Libra Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

The Sagittarius girl, disappointed in men and not forgetting past grievances, can find healing in the friendly care and tender love of a Libra man.

But paradise, most likely, will not come immediately. First of all, you need to understand how far this should go? Maybe even this will remain one magical moment, not fully realized by a miracle? If it turns out that everything is much more serious, a new problem arises: do they need to live together, because love must pass the test of time, and if so, secretly or openly – how?

Or maybe just immediately get married and end all hesitation?

If he is married or is she married? Or both of them are divorced, and there is no need to worry that their love will cause a break with someone else, but then is it worth the risk of marrying a second time, if the first was such a serious and sad mistake?

She was most likely not yet married. Of course, there are always exceptions, but, as a rule, Sagittarius girls are in no hurry to tie the knot in marriage as early as it happens with Libra men. But she had novels for sure – Sagittarius is overcome by curiosity and a passion for experiments in the field of love, just as in any other sphere of life. Being her very first love is a delightful, touching experience that will be remembered for a lifetime, but it does not always lead to the desired result – constancy. Her heart needs experience …

It’s not that she takes love lightly. Just her naive, gullible, so wide open eyes do not always know how to see the reality of human nature. Every time she loves, she wholeheartedly believes that two people experience such a miracle for the first time. She sincerely wants her love to be true and eternal, as is the case in fairy tales. In this respect, it is slightly different from the average Sagittarius man, for whom constancy is not the most important thing.

A Libra man in love with this charming and touching Centaur girl should know that, thanks to the control of Jupiter, the theater is in her blood. Many Sagittarius are professional actors or actresses (just like many Libra are lawyers, judges, police, writers or bookstore owners). Even if she has nothing to do with the scene, there is still something theatrical in it, and although she does not always realize this, she is quite capable of a brilliant game that deserves rewards, but for which, however, Life will never give her an Oscar. She loves, she trusts, she believes, she makes all her fiery idealism and all determination and – breaks down, and there is no net to catch her, because Sagittarius would rather make all bets on happiness than burden itself with insurance or guarantees. But whoever she is is a secretary,

When her Jupiterian cheerful smile closes to the dazzling smile of the Libra man, the room they are in does not need any artificial lighting: these two will illuminate her so that midnight will appear in the afternoon. This is not an exaggerated example of astrological humor, but pure truth.

If Libra and Sagittarius had ever tried to rob a bank (hardly, of course, because Libra could not have decided where to park the escape machine, and Sagittarius would have tripped over a bag of money and dropped the gun, but if they had tried ), they would simply blind the cashier with a smile, and he would most likely give them the money himself, smile back and joyfully wave goodbye. This is a contagious, irresistible couple (and especially for each other).

As soon as they solve all problems such as “follow-us-or-not-should” and “when-should-and-as-should”, this man and this woman can get so many percent of happiness from their love that they do not need to rob bank. They have everything in order to turn a beautiful moment into long-term love. In addition, they will be not only lovers, but also good friends. In the end, this is what attracted them to each other – the coincidence of goals and sympathies, common ideals, the need for change and experience. All true lovers are friends, but not all lovers remain friends, having lost their romantic feeling. Libra and Sagittarius will probably remain.

Friendship always adds something new to the feelings of men and women and only enhances their sexual experiences. So, it is friendship that will give Libra and his beloved Sagittarius genuine tenderness. It is wonderful when sex between people is joyful, open and free. Physical intimacy with the person you really love and who is also your friend makes you feel relaxed, clean, as if washed.

The love bestowed by Jupiter and Venus is always in a special sense. The miracle of love makes them kinder, softer, more generous, helps to more clearly see their dreams. And then there is a desire to embrace the whole world, and not just each other, and the fear of the future seems silly, and all the most incredible becomes possible … Libra and Sagittarius are better than many others who can express these feelings in words to each other.

These two know how to talk to each other. They can quarrel, like any other couple, even, perhaps more often and more strongly, but they openly discuss their grievances or jealousy, sexual desires, financial problems and mutual complaints. And sometimes just in a conversation everything is decided by itself. Given that Libra controls weighted judgment, and Sagittarius controls philosophy, some of their conversations can lead to very serious, almost Socratic statements about human relationships. Often the differences between Libra and Sagittarius end in laughter and love.

Sometimes she too sharply indicates to him his shortcomings. For example, the fact that he works in the evenings, leaving her alone. This can make him angry and offend so much that he will deliberately delay to show her who is in charge of them. She is sometimes annoyed by his indecision, because she is more impulsive and quickly understands what she wants. She may declare that he must become more determined, otherwise she will leave him. Of course, he will say that she is unfair, and will go somewhere without her to a party, where she’s seized or drunk her troubles in order to regain balance. He needs a well-established, quiet, peaceful and calm house, and she despises the necessary homework (although she can be an excellent housewife). It annoys him that the TV is turned on too loud, and that the kitchen is a mess. And the curtains don’t fit the bedspread at all so why did she buy them? To which she replied that she was not going to be his maid all her life. But then they will once again discuss this, and harmony will be restored between them.

His physical presence has a surprisingly calming effect on her restless nature, and he really likes to teach her to be patient. And her physical presence excites him so that he begins to forget some things, for example, his petty indecision, and this is a very useful form of memory loss.

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