Pisces Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Pisces and Pisces. Water + Water

Pisces, the Fish Sign, is a Water Sign. Two fish together can create a private paradise or a hell on earth, depending on whether they choose to swim downstream or upstream. While the two are irresistibly drawn to each other, both are prone to getting lost in dreams and fantasies.

Two dreamers together may have a wonderful, but also turbulent relationship. The great advantage when the Pisces man and woman come together is that each understands perfectly what the needs of the other are. Only a Pisces has the ability to understand the depth and complexity of the emotions of another Pisces.

Sensitivity and charm keep them together, but the difference between what one dreams and another can lead to separate them. These fish could begin to swim separately if either of you does not take the initiative to give stability and security to the relationship.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Friendship:

Pisces man and woman are admirable, friendly and charming. Although they are introverts, Pisceans have a natural magnetism that attracts people.

Pisces are too trusting, they have no malice to know when someone is trying to take advantage of them through manipulation.

One of the problems that arise in this pairing is the inability of Pisceans to say no. Her desire is to please the other, to make her friend or partner happy, even at the cost of lying about her own dissatisfaction in the relationship.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility:

If you can commit to practical and realistic goals together, you have an excellent chance of success . Since they are both Mutable Signs, communication will flow almost effortlessly. In fact, most Pisces couples speak of a telepathic bond between them. Normally, a glance is enough to know what the other is keeping in her heart and mind. If all life’s problems could be solved in bed, they would be happy.

The two of you are among the most compassionate and understanding people in the Zodiac , and this sweetness of spirit should extend to each other as well.

The connection of two Water Signs generates mutual empathy instantly, but this empathy can be lost if you allow drugs, alcohol or other forms of avoidance to lead you astray. Together they could bethe couple who work to make the world a better place, or they could be the couple who spends every night in the local bar, drowning the sorrows. Rising up to life’s hardships is a decision that both must make, as one cannot save the other from sinking to the bottom if that is their choice.

Nonetheless, the power of Jupiter and Neptune can create a deeply intuitive and even spiritual bond to the mix, as long as at least one of the two has a determined nature. Overall, it’s a wonderful combination when the two are balanced.

Those born under the Pisces sign have a tendency to lose themselves in their dreams and thoughts and not focus on reality. It is difficult for them to achieve balance in relationships because they do not stand out especially for the practicality when simultaneously facing the various tasks of life.

Pisces man and woman enjoy when they are alone because they can unfold all their imagination and dreams without being disturbed by anything. At the same time, they long for a partner by their side to whom they can give all the love and passion that their hearts keep.

Pisceans like to help others, they do not hesitate to help the needy, but due to their compassionate and trusting nature they can fall victim to deception and manipulation.

Pisces man and woman are capable of harm when their friends and loved ones have hurt them. They prefer to avoid problems rather than face them, a dangerous trend because conflicts can grow in such a way that they no longer have a remedy when they decide to solve them.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman in Love:

Those born under the Pisces sign are optimistic, always expecting the best to happen, even in the worst situations. It is a positive trait in a relationship, it means that both are willing not to give up so easily to achieve happiness.

Intimate relationships will work if the two Pisceans achieve stability in reality by making it clear what each dreams and needs. They are not in favor of fleeting relationships, if they have reached intimacy it means that there is depth in their feelings and commitment to make the relationship grow.

In sex they will perform with passion and romance, the emotional connection between them will be evident since they will know how to express it without problems. The key for the Pisces couple will be to communicate in time what they need and what they don’t like; If they remain silent avoiding problems, the relationship will not have a good fate.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Relationship Issues:

The only danger of this union is taking this connection for granted … Although it may seem to one that the other can read your thoughts, you will need to clarify some things by speaking or in writing. It is not a good idea to try to cheat on a Pisces lover. Surely, you will know the truth somehow and it will hurt that your partner has not been honest.

Generally, Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, and Gemini) match better as friends, lovers, or colleagues than as spouses. These Signs need to lean on their partners for security, while providing the social lubricant and joie de vivre that can make other stronger and more stable couples happy. Without a stable anchor for the relationship, the two Pisces could be lost in a sea of ​​overwhelming emotions.

