Leo Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Naturally, not every woman-fish subservient to Leo, husband or lover, but most of them respect Leo and get excited by his roar. Even the Pisces girls whose Mars or Moon are in the sign of Aries. Yes, even Pisces-like Sharks. As for the latter, it is not so much fear that makes them act!) Cautiously, how much a strong desire to avoid a tiring scene by all means – dramatic cries, cold grievances, which are the usual result of Leo not liking splinters of disrespect on his strong paw.

Typical (not Sharks) female Pisces, carried away by the male Leo, intuitively feel that they must submit to His Highness. Fish knows this well, and it doesn’t matter what she says, listening to the advice of her benevolent friends, who believe that one should “at least once speak frankly with him.” Fish are too wise for the human heart to use methods that can ruin everything.

Leo is very sentimental, and he is an incurable romantic. Only Taurus can be more sentimental and more romantic. Loving Leo, admired by the extraordinary femininity of Pisces, so loses his head that he is even ready to obey her. But this is a temporary surrender. He will never leave the throne for a long time and will not voluntarily give up his golden scepter. True, you can try to push him off the throne, you do not need better …

One must always remember that Leo is a sign of Fire, and Pisces is a sign of Water. Any Fire secretly fears that Water may not extinguish it. It doesn’t matter how much Leo has seized power over the woman he loves: the inner thrill that she is able to “put out” his burning enthusiasm remains. Water is also afraid of Fire, for if it has the strength, it can dry everything in its path. If the love between grows into a sense of mutual respect, as in all Fire-Water combinations, since each of them knows that the other can destroy his personality. Nevertheless, on an emotional level, it is always better to give way to the “big cats” and remain the one who is controlled, at least externally.

Woman Pisces will rarely attempt to lead a man. She would rather try to convince him – gently, persistently, with gentle twittering. If this does not work, she may resort to alienated silence, full of hidden pain that can plunge an upright Leo into a rage. Better to twitter, otherwise the house will be filled with fire of rage and streams of tears. Leo at first, as a rule, deifies his girlfriend, and then demands that she conform to the ideal invented by him. It is very difficult for him to realize that his girlfriend is a person. Instead, he considers her his reflection, praising and exalting her, so that sometimes she is desperate to constantly be on the pedestal on which he erected it. Only men Scorpio and Libra can expect as much from a woman as Leo. Like all fire signs Leo is dramatic and has a happy ability to express his feelings in words with great pleasure and skill. Fishes do not know how to speak much and beautifully and, having tried several times, can follow the path of least resistance – swim away. With constant disagreement or under severe pressure, Pisces just tries to disappear.

Many Lions, looking after an arrogant notation to make sure that their trembling victim is sufficiently humiliated and punished, find an empty place where the Fish-girl just sat and listened with a patient smile. Where did she go? She sailed away. Far, far sailed away. The very same suffering is caused to Leo by the humiliating consciousness that she did not ask his wise advice before deciding to take such a responsible step. His grief is so sincere and deep that it is impossible not to sympathize with him. Sad, lonely, with a broken heart, he desperately tries not to show how bad he is … However, the typical Leo will not live alone for long.

The only time this couple has no hassles is a dream. Those who study these issues know that lions sleep 17 hours a day. Almost the same thing needs to be done to the Lion people. As for Pisces, she also does not like to rise at dawn. They both like to sleep. So an alarm clock can rarely be the cause of contention between them, especially when they say “Good morning!” To each other, which usually precedes their love affair. This is not even a prelude, but something like an echo, romantic music connecting this night with the previous one.

Pisces represents the eighth house of sex for Leo, so Leo seeks to find the Fish girl who attracts him at first sight. This vibration can also cause him to instantly surrender. Then, later, he will begin to wonder. The phrase “cold as a fish” appeared in the language for a reason. Indeed, fish in nature is not a warm-blooded creature. This is not to say that the Woman-Fish is frigid, just sometimes it may not correspond to the passionate ardor of Leo as he would like it or as he demands it. But Leo in sex needs an admixture of romance, and the girl-Fish just can give him this in abundance.

Sexual jealousy is common between spouses or lovers of this couple. A typical Pisces woman is the embodiment of flirting, and Leo, of course, roars menacingly at the slightest hint that someone might “put an eye” on his girlfriend. Nevertheless, he can expect from her that she will calmly look at his unreasonable acts caused by vanity and a thirst for admiration.

Both Pisces and Leo are able to consider love as a high spiritual exaltation or as a feeling that can be destroyed by an accidental love relationship, because love itself is too important for both.

The Pisces woman really needs a complete emotional fusion, a sense of mystical unity, the sexual completion of love and a touch of mystery, the Leo man needs more tangible satisfaction – warmth, love and passion. He needs sentimental speeches both before and after making love. However, excessive inflections do not always correspond to the concept of a woman ruled by Neptune about the mystery of love. Therefore, the degree of harmony and happiness that these men and women achieve together greatly depends on the location of the moon in each birth chart. If her Moon is in the Fiery sign, and it is in the Water sign, or if the Moons of both are in the same sign, independent of the elements, they will understand and will be able to perfectly satisfy each other’s desires. Otherwise, they will need a lot of perseverance and patience.

Both Leo and Pisces need emotional freedom. The more of this precious gift they generously give to each other, the closer they will be. But freedom must always be accompanied by trust and fidelity, otherwise it will turn into an escape for one side and terrible torture for the other. A search that starts on one side of the globe can always end where it started, since the Earth is round. Love also travels in a circle, if it is true love … After all, you really miss it only when it leaves … and promises to return.

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