Leo Man and Leo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Leo Man and Leo Woman = Fire + Fire

The flames of love and passion of a Leo Couple make the whole jungle trembles delight. Leo, the Lion is the monarch of the Zodiac and the royal combination is enthusiastically watched by others as it is displayed for all to see. Its degree of compatibility is very high.

The attraction is instantaneous and the idyll is hot . The Sun is the ruler of Leo, so the central star of our solar system, which governs the heart, shines magnificently with its master . Intrepid, adventurous and colorful, Leo is a natural match for another Leo, although a certain compromise is necessary, since it is difficult for a Leo to have to share the spotlight or sit on the throne at the same time.

Those who belong to the Leo sign are passionate, with hearts that are full of generosity, warmth and a positivity that they are able to transmit to everyone they know. It is quite rare to surprise a Leo with a frown, and it is almost impossible to find him if that Leo is sharing his life with another Leo.

The Leo Woman

Housekeeping is not a field in which a Leo Woman would like to shine. Mops and dusty rags do not combine with tiaras and the brilliance of coronation. Do not forget that in Leo lies the very essence of regality. Endless washing and cooking also do not harmonize with the astrological rule that all Lions and Lionesses are born free. Feeling instinctively, most Leo Women (more than two-thirds) choose a career for themselves. And since we are talking about statistics, I will add that in the review of the membership of female feminist groups, the number of Leo Women is at the top of the list (with Aries slightly behind). All this is beautiful, and I have nothing against the Leo Girls, who decided to compete with all these predators of the commercial jungle. Why should I throw a stone at them when I make a career and actively resent legalized domestic slavery? Who wants to stand and watch all day how does alfalfa grow in cans on a kitchen window? After all, what obstacle, what challenge can a smart Leo girl find here?

No, I do not mind or criticize, I only allow myself a friendly astrological warning. A career is a great choice, unless the Leo girl falls in love with a man of the same sign. Then some difficulties may arise.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Friendship

The Leo man and the Leo woman are beings who love to have friends, they are nourished by the admiration and attention that their friendships give them. They don’t have friends just to satisfy their ego, no. The lions correspond to their friends by being dedicated in friendship, being jovial and compassionate, and having a good sense of humor. For lions, their friends are essential and, due to their adorable personality, they have many around them.

The lion heart will manifest itself in times of adversity, especially if they affect loved ones. For those born under the Leo sign, giving up and backing down are not options. The relationship between two Leo people will have fun and excitement twice, the good times will happen in great numbers.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Lion and lioness, the kings of the zodiac, make an impressive couple when everything fits. The exuberant personality of a person born under the Leo sign works twice as effectively when it comes to attracting a partner of the same sign with its charm.

Leo will love his partner’s regal and magnificent sense of social awareness , interest in society, and his partner’s natural ability to lead. Leo can be bossy, vain and demanding, he can also be possessive (out of pride and the need to be the center of attention), but he is always loyal and sincere, and he always takes care of fidelity . So they must both surround themselves with a court of servants properly and thus have flattery to spare.

The men and women of the Leo sign are characterized by being charming, expressive and passionate. His personality illuminates the lives of the people they meet, and when they are together, the luminosity expands, becomes great. Those born in Leo behave with generosity and show compassion towards their partner, loved ones, friends and also towards strangers. As a couple, the Leo woman works as the mirror of the Leo man, and vice versa, turning the relationship into a satisfying life experience for both of them.

People of the Leo sign are mostly loyal, optimistic, self-confident and romantic. These features attract almost all signs, but are especially attractive to signs that have the same characteristics. But, although there is an enormous compatibility between the Leo man and the Leo woman, they will not always agree or agree to share everything. Like good lions, they appreciate care and admiration, and love that it is exclusively for them. It is a challenge for the relationship to learn to share the focus of attention, and to find the balance between the desire to capture the attention of other people and that of their partner.

Leo Woman recognizes a Leo Man immediately, without even having a clue about his birthday, by a delightful mane, well-groomed and shiny Look. He will be for her a brave and gentle defender, convinced of his exceptionalism, even if everyone around thinks differently. They will soon recognize this anyway. They will be better off. And to her too. He has a dazzling smile and dazzling white teeth, but a relaxed pose hides his wild temper and strong will. He is truly generous, warm, but terribly proud and extremely sensitive to resentment.

