Libra Man and Gemini Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The fact that the twin woman and the male Libra are so similar can make them happy and at the same time can cause all their troubles. They know each other well, understanding the mutual qualities of a chameleon and different moods, and will usually stick together against outsiders – those who do not understand their air mentality. If his or her sensitivity and emotionality is emphasized by the Water element, and the Moon or the Ascendant fall into the Earth sign, they are astrologically guaranteed happiness. And in another case, these two still have something more than an average chance of success, excluding small excitements in “especially windy days” (and both can be slightly windy). As a combination of Solar Signs 5-9, they are more compatible than most couples who are trying to put together the perfect picture of questions, hints,

They are both aesthetes: they are touched by beauty, they are affected by sloppiness and disorder. But at the same time, Gemini and Libra, in need of beauty and order, may also need … and a living Sagittarius, an energetic Aries, an active Virgo, who would do all this. Of course, some Gemini and Libra are neat, but even they would not mind someone turning all this confusion into order. Since the Gemini woman is faster, she will often have time to pick up the scattered socks behind the Libra man. But he will never refuse her money (if he has one) when she wants her house to be more beautiful. Most often, their house is of good taste, comfortable and full of books. Even if they live in a tent, it will be well stretched, with pictures on the fabric, and music will softly sound in it. Libra cannot make loud sounds,

When these man and woman quarrel, she will always start a quarrel, and he will finish. At least that’s what observers will think. The Twin Woman, despite all her airy charm and subtle femininity, is very sharp on the tongue and often uses it. Her beloved Libra will launch another weapon, because he is simply a master at hiding true intentions behind a lively smile and a convincing voice. A Libra man is never as innocent as he looks and speaks (or how he tries to convince you of this). Looking at his calm face, you won’t even think about what contradictory decisions are ripening in his mind and how grumbling he is in relation to his relatives, while these decisions are still being made.

The Twin Girl may decide to become a fashion designer, then she will have the idea to fly a jet plane, then she will want to translate from Sanskrit, study the manuscripts of the Dead Sea, open a pet store or enroll in courses to study law. And the Libra man will deal with all her tangled decisions and emotions better than anyone else. He will not, like the Earth sign, lose his temper so that it will look like an earthquake. It will not, like a sign of Fire, blaze with indignation and anger. And, like the Watermark, she will not sober her up by pouring her silent contempt on her head. First of all, he understands all this. Secondly, he is logical enough to control her, preventing her from reaching recklessness, gently showing her all the pros and cons until she understands and decides to look for her Blue Bird closer to the house – and to him. Libra can affect Gemini in that it brings in all clarity. And the twin girl so needs clarity! Her spirit is worried, not her soul. And she always wanted to know who she was, what she was looking for … A Libra man with his logic could explain all this to her. But … her character is a mixture of honey and spices. She is all the books she has read, a reflection of all her ideas, judgments and the philosophy of her mirror “I”, diametrically opposed to her own. Memories of the first dance … tumbleweed and tornado … flickering candles of a half-forgotten New Year’s Eve … The world of the twin girls is so mosaic that the Libra man who loves her can get lost in him … Therefore, he’d better direct her … from a distance. There is something indifferent and cold in his mentality. And this does not make him feel natural in the changing country of fairy tales,

Their physical love can give them such a sense of height that only two Air Signs can understand. True, sometimes he waits for her to return to his arms from her imaginary world.

Their passion may not be all-consuming, as between two Fiery or Earth signs, but it will look like a gust of fresh wind, which will turn into a summer rain renewing nature. Thunderstorms may not exist, because often they first experience all their emotions in their minds.

These two in turn can either be active, or expect love, as if switching from one energy to another, and this gives them a feeling of ever-changing bliss. They can complement each other, harmoniously becoming one physically, but do not be surprised if the mind and soul will attract them no less than sexuality, although they can only barely realize it.

Not all twin women want to have children. But if they choose a father for their unborn child, they may be a Libra man. If she marries him, it is because she likes everything about him. True, then she can try to change it in a feminine way. Man-led by Venus, the Libra man will probably tolerate this – until he realizes that this deprives him of his usual balance. Then he will delicately but persistently remind him that he is a cardinal male sign, and will return to his old habits – and this will be better for both of them.

He will never be bored with her – she is so different! She can be the most talkative when thinking aloud, and the most silent when he shows it to his friends; the most energetic – in bed, the most lazy – in the morning, when he expects her to bring him breakfast … Well, what other woman could be a kaleidoscope of joy, annoyance, happiness, amazement, irritation, delight and disappointment? Only the one in which the secret of Femininity is twice hidden!

Yes, she can be sloppy, lose keys, spend all the money ruining his mood – but what can he do? He will try to teach her to be more logical and constant, will criticize her shortcomings, and sometimes will behave like a strict judge, depriving her of freedom; and once realizes that she is the only thing that he cannot balance on his scales. As a daughter of Eve, she smiles, knowing that she is a mystery that cannot be solved with the help of the mind. And just like Eve, she will not share her secrets with him: let him guess everything himself!

But if she sees what she wants to see, coloring facts with fantasy to avoid disappointment, he looks at life, people and situations calmly and logically, with strange indifference, without bizarre points of view. If he does not make a sincere effort to understand her condition, he himself can thereby force her to make a small lie, defending his point of view. It is difficult for her when they demand from her an exact, perfect and unvarnished truth, not allowing any “maybe” or “suppose it was.” And she will try to escape from this reality, diving into unreality even deeper. It doesn’t hurt the scales if he adds a few drops of Gemini’s imagination to everything that he balances so seriously on his scales. Since truth is often not what it seems to be – Mercury taught it to it – logic can be deceiving, and facts can fool around.

She knows that true wisdom is obtained only by adapting to ever-changing forms of life. He will think it over, weigh it and … will not agree. But somewhere halfway, in the middle of these opposing points of view. Gemini and Libra will meet, easily touch each other, stop – and stay together.

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