Pisces Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Virgo and Pisces. Earth + Water

Pisces compatibility with Virgo is very good despite a contradiction between the two signs.

The union between the Pisces man and the Virgo woman is ideal, they are karmic partners and are made to complement each other. The weaknesses of both signs are compensated when they come together and the relationship flows in perfect balance.

The Piscean and the Virgo woman have notable differences, but it is precisely being so different that makes them attract and fit in. The Pisces man is an inveterate dreamer, while the Virgo woman is at the opposite extreme, extremely realistic. She will serve as your anchor in the real world, and he will make you experience the relaxed, romantic and playful side of life.

For the Pisces man and the Virgo woman there will also be less good times, because nothing is perfect. They will have to learn lessons from each other, strive and persevere to achieve a stable and happy union.

Pisces Man and Virgo Woman Friendship:

The Pisces man loves to be alone with himself navigating his dreams and thoughts. It is a trait that, however, does not isolate you from others when it comes to making friends. It is easy for him to make friends because he attracts all types of people for his kindness, natural charm, helpful and selfless character. He is loyal to all tests, he is always there for his friends, and he is not demanding with the people who want to be related to him. The latter puts him in danger because he is too trusting and vulnerable to deception and manipulation.

The woman born in Virgo is less introverted than the Piscean, but more demanding with the people who approach her to establish a friendship relationship. She is inclined to accept only those who share the values she professes. It is difficult to earn their trust, getting them to open their hearts to others can be a long process. She will do it with those who satisfy her need to feel loved and valued. It is an advantage for the Pisces man, because by her side the virgin will always feel love and admiration.

The Virgo woman is as loyal to her friends as the Pisces man is. The difference with the fish man is that it takes longer to build friendships. The intimate relationships between the Piscean and the Virgin are the scene where the magic that unites signs so opposite and also so attractive to each other takes place.

The Pisces man feels reality focused and steadily anchored to the earthly when he is next to the Virgo woman. By having a Pisces partner, the virgin will constantly experience the beauty of life and love. You will be more relaxed because you will not have to worry about analyzing every detail.

The Virgo woman will also be a protective shield for the Piscean when others want to take advantage of her trusting nature. The Pisces man, for his part, will make his most emotional side emerge in the virgo without any limit.

Pisces Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility:

The Virgo woman loves to analyze everything she lives and carefully study all the people with whom she establishes a relationship. She is tough to criticize, but she behaves in a kind way, she does not do it with the intention of hurting or offending. It is a characteristic that the Pisces man, of extremely sensitive temperament, likes.

A little-known trait of the Virgo woman is her romanticism. She looks forward to being loved and cared for, although she won’t say so. The Virgo woman is self-critical and demanding of herself, so the Piscean’s charm, compassionate nature and desire to please will make her feel that her defects disappear and that she is adored.

The Pisces man is a dreamer and tends to lose focus on reality. He is a tremendously optimistic being, and although his mood swings can lead him to hurt others, a smile will never be lacking on his face. He is overconfident, which makes him vulnerable to being tricked and manipulated. Other of his traits are the romanticism and natural charm to like others.

The Piscean prefers a partner with whom he can establish a real emotional connection. You do not want to dominate or take the initiative in the relationship, you do want to have someone by your side who understands that you need alone time.

They are two opposite signs: something that paradoxically in Astrology is usually considered as a positive indicator  of love and marriage . At the same time, their approaches to life are very different and so are their personalities.

Pisces are dreamers , they are constantly imagining new life possibilities and they trust their intuition. Their way of life is often difficult for Virgos to understand intellectually, as Virgos use reason and facts to make decisions. This can be considered as an advantage and the practical Virgo will be able to help Pisces to transform his ideas and dreams into reality. Furthermore, as neither of the two signs are either overly ambitious or envious, they will consider the successes of the other as a success of both.

A Virgo is not ambiguous at all, because everything in his life has to be planned and organized down to the smallest detail. And while Virgo has very fixed opinions about everything and everyone, Pisces has much broader interests, likes to improvise, is changeable and influential and does not usually judge anyone.

Pisces Man and Virgo Woman in Love:

Pisces is very romantic , which contrasts with the difficulty with which Virgo expresses himself in the sexual arena. Luckily, Pisces are also very sensitive to the feelings and needs of others, and with Virgo they usually know how to transmit a lot of passion to them. The excess of romanticism of the Pisces compensates for the lack of romanticism of their Virgo partner

In intimacy, both of them understand each other with sweetness, romanticism and no selfishness. Both the Pisces man and the Virgo woman desire stable and long-term relationships, they are not inclined to be intimate just for fun and without the prospect of a lasting union. It’s important for both of you to feel emotionally connected during sex. In this facet there is no difficulty between the Piscean and the Virgo woman.

