Pisces Man and Libra Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Libra and Pisces. Air + Water

Libra and Pisces are an unusual combination, but the attraction between the two can be intense . Air and water don’t mix easily, so Libra will have to be attentive to Pisces’ needs, even if they don’t always understand what they are. It is by no means an easy combination, but when it works, it has a special quality.

The Libra woman may be attracted to the Pisces man at first glance, but would this love last long?

The Pisces man seems perfect. He is guided by emotions, is romantic and disinterested. If he truly falls in love, his passion will transcend his natural shyness and gentleness to win the woman he wants.

These characteristics coincide with what the Libra woman wants from a partner. She longs to have by her side a selfless, generous person who believes in equality and balance in relationships, and who is not conflictive.

The compatibility between both signs is clear, it is difficult to find incompatibilities that would produce conflicts. If the Pisces man and the Libra woman meet, they must understand and make the most of their compatibility so that the relationship is happy and long-lasting.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman Friendship:

The Libra woman is outgoing by nature, makes friends easily, and has no trouble keeping them. Because of her diplomatic and mediator skills, her friends turn to her when there is a need to resolve a conflict.

The Pisces man is an introvert, but his charm attracts all kinds of people, good and not so good. His desire is to keep those around him happy, so his less introverted side will always have the upper hand over his shyness when it comes to friendship. The downside is that this desire makes you overconfident and vulnerable to manipulation by others.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman Compatibility:

Pisces are charming and eager to please. Venus is strong in both Signs, but Pisces has a delicate beauty or air of mystery, thanks to the Water element and the influence of the mysterious Neptune and the healing Jupiter. Libra can easily appreciate this, which is why they find Pisces fascinating. Pisces, in turn, appreciates Libra’s tender touch, her enthusiastic sense of style, and her ability to grasp the nuances of human relationships.

They both have a dark side, so they are comfortable in a private world. However, in the outside world, the rules can change. Where Libra likes to debate, mull over and reflect, Pisces keeps its secrets and need for solitude. Pisces doesn’t always want Libra to penetrate deep within. It is a mysterious and emotional Sign, so if Libra does not come to love mystery, they will not have a path to travel.

Still, Pisces are talkative and funny, so they both have a common ground from which to build. The talents of Libra are in the mind, while the feelings are the strong point of Pisces. You will both have a lot to talk about if you have a mutual interest in the arts or cultural activities. They are both dreamers and idealists in different ways.

The structured and elegant Venus of Libra (from the exaltation of Saturn) meets the dreamy and romantic Venus of the house of Jupiter and Neptune. The relationship has a high chance of success if the two of you share beliefs. If not, extravagance or waste will be a problem.

Libra is a Cardinal Sign and a leader, while Pisces is Mutable and can easily work with another. Where Libra leads, Pisces follows, but the adaptable Pisces should not be pushed too hard. An excess of control and Pisces will walk away. They are stronger than they appear.

A Pisces couple can understand Libra’s bouts of indecision. They too suffer from fear, worry, and indecision. Pisces have compassion for the state of the world, so they can easily identify with the social causes that drive Libra.

Libra women very much want to find love. Libra is one of the zodiac signs that most want to find love, have a partner by their side to enjoy life to the fullest. The one born under the sign of the scale does not handle loneliness well.

The Piscean, on the other hand, is lonely, since it is in solitude that he can dedicate himself to dreaming. Due to his natural romanticism, the person born in Pisces appears to be the man that many dream of, the one who is always by their side, but in reality this is not exactly the case.

The one born under the Pisces sign is certainly romantic and expresses devotion to their partner, but these dreamy characteristics are accompanied by others that are not so. For example, the Pisces man goes out of his way to make his partner happy every day, to always make him smile, but he will not make the same effort to maintain order and cleanliness in the house. In practice your needs and reactions will not be manifested in the same way as emotionally. In this sense, it is not always reliable.

Libra women consider relationships, of any kind, to be one of balanced give and take. In her relationship with the Pisces man, the Libra woman could perceive that there is an imbalance, that the burden of everything practical in life is borne by her.

