoghurts on her way home, since she needs to go to the photographer tomorrow, he may burn with curiosity about why the photographer needs yogurt, but will not ask about it. The next day, before he takes her to the photographer, she would consult with him: “Use me yogurt before the trip?” His answer will be neutral. “Why not?” he says softly, without revealing anything of his utter bewilderment. (Use yogurt ?!) And he will slowly breathe a sigh of relief when he finds out that she needs yogurt for a cosmetic mask. Nor will he raise an eyebrow when he finds an oriental vase in a freezer filled with pencils that have just been sharpened. By this time, he had already partially picked up the key to the complex process of her thinking, and it was quite easy for him to solve the problem. She thinks that pencils will write better if the stylus is frozen, and he understands this. He begins to recognize her. It is right. So their relations become more clear and understandable. It is right. So their relations become more clear and understandable. It is right. So their relations become more clear and understandable.

He will never allow himself to turn pale when she, sobbing, falls into his arms and shouts: “He is dead! Joe is dead!” He will calm her down as much as he can, hoping that she does not feel the loud beating of his heart, and carefully find out that “he” is a lizard from the garden, which she called Joe and loved very much. It doesn’t matter that she glues the skirt over the glue, rinses her hair with beer to make it shine, enjoys the feeling of the unknown, takes a shower without light with a lit candle on the sink, or runs to the kitchen to grab a can of vanilla and puts a cotton wool with vanilla to her ears in front of going out for a dinner party because it’s her favorite smell. He does not pay attention to her antics. Show your surprise – below his dignity. This would mean that he does not know something, and since the Lions know everything, no one can surprise them.

This girl still surprises him whether he shows it or not. She even embarrasses him. He had never met anyone like her before. She does not adhere to any rules, does not follow any accepted patterns and almost constantly makes him solve puzzles. Of course, his reaction only makes her more insistently look for a way to shock him, to see how he will look if he shakes his poise. She is amazed that he can be so calm, so lazy and self-confident that he cannot be taken by surprise. No wonder astrology calls him the “big cat,” she muses. This describes his character well. Always alert, always attentive. He feels even a faint hint of a threat to his well-being and his pride, and is ready to throw himself at risk until it hits him

She cannot help but admire him, but does not stop trying to embarrass his peace, excite him and force him to change her royal manner of behavior. She heard that he was a fiery sign and that carefully controlled fire was hidden under his even self-control and graceful movements. She would like to light a flame stronger. It seems to her that it would be funny. But it can also be stupid. He is not a kitten, but a cat, and this is a huge difference. Judging by how cheerful, warm, sunny and loving this man can be, he will always survive. Whoever tries to put it in a funny light will receive a quick and impressive lesson from Leo about his own law of the jungle, introduced into human society. Proud, generous and gentle, always noble, he will not assert his authority when threatened. And he will never agree to defense or defeat. He will definitely win. Leo is not cruel, but he is also not soft. He never gives in. He does not waste his enormous supply of energy without a reason, but if only a reason arises, he has willpower, and in such cases he becomes decisive. Leo never backs down, although he can contemptuously hide his emotions regarding matters too small and trivial for his mind. Basically, he organizes his emotions as skillfully as he organizes everything around him. too small and trivial for his mind. Basically, he organizes his emotions as skillfully as he organizes everything around him. too small and trivial for his mind. Basically, he organizes his emotions as skillfully as he organizes everything around him.

These man and woman are under the influence of polar vibration 7-7, so that their views are often diametrically opposed, and they are at different ends of the scale of the emotional thermometer. However, this opposite of their solar signs on the astrological circle can help balance the two opposed male strong personalities. They were both born under Permanent (stubborn) and male signs. And it is ruled by the Sun, and it is controlled by Uranus, and these are male planets. This creates a lot of aggressive steady vibrations around them and requires that both try to add some so-called feminine qualities, such as humility, tenderness, patience and tolerance, to their relationship.

