Gemini Yearly Horoscope


If 2021 is a road, Gemini has a serpentine road with unexpected turns. Want to take another step? Think well. And then again and again. There is time: circumstances will not push you to one or another decision. Therefore, do not take risks, but analyze and choose the right direction in order to come to the desired place at the end of the year, and not get bogged down in a swamp.

Channel your energy into your studies. This year, thanks to the efforts of the “social planets” – Jupiter and Saturn – it will be easy to gnaw the granite of science. And in general, mastering something new will not be difficult. Therefore, feel free to raid new lands: explore other continents and move to distant cities and countries.

Your natural charm will make sure that you find a common language with everyone and, like Neo from The Matrix, dodge all potential conflicts.

At the beginning of the year, plan not to plan anything. The situation will change at the speed of light, so it’s better to be in the flow than desperately grabbing onto the schedule. Well, if at that time something grandiose was planned for you, be twice (or better three times) more attentive. And do not refuse help – it will come in handy.

Spring is a good time for self-realization. Creativity, career, sports – like Midas, you will turn everything that you undertake into gold. If, of course, prepare in advance. And if not, it’s not worth the risk, you will make a lot of banal mistakes, for which you will be ashamed for a long time. And curb your feelings: your intemperance will ruin all plans, both at work and in your personal life.

Be patient until July. At this time, you can (and should) give free rein to emotions and get all the available trump cards. After all, a sharp competition awaits you. If you don’t give up and choose the right tactics, you will quickly take the best positions.

In the fall, you will be swept into a maelstrom of barely controlled events that can lead you astray and head in the wrong direction. But don’t change your mind too often on the fly. You will still end up where you should be.

Horoscope for Gemini women for 2021

This year your love life will turn into a Spanish TV series: intrigue, love triangles, broken hearts, attempts to start a new life. In general, you will definitely not be bored. The climax is scheduled for late summer, when the house of Venus takes over. But soon you yourself will want to pause the drama. Take a vacation and go to the countryside or the sea. And preferably alone – you need to rethink a lot of things.

Horoscope for Gemini men for 2021

Making as much money as possible is clearly not the goal of the year for Gemini men. You feel great, because you have prudently prepared some savings. In 2021, your personal life will worry you much more. You will want to find the very one, so you will constantly go through partners, each time thinking that this or that is not good enough. Stopping and just being happy isn’t for you, is it?

Gemini love horoscope 2021

Don’t feed the twins with bread, let them arrange some kind of drama. This year is no exception: single Gemini men will rush from one relationship to another at the speed of light, and women will intrigue. Married Gemini, on the other hand, are serious: get ready for an addition to the family.

Gemini financial horoscope 2021

You take money too lightly, and the word “saving” makes you cold sweat. As a result, you spend all your salary on little things that you don’t really need. Don’t do this, learn to save at least a part of what you earn.

In the Year of the Ox, you will have additional sources of income. Things will go well, you may even be able to close some important financial goal: buy a car or, finally, get out of the slavery of a mortgage. At the end of the year, unexpected expenses may appear, so the deferred money will come in handy.

Gemini health horoscope 2021

Not sleeping all night? No problem! Forget about lunch? Easy peasy! Skip the gym? Easy, there are more important things to do. You love to live on the edge, forgetting that mental and physical stress are two pillars on which your well-being rests. Therefore, do not forget to rest normally and do not skip your workouts.

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