Weekly Horoscope

13 September – 19 September 2021

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Relations with business and personal partners will escalate this week. But it will be easier with children and with young, optimistic colleagues. On Wednesday, you can suddenly leave one business for another. The more exhausting your job was, the greater the need to do something for yourself, to take care of your appearance, to see friends. On Thursday, early morning is good for new plans. On Friday, the accident rate increases. Shopping is good on Saturday mornings. On Sunday, allow yourself to be lazy and do whatever you want.

Auspicious days: 16, 18. Be careful: 15

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Don’t be afraid to look bad in the eyes of others. The more successful you are, the more people who want to profit at your expense will be spinning around, asking or demanding something. On Monday and Tuesday, issues will emerge that require a new approach. When it comes to work, then it’s time to think about studying. If there is a relationship, you will want to renegotiate the terms. The “either in my opinion, or not at all” setting can lead to a dead end. Wait until the weekend and new events or information will help you see the situation from a different angle. It is possible that it will simply lose its significance for you.

Auspicious days: 18, 19. Be careful: 17

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

This is a good week for learning new skills and getting creative. For love and personal relationships – the time to talk, discuss plans for the future. On Monday, you can be supportive of someone around you, and you will get a friend for many years. Take care of your health on Wednesday and Thursday. Re-discuss the timing of current tasks to relax and not push yourself forward. Over the weekend, unexpected news will boost your entrepreneurial spirit. You can accept the offer if you understand that you really want to do it.

Auspicious days: 13, 18. Be careful: 19

Cancer Zodiac Weekly Horoscope

Anyone who is worried about any ailments on Monday and Tuesday should not change the treatment regimen. These are unfavorable days for surgical interventions. But if you are going to change something in your diet or lifestyle, then you can expect miracles of healing. Work well on Wednesday and Thursday in the company of a reliable partner. Little things can spoil the mood. Don’t give in. On Saturday, spontaneous actions can make the path to the goal much shorter. Take time to chat with your friends. For useful discussions and exchange of views, the weekend will pass pleasantly and unnoticed.

Auspicious days: 16, 19. Be careful: 17

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Household and summer cottage affairs, relations with the immediate environment will occupy you most of all.

Your loved ones have already forgotten to wait when you start your duties. If you start repairs on Monday, it will go easy. Outside the home, keep track of the safety of things, and in relationships – your secrets. One careless word – and you will have to repent of old sins. It is good to spend the weekend with a business partner or a personal partner, depending on what you care about and what needs to be discussed. You may be visited by interesting ideas or your partner will delight you with something unexpected. New acquaintances are also possible, but this will have to be published.

Auspicious days: 13, 16. Be careful: 17

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Monday is a good day for a business or personal conversation, making a deal. Stay in a familiar and secure place on Tuesday night. Watch the safety of your property, car. Be careful with jealous people on Friday. You can get caught even for what you did not do. Very real troubles can be associated with the actions of colleagues or friends. Don’t trust them with your secrets. In the family, discussions can help avoid miscalculations and provide support. On Saturday, everything is new, but beware of injury and breakdown.

Auspicious days: 13, 16. Be careful: 19

Libra Weekly Horoscope

You will be worried about a lack of finance, a drop in income. Analyze if your money is slipping away unnoticed to pay for services that you do not use or for things that you buy out of habit. If you have a long trip in the first half of the week, be prudent; watch your luggage and your safety. Don’t blame your significant other for being selfish. Everyone needs their own space and time for personal affairs. Cooling is temporary. On weekends, don’t be afraid to deviate from your usual patterns. This is a time of innovation, and they will delight you.

Auspicious days: 17, 18. Be careful: 15

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Someone intends to interfere with your plans. It can be a boss or a parent, someone who is opposed to new things and is jealous of your success. Your love life can also be the object of envy. Do not flaunt your achievements, let it be better what is pleasant and useful to your environment. But you need updates like air. Skip Tuesday if in doubt. Saturday is a good day for financial transactions and shopping. On weekends, you can do well in business, commerce, competition. Good days for socializing and flirting.

Auspicious days: 16, 19. Be careful: 17

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

On Monday, you will be capable of a breakthrough in business. Beware of sneaky colleagues’ intrigues on Tuesday. Job changes will not bring good luck, and neither will financial transactions. Thursday morning is favorable for cleaning up your life support space as much as possible. Anything that you don’t like shouldn’t bother you. A new one will be attracted to a clean place faster. Saturday is the best day of the week for personal affairs, relationships, and shopping. Don’t try to show off. Close people will be more pleased with something significant that can come in handy, and a loved one – talk about a common future and gifts.

Auspicious days: 13, 18. Be careful: 19

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

The hardships of life will be perceived sharply, but the solution to problems lies on the surface. Maybe you just need to share your concern with someone else. On Monday, you’ll be more fortunate if you don’t share your plans with anyone. On Tuesday, watch your health and do not start taking new medications. From Tuesday to Thursday, the Moon in Capricorn will guide you through the most difficult part of the job. The more intense and dense the weekend is, the more energy you will get. You can even venture into romance. New acquaintances will be useful in some way.

Auspicious days: 16, 19. Be careful: 15

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

New tasks for the bosses – for quick career changes. You may not like the fact that the benefits of assignments are not obvious, and things fall like a snowball. While you have to save and not spend money even on trifles. After a while, life will give you what you deserve. Do not share your innermost plans with anyone; let them mature. Someone is very interested in knowing what’s going on in your life and especially behind the scenes. But it is better to have a minimum of secrets, especially from a loved one. In love, you tend to be generous, but keep your interests in mind as well.

Auspicious days: 18, 19. Be careful: 17

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

You’re going to want to do something big this week. The team will be happy about this and direct your energy to the “hot spot”. Monday is a good day to be active. On Tuesday, you can face an unprincipled person. On Wednesday and Thursday you will find like-minded people in the team. The job will also be competitive if there is support. On Saturday, you can do something in secret from loved ones, but you will try just for them. Sunday will give you what you deserve. If you donated something, now it’s your turn to receive the gift.

Auspicious days: 16, 19. Be careful: 14

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