Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Pisces and Sagittarius. Water + Fire

Pisces and Sagittarius are complementary and compatible. Both the imaginative Pisces and the adventurous Sagittarius are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of dreams and wide horizons. Sagittarius, as a Fire sign, expresses the philosophical and traveling side of Jupiter, passing easily from one escape to another, while Pisces, the Water sign, has a tendency to be introverted and expresses the deeper and more spiritual side of this wonderful planetary power.

The Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman are very restless beings in love. This trait can lead to infidelity, but if there is a strong bond between the two it can work as an element of cohesion. They recognize and admire how their partner meets their needs, and at the same time they are aware of the needs they cannot meet.

The relationship between the Piscean and the Sagittarius is changeable and not without conflict, but they have the potential to achieve the balance, strength and flexibility necessary to solve problems that arise along the way.

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman Friendship:

Friendship between the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman are often changeable in nature. It is difficult for the Sagittarius to anticipate what the Piscean wants, because it does not remain stable, it constantly mutates.

The pairing between both signs will not be without whims and dislikes. The Sagittarius will try to bring calm to the relationship, but she will tell the Piscean what she thinks with complete honesty, so much so that it could border on abruptness.

It is difficult for the Pisces man to make decisions because he does not trust himself completely. He seeks the support of others, but not only to obtain advice, but also to leave the responsibility of deciding for him to others.

The Sagittarius is capable of supporting the Piscean in his decision-making process, for her it is easier. The Sagittarius woman prefers not to take advice from others, especially when they try to guide and instruct her.

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility:

Pisces is drawn to the wonderful life energy of Sagittarius, while Sagittarius is drawn to the enchanting spirituality of Pisces.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces are Mutable signs, so both approach the relationship as equals , with neither of them trying to control or dominate the other. Pisces tends to try to save the world, especially through practical methods such as recycling, defending the oppressed, or the environment. Sagittarius, on the other hand, prefers to broaden its horizons through cultural pursuits, travel, and academic achievement.

The Pisces man is dreamy and romantic by nature. His charm is his main attraction for the Sagittarius woman. You are sociable and prefer to avoid conflict whenever possible. Although he maintains a penchant for reverie, he is also capable of anchoring himself in reality and evaluating the situations and problems that arise in his life from all points of view.

The Sagittarius woman is tremendously honest, adores her independence and hates other people controlling her life. Share with the Pisces man her optimistic nature and the charm they produce in other people.

The Sagittarius woman usually sees the future with optimism and never loses hope. These characteristics can lead her to act without first thinking about what to do and what not to do. In a loving relationship, the Sagittarius brings fun and will make her partner feel that he loves her above all else.

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman in Love:

In intimacy, the mixture of fire and water creates an erotic atmosphere and there is no lover more loyal and concerned than a Pisces. That said, a Pisces’ need for sensual and emotional displays can lead to emotionally destabilizing flirting and flirting. Since Sagittarius understands the need for sexual variety well, you can forgive these indiscretions and will hardly think about it as you focus on your next big project.

In intimacy, the Sagittarius acts with passion and intensity. The Piscean is romantic, but he will have to take a little more initiative if he wants to keep the Sagittarius woman happy and satisfied. The key will be for both of you to learn what the other wants, what he can give and what he can’t. If they are able to overcome the first stages, they will be able to build an intimate relationship of total enjoyment and satisfaction.

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman Relationship Issues:

The problem is that the emotional Pisces is looking for more than just physical relationship, while the restless Archer is quite comfortable that way. When it comes down to it, Sagittarius needs a partner and Pisces a dream lover , and it’s hard to achieve both goals easily. Ideally, they should find a cause that they both believe in, thus having a port to return to when the inevitable storms hit. It’s a nice combination, but it does need a little outside help to keep it from dissolving.

Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Sagittarius woman and Pisces man complement each other at work. The Sagittarius brings organization and stability to ideas that the Piscean finds it difficult to land due to its somewhat dispersed nature.

Both signs are inclined to collaborate with others, as well as help in social projects. Both are good at working on plans that require imagination and creativity. Between the Piscean and the Sagittarius there is potential to form a strong and special bond. The combination of water and fire has the potential to be enduring.

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Pisces Man and Sagittarius Woman Relationship:

Sometimes a Sagittarius girl simply does not understand anything: maybe her lover, Pisces, is not Pisces at all, because he behaves like some Gemini! Her confusion is perfectly fair. Both Pisces and Gemini are double solar signs, endowed with the ability to either change something halfway, or turn to the side, obeying some inexplicable impulse – in this they are surprisingly similar to each other (their difference is different). But after all, she was born under the influence of a double solar sign, because the symbol of Sagittarius is the Centaur, a half-horse half-man. And anyway, who is she to ask about his changeable disposition? Sagittarius – that’s who she is! But it is common for Sagittarius to ask questions for any reason, and fighting this is useless. Moreover, with this man she can not do without questions.

Naturally, there are Pisces in a reliable profession, constant interests, but the bulk of Pisces will always be tempted by the possibility of choice. I will give the Sagittarius girl some examples from life (where they should be drawn from, as logic suggests).

