Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

With rare exceptions, when the Eagle and Capricorn fall in love, they will play by the rules. They get married, my dear, they get married. They are by no means going to lead an endless romance that has no future.

Their friends and neighbors will sigh innocently and say that this is undoubtedly a blessed union, close to perfection. Their family and relatives may know something else.

The reason the friends and neighbors of Scorpio and Capricorn was fooled is that this couple is usually not one of those who, as they say, delves into people in dirty linen. Not a single handkerchief or old sock Eagle and Goat will never be pulled out to the public. They will also not publicize their differences.

Capricorn Scorpio is just as practical in love as in everything else. Their romantic relationship must pass a rigorous reality test of reliability. Durability. Fortress. Duration These two want to get good things for money: furniture, clothes, college degrees, cars, grapefruits, asparagus, real estate, etc.

They make no exceptions for relationships with each other. For marriage licenses paid. The priest received two dollars for tea. For the wedding, the groom bought a corsage for the bride. The first wedding night was held in a hotel room (however, they managed to save money because they took advantage of summer weekend rates). Is it possible to allow the event to not justify itself?

You can not ignore a small crack, otherwise it will turn into a large one – and the ceiling will collapse. No, the crack should certainly be glossed over and painted over as soon as you notice. This happens, with the slightest clash of opinions between Capricorn and Scorpio. Usually they eliminate the crack in their relationship before it becomes real. Such constant vigilance can be exhausting if you do not have huge reserves of patience and willpower, but these men and women have both in abundance – an inexhaustible supply that provides a combination of the power of their rulers, Pluto and Saturn.

The era of Aquarius could have fallen on society by revolutionary changes, but Scorpio and Capricorn almost did not affect the vibration of Uranus. The conservative characters of Orlov and Koz practically do not change. New public morals could turn many Capricorn women into independent feminists, but even these emancipated people do not flaunt their privacy. The New Era could free many men of self-doubt and allow them to be more open, but the inner confidence of the Scorpio man does not need support. He does not want to become “more open”, and if he wants, he will not need to ask the permission of the Age of Aquarius, society or anything else. He always did exactly what he wanted, and he will always do so, and let the epochs replace one another without touching it.

Astrologers often claim that Scorpio men are overly sexy, well, just passionate males, ready to seduce or even rape every woman they see. I hope this chapter corrects this impression. Yes, he really has a strong internal sexual attraction, but the word “sexual” has not only one meaning, and a man ruled by Pluto can be completely old-fashioned in terms of love and marriage.

The sign of Scorpio is the sign of Water, and, of course, there are male Scorpions with the adverse influence of the Sun in horoscopes, which for a time become dependent on the “green serpent” or drugs. But still, the Eagle will never lose either self-esteem or decency. This man will never allow himself or any member of his family to play the role of a fool. He really cares what people think about his image (while considering that his personal life is not their business), and the Capricorn girl thinks the same. Everything that she does is done with an eye to moving forward and with an eye on the reputation in society. Of course, some individuals of the sign of Capricorn can lose their morality and behave with Sybarite ease, but you need to really try to find such. Yes, we are not talking about them. We are discussing the Capricorn woman, worthy of Eagle’s allegiance, and she will be a real lady. Or she’d better find another man.

The Capricorn woman rarely shows her emotions. The intimate feelings of the Scorpio man are also not written on his face and are not clear from his speeches and deeds. That’s why it’s not easy for them to fall in love. When they meet, both are wearing masks. It takes time for them to trust each other and take them off.

There is a strange aspect in love, for a combination of 3-11, composed of the elements of the Earth and Water created by their planets, Saturn (Capricorn) and Pluto (Scorpio). One way or another, a strong or light influence of death and mystery will bind their hearts. Their life together will be touched by an echo of the past, no matter how weak it may be. This may not happen the first few years, but in the end it will manifest itself, soften their love. Often this will be associated with the third astrological house, which includes issues of kinship, brotherhood, as well as motherhood. Pluto governs Death itself, as well as birth, rebirth, reincarnation, and sometimes adoption. Saturn rules everything concerning the dead themselves, as well as self-discipline and duty, duty. Both planets have an imperious attraction to deeply felt and carefully guarded secrets, and not a single emotional connection between these two solar signs will escape some trace of this vibration. Almost every Capricorn girl and her Eagle keep in themselves some unspoken, deep buried deep regret of the past, experienced together, which forms a strong connection between the common memory and makes them closer.

Under the guise of self-sufficiency and a seemingly cold ambition towards himself and his family, under the obvious lack of sentimentality, a longing for tenderness lives in the heart of the Capricorn woman. She suffers more than she can express, and great music and art excite her more than she can show. The Scorpio man with his insight feels it, and he has a fiery desire to love and protect this little creature with a sweet sense of humor and kind shining eyes, so true, so reliable and so honest.

The deep desires in him also excite her calm manners and noble treatment. In both of them there is unexpressed loneliness, the need to achieve emotional reliability through a community. His strange mixture of tenderness, mystery and controlled power mesmerizes her, and she is able to relax in his arms. Every bit of her Saturnian being is enriched by his more passionate nature. Like all Scorpions, he is aware of secret desires and vague desires, and during physical intimacy they seem to turn into a sense of peace. It is like returning home from a foreign country to a place where everything is again familiar and reliable.

Forming a pair, Scorpio and Capricorn tend to go with the course of habits for years, and this can lead to the fact that not only their sexual manifestations, but also all other facets of life will lose their novelty and inspiration. Like all vibration pairs 3-11, they will be both friends and lovers, and the natural ease of friendship can be used as a bridge on which they will return to each other when the passions have cooled.

Change is a revitalizing cold shower that will return love to Scorpio and Capricorn. Travel is the strongest tonic for the two, but even small changes can help them. An eagle and a goat can go to bed and get up at the same time for years. They should decisively change their schedule, leave the lights on, do not give a damn about the electricity bill, have dinner several times in a Japanese restaurant, sitting on the floor, study iridology together (do not be lazy, look at what it is) and give each other unexpected gifts.

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