Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Scorpio and Pisces. Water + Water

The attraction of Scorpio and Pisces is irresistible , a union with all the possibilities of success . They are both passionate and loyal, so it is easy for them to enjoy a natural companionship. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign, so once you commit, you totally surrender.

If ever there were two most ideal signs for each other, those are Scorpio and Pisces, despite being opposites in some respects. The chemistry and chance for success in a relationship between a Scorpio man and a Pisces woman are surprisingly high.

These emotion-driven water signs are a great fit together, even if they face the bitterest of casualties. Both signs value spontaneity, which together with the fluid nature of the Pisces woman and the dominant personality of the Scorpio man complements the relationship perfectly.

Despite these natural connections, long-term Scorpio-Pisces relationships may not be as simple as floating on a gentle river. Establishing the innate needs and desires of your partner, whether Scorpio or Pisces, can help restore calm to the waters and allow your relationship to flourish.

Scorpio Man and Pisces woman Compatibility:

With the passionate Mars and the inquisitor Pluto as the main rulers, protect your loved one and want to dive into the depths of love. Pisces is a Mutable Sign, ruled by the healing Jupiter and the imaginative Neptune. Fish swim skillfully, providing support and encouragement. Pisces is sensitive, so Scorpios will need to be careful with their ruthless stinger.

However, the flexible Pisces should not be thought of as fragile or delicate, in comparison to the armored framework of Scorpio. It is his adaptability that gives Pisces his strength and makes him, driven by strong determination, unavailable to other mortals. Fish swim over, under or around any obstacle.

Scorpio should consider himself lucky if a Pisces commits to him. With the lucky Jupiter as your guide, some of that fortune could rub off on you. Scorpio, in turn, can be a shield that protects the sensitive Pisces from a world that is sometimes too much for him. Pisces have the gift of bringing out the tender side of Scorpio, a side that others rarely see.

Scorpio men and Pisces women are compatible because they basically share many values ​​that naturally facilitate relationships. Both signs put all their emphasis on loyalty, trust, and eternal passion, which strengthens their bond. Due to his great emotional drive, the Scorpio man generally puts every ounce of himself in the relationship, if he considers it important to him.

While Pisces women are much calmer, they match the effort Scorpio men show by their desire to please and please. This balance makes them a much more attuned couple than other signs can hope to achieve.

Being opposite where it counts and similar in other respects also comes with its downsides. Although both are very emotional, Scorpio men show their emotions through their actions, while Pisces women tend to keep their emotions close, inside.

Between constantly trying to please and keeping her thoughts and feelings hidden, the Pisces woman has to struggle to communicate her own needs.

A Scorpio man will gladly accommodate those Pisces needs, but his wandering intensity may prevent him from seeking them. The strong differences in communication styles are usually the greatest threat to any satisfactory relationship that Scorpio and Pisces may have; but this can be corrected if you try to understand the features of each of its signs.

Additionally, since they both have an emotional outlook on life, that gives this unique couple a very good understanding of each other. Because Scorpio brings stability, while Pisces brings variety and excitement, just as if Scorpio brings passion, Pisces brings romance.

These complementarities guarantee a very high level of compatibility, the key to success of which is that Scorpios avoid being too controlling and possessive.

Scorpio Man and Pisces woman in Love:

Scorpio and Pisces are Water Signs, so they flow naturally together, often seeking a common goal as two streams become a river. Pisces and Scorpio communicate in subtle ways, reading each other’s moods and thoughts. They both have the gift of psychic dreams and can learn about the past or future through their dreams. However, make sure you are not just flowing, enjoying the union, not actually going anywhere. A little bit of Earth and Fire in your letters will ensure a stable and inspiring relationship. Without this balance, both of you could drift away with escapism and fantasy.

Scorpio will be devoted to his imaginative lover, and in return, the Pisces style will bring sparkle into Scorpio’s life. This union has it all from sensual eroticism to deeply spiritual. Intimate and durable, it’s a perfect match.

Scorpio men and Pisces women rank highest when it comes to passion and romance. On the one hand, the Scorpio man approaches everything in life with intensity, including relationships, and is known to be extremely passionate.

On the other hand, Pisces women are less intense, but they value and enjoy romance. In this case, the Pisces woman gives the relationship an optimism, which Scorpio does not have. Because for a Pisces woman, it is the little things that count and therefore, dinners by candlelight and flowers please her. For the Piscean it is an incentive to discover that her Scorpio man is frequently in search of more excitement and new adventures, something that is usual for him. Because Scorpio is famous for his wanderlust, which should not be taken out of context, because it is not a sign that he is upset or bored; rather it is more of an invitation to spice things up, romantically or recreationally.

Scorpio men must understand that although their Pisces partner will willingly join in with their desires, they also have their own. Although it may take a while for a Scorpio, there is nothing more appreciated by a Pisces woman than having his dreams and wishes shared and fulfilled with his soul mate.

When two signs that hold loyalty in high regard are aware of the problems that jealousy and possessiveness can cause on both sides, addressing these issues before they get out of hand is essential to maintaining a balanced and healthy relationship. Either being in a friendship or something else, because they know how difficult it is for them to forgive a breach of trust, even if they claim to have it.