Pisces Mike Thornton tried the profession of a gold digger, cattle breeder, writer and artist. Then he took up garden architecture and experimented with climbing plants. Then he learned to be an electrician and became a specialist in replacing wiring in private homes and offices. Recently, he was wondering if his horoscope is favorable for opening a night club with a disco, billiards, checkers and chess.

Another Pisces man, Mark, whom the Sagittarius girl would not have been aware of, graduated from law school and for five years was completely absorbed in his profession – he was indeed a brilliant lawyer. And then Mark decided to abandon the bar, threw his sign in the attic and flew to New York to devote all his time to working on the ACG show “Good morning America.” Now he removes special plots for the program, works as a producer, director and screenwriter, and reports himself. If you are interested in how it looks, you can easily catch this Fish on TV.

As you can see, the Sagittarius girl must prepare herself for a variety of surprises. At first, she’ll hardly mind and even find it exciting,

Later … Well, later she can stop, look at him and say something “tactful”, like: “Listen, I’m tired of playing these games with you. You changed your profession so many times that I don’t even remember you wanted to run for Congress, or open a Japanese tea house, or trade nuts. Are you all right with your head? “

After several verbal explosions of this kind, sensitive Fish from shock can dematerialize. In short, he will simply disappear, and the next time she will see him in the newspaper in the picture, when he will be elected congressman: he is next to his new girlfriend (a hidden hint for Sagittarius that it is time to file for divorce).

Naturally, not every Sagittarius woman is so straightforward. Some Archers are softer and calmer, but even they would never have received the first prize for tact. But a Sagittarius woman who really loves a Pisces man must learn delicacy, otherwise she may inadvertently injure him and even lose his rare affection and devotion. And he should not be so thin-skinned and startle every time this woman tells the truth: she can not do anything with her desire for honesty, and all this is for good reason. He will have to carefully explain to her how painful this is for him. Her repentance will be completely sincere, and she will actually try to think in the future before speaking (though from time to time she will have to remind about this).

In general, if the Sagittarius girl is serious, she, of course, will want to understand what kind of fish he is, because there are two varieties of people born under this solar sign. There are those that swim upstream – to success, and those that swim downstream – their dreams sink in the pools of failure, and in the end they are thrown ashore. This is not the fish that was washed ashore that she found somewhere near the edge of the surf. Humiliated, self-respecting Fish thrown ashore on city streets is a completely different case. And, perhaps, just such a Fish needs its loyalty and courage. I am not saying that she should beware of this: there is nothing more beautiful than a Jupiterian miracle that can save a lost soul. I just say that first of all it is necessary to figure out which breed this or, more precisely, the one with whom she connects her life belongs to.

Since this is a vibration of the Solar Signs model 4-10, the female Sagittarius and the male Pisces must be prepared for the fact that tension can arise from time to time in their relationship. His self-pity and her stubbornness and self-will will only exacerbate their problems. But jealousy and possessiveness will not be a constant topic of their disagreement, because both of them by nature are not owners and both value freedom too much (unless the Ascendant or the Moon Sign intervenes). For these two signs, it is typical in living together to leave personal space for oneself. Jealous Sagittarius women still meet (their temperament makes itself felt). But this is not possessiveness.

Pisces is a female sign, also managed by the female planet Neptune, so the Pisces man, if he wants to achieve physical harmony with the Sagittarius woman, must consciously abandon passivity and negligence, become more active. Sagittarius is a male sign, and also controlled by the male planet Jupiter, so a female Sagittarius should be more careful with his feelings and less impulsive. Too much fire is also bad, because he can feel himself simply insolvent, afraid that he will not be able to answer her with the same force. Although it is precisely male vibrations in her aura that can increase his desire and awaken in him the latent passion of the Water element. If you help your partner understand himself, he will answer you not only with love, but also with gratitude. And then sex will be not just a satisfaction of two separate desires, but also a gift, called wholeness. If this is not so, after intimacy comes a feeling of remoteness, when everyone feels even more lonely.

There are many connecting threads of tenderness and sympathy between Jupiter and Neptune. Before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter astrologically controlled both Sagittarius and Pisces. This “blood relationship” of the planet of rulers makes the Pisces man and the Sagittarius woman closer than they can imagine. Both of them know how to sympathize, and both idealists. However, there are times when the giant Jupiter and the illusions of Neptune collide. The essence of Jupiter despises any hint of Neptunian secrecy, doublethink, cunning, while the people of Neptune are deeply affected by Jupiter’s ideas about truth and virtue.

But if the two truly Love each other, they will find a way to resolve their contradictions. She will try to become a little more tactful and gentle and stop constantly defending the independence of her Fiery sign. He will try to be more open, straightforward and natural in the manifestation of feelings and try not to seek illusory calm in the depths of his Water element.

In Conclusion:

If the Pisces man and Sagittarius woman patiently work around their differences, they can come to understand each other and make the relationship work. Each piece of the puzzle in this union will fit together and together they will experience life with joy, sweetness and beauty.

Remind each other of dreams and goals, which they want to achieve together. Patience and understanding when the couple needs a break to do their own thing are essential.

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