Reality can produce dissatisfaction with Pisces’ innate sensitivity, making it easy to hurt them even if there is no such intention. Romanticism unites Pisces, but the relationship between fish can be messy and unstable because they have a tendency not to focus on their responsibilities in the real, practical world.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Colleagues enjoy working with those born in Pisces because they are collaborators, they are always ready to help those who need it.

They perform efficiently in both individual and group jobs, but have a tendency to work too hard. They are not interested in assuming supervisory positions.

Pisceans work well together if they can focus on goals, and bosses don’t usually get in trouble if they let them work their own way. The union between Pisces man and woman is usually successful. Lack of stability can be a problem, but if they are aware of this weakness they can address it with communication.

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Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Relationship:

Any Pisces girl has many wonderful qualities, traits and talents, so it is not surprising why the Pisces man, who is in love with a Neptunian woman, feels that he has finally found himself in the cool, clear waters of that love that he always dreamed of. She lived in his subconscious, and as soon as he saw this wonderful girl, he realized that he was striving for her.

Girl-Pisces is also full of vague memories of sadness and joy, about the expectation of a miracle. And as soon as she saw the shining eyes of this man, she recognized him immediately.

It would be amazing if we could put an end right here, following the familiar fairy tale ending “and they lived happily ever after.” But it’s impossible. You must first go through the Black Forest and fight with all the dragons, witches, ugly toads and Horrible Hulks that go out to meet or hide in the lagoons, waiting for our fishes in love to grab them, tear them apart and throw them into a terrible well of loneliness.

I really do not want to switch from poetry to prose, but we must move on to the more common problems of Neptunian compatibility.

Like any pair of scheme 1-1, two people sent by one planet (in this case, of course, Neptune) must face an increase and strengthening of both the positive and negative sides of each person’s personality. In the case of the Pisces-Pisces pair, the general positive qualities that can easily be doubled are: softness, sensitivity, imagination, creative spirit, empathy and sensitivity, originality and wit, plus common sense.

The negative qualities of Pisces that they will have to desperately fight so that they do not ruin their love are too much reverie, idleness, laziness, confusion, sloppiness and chaos, slowness, fears, phobias and various forms of neurosis, the temptation to lie sometimes (and strange the habit of occasionally depicting for each other a rug at the door, on which you can wipe your feet).

Pisces’s personal anxiety also doubles (even quadruples, given that they have four Pisces for two) when these lovers enter into some kind of emotional relationship. If one of them has a strong Moon sign or Ascendant in the elements of the Earth, he or she can become a reliable anchor of stability for the other. (The Water Moon sign or Ascendant is good for harmony, but we are talking about defensive stability.) Without such support, these two may face danger, either confuse each other with fantasies and fears, or indifferently swim through love or marriage, too fragile to to be durable.

There are Pisces who are afraid of their own shadow. There are others (called the Whales) who are not afraid of either man or the beast – at least they say they are not afraid. It is always helpful to remember that Pisces do not always say what they think. Some Pisces are more afraid of themselves than external circumstances or people, never try to move forward and miss the opportunity of everything that they really would like to do. And then, there are the Dolphins playful, insightful and endowed with a brilliant mind.

Especially the sympathetic nature of Pisces can lead to the fact that they will be hypersensitive to sensory impressions, which can sometimes be misleading. If in the horoscope of one of them there are more planets in the Earth signs than the other, the more “earthly” Fish will blame the less practical that it refuses to face the facts, that it looks at the world through pink glasses and is therefore full of illusions. This, in fact, is the root of all Neptunian fears and phobias – in the memory of how the golden eagle too often turned into a gray fog. Yet one of this couple can cling to their illusions, knowing that they are more real than what seems to be true, and surprisingly often by the perseverance of their faith proving this. When this happens, it is called a miracle.

It is possible that he or she is a Fish swimming in the wrong direction, which behaves as if life itself is a dream. Or one of them may be the Fish-Whale, which laughs at secrets, ignores spiritual truth, – a loud, talkative, unceremonious and aggressive whale. Or even a Shark.

