Virgo Man and Virgo Woman love compatibility

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman ( 65% compatible)

Virgo and Virgo Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage30%
Virgo and Virgo Emotional Compatibility Percentage30%
Virgo and Virgo Communication Compatibility Percentage80%
Virgo and Virgo Trust Percentage70%
Virgo and Virgo Intellectual Compatibility Percentage90%
Virgo and Virgo Common Interests90%
Virgo and Virgo Overall Compatibility Percentage65%

Zodiac Element Compatibility

Virgo and Virgo. Earth + Earth

The compatibility of Virgo with Virgo is in the range of medium to high and in this relationship the key word is perfectionism and from there derives the main problem, which they must overcome – excessive demands. 

Virgo is tremendously applied and if they work as a couple, together they will be able to move mountains.

By having the same characteristics, and being considered the analytical of the zodiac, it means that when it comes to linking they will not stop seeing, reviewing and analyzing everything before taking the first step, so this would be a relationship where nothing is left to chance.

The couple made up of both members of this sign are usually people with a broad sense of reality and very hardworking, they achieve success quickly due to the equality of thoughts and ideas, this includes not only the work part but also the love part.

However, this does not mean that you have to sing victory, remember that Virgo is a sign that by nature presents itself with a difficult and introverted personality, which makes it very difficult to reach that sensitive side.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Friendship

Because it is a sign characterized by being introverted, it is normal to see that Virgo’s circle of friends is very small. As we already know, they tend to be fussy and picky about all their friends, especially those who are already on the long-term proven friends list.

Fortunately, this sign does not stand out for being rude, but it is very demanding when it comes to defining the characteristics of the friendship they want. An ideal partner for Virgo is one who shares their own values, so friendship between two people of this sign is very easy.

Remember that this is a sign that he is loyal and devoted to the friendships that they consider productive, since a Virgo friend never leaves anyone in his circle behind. For this sign, the passage of time is very important so that trust is strengthened between friends.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Relationship

From the beginning, this union will be a challenge for both parties and it will not work unless they both realize that perfection is not possible and begin to compromise with each other.

Virgos , who are capable of compromising and being more tolerant and demanding less will be a powerful force. Since they enjoy and take pride in excellent performance of jobs that require skill, they will achieve great achievements and enjoy working on their goals whether they are individual or shared.

In addition, Virgos are good at encouraging and helping each other and take real pleasure in the success of their partner, which will be a relief for Virgos, who have previously had relationships with other more competitive or moody signs. This relationship is not selfish at all and jealousy will not cause problems either, because it is not a possessive or jealous sign.

Virgos are very practical so it won’t be a very romantic relationship. The two of you will express your love for each other, through small details and not with poetry or flowers. They must strive so that monotony does not become a trait of the relationship.

Both Virgos will enjoy a clean and orderly environment , so domestic coexistence will be relatively easy. The management of financial issues should also go smoothly, since they are prudent and very careful in matters related to money.

This sign usually remains in a constant fight or conflict with what it considers is not being done in its own way, in this case it turns to criticize another Virgo, which would lead them to a space where they would compete to see who has more faults or mistakes. 

Although this situation can be a battle to the death, this sign has a high chance of being compatible with itself if the relationship is seen in the long term, this is because both work perfectly with someone who is capable of sharing

Her ideals. This will take time and effort for sure, but in the end, if you both do your part, it will be worth it.

The Virgo couple achieves the perfect combination of romance, analysis and criticism. They tend to be on the right track in the workplace as their analytical sense leads them to be successful in business. 

Both will make the best decisions having an unbreakable discipline, which will lead them to be a very responsible couple.

Unfortunately their romantic side leaves a lot to be desired, since in most cases they are not always in accordance with your needs. The Virgo couple will be highly perfectionist in their areas of work.

One of the good things is that in this same-sign relationship, it is likely that there will not be so many conflicts because both of you seek perfection in everything you do. 

On the other hand, the fact that Virgo is by definition a shy and introverted sign, maximizes the possibilities of having a work environment in peace and tranquility. This sign tends to be organized, and neat.

Virgo people enjoy every experience life presents, but at their own pace. It bothers them enormously that another person rushes them by bringing out the worst in that sign when this occurs. 

In love relationships, Virgo is a sign that cries out to be in constant change, asking to be allowed freedom in their emotions.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

Physical Relations will be easy and uncomplicated , since both will have a similar way of expressing their love. If both of you put your mental problems aside, your life as a couple can be extremely sweet and satisfying.

Physical Relation for Virgo lovers is usually an out-of-this-world experience, and it usually lasts for a long time. 

This sign is not unpredictable making all the arrangements for your way to the altar to be carried out in the best way especially when both of you do your part to achieve that goal.

Virgo is a sign that has been given the power to grow and evolve, leading you to be more communicative about your emotions. This turns out to be very positive when considering a long-term love relationship.

Physical satisfaction can be difficult in the early stages, but that will only last until you are comfortable. This is because each of them needs exclusive attention as they reach the comfort stage. This can be made worse only if the criticism is harsh.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Problems and Breakup

Virgo-Virgo can be a formidable combination , as long as they avoid that the standards of both are so high that neither of them can reach them. Otherwise their lives will be very miserable, so both should try not to be too critical of the other or set the bar excessively high.

Virgo Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility in Work

Two people of this sign usually work wonderfully due to the pleasure they have in the perfection of details. This gives Virgos great opportunities for rapid advancement in their jobs, and there is no risk that the success of one will cause the other Virgo to be jealous. 

Remember that this sign tends to be based on its approach to work and that it turns out perfect, investing a lot of time in the details.

The only thing to be afraid of is that both have a different vision of what the perfection of their respective jobs should be, which would bring an internal conflict due to the criticism between them.

A relationship, whether of love or work, between two people of this sign will not be entirely easy, but once they find the balance point, this relationship will become a satisfactory experience since both will recognize the same values ​​in the other, opening your eyes and seeing from this point that ideal person to spend the rest of your days, having happiness as a companion.

In Conclusion

The Virgos most compatible with each other are those born between August 24 and September 2.

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