Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility (48%, medium): love, marriage, friendship, profession

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility (48%, medium)

love, marriage, friendship, profession

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility
Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility

Zodiac Element Compatibility – Virgo and Gemini. Earth + Air

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility
Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

The compatibility of Gemini with Virgo is good, especially if the two make an effort to understand and listen to their partner.

People of the Gemini sign are usually intelligent, rational and practical. Like Virgo, they tend to see things as they are. These two signs will have a high communication capacity , especially at the intellectual level.

It is very easy for the Gemini woman to adapt, so it can end up being quite an odyssey to meet the demands of the Virgo man.

As zodiac signs, they both have predominant characteristics, the Virgo man is completely perfectionist and the Gemini woman is highly flexible. This can turn out to be the most difficult problem to balance, causing the patience of these two titans to lose causing things to spiral out of control.

The relationship between these two signs is not going to be easy. Everything will depend on whether the Gemini woman wants to put aside her way of thinking to try to be happy with a Virgo man.

But not everything is bad between these two signs since both have the facility to adapt to multiple situations, without a doubt, the Gemini woman is the best when adapting, so if she is presented with the opportunity to be compatible with a Virgo man, you must put everything on your part, if that is what your heart dictates, of course.

Virgo Man

Virgos are recognized masters of analysis. 

The first problem that this man and woman will face is the contrast between her sociability with his love of solitude. If he is a typical Virgo and does not add sociability to his Moon sign or Ascendant, he prefers not to be touched, although he sometimes does not understand this. 

Therefore, when his Gemini girl goes somewhere alone, he may express his sadness, but deep down he will breathe a sigh of relief. Now he can finally calmly find out how many atoms are in the molecule, what happened on the foreign exchange market last week and why. 

He can fix his alarm clock, lay out his underwear, count the mustache of a cat and think about the riddles of the Universe … In general, stay a bit without this constant chatter and activity. 

Of course, he faithfully loves his twin girl, but in his heart there are hidden corners, where she’s not allowed to wipe the dust and where she’s just not allowed to. 

But she can confuse his head in such a way that he gets lost and forgets in what corner what is hidden and on what shelf what is laid out. So he may be pleased that he has time for quiet contemplation.

Gemini Woman

Gemini Woman is an extrovert. She needs to communicate with a variety of people (and men, in the end, make up only half of humanity). Is this infidelity? 

No, infidelity is definitely not the case. True, “that case” also happens, especially if the constant criticism and petty pedantry of the Virgo Man deprives the Gemini Woman of wings. She is likes to be a free bird: birds must fly! A bird in a cage is against the laws of nature …

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Friendship

The Virgo man is honest – even more than the always true Sagittarius. A typical Virgo will lay out the truth to you without evasion. 

He does not need to invent something to make others love himself. It is really important for him how his closest friends relate to him. If they love him and if he can do something for them, that’s enough. He does not need popularity: what he does (by the way, better than many), he does out of love.

The Virgo man is usually somewhat shy, closing the doors to those people who seek him to establish a friendly or loving relationship. Ironically, there are many people who approach this sign, but he ends up hiding from people, preventing them from getting too close.

Only those who manage to win his trust will be privileged with the eternal loyalty of the Virgo man, since only in this way is he able to put aside everything that interferes with friendship, although he is still demanding, staying with those friends who comply with the premise of loving and appreciating him without conditions.

For her part, the Gemini woman is extremely sociable, being able to make friends easily, she does not like to be demanding and values ​​everything special that people can offer her.

The Gemini woman will not lack friends, although it is very difficult to be part of that privileged group, that is why she often tends to move away from those people who do not contribute anything or do not interest her, especially those who those who have fun find it very difficult. 

She is not allergic to commitments, but she does not care much about having them, so it is not uncommon to see them happy without anyone special missing them.

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Relationship

A Virgo man, following his nature and the essence of his solar sign, prefers a lonely life, but if he decides to marry, his girlfriend can count on constancy. 

Virgo is an Earth sign, and the earth is always in the place that nature has determined for her. True, earthquakes or dust storms sometimes occur, but is it really the fault of the earth?

I am talking specifically about marital relations, speaking about the constancy of the Virgos; Because most Virgos believes that everything should be according to the law – with an oath of allegiance and the blessing of the church. 

The Geminis have nothing against free marriage and free love. Geminis generally like the word “free.” To marry or not to marry – is the question if they are so attracted to each other.