Pisces Man and Virgo Woman Relationship Issues:

Both signs are fickle and moody. Pisces is a water sign and is therefore sensitive and extremely intuitive. Virgos, on the other hand, are an earth sign and are rational and less emotional.

Virgo tends to understand, categorize and solve each of the problems in a meticulous way, while Pisces is happy waiting, and letting the emotional forces reveal the answer. Virgo can interpret this approach as laziness and attack Pisces which could irreparably damage the relationship.

In this sense, it is very important that Virgo learn to hold back and not criticize their partner excessively. The fact that Pisces does not hit back does not mean that they have not hurt him. Water signs don’t settle accounts right away; they reflect and wait for the right moment to act. Any scathing criticism will mark Pisces; and in the long term it will scare him away, so Virgos will have to control themselves.

Pisces Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility in Professional work:

The Virgo woman enjoys work and assumes leadership and leadership roles without problems because she knows how to command. She likes to work hard and abhors loafing. She is strict, organized and seeks perfection in all the activities she does at work. They are characteristics that bosses adore, but not so much peers and subordinates.

The Pisces man is a worker. Your best performance is seen when you work as a team. He is creative and manages to see aspects that others do not see, and he is always ready to help his colleagues.

The Piscean and the Virgin can work well, but if they stay apart. For example, they will get along much better if they work in different departments.

If they are closer, problems will arise between them, derived from their different ways of focusing on work: the Virgo woman does not function without organization, while the Pisces man is capable of being efficient in the midst of chaos. If they accept their differences, the Pisces man and Virgo woman can become an incredible couple.

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Pisces Man and Virgo Woman Relationship:

What are these two talking about at their first meeting? What subject will be equally entertaining for them? Forgive me, lofty, romantic natures, but most likely, the conversation will be about … legs. This is their common problem.

Medical astrology, trusted by the wise Hippocrates, teaches that every solar sign has its own area of ​​vulnerability. A certain part of their body resists the disease worst of all. Pisces has legs. Pisces are frequent guests at the orthopedist and at the shoe store. Legs are a subject of constant concern for the Virgin, led by the lame deity Vulcan.

Most women-devils are obsessed with practical shoes. They can save on clothes and pleasures, once it comes to healthy food, medicines, hygiene items and shoes, they surprise others. Their bathroom cabinet is filled with ivory soap, first-aid kits are bursting with bottles, jars and bandages, mountains of shoe boxes are piled up in their wardrobes. This is not extravagance. (The word “extravagance” does not apply to Virgo.) Shoes are carefully repaired and stored for children and grandchildren, whose feet are measured every year in the hope that the shoes will fit.

The Virgo woman will be flattered by the sincere interest with which the Pisces man listens to the stories about her Cinderella shoes. And he will be pleased with her genuine interest. The fish so often listens to other people’s complaints that it is glad to chance to pour out their feelings – for a change. It is such a pleasure to share with your understanding person your impressions of walking barefoot along the sea sand, to cry over how your feet freeze, how hard it is to pick up shoes (for Pisces, legs of a non-standard size are either very large or very small). In the heat of conversation, he moves closer. The interlocutor sympathizes sympathetically with him. Encouraged, he will tell her in secret that he worked part-time as a student, posing for an artist who was struck by the unusual pads of his big toe. She will laugh. He will move even closer, encouraged by the brilliance of his clear eyes. “Worst of all at night,

Usually, Virgo cannot resist the insinuating charm of Pisces. True, the final surrender is preceded by a long acquaintance. Nevertheless, the gravitation of opposites is inevitable, like the approach of the poles of a magnet. The enveloping, tender sensuality of Pisces conquers the Virgin rather than a gross onslaught. The chaste purity of the Virgin captivates the poetic imagination of Pisces, they are excited by the echoes of the thunderous rumbles of the Volcano. Both are selfless by nature, therefore they sensitively listen to other people’s desires and do not impose their own.

These two agree on everything regarding the joint ownership of bodies and hearts, but not on money. He likes to share, she may not like this idea. Mean Fish and wasteful Virgo are a few exceptions. For the most part, the frugal Virgo condemns the impracticality of the unrefined Pisces. What frivolity to give all your money to friends to relatives and neighbors! Fishes really rarely lend money – they simply give it back. When it comes to money, Virgo’s eyes become steel, her voice no longer sounds like a silver bell, but a funeral bell ringing for the freedom of Pisces.

The pickiness of the Virgin can seriously overshadow their relationship. Notation is probably the only thing that the Fish Man does not tolerate. He becomes irritable and angry, in every possible way postpones his return home, looks at the bars on the way. He may be addicted to alcohol or drugs, or will remain in the world of his fantasies.

