Sagittarius Man and Gemini Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

When the twin women of the Gemini woman tease with an honest and trusting Sagittarius with their dance, this man may at first feel insolvent – spiritually, emotionally, and, oddly enough, physically. Then he will suddenly be aroused by the duality of a woman who is clearly challenging him.

Sagittarius is in many ways a wonderful person. The way he talks about his ideals, choking with delight, should simply charm the twin girl. He will talk about his merits (Sagittarius is never too modest), about his many dreams, and he will always be sincere with her, sometimes mercilessly sincere. And if it turns out that he does not fully meet her requirements, that means that no man can simply do this.

When he meets her for the first time, she will not immediately reveal to him all aspects of her complex nature. She will let forward only one of her twins – naturally, one who is able to charm him.

She can even behave in an unusual manner for her, kindly listening and not interrupting. What a perfect and delightful creature she is! And it is true. The Twin Girl (at any age it would be more correct to call her a girl, not a woman) is absolutely amazing. But with regard to femininity, we must not forget that Gemini is a male sign, however, Mercury, its ruling planet, is capable of changing sex in the blink of an eye in order to deceive the observer, we are not talking about gender, but about the quality inherent in this sign. For the twin girl, this means that usually she decides to achieve what she wants, and she has all the abilities to achieve this. The problem again is duality: she is not really sure what she wants. What was so coveted on Monday may lose attractiveness to the environment or even earlier – on Tuesday (of the same week). Often it is torn not only between two possible solutions, but also between the capabilities of a variety of solutions. What can she say: yes or no? And then … say he made her happy or unhappy? See how many problems? Moreover, when she tries to explain her many emotions to the Sagittarius man, she risks that he will still accuse her of insincerity and deceit. And is that fair? that he will still accuse her of insincerity and deceit. And is that fair? that he will still accuse her of insincerity and deceit. And is that fair?

A sincere, open and honest Sagittarius is sometimes intolerant of a woman who, he believes, consists not only of these qualities. Although she could in turn prove, and quite easily, that he also has two sides, because he is impudent, self-confident and restless, but still sensitive, impressionable and modest. Its two sides are manifested in different moods, in pronounced sympathies and antipathies and in the fact that it is so easy to get angry. In response to the “air wave” of Gemini, Sagittarius can immediately respond with a “fiery” explosion. Therefore, it is not surprising that she prefers to hide something – this is easier than causing fire on herself. When Sagittarius expresses their disapproval, it can be straightforward, rude and, by the way, very painful. In response, the Twins use their most reliable weapon – sarcasm. Clear,

However, if their Sun and Moon are connected by harmonious aspects, their small differences will almost always end in poetic (for her) and dramatic (for him) expression of their newfound devotion.

All this is very romantic.

Negative aspects between the Sun of one and the Moon of another can cause constant quarrels and grievances, which can eventually develop into a more serious confrontation. Over time, this is not at all in a few years, and sometimes much faster, because these two signs always manage to speed up both life and love.

Her flights to a fabulous country may be too mysterious for him. All the dreams of Jupiter are usually quite real and feasible.

Most Sagittarius can predict the result, which cannot be said about Gemini. It would be nice for her to try to adopt from him those qualities that she lacks, for example, determination and straightforwardness. Or maybe ardor and passion. After all, Air sometimes cools her emotions too much. Perhaps he needs more touch and physical expression of love, and she would be happy if their souls touched more often.

In love, these two could achieve rare harmony, because the meaning of sex in its earthly possibility is the unity of the soul, mind and body. No one feels this more strongly than the man and woman of the opposite zodiac signs, since sex with them (like all lovers’ combinations 7-7) is always a need to become each other, merging into one more complete personality.

They do not want their quarrels to become even the property of friends or neighbors (I’m not talking about family and friends, because neither Sagittarius nor Gemini are too reverent about blood bonds). Then there come periods of peace and rest, these usually occur due to the talent of the twin girls to avoid all that is unpleasant. I’m talking about that magnificent sensitivity, about the ability to receive signals that warn her in advance even of an impending thunderstorm, so she can hide in time and lightning will not hit her.

With the same dexterity of Mercury, she evades answers or simply pretends that she does not understand what Sagittarius wants from her. In the end, he abandons attempts to drag her into a dispute, which in fact will lead to nothing. But then again and again she can return to the same thing, and this simply devastates his thoughts and feelings. He tries to defend himself by fencing himself with a newspaper, leaving somewhere from home, going to bed early (and alone).

This, of course, is not the best option, and yet they have more opportunities for a truce than those Gemini and Sagittarius who argue all night, expressing their differences not only clearly, but also loudly. These two will rarely love without some tension, no matter how brilliant aspects of the Moon-Sun their horoscopes have. And silently suffer in silence – this is not in their characters. There is always something in their relationship that needs to be balanced by opposing qualities, and balance is an art that can only be acquired through long training. Ask any tightrope walker at the circus. Of course, from time to time they get tired of it, but it’s better to get tired of business than from his expectation.

Gemini and Sagittarius have something in common. Both love to read, and both love to speak. But she paints what she read about in the vivid colors of her imagination, and in his speeches there is more truth than she would like to hear.

It seems to her that the world could be better, and she adds up a colorful picture of the world from the images, thereby distorting it. He also wants the world to be better, but he is convinced that we must first face the facts and then hope to change everything. And that is their difference.

It can be a great couple if, in addition to the family union, they form a “team” involved in advertising or publishing, science, art or medicine. Dreams and stars will help them cope with any troubles. Greek mythology says that “Mercury gives joy to Jupiter.” Yes, the Gemini girl knows how to give joy to the Sagittarius man. What can he give her? He will teach her to slow down, will protect her and rise above her routine with her, because in his imagination he is able to fly as high as his arrows. But maybe they should leave each other a little free space, because they fly above the ground in wish balloons, and on one too windy day their ropes can become hopelessly tangled …

The Sagittarius man is always full of ideals, and the Gemini woman is always full of ideas. “Idea” is “ideal” … Add one consonant to the “idea” and you will get an “ideal”. This is the consonant “L,” and it means love. The idea, when it is illuminated by love, reaches a higher octave and becomes an ideal. And only in love Sagittarius can adopt the ideas of his twin girlfriend and turn them into the ideals of Jupiter, illuminating her already bright mind with the light of this difference.

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