Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Scorpio is constant. Sagittarius is changeable, and these words have completely different meanings. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, Sagittarius – Jupiter. Pluto is thin and secretive. Jupiter is open and expansive. Scorpio is a sign of Water, Sagittarius is a sign of Fire, and water and fire are difficult to combine without a catalyst, such as great patience or tolerance. Do you think all these difficulties worry Sagittarius, who fell in love with a Scorpio girl? Of course not. These are simply astrological obstacles, and Sagittarius is not only not afraid, but even loves obstacles. And this, with its difficulties, intrigue, depth of secrecy or danger, will certainly not discourage the Archer. It will charm him.

Since every Sagittarius man is constantly passionate about something: dogs, horses, careers, hobbies, dreams, travel plans or training courses (from religious philosophy to homeopathy and venereology), he has a lot of topics to talk about to melt ice when he will meet a Scorpio girl, and in the initial phase of relations with any Scorpio, believe me, ice is always there.

Unlike many men, he will not be discouraged or depressed by her rather detached manner of holding on to strangers, because such behavior gives him the opportunity to show his charm, persuasiveness, logic, and gaiety. And besides, suppressing Sagittarius is almost impossible. Mainly for the reason that they do not consider the insult as such. They think that you are just honest, just like them.

Unless Sagittarius suffers from the Moon or the Ascendant in the signs of Scorpio, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn or Virgo, he will very rarely experience frustration or criticism for a long time. Typically, the shooter simply shrugs and waits until things go better. Today, a weather report can promise rain, snow and strong winds, but tomorrow it will certainly be sunny, quiet and warm. Each sunrise brings him a new dawn of impossible dreams and an unexpected solution to old problems.

A Scorpio woman, when she hears a good weather forecast, is secretly inclined to suspect that the weather forecaster is deliberately trying to force her to go on a picnic, so that she can laugh when she falls in the rain. “Such is human nature,” she says quietly to herself. “You cannot always believe that people are what they seem to be, and that they keep the promises they make.”

She is mistaken when she suspects that Sagittarius is not what he seems. Oh, he can sometimes do makeup, put on a clown’s nose and costume, or imagine that he’s playing a part! But this is always just a harmless game, which he allows himself, because he has a little bit of attraction to the theater. Usually he rejoices, like a child, when someone guesses the role that he has chosen. The tragic mask that Sagittarius puts on for a short time can be easily detected by anyone with a normal perception, and especially a Scorpio woman with her insight. No, this man will not intentionally drive her by the nose. The Lord is a witness, he does not want to lie to her, and she may even want this from time to time in order to soften her blows a bit and round the corners.

Whatever flaws that would cause her sadness or anxiety, he did not possess, all of them are likely to be painted with bright colors on his face when she meets him for the first time. The weaknesses and weaknesses of the Sagittarius man, as well as his strengths and strengths, cannot be overlooked after several hours of conversation. He is not at all afraid of anyone’s disapproval. How can one not approve of a person because of a few small flaws? Are there people without flaws? Of course not. Thanks to Sagittarius, we all know this great truth.

One of the shortcomings of Sagittarius, which immediately catches the eye of a Scorpio woman, is his increased sociability. He likes people. He loves to play tennis, football, volleyball, basketball, baseball with them, discuss different ideas, watch plays and films, argue, ask them about everything in the world, just fraternize and stay close. She may not like the female environment, but she will not be delighted with the male company, because because of them he spends less time with her than she considers necessary. This woman is very jealous and suspicious, but she will not be able to restrain her Sagittarius man if, with joy and trust, does not allow him to wander when he suddenly wants to. She must give him a lot of freedom. If this man is ever tempted to change, then it is unlikely that he will hide it. He will directly tell her about it, if he is a typical Sagittarius, and will give her the opportunity to recapture him before he is gone. As long as he comes home every night, kisses her nose every morning and does not say that he wants to leave, she can be sure that his heart still belongs to her.

Usually, he will still ask to join him. He prefers wandering with a well-known companion, rather than looking for old friends or wandering around with strangers.

Of course, compromise is not one-sided. He will also have to make concessions if he wants to be the proud owner of a Scorpio woman and her deep devotion. She is extremely sensitive, and his careless rash remarks injure her vulnerable heart more than he will ever guess, because she keeps her deepest resentment to herself, inside where no one sees her. She will endure silent torment for a long, long time, and then begin to take revenge. It is impossible to predict what form revenge will take, but he will have to defend himself, and is hardly successful. If he doesn’t even come to his senses, “if he doesn’t learn to appreciate the love of this rare woman, she will leave him. And he won’t return. If Scorpio decides something, then this decision is usually final. The Sagittarius man is rather impulsive and nonchalant by nature, but lose what what could be a long love is inexcusable carelessness. All that is required here is a little more tenderness, a little more respect for her feelings, and the loss can be returned.

Their views on sex are very different, but not so incompatible. He makes love passionately, but just as often and touchingly, with strange naivety and idealism. Her love is all-consuming, focused and extremely deep in some magical and memorable moments. One of the possible difficulties is that a Scorpio woman is inclined to look at love as something sacred and requiring silence. Unspoken shared ecstasy. And Sagittarius at any moment can say everything that is on his mind, without even thinking that it would be better to be silent now. No matter how rarely he commits such stupidity, it will still be too often. Then she can use their love affair as a way to get even with him for something and become deliberately cold, behaving so passively that his fiery desire completely goes out.

Since these men and women, whether they admit it or not, are influenced by model 2-11, she will feel that he has the knowledge she needs and that he will be more tolerant of her personality than might be expected thanks to his karmic memories of entities of the sign of Scorpio. If he uses his tolerance, which must rise from the subconscious, when he calls it, they can make their relationship smooth and harmonious. Much will depend on whether the stars in their horoscopes are in favorable or unfavorable aspects.

Money is a matter that they should agree to avoid from the very beginning. Fortunately, if he is a typical Sagittarius, he will not at all mind her passion for her own career. This is one of his sweetest qualities – his willingness to provide the woman he loves with freedom of expression without suppressing her personality, because of which he first fell in love with her. But since he has a penchant for wastefulness, and she has a penchant for saving, they should have separate bank accounts and not ask each other about incomes.

If he appreciates her love, he will never be careless about her feelings. For all her softness, her seeming calmness and composure, sometimes when she is especially silent, the volcano inside her is especially active. She has powerful hidden emotions, they can lead her to violent anger or cold deliberate revenge. But it is they who make her capable of long devotion.

She should be kept as a treasure, his open honest love, to put aside suspicions and accusations. She should never even try to break his spirit. Because it is here that his blue dreams, his golden optimism and his stellar idealism of Jupiter are born and gain strength on this.

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