Now back to her career. If, when they meet for the first time, it turns out that she earns more than him, he will laugh at this, completely confident that his income will soon not only equal her, but will exceed him. A lion deeply and romantically in love with a beautiful, graceful, sensual and seductive Lioness will not allow such trifles as money to interfere with the conquest and subjugation of his chosen one. No way. A barely perceptible smell and vague smoke rings from the incense of love will plunge any real Leo man into a trance. And there are no real men the sign of Leo. But, unfortunately, this trifle – money – can become something more in their relationship when the first exciting, crazy flame of passion turns into cozy coals of calm intimate tenderness (sometimes, of course, again ignited, but burning with a more even fire of devotion,

Money will remain for them a “trifle” if he actually earns more than her and has made a dizzying career. But if this is not so, money will very quickly turn into an important problem, and with the slightest encouragement from any of them, into a huge, then into a gigantic problem, until it finally turns into a monster that has stood between them and threatening to destroy their love.

I will tell you frankly: if she has more money (or anything else) than he needs, a heroic sacrifice is required to save the relationship. Guess from whom? That’s right. From her. Listen, you’re interested in astrology, right? A female lion can control the men of all other solar signs, but in this pair the lion dominates the lioness. This happens in nature, and fighting it is useless. And do not go into deception. Any dishonesty, no matter how laudable the intentions, can never save the lion’s relationship. She will only kill love and respect for each other.

The heroic sacrifice that I spoke of is that the Lioness should, having placed their happiness above all else, begin to ask him for help in her work or career, and then convince him that she could never achieve such success without his leadership ( which will be the undoubted truth), so that the money that she earns should be divided equally between them, and all that sort of thing – right up to the decision to quit work if it seriously hinders their relationship. If she really loves him (and she will love him, especially if he or she has the Moon in the sign of Fire or Air), then she will prefer to hold on to his large, warm and reliable hand, strolling in the park, rather than longing alone, wondering, where now her Leo, whom she loves so much, licks her wounds or, rather, what kind of sympathetic siren pours balm on them.

If they quarreled (and both rage with resentment), then they are striving with all their might to prove to the offender that they started a new romance. But in nine out of ten cases, both only threaten infidelity in order to teach a lesson to each other. These are the Lions. It is difficult for them to find another King (or Queen), they do not want to deal with slaves, but are too proud to confess to their beloved in their loneliness.

Not all, but many of these quarrels between these men and women arise from blows to his male ego, often because of jealousy, instigated by rivalry in the career and (or) making money, achievements and the like. Yet the main reason is his pride. Leo must win. There is no other way. Otherwise, the Leo man is offended by the whole world, falls into pathetic despondency, begins to grumble, and what woman can be happy with a gloomy grumble? Certainly not a Lioness. Lions were born free, and Leo, who found himself in a cage of grief, because he lost control of his beloved woman and therefore lost his pride and self-confidence – a truly miserable sight.

They can achieve complete harmony in several cases: if they work together and have common interests, if he is completely satisfied with his own profession, if she sincerely agrees to stay at home and create comfort in him, so that he would be pleased to return there. There are probably other options, but you really want to find them.

If two Leos manage to come to an agreement, their nights will be full of tender, warm, all-consuming love. They know how to combine affection and sex, they know how to give and receive sexual satisfaction without sacrificing the magic of romance. Physical union, the ultimate goal of a true unity of love, for Leo and Lioness can become a deep pleasure and a constant renewal of mutual dedication to each other. He will approach sex with nobility and passion at the same time, but she will find the moment when her instinctive wisdom tells you exactly the role that you need to play, allowing your man to defeat himself, willingly obeying him.

However, if they have not abandoned the thought of competition, ecstasy can look a lot like agony. A lion, whom he believes is not properly respected and whose pride is hurt, can even become impotent for a while. Male impotence begins as a disease of emotions, but it can turn into a serious physical illness, coloring the whole world with dull gray despair. Then he will put on a mask of icy sarcasm and cold indifference to hide his humiliation, breaking the heart of his lady. Likewise, a Lioness, who is not sufficiently revered and admired a little, whose pride is wounded, can become frigid for some time. And female frigidity begins as a disease of emotions, but it can turn into a serious physical illness, and then the Lioness will also wear a mask, but another: arrogant stubbornness, boredom or acute mockery to hide his humiliation (breaking his heart now). Well, isn’t that a mockery of people born under the sign that governs the heart itself? The only way out of such selfish grief is the realization that false pride, like any other, kills love, enslaving the truth that would make love free that it leaves, not hopes for a revival of feelings, but only the weightless ashes of old dreams. Worth it pride? Of course not. Then why are these two so desperately clinging to her? Let them answer for themselves. Alone … Honestly looking into each other’s eyes and reading the truth in them. I admit that complete frankness can be humiliating, especially for Leo, but when you realize that you will have a long life alone, the right choice will be obvious. Sometimes a pretty simple truth

