Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman love compatibility

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman ( 67% Compatible)

Scorpio and Scorpio Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage70%
Scorpio and Scorpio Emotional Compatibility Percentage60%
Scorpio and Scorpio Communication Compatibility Percentage70%
Scorpio and Scorpio Trust Percentage40%
Scorpio and Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility Percentage80%
Scorpio and Scorpio Common Interests80%
Scorpio and Scorpio Overall Compatibility Percentage67%

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio = Water + Water

The two are very similar and yet they hardly understand each other. The duplicity of the Water element gives it a deep emotional power and acts as a magnifying glass, magnifying each of the elements of the complex individuality of both.

Scorpio is the most passionate and sexual sign of the zodiac, when two Scorpions come together, the intensity is sure to be mind-blowing. 

Because if two members of the same sign have any link, normally, they enjoy sharing the many traits they have in common.

In the case of two Scorpios, this enjoyment becomes a delight, because the intensity and passion that they are able to share are truly glorious. However, as anyone with a twin brother knows, similarities do not mean that all moments are happy.

But, if they manage to make everything go well, the reward will be very high, whether they are in an intimate or friendly relationship with Scorpio. 

Scorpios who seek love with each other have the best advantage of knowing themselves and sharing the traits of their sign.

As they have a very strong and sharp memory, they can remember even the smallest of incidents that impacted them in one way or another. 

For this reason they get angry easily, leaving their vindictive and aggressive nature unleashed, which can cause that in the initial stages of the relationship, it is difficult for them to reconcile.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship

The compatibility between Scorpios is very intimate, because with enormous empathy, they take care of each other, turning the bond into something really strong. Their association is sensitive, so they forgive each other easily most of the time, forming a close connection between them.

Together you can achieve things on a whole new level, the product of a perfect alliance between the two that is born of great understanding and warmth. 

Through this very successful relationship, they can make many of their dreams come true in unison and experience a wonderful life together.

It’s critical that they communicate well enough to overcome their dark sides, without getting stuck pointing out flaws and complaining. Using their unwavering mindset and firm nature, they must work to keep their relationship strong.

They are the ones who support and help each other when they need it, which makes their compatibility flourish and prosper, becoming a pure love.

Scorpios have an innate understanding of one another, as well as a two-way psychic connection, due to their similar motives, interests, and emotional depths. 

This pair has to understand the incredible potential they have to make their relationship work, as in addition to all their similarities, they are tender and caring.

If they carelessly take the wrong steps and are unsympathetic, they can ruin a partner who is made to love each other. So, they totally depend on how they maintain their relationship, as they have the power to build a relationship full of happiness or destroy it with the negativities that surround them.

Scorpios have to learn not to keep secrets, to forgive themselves more often, and to build great trust, so as not to become avenging monsters. 

If you work on your negative sides and emphasize the positives, you will be a great couple, brave, kind, and warm-hearted.

The compatibility of Scorpios has the possibility of being prosperous and magnificent, because they are individuals with great compassion towards their fellow men.

Scorpio women always attract attention, due to their great magnetism and their special aura, because they are passionate, emotional and very intuitive. 

Also, they are perceptive and receptive, in relation to what they think or feel, for the people around them.

She is a mysterious woman, with a penetrating, cunning and insightful look, so you can get lost in the depth of her eyes and fall under the magnetism of her daring attitude. As she is endowed with great sexuality, she needs a man who can fully satisfy her and no one is better than a Scorpio to do so. 

Since Scorpio is the sign of extremes, when she gets into a relationship, this is everything to her, it is never half, because she hates lukewarm relationships.

The Scorpio woman always looks for stable long-term relationships, where her partner is continuously present, showing her how much she loves and needs her. 

Although she is capable of feeling an overflowing passion, she is absolutely faithful to the partner she loves, for that reason, she never forgives, neither a deceit, nor a betrayal. Is that if she gives everything, expect everything in return.

They are magnetic, proud and self-confident women, who have a mysterious and profound beauty. They look and feel sexy with whatever clothing they wear. When they fall in love, they are a powerful magnet for men, those who surrender at their feet.

