Pisces Man and Cancer Woman love compatibility (82%, high): love, marriage, friendship, profession

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman love compatibility (82%, high)

love, marriage, friendship, profession

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman love compatibility
Pisces Man and Cancer Woman love compatibility

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces = Water + Water

Cancer and Pisces Compatibility
Pisces and Cancer Compatibility

Pisces and Cancer have a lot in common, especially when it comes to emotional compatibility. Both signs instinctively understand each other and feel each other’s needs. They are both loving and supportive of their partner.

Although Pisces man and Cancer woman have the water element in common, they are two signs with notable differences.

Cancer women have a hard time leaving the safe space of their shell to enter a fight to defend the other. 

The Piscean, on the other hand, is characterized by his flexibility and ambivalence, he tries to adapt to any new situation even if he has the current against him.

The union between the Pisces man and the Cancer woman will be successful if they both manage to identify where their greatest differences lie and enhance what they have in common.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility

Both signs are loving, sensitive, and empathetic. The difference is that the Cancer woman appreciates stability, sincerity and emotional bond, while the Pisces man shows a tendency to be superficial, to express love only physically and not always honestly.

Intimacy between Cancer and Pisces is usually excellent, since both feel a strong attraction to each other, understand the sexual needs of the other and do everything possible to satisfy them.

In intimate relationships, the Cancer woman is passionate and open-minded, although it is difficult for her to achieve full sexual expressiveness. 

You feel more comfortable when you have a strong emotional bond with your partner, when you feel respected and trusting.

Emotional synchronization is easier for her to obtain, not so much the physical one, so when she does, she will stick with it. The Pisces man does not usually distinguish love from sex. 

For the Cancer woman it will be important, before taking the step to intimacy, that the Piscean clarifies what her feelings are.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman: Friendship

The woman born under the sign of Cancer prefers a small circle of friends, which does not mean that she is not attracted to meeting new people. Pay attention to what others say, her sensitive side makes her a good listener, a trait she shares with the Piscean.

The Piscean enjoys being alone to recharge energy and find himself. It has a homely character rather than festive and socializing. 

Her best attributes emerge when she has a partner or friend by her side who knows how to deeply understand her emotions, and in this the Cancer woman can have an advantage.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman: Compatibility in Work

The Pisces man and Cancer woman do not usually cause problems at work, as long as they are in a work environment that inspires confidence. None are well adapted to stressful and conflictive work environments.

Another common trait in the workplace is that both signs are susceptible to criticism. As for the differences, the crab woman finds it difficult to cooperate with her companions when they ask for her help, while the Piscean will always be willing to lend a hand.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman: Problems and Breakup

One of the dangers of such similarity is that, both can change their opinion and direction easily. For a relationship to thrive and grow stronger, both signs will need to strive to avoid excessive sentimentality and give their life a joint direction.

Many Pisces seem to live in their own world and have a tendency to be dreamers and to make impractical decisions in life. 

In this sense, Cancer has two options: exasperate to the point of leaving the relationship or carefully try to get your partner to put his feet back on the ground in order to lead a productive and useful life.

Cancer is a highly variable mood sign and can sometimes hold a grudge. Pisces can also have some mood swings, but they are better at forgiving and forget slight insults and misunderstandings much more easily, which is positive for the relationship.

To achieve a successful relationship with the Cancer woman, you need to earn her trust. You need it to feel stable and show all the loyalty that you are capable of towards your partner.

The crab wife will make whatever sacrifice is necessary so as not to neglect the needs of the other in a relationship. Her strong empathy leads her to suffer as much as her partner even in cases where she is the one who does harm.

The Pisces man makes himself loved, but it is difficult to understand how he loves. You want excitement, you want to experience, and you want approval, which results in getting tangled in relationships and situations that don’t make you happy.

The challenge in a relationship with the Piscean is that the passions that he expresses when he is in a relationship do not evaporate, but remain in the long term. This is achieved by letting it be, without pressure or controls. 

Making you feel free to express yourself and feel accepted and protected. Only in this way will you not want to change soon or not be honest with your feelings.

In Conclusion

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman ( 82% Compatible )

Pisces and Cancer Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage80%
Pisces and Cancer Emotional Compatibility Percentage90%
Pisces and Cancer  Communication Compatibility Percentage80%
Pisces and Cancer Trust Percentage80%
Pisces and Cancer Intellectual Compatibility Percentage80%
Pisces and Cancer Common Interests80%
Pisces and Cancer Overall Compatibility Percentage82%

The union between a Pisces man and a Cancer woman can achieve happiness and be lasting. The challenge is to ensure that the sensitivity of both is founded and strengthened in an environment of trust and protection where both feel comfortable.

The Pisces most compatible with Cancer are those born between March 1 and 10. In fact, this is an excellent love match right from the start. The Cancerians most compatible with Pisces are those born between July 4 and 13.

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