Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Stupid question. Of course he hears. If the Scorpio woman and the Pisces man we are talking about are lovers or spouses, and not just friends, then she heard him calling her many years ago. Where will they meet? When? How? All these questions bothered her, but she firmly knew that they would certainly meet.

Neptune also whispered in the ear of the young Pisces that one day he would meet one who would understand him and be able to see the world through his eyes. And since then, everywhere he was looking for the girl of his dreams.

You can imagine how his heart should have been beating when he first saw this strange creature, which seemed so quiet and gentle, but in some way so strong and, most importantly, caustic deep. She carefully looked at him, not seductively or coquettishly like the others, but directly and fearlessly, and he felt that he plunged into the cool green depths. He also looked at her, and then something happened.

Of course, they fell in love, like a typical Fish and Scorpio, like most people whose element is Water falls in love. Not with flashes of exploding stars, like two signs of Fire, not twisted in clouds, like signs of Air, not bursting with thunder, like two signs of Earth in union 5-9, but immersed in mystery, which is completely natural for Pisces and Scorpio.

When one day these two fall in love, their life is transformed. More depth, more meaning, more excitement and surprise appear in it. But life also provided them with heartache, irritation and disappointment. Even the combination of the signs of the Zodiac 5-9 does not guarantee to give in to harmony if they do not have the unifying aspects of the Sun and the Moon, sextile or trine between their horoscopes, when they could almost achieve perfection.

Otherwise, for all their compatibility – this is important! – They are waiting for a long training. He will have to find out (and it will be difficult) that the habit of embellishing the facts or avoiding direct answers leads to trouble. Firstly, this woman does not make sense to lie out of politeness or for convenience. She can feel even the smallest lie. Secondly, nothing can infuriate her (although she tries not to show it) than the realization that the man she loves is hiding something from her. For her, it’s in the order of things to conceal a piece of herself, but this is one of the seven deadly sins, if he does. And since the typical Pisces man prefers not to talk about his affairs and plans until he is ready to implement them, you understand what the problem is.

His plans do not conceal anything bad, they do not threaten their relationship, but Pisces, with his omissions, can arouse such suspicions in Scorpio.

The Scorpio woman knows what she wants, but she never declares it publicly. She has the necessary incentive in order to achieve what she wants or to help him do it. She can show amazing persistence on the way to a specific Goal. She has some kind of inner core that makes her stubbornly pursue her own. Obstacles are nothing to Scorpions.

Pisces aren’t really going to make you go anywhere. This man is not quite sure that there is anything in life that deserves such efforts that deplete the mental, physical and mental forces of man. And so there will be times when he will hesitate to make her comfortable. A small increase in adrenaline in his blood would be beneficial for him from time to time, and it would be nice for her to learn how to relax. Her inner turmoil, invisible from the outside, can also drain the patience of a man who loves her. Which is better: if the volcano erupts, a boiling lava that you at least see and can escape from while it is slowly flowing, or if the volcano just wakes up and there are no external signs that an eruption could occur? The awakening of volcanoes makes Pisces nervous.

The fish are very patient. But even Pisces can eventually get tired of swimming against the tide, and this person will dive deep and disappear without warning. His disappearance will only make both of them unhappy, so it’s better to try to find a compromise.

Most love affairs and marriages cannot withstand the storm, but Scorpio has been found to keep relationships safe and sound thanks to his incredible willpower. Fish are also stubborn when they love, but they are softer and more compliant, but they can come up with some creative way to keep the ship afloat. The Pisces man has his own opinion on how he and his girlfriend can achieve confidence in the future. True, she may be worried that he too often rushes from one to the other or that he is not ambitious enough. Unfortunately, although both have a normal, healthy sense of humor, neither of them laughs too long or loudly when they joke about him (or her). Neptune’s well-known modesty and humility seem to run dry from time to time in these cases. As for Scorpio, have you ever heard how does this woman laugh at herself? I doubt it.

Sometimes a Scorpio woman can cry during physical intimacy with her Pisces man. This is because of how she feels: they can never be themselves, with the exception of minutes of their intimacy. Outside of their arms, there are various external influences and external factors, but when they feel unity, it is like answering all the questions in the world (in their world, at least). When they are together, she knows how much he needs her, and enjoys what gives him peace. It is good for a woman and a man to know that they give each other peace and joy. He thinks that the initiative in their physical relations belongs to him, but more often it is not, although, as a rule, he does not understand this. And when she pretends to be impassive, he wants her even more.

It is difficult for these lovers to be completely honest with each other. But it is not important. They quickly solve the mutual game, and then pretend that they did not. Lack of understanding adds mystery to their lovemaking. In sex, Pisces and Scorpio often have periods of silence that allow them to tell each other more than a thousand and one words. Water is silent and deep when nothing violates its calm.

When a Pisces man and a Scorpio woman inflict wounds on each other that are inevitable in any relationship between a man and a woman, scars will remain in their memories, but they will be impossible to notice. These two know how to love. But she, with her wisdom of Pluto, must still learn to forgive. He does it easily, almost carelessly. She does this by sacrificing her pride. But it would be good for him to adopt from her the ability to safely withstand the storm and know (and not just hope) that the ship would safely land on the beach.

She can teach him self-confidence – the quality necessary for him to manage. He can teach her faith and trust, for only if she believes in him can he win.

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