A fierce quarrel between the usually loving and affectionate Leo and Lioness can erupt from anything: from a lack of compliments, from harsh words of accusation of real or made-up infidelity, which causes the most painful torment of jealousy and mistrust, from this eternal conflict between her career and his need for superiority.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Love

Physical relation is also a kind of visceral need for both of them and luckily they both like the same things, so even if the love life isn’t particularly imaginative, it will at least be hot and satisfying. Smooth out any superficial personality conflicts, since at a deeper level, the two will coincide very well. Competitive aspects can arise between the two in sports or other physical activities, since both hate to lose, so it is convenient that they reach some agreement in tennis. Tensions can also be calmed at social gatherings, so that both can shine. The parties of the Leo will give to speak in the city.

The intimacy between the lions is a blessing for both of them. The compatibility between the Leo man and the woman manifests itself in sex because they can both satisfy their shared desires, their innate sexual urges, and their need for romance.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Relationship Issue

Something to remember: Leo is a Fixed Sign, so ego conflicts between the two Lions can be stormy . The best solution (without living in separate caves) is to clearly delineate each other’s territory, so that responsibilities and benefits are shared equally. Two Fire Signs can really light up the sky.

Socializing frequently will not be a problem in this relationship, since Leo men and women have the same need to be among people. The danger for the Leo couple is falling into laziness and selfishness; if this happens, the relationship will be thrown into chaos. Another trait that can ruin the couple is the obstinacy of both. The positive is that lions have good communication skills, they know how to express their wishes and needs clearly, so they have an advantage when it comes to solving their differences.

The person belonging to Leo sees life as a stage. One of the few things that could go wrong when paired with a lioness is that she lacks the will to share that scenario. The men and women of the Leo sign feed on the energy that gives them the attention they receive and the admiration they arouse. It can be difficult to achieve a balance in the couple when both have the same ambition.

Another challenge that the Leo man and woman face is competition for leadership, as both are inclined to take the leading position in any situation. Although there may be obstacles in the relationship when some of its similar characteristics collide, general compatibility prevails and makes the Leo couple have a very high success rate. The stars are in favor of the cats, with their great internal fire, matching.

Among the Leo’s not-so-positive traits are selfish behavior and the airs of importance they demonstrate. If the lion feels adored, he is happy, but there is a danger that his selfish behavior will manifest itself causing that state to become unhealthy and negatively impact all his relationships.

Jealousy, born out of the Leo’s penchant for possessiveness, can also affect the lion couple’s relationship. Although they see themselves as kings, those born under the Leo sign make a genuine effort to be fair. For this reason, when they are subject to imposed and unilateral limits, derived from the desire to protect, the mirror relationship is broken and is rapidly heading towards its end.

Other elements of discord in the pair of lions are the stubbornness that distinguishes them and the competition for leadership. These and other compatibility problems, the Leo couple must address through communication, reaching agreements that ensure balance in the relationship, so that no one feels above the other.

Leo Man and Leo Woman Compatibility in Professional Work

Men and women of the Leo sign perform well in their work, they like to work hard. They are also ambitious, but this ambition is motivated by their desire to achieve a high position with which they will earn respect and admiration. Leo can have disagreements at work in competitive situations, or when they want to position themselves as leaders. But in general, these are not problems that escalate or affect the efficiency of both.

At work, Leo are trustworthy workers, diligent to do what is asked of them, smart to lead and manage others. But when they work as a team there can be distractions if they don’t both temper their brash character.

Lions are so warm and have so much love to offer that they will always give their partner reasons to smile. It is true that mirror relationships face difficulties, lions are not safe from it, but they have some advantages that most do not have. They are happy joining another being similar to them, their optimism and enthusiasm multiplies.

In conclusion:

If a Leo man enters into a love relationship with a Leo woman, he should feel nothing but exhilaration, as it will probably be the most satisfying relationship he has ever had. You must prepare to give everything you have to another lion who will demand as much as he will give. The relationship is very likely to last if both cats maintain their dedication to care, loyalty and love.

A long-term relationship between two Leo’s will depend on the two being able to share power and remember to flatter their partner as much as they would like for themselves.

Together they make a great team, but if one of them cannot get enough cooperation or one of them is bothered by the other’s attempts to govern, there will be problems. They need a group of subordinate admirers around them, to provide them with an environment of mutual splendor. This relationship will be exciting and potentially lasting , especially if they can find external interests in common, since the two can be very stubborn and determined to follow their own path. If they understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses (which are the same as yours), nothing can stop them.

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