Libra Man and Capricorn Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

I can’t decide, fortunately or unfortunately, but these relationships of scheme 4-10, mostly tense and difficult, are endowed with the strongest positive factor, just the man, the scales and his beloved Capricorn, do not always use this. Libra of those men who can agree with many, if not all, ideas regarding women’s independence. Why not? He is fair. He is tolerant and easily accepts changes both in his personal life and in society. He is helpful, logical, intelligent and willing to listen to both sides.

His girlfriend, Capricorn, was born under a cardinal sign of leadership (like him), so she loves to manage her life herself, as well as everything and everyone that begins to appear in her from about six years old. It makes a magnificent Business Woman with a capital letter. She is an excellent performer and is able to calmly cope with any business. It can support a family, taking on the role of not even a mother, but a father, to keep an antique shop or a service station, or even a freight company. She can set up a brokerage firm, run a car wash, or a school for training shepherd dogs. She, with her restrained noble manners (whatever her origin) and calm, common sense, is simply born to become a successful Business Woman.

Perhaps the Libra man will have nothing against his girlfriend making a career. Isn’t that a positive factor in their relationship? And the fact that they do not always use this advantage is more likely her fault than his.

Although she needs to be supervised, she really does not like to do this openly, directly, for show. Capricorn (male or female) prefers to be the one who pulls the strings behind the curtains, and it seems to you that the events happen on their own. In the business world, the Capricorn girl is hard to find, such a leadership position that would suit her – progress has not yet reached the point to create her an ideal situation. So, with very few exceptions, she has two options: a subordinate and a low-paid position, since she is still a woman, or a position corresponding to her abilities, which can be achieved by an aggressive attack and attracting general attention. But she does not like to obediently obey orders and be a small cog in the mechanism, and a career for which one has to sacrifice the inviolability of her personal life is not that kind of leadership, to which she seeks. So a typical rather timid Capricorn girl either finds her place as a professional in the humanities or some similar, more suitable for “single” occupation, or decides to devote herself to home, satisfying the ambitions of her sign, imperceptibly managing her husband, children , relatives and friends – and doing it so subtly that no one suspects this.

Often it is she who quietly makes his career. You know that behind every successful man is a woman? Often this is a Capricorn woman. Capricorns do not spend their precious time on things that do not bring success. Whatever she helps him achieve, she is always focused on the most fruitful result. But the fact is that he may prefer that she follow her leadership instincts outside the house: he is happy to be the person whom she loves, but he can rebel against his transformation into her “life-long career”.

It belongs to the element of Air, and the first thing that an “earthly” woman should learn about an “airy” man is that the air does not endure restrictions, otherwise it stagnates. And not only that: it will disappear as soon as possible. If this opportunity is always there, he probably will not do it. But try to lock it, and it can easily turn into a tornado or a hurricane of anger, and this can no longer be held.

If she sincerely repents, he will return, and she will have to be fair enough to admit her mistake. She will ask him to try to understand her in this situation. No, let’s change something. You can admit your mistake and ask for understanding. He will take it completely angelically. But it is not wise to ask him to understand her point of view. One point of view for Libra? Do not make this mistake if you expect a compromise from him. This is the Achilles heel of Libra, and few of them are aware of this. I personally think that it is not good to take advantage of the poor person’s weakness, but there may be extenuating circumstances when the end justifies the means. In such circumstances, the wise Capricorn woman will take his side from the very beginning. She will make it clear that she was completely wrong, will recite something like a monologue (difficult for Capricorn, but she can rehearse, taking an example from his eloquence), containing all the reasons why he is right. She will not make the slightest discount for herself, forcing everyone to look completely awkward and unfair on her part. It will work.

This will disarm him, and he will not be able to resist the instincts of the “judge” inherent in his sign. He will begin to demonstrate to her all the shortcomings of her argumentation, to show where she is unfair to herself, offer to take at least half of the blame, and ultimately end up with exactly what she wants from him: he will declare his full awareness of what he offended, upset and forced to behave so possessively. He would not even understand what was going on, except that he somehow actually saw that her feelings should be justified. Soon he will again become as sweet and sentimental as ever, will ask her for forgiveness and convince her to believe in the opportunity to start all over again.

Of course, she cannot immediately fall into his arms if snowflakes still fall in her soul. He will have to use all his charm so that she no longer feels rejected. And she will need all her tender conviction, so that he quickly forgot about her coldness and discontent, and this woman can be surprisingly tender when she trusts a person with whom she is close. Sometimes their relationship will lack harmony, but it is achievable, just both must understand what the other needs, recognize the differences in their desires, honestly try to soften those traits that offend the other, and learn what each of them admires. If he helps her overcome the restraining influence of Saturn, he will be surprised and delighted by her unexpected and touching sensitivity. The moon will open – both for itself and for him – that can teach this person a lot, showing him the earthly reality of physical union and sexual intimacy. Let her try to be more expressive, and he will try to be more focused while intimacy with her. Then everything will be fine.

Sometimes his logic and sober mind prevent him from understanding the human heart. He is fair and ready for sympathy, but often too prudent to understand the true motives of her actions. Scales are not very penetrating in the field of human emotions – rather, they are able to analyze the results of emotions, their external manifestation. Therefore, in spite of all its refinement, it may seem cold to the Capricorn girl, because in the depths of her own soul there are so many of the most subtle and warm human desires …

They are both mood people. He easily moves from a good mood to a bad one, sometimes sweet and cheerful, sometimes moody and tyrannical several times a week or for one day. Her moods are not so changeable are not so diverse. Saturn’s melancholy thickens slowly, but lasts a long time, and it can be very difficult for her.

She needs his rainbow of hope. He needs her reliability. And someone wrote that being needed is just as wonderful as being loved. Sometimes even better. When people need each other, maybe their not too bright love quietly grows into a strong tree with roots deep in the ground, with branches giving a shadow … with leaves that sing in the wind a song beautiful enough for Libra, but also very necessary to Capricorn.

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