She cannot understand why he is so keen on himself, while she is interested in the whole world around her, as befits her Air element. She is perplexed by his vanity and the way he pouts when he does not receive the respect that, in his own opinion, deserves. She is more nonchalant about her appearance, and as for the opinions of others, she rarely cares about him. She does not need to be respected. She respects herself. Isn’t that what you think of yourself more important than what others think of you? This is one of the invaluable lessons that she can give to her Leo, if he briefly forgets his pride and understands how much happier he could become if he agreed with the wisdom of her Uranic philosophy.

She, too, can learn from him several important things. The main one is self-control. Her, sudden impulses of feelings can bring to the surface his inner fiery essence, and then they will not be able to discuss anything calmly. Air can inflate fire to a universal fire, or it can simply make it burn brighter. There is no doubt that she also influences him positively. From the side it seems that the typical Aquarius woman seeks only tranquility, peace and silence. Many Aquarius women are quite nice and have good manners. Then suddenly without any warning or even without a real reason they explode, making a noisy scene: they hit plates, throw something out of the window. And if nothing like this happens, they slam the door, lock it, pull the curtains and portray hermits from several hours to several days. But she does nothing in vain: she still does not surpass Leo in the ability to be offended. In this, the Leo man is an unsurpassed master.

Since the male lion often subconsciously associates strong emotions (positive or negative) with sexual desire, in their relationship the most surprising may be a quarrel, even a big one, which then throws them into each other’s arms. There is something wild and primitive in lovemaking, requiring the subordination of reason and a sense of body passion. No matter how much they struggle in various spheres of life together, harmony in their relations is restored again when sexual ecstasy turns the Leo man into a lion and the Aquarius woman becomes not his opponent, but his wife. The sexual intimacy between them is so beautiful that it usually resists the destruction of their relationship (unless the Ascendants and Lunar signs in their birth charts cause them grief). Of course, in some cases, his pride will be deeply wounded by her periodic inability to be as submissive as he would have liked Leo during lovemaking needs a lot of warmth and tenderness, and she can sometimes be indifferent, cold and detached. But he should console himself with the fact that with him she is perhaps more affectionate than she could be with someone else, since vibrations of type 7-7 give her as much warmth of the heart as she can bring into physical union.

These lovers are able to shower each other with generous gifts and crazy surprises at the most unexpected time. It will refresh, inspire, excite them. They can also plan a trip together or something else. But she needs to be careful that her manner of falling into the arms of friends of both sexes in the family circle does not offend her Leo. Leo’s jealousy lurks for a long time, until one day it bursts out with fury. He will never be able to curb her desire to belong to herself. This woman needs to encourage and support her impulses to follow her promptings, otherwise her usually cheerful disposition will fade away. She has an unpredictable free spirit, like all Aquarius, and the suppression of this uranic quality can result in a serious neurosis.

A lion can also become gloomy nervous if it does not receive the attention that it needs. Her head is occupied with so many things at once that she can sometimes forget about him, but it would be better to remember! Too often not to pay attention to Leo means, for sure, to lose him. Then it will turn into ice, and there will always be someone who wants to melt it with their true affection.

In Conclusion:

Because their signs are intertwined by karma, the man born under the Leo sign and the woman from the Aquarius sign are hopelessly destined to be together. They are both fun-loving, highly extroverted, and will not allow either to feel lonely or bored. They will have to face their differences, clarifying them from the beginning, especially regarding the Aquarian’s intention of commitment, and the tendency to be possessive of the lion. These are important issues, but they are unlikely to become a serious problem if the couple is willing to address them and work to overcome them.

The Leo man and the Aquarius woman have a bright future if they bet on sharing their lives, this relationship may be the encounter of each with their true soul mate.

The most compatible Leo s for a lasting relationship with the Aquarius sign are the ones, who are born between July 23 and August 4 and August 15 and 23. The most compatible Aquariums are the ones, which are born between February 9 and 19.

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