Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Scorpions connect forever. And parted forever. And put up forever. None of what they do is supposed to be temporary. If something changes the direction in which they are sailing (and this should be the Will of the Lord, no less, since both are Permanent signs), the new line of behavior immediately becomes permanent.

It’s not only impossible to force them to abandon their declared intentions, but also to cause a change in the heart of Pluto is simply dangerous, because the split will be as strong as the original unity was intended. Scorpio’s anger is strong too. Two Scorpions are reconciled much less often than pairs of any other Solar sign. They both care too much about their safety to double themselves under the sting.

There is only a tiny chance that the two Scorpions will meet, get to know each other and get married (or, having met, get married and get to know each other), then divorce, and then converge again. I know only one case when this happened to a husband and wife, who are now more in love than ever. Divorce and then a new marriage of the same couple is surprisingly often found in other solar signs, much more often than most non-astrologers think, but this usually does not suit the man and woman ruled by Pluto. Everything that can cause a change in affection, each of them considers for a long time and carefully, because they always remember the immutability – both their own and their friend.

In astrology, the planet Pluto, together with Mercury and Jupiter, governs adoption issues. This means that the man and woman of the Scorpio sign can quite often be adopted or adopted, or they can adopt children themselves. Naturally, this does not apply to each pair of Scorpions, but since this can happen to them more often than to most others, this should be mentioned. Since Scorpios believe that secrecy in personal affairs is an indisputable advantage, they should be reminded that children also deserve the right to vote, especially when they become adults. As a rule, Scorpio’s tendency to keep secrets, to solve common questions exclusively in a private way is a positive quality, but in this case it is necessary to remind people controlled by Pluto, that sometimes honesty must be put above Scorpio’s natural habit of restraint. Few things on Earth are so laudable and beautiful as adoption or adoption of an unborn child in the heart. The child himself, when he is old enough to comprehend human emotions, will certainly understand the disinterested feelings of his adoptive parents. But to deceive a child in order to protect the feelings and tranquility of adults – this is not to be done. I am firmly convinced of this and insist on my conviction.

In addition to birth and adoption, Pluto also governs death or what we call death – the transition to the next level of consciousness or, in the end, the replacement of one carnal body with another. Talking about death may seem inappropriate to you, but this is not the case when it comes to a pair of Scorpions. This is a natural topic for them. And often it is she who brings them together or, in any case, serves as the reason for their deep connection. They can share the most peculiar concepts of death. Apparently, everyone retained deep scars from bereavement (or loss) in childhood or adolescence. One of them, or both, could have had a family in the past and by the time of the meeting be widowers. One of them could be on the verge of death and after that maintain the feeling that he had been “returned” for some still unclear purpose.

In all combinations of type 1-1, and especially in this, there is an additional dimension of love, the inexpressible joy of discovering another human being so close to you that it is almost unnecessary to explain what other people have been considering strange or abnormal for so long. Someone understands. Someone sees and knows! The warm feeling of “finally at home again” that these men and women experience when they recognize their secret “I” in a deep look at each other is something beautiful, a gift that should be kept like a treasure, but which both can present each other.

Pluto also rules in astrology the deeper secrets of religion or incarnation. Since this silent power planet is the patron saint of all Scorpios, many of them experience extraordinary reincarnation or religious insight. Some kind of admixture of the mystical, spiritual or occult usually enters into their emotional connection.

Religion naturally (for Scorpions) leads to sex. Readers of other solar signs may wonder what the connection between sex and religion may be. These two will not, because for them the physical expression of love contains an indispensable and indefinable nuance that can slip away from them on a conscious level, but which magically and beautifully attracts their hearts, souls, and minds to the rare harmony of Oneness. Mutual sensitivity and deep needs inherent in both make their love an extraordinary source of feeling and happiness. Of course, if adverse aspects appear between their Sun, Moon, and other planets in their birth charts, their sexual compatibility is unlikely to be so ecstatic. Mighty Pluto can cause extreme manifestations of frigidity, impotence, or, conversely, illegibility.

One of the most serious threats to the happiness of the two Scorpions will be the desire of each to settle scores when offended or, even worse, to hide their true feelings from the other from false pride and unwillingness to show their vulnerability. This is sad, because only therefore a misunderstanding arises between them, enclosed in a circle leading to nowhere. The pain can break this circle, and they will go in search of their own paths, without even hinting to each other how they long for reconciliation.

The impassioned Plutonic mask of indifference is not at all as strong a protection against pain as they imagine. She can turn Valentine’s Day into the terrible eve of All Saints Day for both. Scorpio’s pose of “this-does-not-touch-me” hides the fear of rejection and rejection. But I have a question for both emotional lovers: if you cannot trust your hearts to each other, then whom can you trust? After all, no one will meet your secret more reverently and will not guard it more faithfully than Scorpio – the same as you.

In this combination of 1-1, as in any other, there is a usual set of hidden dangers. For the two Scorpions, such dangers can be somehow connected with infidelity (which people of Pluto go only with extreme grief and loss), with hypnosis, mental control, alcohol, drugs and the negative aspects of occultism.

Both are often overly suspicious, something that can only be dealt with through mutual honesty. Both are also a little selfish and much more than a little cruel. These features are enhanced in the love vibration of Scorpio-Scorpio, but here also courage, stability, nobility and the desire to protect increase. If both make a conscious effort to take control of the negative and strengthen the positive qualities of their characters, they can firmly rely on each other.

The ability to forgive is the magic key to all the difficulties of Scorpio. They will be able to master this greatest of all virtues – and then their love can last forever.

It is important for both of them to remember: he is not so self-sufficient, collected and possessing his emotions as he pretends, and she is not as detached and insensitive as her silence shows, as one could judge by her coldness. Wearing a mask is so boring. It may be necessary in public, but in the arms of your lover it is much better to be sincere. You see, love is actually the acceptance of another person with all its imperfections. In fact, sometimes the imperfections of the one you love make you love even more, because what you know about them indicates the complete trust of your friend.

When the man and woman of the Scorpio sign quarreled and everyone secretly longs to return love, still none of them dare to take the first step, apologize and offer to start all over again. They just don’t know how to do it. They have so long proved their self-sufficiency to the whole world that they have forgotten how to be addicted. But wisdom and sincerity can help them.

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