Weekly Horoscope

29 March – 4 April 2021


You want to know, try, experience everything. The need to expand the circle of contacts, to make new connections will bring good results. But on a wave of enthusiasm, do not forget about the quarantine restrictions. Right now, the respiratory system is most vulnerable and susceptible to infection. Switch your contacts to phone mode or communicate via the Internet. Get started early in the morning on Monday. Dedicate Tuesday and Wednesday to repairing and fixing things that may still serve you. On Friday night it is good to send on a long journey. In your personal life, this week is your finest hour. If you feel reciprocated, take the initiative.

Auspicious days: 1, 2. Be careful: 4


Pay attention to finds and things that seem to come across on purpose. You may have ideas on how to transform one into another, benefit, and even create a personal masterpiece. In the first half of the week, talk more, take part in meetings, go to visit. Someone will provide you with an important service or advice. Romantic meetings and acquaintances are possible. Taurus is now at the peak of popularity and can count on luck. In the second half of the week, sit down to work and implement your new ideas. Useful information will come from afar. Perhaps you yourself will find it on the Internet.

Auspicious days: 31, 2. Be careful: 30


On Monday, unexpected news deserves attention. Do not speed up the rest, let everything go as it goes. Send important emails early in the morning, including personal ones. Dedicate Tuesday and Wednesday to business questions, meeting with partners, and organizing whatever you have accumulated. Intuition will lead you to the place where you will get something useful. But don’t take agreements and promises as final. It is not worth planning consultations of doctors for these days. On Saturday, you need a company for recreation, sports or hobbies. Sunday is good for serious business.

Auspicious days: 29, 1. Be careful: 3


On Monday, you can make large purchases at home, provide assistance to loved ones, arrange family events. If you get an offer, take it seriously. On Tuesday and Wednesday you will be sensitive to beauty. You can be creative, study someone else’s experience, make connections of interest. Good days to work with plants. On Wednesday and Thursday, you should do things for the future. A good week for a career change. You can try your hand at a new business. There may be a charismatic person next to you who will set you up for change. It will be useful to discuss your intentions and concerns with a loved one at the weekend.

Auspicious days: 29, 31. Be careful: 4


You will be successful in convincing people that you are right. The authorities should send you on negotiations and business trips. Monday is the best day for this. On Tuesday and Wednesday in family matters, it is advisable to get the support of the second half. Difficult conversations and household chores await you. Share your successes with others, teach and pass on experience. Don’t blame others if they can’t keep up with you. Now everyone needs a personal space to implement their own ideas. And your interests may not necessarily coincide. Dedicate your weekend to healthy activities. Peace of mind above all.

Auspicious days: 29, 1. Be careful: 4


On Monday and Tuesday, notice all the oddities that bother you in current situations. Deception and intrigue, skillfully woven by ill-wishers, is likely. Try to refrain from unnecessary contacts, and put off the necessary ones until Wednesday. On Wednesday and Thursday, you can take out a bank loan, but you should not lend money. Do not look to blame if things are not going the way you would like. You yourself can be wrong in your conclusions. Wait a week for the fog to clear and you know exactly what you want. On Sunday, what is important is what happens as if by accident. Don’t say too much. One careless word – and you have to repent of your sins.

Auspicious days: 1, 3. Be careful: 2


At the beginning of the week, do not have frank conversations with coworkers. Among them may be your rival (rival). Rely on your intuition if you want to switch to something. In the living space on Monday and Tuesday, you can repair the kitchen or bathroom, buy new equipment and plumbing. Wednesday is a favorable day for solving financial issues, concluding transactions. In the second half of the week, you will not deny yourself the desire to take risks if the goal is too attractive, but do not put everything on one stake. Those who are married should not flirt. Better to devote this week to your favorite hobby.

Auspicious days: 29, 2. Be careful: 4


Remain calm, even if you are provoked or pushed to start something immediately or deal with someone. The week promises a successful move in current affairs, provided that you do not scatter and abandon what you started for the sake of new interest. On Monday, you might get an unusual offer. Think about it before the end of the week. On Wednesday, unexpected guests will provide you with news and ideas. Don’t try to surprise them with culinary delights. The main thing is to listen to everyone. Spend the weekend with leisurely pursuits. The main thing is meaning and benefit in everything you do.

Auspicious days: 31, 3. Be careful: 29


Pay attention to the suggestions of your friends, even the most unusual ones. The whole week is favorable for learning, attending courses, trainings, competitions. In personal life, big changes are possible. It’s time to voice your decisions. Don’t let your emotions get in the way of work on Wednesday. You should not discuss important matters in an informal setting. Thursday and Friday will be associated with care and help. Provide psychological support or material support, but do not provide your own shelter. You can create problems for yourself. On weekends, you’ll be better off in privacy. Interesting acquaintances and information are waiting for you on the Internet.

Auspicious days: 1, 2. Be careful: 4


There are many chores and concerns expected in home and family life. Pleasant events, meetings with loved ones, general topics and events are possible. On Tuesday, you can discuss money in the family, but the topic of inheritance needs a cautious approach. If on Thursday work has to be suspended to clarify the details, it is in the order of things. Going back in your plans will play a positive role. But in your personal life, don’t let past relationships influence your current ones so you don’t lose everything at once. For loved ones – fewer words, more gifts, surprises – and you will achieve your goals.

Auspicious days: 29, 31. Be careful: 4


You have a lot of trips, movements and contacts ahead. Make connections with people whose interests and accomplishments are admired. The week is suitable for taking courses, team activities, competition for a vacancy. You will be lucky in love and romance, but do not be distracted by personal affairs during working hours. From Tuesday to Thursday, take the initiative if you are an expert in your field. This will help in career matters. From the weekend, you can expect more benefit than joy. Don’t invite guests. Dedicate your free time to your hobby.

Auspicious days: 29, 2. Be careful: 31


Deal with tough questions on Monday. Your intuition will work well and you will be able to see the pitfalls where they are trying to hide something from you. Tuesday is good for business

deals, especially with long-distance partners. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you will influence other people and be able to inspire them with what you need. Thursday and Friday will require you to be active in public. Now you have so many interests that you will not even notice how something surpasses your amorous deeds, and this can offend your chosen one. In the family, refrain from heated discussions with your partner.

Auspicious days: 30, 31. Be careful: 2

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