Therefore, a Virgo woman should call on common sense to help and understand that there are things that are worse than losing money. She fell in love with an unusual person. Is it reasonable to remake it, killing what fascinated her – naive idealism, selflessness, the ability to empathize …

The Fish Man should moderate his secrecy and love of secrets so that his girlfriend does not feel like a stranger. This woman is not talkative, and she can be trusted with secrets, especially since the lion’s share of his secrets are completely innocent. Virgo loves certainty in everything, any vagueness annoys her. There would be no harm if he gallantly allowed her to stand at the helm of the ship while the storm was raging. Later, she will be happy to join him in pursuit of the secrets of Neptune.

Both Virgo and Pisces are Moving Signs, and they will enjoy traveling together, chatting. This is a sure chance to resolve all problems, settle all disagreements. And perhaps, on the anniversary of their meeting, she will give him a pair of sandals for walking along the beach, and he will present her with a pair of magnets in a tiny box, hinting at the gravity of their uncharged natures. After all, living heat is much better than a heating pad under the covers.

7_7 Relationship of two Libra.

The older the Libra, the wiser they are. Confidence comes over the years, and it’s a kind of practice.

Libra knows how to doubt, and this is not given to all solar signs. They are asking. They are conferring. They are discussing. And they sincerely confess their insecurity. Moral principles mean a lot to them, and they are unlikely to do something that they consider morally wrong. That is why, when Libra finally says something, people believe that it is trustworthy, and in nine out of ten cases it is.

Of course, their judgments are erroneous, but they really tried to do what is fair and moral, and such an attempt is in itself a virtue. Although others do not see it. What should undoubtedly be a virtue may seem to others an obvious flaw. Now it’s clear why people of other signs accuse them of inconsistency? So Libra feels more comfortable when dealing with each other. At least two Libra give each other a credit of trust. And while some Libra are in doubt, others are full of sympathy. All Libra knows that the intentions of their brothers in the sign are full of good intentions, and if a decision has already been made, it is final. Indeed, what could be more logical than this? The thought of Libra is like clay, which is malleable until finally it is given some form. Then they burn it in the oven

When Libra argues, the verbal exchange between them usually ends in a draw. Each of them starts on the one hand, then approaches on the other, and then uses both points of view, being somewhere in the middle. This can confuse an outsider, but both parties to the debate are happy. While these two communicate with each other, discussing problems and coming to their conclusions, no “injuries” happen. This happens when other signs impose decisions on them. It is this that leads to the fact that Libra loses balance, and does much more harm – mental, emotional and physical – than anyone other than Libra could have imagined. A person controlled by Venus cannot be loaded simultaneously with a large number of problems, each of which requires priority attention – Libra can simply “

Libra has much more in common than just typical dimples, smiles, attitude to beauty or indecision – they love pastel colors and will not feel comfortable among too loud sounds. Very few Libra go to construction workers, not only because of noise, but also because the influence of Venus forces them to avoid dirty clothes. This is unaesthetic, and disgrace of any kind quickly puts Libra out of balance. The Libra Ambulance driver will definitely be an unhappy person, given the piercing howl of the siren and the essence of the work itself.

One of the serious problems that can annoy Libra is what I call metabolic syndrome. The point is: for balance, one life style of Libra, or one period, should be replaced by another, about which ill-wishers can say that this is laziness … But this is not laziness at all – this is exhaustion, which requires rest, but exhaustion again follows an explosion of life strength and energy. Libra can work like a draft horse, diligently, skillfully and without complaining, until suddenly everything stops. This is followed by a period of numbness, almost lethargy, during which (believe it or not) even a conversation needs effort. Batteries must be recharged, having a good rest in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. If Libra does not have the opportunity to do this and instead they are forced, mixed with the crowd, to go to work, they become unhappy and simply unbearable. One can only wonder how astrology can be so mistaken, calling them calm people with a flexible character and gentle manners. Do not blame me, I always warned that Libra can become “moody crocodiles” if their bodies and souls did not get proper rest when they needed it, but put them to blame for it? It is better for the two Libra who live together to draw graphs of their periods and pray to God that they fall at different times. If the periods of their ups and downs coincide, one of them may try to rotate 180 degrees to balance the gloomy period of the other Libra.

Libra is known in astrology as Peacemakers. One of the most beautiful things that can be said about Libra is their amazing ability to bring peace to other people’s minds and hearts. Although these people do not allow themselves any dealings with conscience, they never impose it on others.

Libra can pass an inexorable sentence of Truth and Justice, but Venus teaches them not to rush to give the repentant another chance.

Judge not lest ye be judged.

So Libra weighs both human weakness and the futility of all aspirations, trying to find a balance

In Conclusion:

The virgo woman must realize that the Piscean has everything she wants, she must learn to see beyond how disorganized he is and his tendency to daydream.

Both of you can experience and enjoy life together, learning from each other and growing to achieve balance and happiness in the relationship.

The most compatible for this combination are Pisces born between February 19 and 28/29 and Virgos born between August 24 and September 2.

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