Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Virgo Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Virgo is the 6th Sign of the Zodiac. Scorpio is the 8th Sign of the Zodiac. Virgo and Scorpio zodiac signs have a 3-11 relationship. This means, Virgo Man and Scorpio are very well compatible.

What should an astrologer say to a Scorpio woman who, surprisingly, was carried away by a man born under the sign of Virgo? Love him! He needs you. You can help.

The Virgo Man – His Nature

He has a problem. However, this is poorly said. He has thousands of problems! His own and others. He clutches at the problems of all these sloppy and carefree people who surround him. The Scorpio woman, of course, will leave everyone else to continue to multiply chaos and confusion, but she will lead this man out of the dead end.

I must say that Virgo men are divided into several psychological types. Suppose her chosen one has a brilliant imagination, sometimes too lively. He lives in a fictional world inhabited by outlandish creatures. These creatures seem so real to him that he can describe them with frightening details, down to whiskers and beards. Most likely, his Moon or Ascendant is in the sign of Scorpio. So, the female Scorpio fell in love with this dreamer and wants to protect him. 

Here one cannot underestimate the influence of Pluto. Its vibrations can give rise to a craving for the dark and sinister, the study of witchcraft, shamanism, hypnosis. Many Virgo men eagerly study evil despite their own innate purity. But when such a man gets lost in the wilds of the supernatural and becomes afraid of his own shadow, when he hides from the world and himself, wrapping his head in a blanket – only she will know how to lure him into the light of God. “Oh Lord!” She exclaims mockingly. “Just look at that! Five threads stick out from the blanket, no, six. And here is the hole.” Immediately he will stick his head out from under the covers — he cannot stand sloppiness.

Virgo men can suffer not only from an excess of imagination, but also from a lack of it. I know such a person. He is very beautiful, smart, amiable and sweethearted by dogs and kids, has a lot of virtues. Somehow he was given the honor of reading The Little Prince by A. de Saint-Exupery. Obviously, they hoped to stir fantasy. And what? For a long and tedious way he explained to reckless kindness why no one could live on an asteroid. Then he was hinted that he had missed the most important thing in the book. “What lesson can an adult learn from a children’s book?” – he was surprised.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Friendship

The Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman have a lot in common: honesty and directness, a thirst for knowledge and determination. They will be good friends, support and protect each other.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship and Love

For all the variety of characters, most Virgo Men need someone to tell them a simple truth: they comprehend all really important things in life with the heart, not the mind. And who is the easiest to do this, of course the Scorpio Woman.

Let her sit closer, so that he can smell her perfume, close enough to feel and touch, to mix his thoughts and to take his pulse … The physical side of love is easier for her. 

He is inclined to drive into his head that he was not up to par, and curse himself. The Virgo Man will curse himself for literally everything. Scorpio Woman and help help her Virgo to come to peace with this.

What unites them is that neither the Virgo nor the Scorpions will change their integrity for the sake of sexual desire. He should not hone his wit on it, be annoyingly curious or cold. She will not tolerate this.  

The negative aspects of the Moon or Ascendant make them somewhat pachyderms, indifferent. Scorpio Woman can become harder than flint and become self-enclosed. She will soar in sky-high spheres. In this case, it is easier for friends to make peace than for lovers. But a quarrel can be an impetus to understanding.

This man and this woman will teach each other a lot. Perhaps because, as Goethe said, we learn only from those we love.

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