However, because of his tendency to avoid conflict, he might ignore the fishman’s faults and focus only on what he considers positive: romance, generosity, and sweetness. Above all, the Libra woman will appreciate a partner who, like the Pisces man, is affectionate, not dominant and with whom she can live peacefully.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman in Love:

If he has a Libra woman by his side, the Pisces man will be safe from his own overconfidence because she will function as an alert and provide stability.

The Piscean has an empathetic character, is aware of the needs of his partner and strives to make her happy, especially after those needs have been expressed. The detail is that because he lost himself in dreams, he did not always focus or remember what was expected of him.

In intimate relationships, the Pisces-born man brings romance and passion. Avoid relationships that do not see a future, those that are only driven by lust, as it is usually guided by deep feelings.

The Piscean needs that sexual relations are not only satisfactory, but also that during sex the emotional connection between him and his partner is fully expressed. He will put all his passion in sex and will do his best to please the Libra woman.

The Libra woman enjoys intimacy, but has a different approach than the Pisces man. The Libra born prefers fun and spontaneity, she could get bored of the careful and planned romanticism of the Pisces man. Even with this difference, the Libra woman and the Pisces man can get along well in intimacy if they know how to communicate and understand each other’s needs. The Piscean has the advantage of being adaptable, and the Libra woman will be attentive to remind you what to focus on.

The union between the Pisces man and the Libra woman has a high chance of functioning without serious problems down the road. Of course, both should make an effort to speak and communicate so that what does not satisfy them is well known and attended by the other.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman Relationship Issues:

Libra and Pisces don’t mix easily, but this bond can be something special if you get to understand each other. However, Pisces is known for choosing the wrong partner. If the thing doesn’t work, the attraction between the two of you could slowly fade.

It sometimes happen that the dissatisfaction of the Libra woman in her relationship with the Piscean will lead to an irretrievable gap opening between them that leads to the breakup. Even if they are not happy, they can stay together just because of the need to be.

Pisces Man and Libra Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Individually or working together, the Pisces man and the Libra woman are workers that every company wants to have. Both signs like to cooperate, they are not overly ambitious, so they will not trample on their peers to reach a position of leadership or supervision.

The Piscean does better as part of a work team rather than assuming the role of the leader or boss, as he is too friendly, trusting and vulnerable to being manipulated. But he is an efficient worker whether he works alone or in a group.

The Libra woman performs to the best of her abilities when working as a team. She is a fair and balanced leader who will guide her team on the right track. Working together, the Piscean and the Libra woman hit it off and form an efficient team.

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Pisces Man and Libra Woman Relationship:

Since there are no tough, aggressive actions in solving problems for the Pisces man, we will tell him how to cope with the indecision of the Libra woman who lured him on the network (he did not really resist). It is very easy, you only need to acquire skill.

You see, Libra is a cardinal sign, and if women Libra do not tolerate anything, it is an attempt on their personal powers. This forces them to make decisions with exceptional speed.

Briefly, the strategy is as follows: 1) replace one item of indecision with another, since the second solution often negates the importance of the first; 2) make only one assumption, not more, to help Libra make a second decision; 3) give Libra a reasonable time, since if their decisions are made, then this is always the best option, thanks to the wisdom, decency, justice, logic and exquisite taste of Venus; and, finally, 4) if no decision is made within a reasonable time, do it yourself and firmly pretend that you are going to do it immediately. Four easy steps.

The only point at which Pisces may have difficulty is the fourth. It is not easy for fish to show firmness, act actively or do something immediately. Although, as for pretense, for a typical Neptunian – it is as easy as shelling pears. He is fluent in the art of fiction. Each Pisces is a failed actor or character who escaped from the pages of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales to see what is happening in this world of illusions, which everyone but Pisces calls reality. Fish know what’s what. Real Fish will never get confused to believe that dreams are unrealistic, that this is a fantasy world created by imagination. This person knows that everything is exactly the opposite. He knows: the truth is that it is a dream, and the dream is where everything really happens.