With Scorpios and Pisces, who are emotionally powerful, if confronted, you can expect the sexual side of things to be elusive. Scorpio men take the opportunity to try anything and Pisces women typically follow suit. Without a legitimate emotional investment or real effort a Pisces woman may never experience great passion. However, if you satisfy her desire for romance and the true ideal of love that she dreams of, prepare yourself for an impressive experience.

Scorpio men are often as dominant in bed as they are in life and their wild nature is somewhat driven by their drive for success. Intimately, that means pleasing her partner, so she hopes that he will do his best to make the experience as wildly satisfying for her as it is for him and the Pisces woman to become the ideal partner for the Scorpio man. Because with the Pisces woman he finds the happiness, complicity and trust that he so badly needs. This is because they are two very similar people and at the same time, very different, which makes them a very stable couple.

Scorpio Man and Pisces woman Relationship Issues:

The lure of addiction lurks in the shadows of Pluto and the mists of Neptune. The natures of both are prone in different ways. Life together could go down an indulgent path, unless they manage to clarify as individuals and as a couple. Remember, Scorpios ‘stubborn refusal to change and Pisces’ evasive tendencies can throw them out of the way. Both Scorpios and Pisces are reserved by nature. If you both refuse to face the problems, they will be right around the corner. On the other hand, if they confront them, there will be nothing, that they cannot solve together.

Scorpio Man and Pisces woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Working relationships between Pisces women and Scorpio men are doable, although this is not the strongest area of ​​either.

When it comes to work, Pisces women offer creative and imaginative influence to their career, if appropriate, while Scorpios focus on success and leadership. So it’s easy to see why these signs can collide when out of position.

For example, with a Scorpio man as your boss, you can expect reliable, results-oriented leadership. But Scorpio’s desire for success can frustrate Pisces, because she will be focused on creativity and will not be able to see his point of view.

Having a Pisces woman as a boss or coworker has its advantages, because she will not say “I can not” and will think of new solutions for problems or work delays. This is because she is extremely generous, not lazy, and will work hard to be useful within the team. In creative jobs, you will often shine but remain humble, because you are not ambitious.

If you have to work together, you will do well, as long as you are not forced to stray too far from positions that align with your innate traits.

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Scorpio Man and Pisces woman Relationship:

The woman’s strange admiration for the Pisces sign by the Scorpio man often leads to love, followed by marriage. If not, then to a strong and usually unforgettable hobby. In the worst case, her non-resistance to that first moment of admiration will lead to a long friendship.

Unless, of course, in their horoscopes there is no adverse aspect between their planets. This is a rare combination of zodiac signs 5-9, which ends with either obvious hostility or alienation. These two, provided that all other planetary configurations are favorable, are made for each other. There is no need to upset their platonic relationship, since here we are talking only about the woman of Neptune and the man of Pluto, who love. The neutral relationship of Pisces and Scorpio (or Eagle), which connect close friends, business partners and relatives, we have already described at the beginning of this chapter.

If there is a common connection between their Suns and Moons (trin or sextile), then their love is really a gift from the gods, like the love of any other couple, which is a combination of signs 5-9. Although, sadly, some Pisces and Scorpions allow secret fears and delaying decisions from day to day to overshadow the joy that they might experience. If they do not open their eyes in time, the gods can take back the blessing that these two were honored with, and then this couple will break up. There are several reasons for this tragedy. (Yes, often this is a tragedy, because these man and woman will carry the memory of their love through life.)

One reason is that one of them (or both) may belong to the other when they first meet and recognize each other. And then one of them (or both) may not have the courage to admit the instant response of their hearts (and this is visible in the eyes) because of a sense of duty. Sometimes this is an erroneous feeling, because the one to whom loyalty is kept, in the end, the loser, because to possess someone whose heart does not belong to you is very sad. This is not a word in defense of adultery or divorce. This is an attempt to give advice to these two, man and woman, to avoid mistakes until they feel deep passion at all levels of human emotions, and not be content with love of only one level. The “old-fashioned” truth that “an ounce of warning is worth a pound of medicine” is not really old-fashioned — it is eternal wisdom. As already mentioned, “those whom God brought together” are not the two who made too hasty promises before they became wise enough to choose. Human relationships are always complex, especially between Pisces and Scorpio, and often only those who are directly included in them can appreciate the full degree of complexity of feelings. Karma is a bottomless well whose depth cannot be measured by eye. Infidelity, even in thought, cannot be called good quality. However, there is no infidelity where there is truth, because infidelity is dishonesty. Truth can overcome any difficulty when it is combined with frankness and compassion. especially between Pisces and Scorpio, and often only those who are directly included in them can appreciate the full degree of complexity of feelings. Karma is a bottomless well whose depth cannot be measured by eye. Infidelity, even in thought, cannot be called good quality. However, there is no infidelity where there is truth, because infidelity is dishonesty. Truth can overcome any difficulty when it is combined with frankness and compassion. especially between Pisces and Scorpio, and often only those who are directly included in them can appreciate the full degree of complexity of feelings. Karma is a bottomless well whose depth cannot be measured by eye. Infidelity, even in thought, cannot be called good quality. However, there is no infidelity where there is truth, because infidelity is dishonesty. Truth can overcome any difficulty when it is combined with frankness and compassion.