Aggressive or fierce Pisces are those who have seen too much ugliness in this life and hide their broken heart behind erratic connections and sharp speech. In this case, the stronger Fish needs to treat the other with great sympathy. It takes endless patience to save a Fish that beats in the dark waters of frustration and swims against the tide, against the natural movement of the Pisces experience.

A woman-fish can easily catch a man-fish in a network of love and keep him in it. She intuitively feels that he does not like when trying to penetrate his thoughts. A partner aspiring to command would never be able to keep this person, and the typical Pisces girl is submissive, smart, even wise, but still vulnerable enough to impress his sense of male patronage, which is so necessary to maintain in him. And vice versa, she needs a partner who is gentle enough to treat her hypersensitive soul with precaution and caution, and no one can do this better than a man of her own sign.

Their physical intimacy will rarely be excessively passionate and demanding, but, after all, not everyone needs thrills every night. This does not mean that they will be cold and indifferent. In fact, the sexual experiences between two Pisces can be very deep. They can be saved by their love from the gloomy, dull, mundane monotony of the material world, as a natural fish tends from stagnant backwaters and bays to a cool, green ocean, sparkling in the sun, caressing the shore with a soft splash of waves in the moonlight. Sex between these two people can be just so pure, fresh, free, full of mystical poetry of romantic love. The medieval knights and their beautiful ladies must have known this.

If the Pisces woman notices that the Pisces man is somehow dissatisfied with his work, depressed at home and seems more and more secretive, detached and indifferent, she should try to listen more closely to his silence, and then she will be able to help him. Fishes are rarely prone to introspection, despite their intuitive instinct for the feelings of others. He was born under the control of Neptune and instinctively understands that man is a spirit, he has a soul. And this is just what he wants to regain – his soul? A Pisces man at heart is an exalted beggar, blessed, dreaming to leave after the ringing song of a field lark, wherever she leads him. But the modern materialistic world does not allow him to either confess his secret desires or express them.

If he does not find a way to actively pursue his real goal, he may choke in despair, sometimes, unfortunately, trying to satisfy his sorrows with aimless wanderings, alcohol or drugs. He needs a woman who understands this, who will not bind him with the chains of his fear or condemn his soul for the passion.

As for the Pisces girl, her mood swings and periodic tears, a long silence almost always mean that she also wants to leave the cramped aquarium and swim out into the vast expanses of miracles and adventures. No matter how patient she is, she is tired of only reading about the adventures of other people who dare to drop responsibility and pursue the strange winds.

All she needs is a light touch on her hand, some sign, a return light in the eyes of her husband or lover Pisces, saying that he knows how much and passionately she wants to exchange security for freedom. Then they can leave together, regardless of whether it is time to take a vacation now. A Neptunian persistent alarm clock rings and tells both of them that it is time to follow your dream. Now or never.

Then they urgently need to flee and buy tickets to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Switzerland or Tibet. Money? Only on the road. Providence will provide them with food and shelter in a mysterious and mystical way. Man and woman, understood by Neptune, know this better than anyone, but they tend to forget about it from time to time, when they allow the care of tomorrow to prevail and suppress them.

When they allow themselves to live and love freely, they can turn into Dolphins, wisely and merrily frolic together in peace, harmony and satisfaction and warning each other in time about the dangers. But if they can’t get out of the worn-out rut and let all their golden hopes fly by, after some time they will start to deceive each other, avoid emotional confrontation, go further and further into themselves. Do you know what it’s called? This is laziness. And this is a very unfortunate ending for a magical story.

In Conclusion:

For the compatibility between two Pisces to really work, perhaps you could work opposite shifts during the week and then spend the weekend together. Turn off the phones and unplug the doorbell for magical romance alone.

Even if they are of the same sign, they must make sure, for the relationship to work, that they know the values, dreams and needs that guide their lives and evaluate if they coincide.

Pisceans’ empathy helps them understand each other’s emotional complexity, which is undoubtedly an advantage for the future of the relationship. They both long for romance, but one of the Pisces must take the first step to lead the relationship and make it go down a path where communication abounds and problems are not evaded.

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