Well, we both threw a topic so fraught with contradictions and so devoid of the possibility of a final conclusion that it would quickly replace them with all controversial issues. Dreams, of course, are closely connected with Neptune, and Venus adores everything unearthly, everything where there is at least a hint of imagination. Scales with their logic will firmly stand on the side of the “real”, and Pisces, perhaps, will not give up the protection of the esoteric. But it will be interesting for him to observe how she tries to find a balance between logic on the side of reality and the softness of Venus – on the side of the ephemeral and romantic.

In essence, it was precisely this and his distracted attention that reversed himself that lured him, helpless, into the net of its charm. Irresistible masculine logic combined with Venus’ tenderness and romantic imagination is a seductive mixture of practicality and compassion that distinguishes Libra. She is endowed with the gift of compassion almost to the same extent as he, and practicality can be learned from her.

There is something elusively oriental in Libra woman. Sometimes next to her, as if the aroma of incense or the echo of temple bells is felt, which suggests thoughts about Tibet, China and even Japan. That’s right: Libra astrologically rules the East.

Since she was born under the male (initiative) Cardinal sign, and he under the female (passive) Movable sign, then, no matter how elegant and sweet she is and no matter how strong and wise he is, when it comes to dominance in their relationship , the last word will remain with the Libra woman. But when it comes to the really last word goodbye, perhaps Fish will say it. A Pisces man is able to slowly swim somewhere into a peaceful pond of calm (perhaps with one of those fish, “velvet raspberry butterflies,” mentioned at the beginning of the chapter) if his beloved Libra becomes too powerful and demanding, too zealous in his cardinal role instead of maintaining equal partnership.

Due to the influence of vibration 6-8, he will be more patient with her than with any other woman. He is very attached to her both spiritually and physically – just like she is to him. The vibrations of Venus in her soul crave the magical delight that his long sea songs of Neptune promise. In his eyes she sees the reflection of old memories … It seems she was about four years old when she gullibly looked in the moist, sweet-smelling grass for diamond necklaces, carefree forgotten there by elves and fairies, while she slept soundly. She still remembers how her heart snapped when a boring adult voice informed her that it was only dew, and nothing more. And then suddenly rain poured and soaked her favorite pink-striped apron … Now she has grown and grown wiser, but why does the pain of that morning come back to her every time it rains?

Her lover, Pisces, believes that he can have his own secrets, explaining this with the sacred right of the inner world. And this “almost cheating” angers her. But he will never lie to her about the dew. He knows that Druidic diamonds exist. She found out on the very first night … He even tried to lift them from the grass with her, and when they disappeared from the human touch, he just kissed her hair and whispered that in fact they had not disappeared at all – they just exist in another dimension. “See?” He gently touched the tears on her cheeks. “They haven’t disappeared.”

Oh, she will miss him if they break up. Just like he will miss her smile, her voice, as if singing an old lullaby, even when she utters the most ordinary words.

Despite her sometimes commanding manners and mood swings, he knows that she really believes in him, and she alone knows the cherished word, which can unexpectedly give him the strength to believe in herself. No one else can so softly lead him away from endless disappointments. In addition, he himself often changes his mood … As for his beloved Libra, she knows that he is perhaps the only person who knows the way to that secret, distant place where she can relax, take a cool star shower and come back refreshed. After all, only he could explain to her where the diamonds of the Druids disappear, and return them with a kiss.

In Conclusion:

The Pisces man and Libra woman have the potential to be a captivating and envious couple. This pairing is a sure bet for success.

The difficulties that arise can be resolved promptly if both transcend passivity, lack of communication and the tendency to avoid conflicts characteristic of the two signs. Pisces man and Libra woman can have a stormy-free, happy, and enduring relationship.

For a Pisces-Libra love relationship to work, the two of you will have to work very hard to understand each other. Libra will have to get more in touch with their emotions and Pisces will have to respect Libra’s logical point of view on life.

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