Virgo Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

How it looks like them! He went headlong into endless calculations; she does not take her imploring gaze from him. It does not matter if he calculates the income tax or calculates the position of celestial bodies.

Another thing is important: for a very long time he does not notice these appealing looks.

I knew one astrologer born under the sign of Virgo. Every minute he devoted calculations of the aspects of the moon and planets. Amazing meticulousness, bearing incredible results.

He liked to surprise his girlfriend Virgo with his art. All their dates took place in turning over astronomical tables and in calculations. Somehow, short of a summer’s night with his beloved, he calculated the exact moment when the phone rang, and predicted that her mother would call to complain of an attack of gallstone disease. What, huh ?! He foresaw a six-minute delay of a boy delivering evening newspapers, and indeed, the guy fell off his bicycle on the corner, where (in strict accordance with the prophecy) they changed the bursting water pipe. Nothing could hide from the mental sight of our soothsayer. He knew that a hiccup would attack his girlfriend a minute before this happened. He surpassed himself, calculating with an accuracy of a second, when the first rumble of a thunderstorm gathered in the evening came. Only one he did not foresee: girlfriend broke up with him a week later and jumped out to marry Leo. All these logarithms, ephemerides … Who needs this?

The Virgo woman seems so rational, even impassive, but she also longs for the touch of a loved one. “Well, look at me,” her eyes pray, “well, at least take my hand!” He sat all night on the edge of her bed (from here it was most convenient to follow the movement of the hands on the watch dial), and so what? Nothing … However, no. From time to time, he winked at her in a friendly way.

With this man it is better not to speak the language of views – this is what a Virgo woman must learn. Try sign language, tap a love message with gentle fingers on his hand, shock him with a light kiss on the cheek, fleeting as the cool touch of a snowflake. And then, over time, if the attraction is mutual (and most likely, it is mutual, otherwise he would not have to spend time on it and risk his invaluable independence, even this stubborn capitulate. Sooner or later, the almighty passion will subordinate his reason to the heart. Sooner or late … Sooner than the female Virgo hopes, pessimistic by nature, but later than this would happen to men born under other Solar signs.

Naturally, the situation can always be reversed. And she is able to bury her nose in a book or knit for hours, ignoring his plaintive glances. Then he should gently take her hand or … Think for yourself! Virgo’s mind is extraordinarily inventive when it agrees to cooperate with the heart.

This man is undoubtedly smart. Yes, and this woman. They will admire each other’s minds, conduct long conversations (unless the Ascendant or the Moon at one of them is in the sign of the Earth), together maintain a sterile order in the house, read to each other, and solve crosswords.

As for their chances of sexual harmony, then, we repeat once again, it depends on the compatibility of the Moon signs or Ascendants. In fact, these two tend to please each other. And if Mars or Venus do not intrigue, they will never shock each other with vulgarity or obscenity. Maidens are afraid of vulgarity like fire. Their proximity is likely to be more gentle than languid-sensual or fiery. They may be prevented by the conservatism and coldness inherent in the Virgo, petty picky, inciting quarrels over trifles. They tend to go into all the details, to check their love schedule almost by the hour. This pair needs to learn that passion does not recognize schedules and regulations.

With the advent of the Age of Aquarius, Virgo are freed from the rule of Mercury, who nurtured in them a contradictory combination of intolerance and cold critical detachment. Now they feel the impulse of the slow and wise Volcano, a planet that is yet to be discovered. This beneficial influence will help them realize that physical merging is not an object of analysis and criticism. It is a gift that is received with admiration.

However, it should be recognized that the unusual sensory impulses of the Volcano often plunge Virgo into insane indiscrimination. Such a polar change in the sexuality of this solar sign is in contradiction with the inherent straightforwardness and chastity.

The success of the relationship between the two born under the sign of the Virgin depends on whether they will be able to peer into each other, as if in a mirror, to find out their own shortcomings and correct them, whether they will be able to distinguish their own virtues and be proud of them. And these two have much to be proud of: they are endowed with natural courtesy, intelligence, and sparkling humor. Nobleness and purity of spirit glow softly in their clear, serene eyes. They readily listen when others talk and work quietly when others have fun.

Since the Virgin strives to put everything in strict formulations, we derive for them the definition of love. Love is, obviously, evidence of the deep, irresistible need of all men and women for at least one person to accept them fully, as they are. With all the quirks, vices, mistakes, stupidities, sins and other rubbish. So stop niggling and poking at each other, as well as everyone else. Well, you can grumble a little. Sometimes it’s even useful.

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