Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

One thing can be said for sure about this pair: a lifelong contract will not be concluded until there is real love between them, due to the special mutual position of the moon and planets in their horoscopes. This rule does not apply to all models of Solar Signs 6-8.

Other couples may be content with respect and sympathy, secretly dreaming of “great love.” But not Virgo and Aquarius.

Only a special, deep feeling can make Virgo share her life with someone, abandon saving loneliness. The famous singer Maurice Chevalier, Virgo according to the horoscope, had an extraordinary sexual charm until the end of his life. Only once was he engaged. This connection was broken after a year, and Chevalier no longer allowed the woman to take too serious a place in his life.

As for Aquarius, they do not stop loving searches, easily breaking off old relationships for the sake of new ones, until they find their ideal. Quite often they seek repetition of youthful love and cling to the past so stubbornly that it interferes with the present.

Some Aquarius girls behave defiantly, letting out salty jokes. This is an attempt to shock a man, to bring him out of emotional balance, to draw attention to himself with unexpected and strange behavior. Most likely, the Virgo man will be corrupted by a vulgar language, the woman’s behavior is too loose. Do not forget that the Virgin is chaste from birth.

Take your time to conclude that the Aquarius girls are vulgar. Not. It’s just that they are usually more frank and sincere than their sisters (except Sagittarius). They are independent, unpredictable and extravagant. The older generation must remember Tallulu Backnhead, who smoked cigarettes and appeared in front of journalists completely naked, not taking into account the fact that her father was the speaker of parliament. And pretty, with a gentle voice, Elena Gerley Brown pushed to the limit the popularity of the loss-making magazine Cosmopolitan, publishing for the first time a photograph of male nudists on an insert.

Aquarius women despise public opinion and gossip, obeying only their own ideas about honor and decency. Even the most quiet and obedient of them often amaze others. A humble woman and a homebody suddenly abandons her husband to become a dancer, artist or actress.

Neither Virgo nor Aquarius obey blindly bodily attraction. Having fallen in love, they are in no hurry to get closer to the subject of their desires. They retreat for a while, take refuge in the depths of their “I”. Therefore, both of them are afraid of what they so much desire.

Both evade marriage if possible. However, Aquarius, if the choice is made, rushes headlong into the marriage, and the Virgin pulls to the last. This can cause quarrels.

It is said that tenderness is a feminine quality, but if a man is gentle, in this he surpasses a woman. This is absolutely true for Virgo. The tenderness of this man is almost tangibly tangible, permeates his entire attitude towards a woman. Many daughters of Eve find this quality precious in her lover and husband. But the Aquarius woman prefers that all experience be fleeting, that tenderness alternate with gross passion, and passionate possession be replaced by painfully slow languid ones. This obsession with novelty must be borne in mind by her lover.

The Virgo man abhors the rudeness and intemperance of a caveman. It is difficult for him to step over himself. His lover should not expect that he will change the technique of love every night. It is also useful for her to remember that bashfulness, purity and moderation kindle passion in him much more accurately than crude familiarity.

The thought of Aquarius makes incomprehensible somersaults and somersaults. This often infuriates Virgo. You say that the plate is poorly washed, and it carries some nonsense about aliens. The word “plate” gave an unusual impetus to her thoughts. And these are the questions of Aquarius … They ask one thing, but they want to know something completely different. For example, they broke up for a while to calmly think things over and choose between the final break and reconciliation. She writes to him: “I hope that no matter what happens, we will remain friends, right, dear?” Of course, the Virgo man studied her too well to understand literally. And if he wants her to return, he will firmly and unequivocally answer: “No, we cannot remain friends. There must be love or nothing between us. You know this and just tried to find out if I know it, right, dear? ”