Sometimes children or other considerations prevent a man and a woman from being together, and communication must be disconnected. When this happens to Pisces and the Eagle, the pain can be very severe, such that even time cannot heal. Some come out of this situation with fierce honesty. Some do not go out.

The Pisces girl and the Scorpio man, who do not face these problems (or solve them together), have an excellent opportunity for long-term relationships in which there is almost no place for boredom. However, another warning: if the aforementioned causes of disharmony were avoided, these two can still be checked for whether they are worth each other, through introspection or with the help of Karma teachers, and they may be forced to overcome the strong temptation of various excesses, such as drugs , alcohol, unreasonable fascination with the dark side of the occult sciences or illegibility in relationships. These are bottomless chasms awaiting unreasonable people ruled by Neptune and Pluto, crossing their auras.

One day, this man and woman will undergo such a test of feelings, and if there are no obstacles to harmony from the very beginning, their life will become a symphony of joy and serenity, peace and pleasure. Of course, they will have difficulties, but very minor. The Scorpio man has a strong will, deep feelings and convictions, and he will energetically resist any attempts to take him to where he does not want to go. He will also be, to put it mildly, suspicious, while pretending to have his girlfriend trust him unconditionally. It is very selfish of him. But the Pisces girl will not be offended by his double standard of male domination, as another woman would be offended (and perhaps offended). There will be minutes when the Pisces woman turns into a real sea monster, absorbing these shortcomings,

A typical woman of the Pisces sign will not panic due to the periodic manifestations of male egoism in Scorpio. In any case, she will cope with the beautiful. While he believes that he is going his own way, she will gently and gently push him closer and closer to the deceptively fragile network. In a deeper sense than the Libra woman, this lady has the very femininity that the man has been afraid of since the time of Eve, and the one that is peculiar only to her. Even the awesome power and insight of Pluto is a weak weapon against its Total Femininity. The eagle is eager to solve any mystery that it encounters (he simply doesn’t notice others), but the mystical mystery of the femininity of a girl ruled by Neptune will elude him, which will cause him grief and suffering. Although this upsets and confuses him,

One quality that may not attract him to her, but plunge into Pluto’s depression or turn into a gloomy flight, is her habit of finding fault. Not rude and frank. Pisces Girl doesn’t do that. She hits you with a feather, finds fault with slightly, almost gently, unobtrusively. This is unobtrusive for most men, but Scorpio’s feelings are so sensitive that he can distinguish the most subtle nuances, which is not given to other men. Like water dripping all the time at regular intervals, it can overcome the resistance of a representative of some other sign gradually, so he is unlikely to notice it. However, the Eagle will notice and give vent to his anger. It is dangerous to get in the way of the stream of Pluto’s anger. He can sweep away their love, because Scorpio will pronounce unpleasant and harsh words that will hurt her pride. In turn, she can plunge him into despair and make him feel the futility of his suffering with the help of abundant tears, fears and evasiveness, despite all her mystery and mystery. If she is a sea monster and poses a serious threat to his masculinity, he will leave her, although it will break his heart.

But if she learns the lesson, he can return. He might not return to any other woman, but this woman will not give him rest even in a dream. Several hours or days, weeks, or months, and sometimes years, can elapse between separation and reconciliation. This is a long time, but Pisces and Scorpio are patient and ready for the sacrifices necessary in order to find the most important thing.

No matter how disharmony appears from time to time in their sensual “game of chess”, no matter how serious the quarrels are, and no matter how offended the silence is, happy times await them much more often than unlucky ones. The feeling of unity and ecstasy that they experience during physical intimacy imperceptibly unites Pisces and Scorpio. If between them there is a sextile or trine of the Sun to the Moon in addition to their original harmony, once when these man and woman love each other, each of them will admit (if they are honest with each other) that he never had with anyone and there will be nothing like it. Never. This is a good reason to be together.

The only danger threatening a woman ruled by Neptune and her Eagle (all the rest are irrelevant) is selfishness hiding behind external devotion. And this can be a torn out word that was regretted too late, a misunderstanding that everyone has unbridled sensuality, sometimes unjust suspicion and jealousy, fraught with flight from pain and despair, maybe with the help of alcohol or drugs, a mild form of deception or a mockery boredom that severely injures another. How sad if these men and women ever forget the beautiful opening chords of their love …

They may try to remember them. That golden morning, when she laughed enthusiastically, like a little girl, and he gave her a bouquet of heather, still a little wet from the April rain … That first time he touched her, and she trembled. At that moment it seemed: forever ahead … Like all combinations of the signs of the Zodiac 5-9, Pisces and Scorpio could sacrifice the kingdom of Great Passion and challenge the Universe to be together.

In Conclusion:

 the relationship work and the mutual understanding of Scorpio and Pisces will be so strong that it will be easy for both of you to make it work.

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