Virgo Man and Cancer Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Feeling Virgo and Cancer can be exciting, strong and vibrant, but do not think that their relationship will develop in the usual happy pattern.

Here is one example, quite real, but this truth is much more fantastic than fiction, because life is almost always more amazing than the limited imagination of people. We only change the names and the exact address, because we only need the truth.

Suppose a virgin man was called Gerald. And let the name of his “moon” girlfriend be Hope. They met, say, somewhere in Illinois about ten years ago. They have five children whom they both adore. And they are not married. Somehow they cannot live together and simply can not stand apart. Following the beaten karmic path 3-11, they go hand in hand for months. Then Gerald begins to miss something, Hope begins to sigh … They reach this, alas, familiar fork and understand that it is time to disperse.

Time passes, but fate is slow. Sooner or later, memories of her warm laugh and her mushroom soup begin to cause tenderness in him. His loneliness will reach its limit just at the moment when she will make a wish for a new moon. Then he will appear at the door, and they will again become a family. Then everything will be repeated at first, and he will leave, leaving her a part of himself … so that nine months later a new, vivid proof of how they need each other appears. Five times. Five angels who brought them back to that memorable magical path through a dark forest of misunderstanding. Next time will be the sixth, and this is the number of Venus. This time, things could be different. Venus is able to reconcile the unstable Moon of Cancer and the indefatigable Mercury of the Virgin. This sometimes happens with Virgo and Cancer. Especially if a Virgo man is one of those who are afraid to lose his face (as a person, of course). And especially if the Cancer woman is one of those who choose the path of least resistance – motherhood and expectation. She expects that the magic of the new moon will help her return the wandering Virgo man, who again feels the attraction of her “moon” charm … In addition, some Cancer women believe that children (or money) can soften a lot.

There are, of course, other Virgo and Crayfish. There are Virgo men who easily come to the thought of the need to overcome bachelor antipathy for marriage. Such a representative of the sign of Virgo, who knows how to analyze, compares the loss of her solitude with the benefit of partnership and decides that marriage is not bad at all. He only needs from time to time periods of pensive loneliness, when he will walk on his own (to refresh his devotion). Just as they require solitude from priests and monks, so from all the men of the sign of Virgo, their nature sometimes requires reflection in solitude. After that, they return alive, fresh and able to believe in tomorrow again.

The Cancer girl, who understands this, will slowly leave while he sleeps, to be alone at this time with some old pine tree. Maybe this tree has been waiting for a hundred years for a friend who would sit next to him in such eloquent silence … The trees know a lot and listen with sympathy, and they are kind. If they had swapped places with us, they would never have carved their names or hearts on someone’s body (I wanted to say: bark …). Trees can teach forgiveness.

If the “moon” woman learns to calmly wait for those periods when her Virgo man disappears somewhere inside herself to reflect and make plans (or heal wounds), he will not leave her anywhere.

In addition, there are those Cancer girls who are dimly aware of their Cardinal sign gift, those Moon-controlled women who patiently fasten the weak or rickety corners of their relationship building, focusing on their careers. Then her claims acquire vivid colors, and a marriage that was not concluded in heaven, but was nevertheless conceived close enough to the stars, becomes the backdrop of her life painted in bed tones. It works. This adds to the strength of their love. In the mornings, they disperse, each according to his own business, so that on weekends he will fall in love with each other again. This satisfies her thirst for change and his need for solitude. This allows them to be in harmony with themselves and with their love.

What happens between the Virgo man and his Cancer woman is not just intimacy. This is a deep and exciting union in which they are as calm and natural as land and water in nature. When the volatile Moon acts on it beneficially and when it is in its normal tolerant state, their love is desired and beneficial. But when her “lunar” anxiety takes over, making her overly emotional and demanding, his most tender intentions are in vain. In the same way, he can do away with her feeling when he is annoyed by the past day and is not able to relax with his mind or body. Anxiety is contagious, and they can pass it on to each other without knowing it. As a result, she angrily slams her carapace, and he accuses her of coldly responding to her own cold sentences. That’s when both of them so need his analytical talents and her “lunar” gift of perception. It is a pity that these periods of sexual tension often occur just when both forget about their best qualities that could help clarify the relationship.

Nevertheless, seasonal change in their love is not the most important thing for a Virgo man and his “moon” girlfriend: you can also walk together in the rain. Together they can come up with congratulations, cut out crescent-shaped cookies, play anagrams and charades … because he likes to think about words … and she likes to imagine, changing her moods, that she is more than just a woman – she’s also a mollusk that hides its true mother-of-pearl “I” in midnight silence and midday laughter. If they look properly, they will always find new opportunities for themselves, because they still have a feeling of camaraderie … Their vibration 3-11 is sextile, and sextile in astrology is an opportunity. They will have as many opportunities as needed to fix random cracks and breakdowns in their relationship. Astrologers designate the sextile aspect with a symbolic asterisk. And around this couple it will always be light, as it is light in snowfall from shining stars of snow …

If a Cancer woman becomes irritable, her Virgo man becomes critical, stingy, they need to escape into the forest and take a moon bath. You can burn out in the sun, your skin will turn red and you will be hurt. But from the moonlight, especially on the growing and already almost full moon, you become pale golden, lavender or iridescent, like a butterfly wing. And you can fly!

There is one more thing that a Virgo man can learn from his “moon” girlfriend. If you look directly at the Sun, you can even go blind. But when you look at the shimmering Moon, the patroness of Cancer, you relax, and sometimes a miracle happens: with your third eye you see what is hidden from the light of day by the secrets of midnight

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