Sagittarius Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Some Pisces girls speak a lot, others are silent and rarely start the conversation first (although then, in a conversation started by someone else, they are unlikely to lack words). But most importantly, they are wonderful listeners. And this is wonderful, because Sagittarius also needs admirable attention, like Leo or Aries, and you know how these two love when they listen. Now you understand what attractive power for Sagittarius this girl has? One day he may make some truthful remark. If the truth turns out to be too rough, she will stop listening to him – Pisces is very sensitive to insults. She prefers that the truth be covered with a veil of the type “maybe” or “should have” … No Pisces likes to be told the truth about her right in the face like Sagittarius like to do. So her sympathetic ear could be lost to him. I honestly warn him about this.

The ability to listen is a true art that is difficult to learn, because in most cases they do not become good listeners – they are born. This is a talent for empathy and unselfish nature, because the real listener really cares about what people tell him and what happens outside of his own self. Pisces, thanks to some mysterious alchemy of Neptune, can empathize as if it were their own business. When the girl-Fish listens, she tries everything on herself, “turns on” her own experience, and Sagittarius sees through her eyes, her pose, her attitude that everything he says really excites her. Nothing calms the soul more than the living response of another soul. Every human being needs such therapy, and Sagittarius is much more likely than others.

Despite the fact that the man and woman, connected by a union of 4-10, will certainly feel the difficulty of these vibrations, this couple can give a lot to each other. If he is one of those few Sagittarius who looks silent, it is Fish that can help him open up, and this is so necessary to his nature! And when he decides to do this, no one can listen to him with such an interest as her. His girlfriend, Pisces, is so able to summon him to be frank, that sometimes it becomes strange why she did not become a psychologist. Some Pisces do choose psychiatry as a profession, but not most. Pisces do not like anyone digging into their own secrets, and since they tend to put themselves in the place of others, they do not want to do something that would be unpleasant for themselves.

The Pisces woman already knows a lot about her Sagittarius man, although he rarely realizes this. She is very receptive and instinctively feels, which means she knows what is hidden in the depths of his soul. She just reads his feelings, as if he is a transparent crystal ball, which she intently examines. This is a subtle graceful art, a talent that is not obvious, and sometimes not only those around her, but she herself is not aware of this. Living with this is not easy, because to her own problems are added those that pass through her consciousness – all these uninvited images that belonged to others. But this is her Neptunian “twelve-story” fate, and, I must say, she accepts it, almost without complaining.

Sagittarius will not be afraid of her insight. If in his horoscope there is no Moon or Ascendant in Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer, the typical Sagittarius happily talks about himself. Sometimes he speaks even more than a woman-fish would like to hear. More often than not, he simply has nothing to hide. If you are interested in something, just ask him, and he will lay out everything to you directly. He believes in the truth and does not recognize tricks. And he thinks that everyone should follow his example, especially the woman he loves. And since her neptunian nature is evasive, they can quarrel simply because of different approaches to honesty. He does not recognize hypocrisy, she does not accept the cruelty of reproof, impatience, harsh speeches and impulsive actions. Their differences in these matters are too noticeable, and something needs to be done for both of them. Or try to change your own view of things, or in some way give way to a partner. Why not!

The Sagittarius man finds his girlfriend, Fish, seductive and charming. He is under the double male influence of his sign, she is under the double female. What could be better? When the masculine and feminine are combined, this is the harmony of nature itself. But it is so easy to destroy it … The first charm will pass, and Sagittarius may think that his beloved is too cold and responds to his desire without much fervor. Well, this seems to be true (and if its Moon or Ascendant at birth were not in the sign of Fire – even more so).

But this only means that it is {the font highlighted} that she {the regular font} must make so that he does not feel misunderstood, because she can see the whole depth of his desire.

Her ardor also carries a danger: it may seem to her that he is only interested in the physical side of love. If he will show his feelings for her and in another way, she will respond to him with great ardor.

She needs softness and tenderness, and the man she loves should know. She lives in creativity and imagination, which have truly witchcraft power over her. Rudeness or tactlessness can cause her depression. He must not notice this, because this woman hides her grievances, trying to forget them or weaken them. But sooner or later they will appear. This is a warning that he needs to be softer and more restrained, because his Fire is able to “dry” her Water.

Of course, everything can be different if it is not a very typical Fish. Then her strong “water” nature will simply “flood” his optimism, and this is a very real danger. If they will at least try to overcome the problems associated with their opposite views, one day they may find that they themselves have not noticed how they became strangers, living for some reason under one roof.

There are only two possible ways to resolve this situation. They may well part as friends (and this is better than letting their relationship turn into a bitter rebuke). They have a chance to start all over again if they are wise enough to understand this time that it is not necessary to always and in everything agree with each other and be absolutely alike in order to become happy. Differences can add liveliness to relationships … or ruin them. So how exactly will everything happen? It really depends only on themselves.

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