Scorpio Man and Libra Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Being smart and quick-witted, like a Libra woman, she can nevertheless spend her life learning to understand the inner experiences of her Scorpio man by his deadpan face. She will never penetrate his secrets hidden behind an impassive mask. If he loves her, he will share with her more than with anyone else, but this does not mean that he will open the frontmost secret caches of his mind, heart or soul. These caches are known only to him and to God.

Does she know that under the external coldness lies almost the most developed trait of a Scorpio man – revenge? She better protect him (and herself) from resentment, because the response of an insulted or angry Scorpio can permanently deprive her of balance. Behind his mask of self-confidence lies a deeply vulnerable man.

Now a few words about what he should beware of. Despite her soothing voice and a charming smile, Libra is a male Solar sign, in addition, the Cardinal sign, which means leadership. Clever Scorpio must understand that this girl, for all her femininity, does not want to completely obey even him. At first, she can quite convincingly take the pose of female humility, especially if she loves him. Then she will look for other ways of self-realization. Broom, pots and diapers are unlikely to fall into this category. I believe they are important, but they have no food for the mind, and this woman, if her mind is inactive, is deeply unhappy. Of course, there can be nothing more provocative than trying to win the love of the Eagle, but once having won, she will no longer know a moment of peace. She is a real Ulysses woman. Add to that the problems with which Ulysses did not encounter in his voyage: she needs a comrade. She feels bad when she is left alone. Libra governs marriage and camaraderie. Just imagine what it is like for a person who so needs the comfort and coziness of a married life and at the same time seeks to conquer the world. Now you understand why the cups of her scales are lowered in indecision and frustration?

Since Scorpio is the natural ruler of the eighth astrological house, which, among other things, means the money of other people and, in addition, represents the second house for Libra (income and material wealth), these circumstances will be more important for them than for most others. Will it have a positive or negative effect on them, will depend on the Solar-Lunar aspects of both and other mutual planetary influences, as well as on their own efforts. One thing is certain: they often have to discuss and resolve monetary issues. That is why I strongly advise everyone to have their own account. Libra women are not always pleased to ask their husband for a few dollars to subscribe to a women’s magazine or go shopping.

If she wants to get a job, she’d better not interfere, because she will do her own thing anyway. She can hesitate, pretending that her indecision is caused by concern for him and their joint home life. But when this period of doubt, obligatory for Libra, passes, she will act in full accordance with her desires and will insist on her with all firmness. It is better if this is one of the free professions, somehow related to art. In general, successful careers are always made where people follow their own choices, even if their work is not paid, because their favorite work is sacred.

Astrologically, Libra is closely connected with the law, so he should not be surprised if what she says is often like a lawyer’s speech: even if he is a lawyer, she will occasionally defeat him with her Libra logic. Her male mentality may puzzle him from time to time. Sometimes she will be a little oppressive, then submissive, which will embarrass him, although not much can confuse Scorpio. I also foresee periods of depression, when he will ask himself, who actually sets the tone in their relationship? On the other hand, his habit of silently contemplating her virtues when she so needs to hear praise, or petty pickiness can hurt her more than he thinks.

Libra woman will have to use all her huge reserves of charm and tact in order to be tolerant of this person’s vague moods and silence. He did not leave her; he only sailed a little further than usual into the deep waters of meditation over the sacraments of life. To private and persistent questions like: “What are you thinking?” or “Why are you silent all the time, dear?” – the answer will be only a cold look and an even longer silence.

In general, he often prefers communication with the help of glances or, perhaps, touches, while she is so hard to say a little, and sometimes this is what causes tension between them. Scorpio, no matter how sociable he may be in other areas of his life, is always not easy to find words to express emotional, sexual or romantic experiences. If she understands this, she will often resort to a smile and expressive silence.

If he belongs to those Scorpions who are attracted to alcohol, and she belongs to those eternal Libra girls who adore the secular atmosphere, this can end badly. Her love of fun, society, and entertainment may turn out to be the network that Scorpio falls into. Life is ready to seduce the people of Pluto with the dark waters of uncharted pleasures.

Nevertheless, a developed Scorpio man who has tenacity and purpose in life, and a calm, balanced woman Libra can create a reliable family, just their love should be reasonable enough. It is safer for their marriage if she believes him than if she doubts him. He is wise enough to know what he is doing.

Many Libra women retain their maiden name in marriage. If a Scorpio man permits her this, you can put the last penny from your piggy bank, that this is one of the very rare wise Eagles who understands that she wants to keep her independence intact, to remain a person. It is possible that it is she who will lead him to this thought. She so easily and inconspicuously inspires her with her lover that he will forget where it came from and will be innocently convinced that from the very beginning it was his proposal.

They can anticipate each other’s sexual desires, which is good. However, they do not always know what to do. She can be an ideal partner for him when her “scales” are balanced. Then their bodily unity can bring them together so spiritually that their eyes are filled with tears of surprise at the power of love, which makes their flesh united and their soul beautiful. But when she is tormented, thinking over some important decision, and he believes that intimacy will calm or distract her, he can be offended to the depths of his soul by the fact that his attempts made her even more restless and nervous, while the act of love should bring peace and satisfaction.

A Scorpio man can guess any secret desire and is capable of the deepest affection, but he will not read poetry or whisper a declaration of love in moments of their intimacy. I hope she does not come to the conclusion that he does not love her? He loves her, it’s just that it is not easy for him to be openly expressing feelings, and then, is his faithfulness not the best proof of this?

Nevertheless, using the logic of Libra, I will remind Oryol that several attempts to explain aloud will prevent a lot of unjustified jealousy, because his undoubted attractiveness for women can make this lady very jealous. Could Juliet doubt Romeo at his such fervent explanations? So the Libra woman will be a little Juliet and then calm down.

His deep wisdom will help her find balance, and her logical mind will come in handy more than once, making it possible to overcome those professional, family or personal difficulties that any Watermark, even the invincible Scorpio, will encounter at least once.

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