Love, marriage, business partnerships – the Virgo man will take all of this seriously, with all his “nine” intelligence. True, his Gemini girlfriend would prefer that her birthday or wedding anniversary would be marked not in red pencil on the calendar, but in some other way. 

She herself is not strong in dates and can from time to time mix everything up and buy him a present on her mother’s birthday or congratulate him on their wedding anniversary on the day they bought the house. 

If we talk about the house, the typical Gemini girl prefers apartments, because they can be changed every few months. You can imagine how a practical Virgo man relates to this! In general, it is practicality that can become the true cause of many of their disputes.

Virgo is able to satisfy the domestic and family needs of Geminis by offering them a stable home when they need to take refuge or rest from their frenetic activity; they will feel safe and appreciate it.

On the other hand, Geminis will help their Virgo partner to take life less seriously and laugh and relax more, although Geminis will have to be careful to soften their more frivolous side or Virgo could feel threatened by it.

The first chapters of this union may seem like a nightmare, but if love is true, we will see how all the walls that protect Virgo men begin to fall. Although it seems ironic, the problems and inconveniences that these two signs can go through will serve to strengthen the relationship.

Women of the Gemini sign are usually curious and very playful, which serves to nurture and strengthen relationships with the rest of society. This sign never judges anyone by appearances which leads him to reap a large number of friends.

The rest of the zodiac signs tend to be happy with simple things, on the contrary, the Gemini woman is addicted to emotions, it does not matter if it is taking trips to new places or making new friends, being socially active is one of the favorite hobbies for women of this sign. 

Unfortunately, this lifestyle can be exhausting for the emotions of the Gemini woman, but she is insatiable in wanting to interact with the rest of society since loneliness is not a viable option for women of this sign.

When we analyze the personality of the Gemini woman, we find that she turns out to be a person of great affection and very kind, since she prefers to go with the flow of people than to star in a confrontation that ends in an enmity.

The Gemini woman is an eloquent conversationalist, but she does not like when people place all their trust in her when making decisions. Women of this sign are considered by many to be unreliable, if only because of their clumsiness.

Compared to the Gemini woman, the Virgo man turns out to be very skilled at making wise decisions that benefit the people around him. It is a sign focused and focused on your work and everything you need to achieve your goals. He does not share for the world those activities where fun and relaxation intervene.

The Virgo man is analytical and organized, but he tends to criticize everything and everyone equally. Unfortunately he is also very hard to criticize himself, since he is always in search of perfection. Being so critical of everything, finding someone who meets your expectations is very difficult. Often times, it is someone else who becomes the driving force behind Virgo men.

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

Can a Virgo man with his innate politeness, courtesy and punctuality be the lover of a temperamental woman? Of course, not all Gemini are temperamental. Or rather, one of her “I” can be temperamental, and the other indifferent. 

The Virgo is rarely emotional and passionate – sometimes he is too focused on himself. It is believed that sometimes the Virgos love themselves so much that they remain virgins.

If the spirituality of earthly love is to give your “I” to a partner, which results in the union of bodies, souls and minds into perfect unity, a typical Virgo man must understand the magic of this esoteric secret. 

Well, if he was carefully and gently taught this (for example, by the former sweetheart. Scorpio), otherwise it will take him many years, and possibly his whole life, to comprehend this miracle.

This man is not only cautious in love, he is also not very much like a conqueror, so there will not be much enthusiasm here. It’s good that we are not talking about an affair with the girl Aries, Leo or Scorpio Woman – it would probably have ended already. Gemini girls have a different attitude to this. 

Most of them (whether they realize it or not), not only accept love as something serious, but are also able to play it. And since the Virgo man has excelled in the art of such an easy game, he can succeed where other men would fail. 

She feels calm with him, and, even if it doesn’t seem strange to you, both of them can offer their friend their reliability. So they have every reason for the game to turn into a deep real feeling, which, perhaps, would not have happened if they were both different. 

She may be embarrassed by some of his habits. For example, the fact that after their embrace he immediately goes to the shower. But he could be offended when she forgets about the kiss, because she remembered what an unusual dream she had last Saturday …

In some ways, they may not understand each other. Many Gemini girls like to sleep late, especially if they had insomnia the day before. Virgos also sometimes do not sleep at night, if something disturbs them, but you would rather see a Virgo man in a red shirt than find yourself sleeping before dinner. 

And the first and second for the Virgo is almost a mortal sin! If he is one of those Virgos who insist on a clean house and timely food, he will soon find that his Gemini girlfriend does not at all want to achieve perfection. 

