Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Capricorn women prefer to face the truth. Therefore, there is one advice for Capricorn Woman – Do not expect that you will be able to adjust the Virgo man to fit your ideas of an ideal man. Of course, you know how to be cruel and persistent, but remember, he is not made of Plasticine.

Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Virgo is the 6th sign in the Zodiac. Capricorn is the 10th Sign in the Zodiac. Virgo and Capricorn share a 5-9 relation. This means, the two sun signs are very well compatible with each other.

Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman Relationship

The Virgo Man – His Nature

Virgo Man demands perfection in all walks of life. He needs all things kept neatly on place. He needs his food in a specific way.

Most likely, marriage is not part of his plan,. Marriage restricts freedom. These women … They burst into your life and turn it upside down. Rearrange furniture, shift things. And now the whole cabinet in the bathroom is jam-packed with jars and bottles, and he has been searching for his razor for an hour.

Just about this, he cannot worry. Capricorn women do not have a weakness for cosmetics. Saturn has made most of them happy with beautiful skin that does not fade with age. Perfumers cannot make money on them.

It may be, but she may have a dozen other unpleasant habits. For example, he loves poached eggs boiled in boiling water without shells. It took a year to explain this to the waiter in his favorite restaurant. How much time will it take to teach her? But what if she likes to chat on the phone or, worse, in bed? From such a life, he would again have a nervous breakdown.

Perhaps all his worries are in vain. She will be able to cope with the cooking of eggs without shells and, of course, is not inclined to chat either on the phone or in bed – anywhere.

If she really loves him, then she will pull herself together and understand how important it is for her to give their love legal status. She is not born for endless romances and suffers from an uncertain situation. she is tormented by the conviction of the family, she is frightened by the future.

Capricorn Woman – What she wants

For her, both life and love should have a clear goal, direction and purpose. In addition, she wants to become a mother. Not that she dreamed of a house full of children. Not. Perhaps one, or even two children. And she would like to give them the name of her father.

The load of experiences oppresses Capricorns, which, even under the influence of Saturn, periodically fall into depression, are plunged into causeless thoughtfulness. When an inexplicable longing sets in, nothing will make Capricorn smile. Let the Virgo man think about it.

Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman Love

Be that as it may, the relationship of this couple will be based on mutual feeling. Due to the fact that they are built on the harmony of the union of 5-9, love will be strong and durable. Although Virgo intolerance and Capricorn’s obstinacy often lead to divisions.

They probably won’t argue about the money (unless one of them has the Moon or the Ascendant in the Fire or Air sign). Let’s face it: both Virgo and Capricorn put money high. This is partly not bad. He will not mind that she worked, will not interfere with her career. Double profit. Double savings. Double attachments. Double interest. Twice less time to buy a house in the country, where both most often prefer to live.

True, the craving for nature can manifest itself only with age. At first, she will be too busy with affirmation in society, work. And he is obsessed with searching for himself: a quick mind and critical talent are pushing him to try a little of that, a little of that.

It will be easier for them to understand each other at night than during the day, even with a hostile arrangement of the stars in their horoscopes. And if the stars favor them, their passion is likened to a mighty river, deep and outwardly calm, but with powerful undercurrents and whirlpools. Like all unions of the signs of the Earth, their proximity grows stronger with time. It is permeated with languid sensuality, which imposes a stamp of silence on the lips of lovers. The bodies speak for them. These two do not need to explain something to each other. From the first minute a spark of understanding runs between them.

Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman Breakup

They painfully experience separation and, although they hide despair behind alienation and silence, they heal wounds for a long time.

Their gap is most often not due to the death of love or the invasion of a third. Ego is always bred by wounded pride, a career (for example, when promotion of one leaves the other far behind ).

They do not know how to put up. Both are unstable and kick back. However, none of them will humiliate the other. 

They should understand that the strands connecting them are much stronger than they themselves assume. And what they consider the finale is perhaps only a prelude. They can always patiently work things out.

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