Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman love compatibility

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman ( 82% Compatible)

Pisces and Scorpio Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage70%
Pisces and Scorpio Emotional Compatibility Percentage90%
Pisces and Scorpio Communication Compatibility Percentage90%
Pisces and Scorpio Trust Percentage70%
Pisces and Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility Percentage90%
Pisces and Scorpio Common Interests80%
Pisces and Scorpio Overall Compatibility Percentage82%

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Scorpio and Pisces = Water + Water

The attraction of Scorpio and Pisces is irresistible , a union with all the possibilities of success . They are both passionate and loyal, so it is easy for them to enjoy a natural companionship. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, so once you commit, you totally surrender.

The Pisces man and the Scorpio woman have in common their loyal and passionate character, companionship and dedication that they show when they commit. 

They are both water signs, they get along, but there are notable differences in their personalities.

These differences originate in the dates of birth of both, just when one season ends and another begins. In the case of Pisces (February 19 to March 20), the birth corresponds to the beginning of spring, and in the case of Scorpio to that of winter (October 23 to November 21).

To avoid a hot-cold relationship, both of you must know where your differences lie and be prepared to weather storms.

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman Friendship

In friendship, the Scorpio woman is characterized by her discretion when she must keep a secret, while the Pisces man stands out for his loyalty, companionship and carefreeness. 

The passion and the ability and desire to give themselves to others make them compatible in friendship. Problems may arise due to the mutability of the Piscean and the high expectations that the Scorpio builds around friendship.

The Pisces man has a knack for understanding the complexity and emotional depth of the Scorpio woman. She prefers to share in small groups and to communicate with her directly and not using subtleties.

In the friendship with the Pisces man, the Scorpio woman must fight against her compulsive side and try to make rational decisions, because the nature of the Pisces could make her fall into excessive spontaneity and lead her to act irrationally.

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship

With the passionate Mars and the inquisitor Pluto as the main rulers, protect your loved one and want to dive into the depths of love. Pisces is a Mutable Sign, ruled by the healing Jupiter and the imaginative Neptune. 

Fish swim skillfully, providing support and encouragement. Pisces is sensitive, so Scorpios will need to be careful with their ruthless stinger

However, the flexible Pisces should not be thought of as fragile or delicate, in comparison to the armored framework of Scorpio. It is his adaptability that gives Pisces his strength and makes him, driven by strong determination, unavailable to other mortals. Fish swim over, under or around any obstacle.

Scorpio should consider himself lucky if a Pisces commits to him. With the lucky Jupiter as your guide, some of that fortune could rub off on you. Scorpio, in turn, can be a shield that protects the sensitive Pisces from a world that is sometimes too much for him. 

Pisces have the gift of bringing out the tender side of Scorpio, a side that others rarely see.

Scorpio and Pisces are Water Signs, so they flow naturally together, often seeking a common goal as two streams become one river. Pisces and Scorpio communicate in subtle ways, reading each other’s moods and thoughts. 

They both have the gift of psychic dreams and can come to know things of the past or future through their dreams. However, make sure you are not just flowing, enjoying the union, not actually going anywhere. 

A little bit of Earth and Fire in your letters will ensure a stable and inspiring relationship. Without this balance, both of you could drift away with escapism and fantasy.

The Pisces man is creative, has a natural charm that attracts people, enjoys appreciation from people, and strives to make friends and loved ones happy.

The Piscean stands out for his emotionality, loyalty and unconcern. His mutable nature makes it easy for him to adapt, just that sometimes he spends too much effort adapting to the needs of others and doesn’t attend to his own.

The Pisces man is also spontaneous and relaxed and his emotionality can make him a bit irrational. All of these characteristics have the potential to make you an unreliable friend or partner.

The Scorpio woman is clear about what she wants in life. She has a practical and caring personality, she does not give in to the first changes in friendship or love, it takes her time to feel confident and vulnerable in new relationships and to establish new commitments. 

When she has passed the initial stages in a relationship, the Scorpio gives herself totally to the people she already trusts.

She has a sensual and independent temperament, and loves the pleasure of sharing emotional and physical intimacy with those she loves. She only hopes that in return they give her the same loyalty, sincerity and passion that she gives.  

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

The Piscean and the Scorpio have in common their passion, loyalty and total commitment in relationships. The bond that is established between the two has the potential to be one of the most romantic and ardent in the zodiac.

It is a positive trait, but also a characteristic that can create confusion in the communication of relationships due to the excessive mutability of the Piscean. 

The Pisces man is usually easy prey to jealousy because of his desire to control and his unwavering loyalty. In order for your relationship with the Scorpio to flow, you must learn to communicate directly, to ask questions before assuming.

The Scorpio woman doesn’t usually give her love to just anyone. The Pisces man is lucky to bond emotionally with a Pisces partner. 

Of course, you will have to face the high expectations that the Scorpio woman places in relationships, and also give her time to feel confident around him. For the relationship between the two signs to have a future, the Piscean should not try to change to please him, but to clearly communicate their wishes and needs.

In intimate relationships, the Pisces man and the Scorpio express all the passion they carry inside, seasoned with the romanticism of the Pisces man and the natural sensuality of the woman born in Scorpio.

Scorpio will be devoted to his imaginative lover, and in return, the Pisces style will bring sparkle into Scorpio’s life. This union has it all from sensual eroticism to deeply spiritual. Intimate and durable, it’s a perfect match.

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman Problems and Breakup

The natures of both are prone in different ways. Life together could go down a forgiving path, unless they manage to clarify as individuals and as a couple. 

Remember, Scorpios ‘stubborn refusal to change and Pisces’ evasive tendencies can lead them out of the way. Both Scorpios and Pisces are reserved by nature. If you both refuse to face the problems, they will be right around the corner. 

On the other hand, if they face them, there will be nothing, that they cannot solve together.

The clashes between the Pisces man and the Scorpio woman occur because of their different ways of communicating. 

This could lead to confusion and easily transform their passion into jealousy and even hatred. Among the best qualities of the Piscean are their desire to make their friends, loved ones and partner happy, and their ability to adapt to the needs and moods of others.

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility in Work

The Pisces man and the Scorpio woman get along well at work when the Scorpio is in a leadership or supervisory role and the Pisces is in a subordinate position. 

The adaptability and desire to please others of the Pisces man make the work relationship flow smoothly if there is a hierarchy.

If they work as partners, the Piscean will have to make an effort to communicate clearly, to avoid falling into the unpredictable, while the Scorpio will have to strive to be more patient and creative.

The Scorpio is characterized by being a productive and rational worker, she is direct when communicating with her colleagues, establishes responsibilities without regard, but is also willing to help in the work teams so that the common goal is successfully achieved. 

It is difficult for her to accept the creativity and emotionality of the Pisces man, who will have to show that spontaneity can be positive, as well as be loyal at all times to gain the trust of her Scorpio partner.

In Conclusion

The Scorpio woman tends to be a good boss and companion, loyal, reliable, and rational. For the Pisces man it will be a challenge to work by his rules, frankness and discipline, but he can achieve it by being himself: showing his creativity that can be of enormous help in a project and to find solutions.

Pisces and Scorpio are water signs with huge differences, especially in how they communicate. If they manage to understand them, use them in favor of the relationship and get along, the union between the Piscean and the Scorpio has a high probability of being happy and lasting.

The relationship work and the mutual understanding of Scorpio and Pisces will be so strong that it will be easy for both of you to make it work.

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