Of course, she can be a sophisticated housewife and can create a delightful homely atmosphere, but it is doubtful that she will wash the floors to a mirror shine. And if she smokes (pray that this is not so!), She will constantly forget to shake out the ashtray. 

This obviously will not please him, because most Virgos cannot stand this.

Both signs are different in physical needs , because while Virgo is quite conservative, Gemini, ruled by Venus, is more sensual and playful. If Virgo is capable of diving headfirst, the relationship will be satisfactory for both of them, but it will take time and Geminis will have to be patient to get Virgo to put aside his prudence and become more daring. 

Loving relationships for these signs can be somewhat difficult, especially since Virgo men are fascinated by relationships with high expectations. Gemini women are charming people, who do things with a lot of passion, and they like to give a lot of affection.

For its part, in this area we already know that Virgo men are complicated for Gemini women thanks to their insecurities. This is because the Gemini themselves are also somewhat insecure.

But not everything is bad when these two get together, since in sex the Gemini woman is characterized by exploring while having fun, thanks to this she will not find obstacles when it comes to opening up sexually with the Virgo man. Your ability to adapt helps you meet your partner’s needs quickly.

For those for whom perseverance is a virtue, time will make differences disappear causing happiness and love to take control of their lives.

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Problems and Breakup

Although Virgo and Gemini are ruled by the same planet , Mercury , between the two signs there are some fundamental differences, as well as some important similarities. This means that Virgo-Gemini combinations could be enriching if both signs make concessions for their partner.

Geminis have a very broad vision of things and it is difficult for them to go into the details or seek perfection in the way, which Virgo likes. Hence, for the relationship to be satisfactory for both of you, Geminis will have to increase their mental focus a little and Virgo will have to compromise in a very deep debate.

Do you think that all these minor everyday disagreements can lead to a serious quarrel? Not at all. Both of them do not require too much from their union. Of course, he would like to have lunch and dinner always served on time and not give him reason to think about jealousy and fidelity. 

And it is practical enough not to assume that marriages are made in heaven, and then become hell – rather, it is somewhere in between. If between the birth cards of these two there are not too difficult planetary aspects, they will not be as demanding of each other as other solar signs in a similar situation.

Yes, she is fickle, and the unpredictability of her mood puzzles and annoys him. But she is able to lose her temper when he does not talk to her just because he is too busy with himself. There are times when he will bore her to tears, and she seems to him more desirable than ever. 

Their life together can be a long game in which everyone will receive their prize: it will give him interest in life, while he will give her stability of purpose, although often she does not realize how much she needs it.

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility in Work

These two signs turn out to be the employees of the month, especially when they are given the freedom to create and contribute to their respective jobs. The passion of the Virgo man when it comes to doing things well, added to his organization and his defect, being so perfectionist, make him the ideal employee in any job, leading him to climb positions in a short time.

Remember that men of the sign of Virgo are characterized by being objective when it comes to work, they are very punctual with the delivery dates of their work and are not known for being lazy or lazy.

For their part, the women of the Gemini sign are very prosperous in their respective careers, they are also very productive when they let them be creative, being especially good at solving problems.

Compared to the Virgo man, who by being very critical alienates his co-workers, the Gemini woman is acclaimed and loved by the rest of his co-workers. But despite the few differences, both signs are very effective in their workplaces.

In Conclusion

Virgo Man and Gemini Woman Compatibility Percentage – 48%

Virgo and Gemini Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage20%
Virgo and Gemini Emotional Compatibility Percentage70%
Virgo and Gemini Communication Compatibility Percentage70%
Virgo and Gemini Trust Percentage20%
Virgo and Gemini Intellectual Compatibility Percentage80%
Virgo and Gemini Common Interests30%
Virgo and Gemini Overall Compatibility Percentage48%

Gemini and Virgo are heaven and earth (or Air and Earth, to be more precise), and these two elements have so little in common. But the combination of the Solar Signs 4-10 still brings them together, combining a common responsibility or responsibilities. In addition, each of them has many advantages.

Sometimes Gemini man feels lonely. And his heart will be brighter, and his spirit will be brighter if there is a Gemini girl nearby. For her, the word “impossible” does not exist, she is unstoppable, irresistible and … incorrigible. 

There are a lot of things in her, because she is twins, and sometimes even triplets, and it is difficult for a Virgo man to deal with a harem. Therefore, the Gemini girl must first decide who she is, so that he is happy with the one and only.

The most compatible Geminis with Virgo are those born between May 22 and June 1; and the most compatible Virgos for Geminis are those born between August 24 and September 13.

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