With a single glance they are able to know if they want to spend the rest of their life with you or to be nothing, this is the mystical sixth sense that they possess.

Within a relationship they are very independent, but also very passionate and show an enviable loyalty to others, so they will fight for you to the end. If you are in the middle of a problem, the Scorpio woman with her ability to reason coolly and calmly, will be the salvation you need.

Inevitably, the Scorpio man is attracted to a woman of the same sign, as their relationship will be fiery and will last over time. 

In particular, if you can lay the foundations for your love relationship, based on that unusual bond that generates the existing compatibility between them, they will have a unique love story.

When a Scorpio man and woman meet, a mixture of feelings arises that surrounds them and makes them feel strongly identified. 

Which, without a doubt, is a very powerful sign that often makes them happy because they got to know who really understands and corresponds to them.

Recovering a relationship lost due to a deception, which caused a lack of trust, is practically impossible. 

So when partnering with the Scorpio man it is important to take care of all the details so that they do not negatively impact the relationship and do not lose faith in you. Scorpios are very loyal, honest, and are very involved with others.

This combination takes the intuition higher or sinks it deeper, but since both are Fixed signs, the biggest challenge will be when the individual desires of both conflict. 

If they agree on something, great. If not, each of them will be prepared not to give up the time it takes until they get it done their own way.

Also, if one or both of them have a particularly active Mars, they will be prepared to use its most venomous bite. Since they know their own secret weaknesses , they also know their partner’s. Commitment is not a skill that neither of you care about developing.

The true value of a Scorpio – Scorpio combination is in its potential for spiritual growth and personal development. 

Scorpios are loyal and very focused, but they need to resolve their important inner turmoil. If two Scorpios are attracted, they must use this potentially destructive relationship, to get away from each other’s narrow ground bug perspective, to enjoy the magnificent overview of the Eagle, the best symbol of the Sign.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility

When couples of the same sign unite, the characteristics of the sign are magnified, either for better or for worse. So, for a Scorpio couple, making love will be an almost mystical and spiritual act as they are capable of feeling things that other signs never will. 

In fact, in love, Scorpio shines like no other and nobody can match his passion and sensuality.

They have such a high sex drive that it often causes problems with less sexually impulsive partners. But this problem rarely occurs if both are Scorpios, since they will feel free to express their emotions in the sexual sphere.

And it is that Scorpio couples are very passionate and sensual, so their sentimental intensity makes their love relationships deep and magical. 

They will endlessly fuel the fire in their partner, without being distracted, which makes their marriages or relationships very long-lasting.

Although their fights can be truly bitter, hurtful, and charged with rage, these discords are short-lived, most of the time. What is really important is that the positive far outweighs the negative, as the Scorpio couple will benefit greatly from the deep emotional connection they can have together.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Problems and Breakup

The Scorpio can be jealous and demanding . Any little storm soon turns into a tornado. Many Scorpios would rather destroy the entire city than let someone else control the citadel. 

However, while you both hate commitment, in personal relationships you need to make some compromises. Both must strive to remain on the same team, as there is no more formidable opponent than another Scorpio.

This combination is very troublesome , but it can work on a higher plane when the Moon Signs and other factors are complementary. 

It’s the recipe for a complete overhaul of both personalities, so if you have the courage, go for it! If not, it is better to find a more flexible partner before something bad happens.

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility in Work

Scorpios are usually inspiring leaders, although they can be inflexible, stubborn, and even stubborn. Unless both are in supervisory positions, collisions can occur when working in the same space.

Following the rules and completing projects on time is part of the responsibility that Scorpio feels while working. So your competitiveness can have a positive impact on productivity, which in some cases can be an unwanted distraction for other coworkers.

Drama in the workplace is a weakness for those born in Scorpio as they are unable to pass up an opportunity for secrets and gossip. In general, Scorpios work hard, are committed, and fully comply with all of their assignments.

In Conclusion

To make a relationship between two Scorpios work, both of you should focus on building and developing trust, as well as commitment, and try not to need to crush each other in every argument.

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