Weekly Horoscope

19 October – 25 October 2020


On Monday and Tuesday, don’t let anything or anyone knock you out of the saddle. The accident rate increases on roads and air lines, during the operation of electrical equipment. Take care of mobile phones and laptops. This is a bad time for a job change and a change in your personal life. But already on Wednesday, the tension will begin to subside, and by Friday you will redo a mountain of work. This week, you can only go to the bosses with suggestions, not with requests. However, no one can handle the current problems better than you. Try to make everyone remember this. Spend the weekend with your friends. Surprises await you.

Auspicious days: 22, 25. Be careful: 20


Any little thing can freak you out and start a chain of unpredictable events. But if you do your best to hold back, your health may suffer. Find an outlet for energy in solving current problems, while avoiding risk. Stay away from people who annoy you. From Wednesday to Friday, the Moon in Capricorn will restore stability to your emotions and set you up for serious work. It’s good to do business with foreigners, plan trips. On the weekend, allow yourself to enjoy independence, change the environment, do something unexpected.

Auspicious days: 21, 23. Be careful: 24


On Monday and Tuesday events of the most paradoxical nature are possible. Be careful, watch out for physical safety. Share plans and secrets less. But try to solve the problems, otherwise they will return to you in mid-November. Wednesday is a good time to discuss financial matters. But neither large purchases nor other financial investments should be made before November 3. Be prepared for surprises in your personal life. You yourself can surprise someone. Just do not do what will not be returned back.

Auspicious days: 24, 25. Be careful: 19, 20


Avoid contact with untrustworthy people. And warn your partner not to risk your common interests, especially money. This week’s events are associated with a career and new challenges that life sets. It may feel like restriction and oppression, but after a while you will understand what it was for. Do long-term activities Wednesday through Friday. Look for clear arguments for your bosses if you want to get a job that you are not the only one applying for.

Auspicious days: 21, 22. Be careful: 24


On Monday and Tuesday, peace at home comes first. Remain calm, even if it’s nothing more than an appearance. Act confidently and quickly, organize your surroundings. But with important decisions, wait until Wednesday, and then continue your run for success. Wednesday through Friday is the ideal time to work, and you are more likely to get results in big business than small business. You can demonstrate your advantages, show leadership qualities. At the same time, observe the hierarchy of relations. It is better to spend the weekend quietly and peacefully, without risk and scandals. Don’t sugarcoat the problem; you will immediately get a taste.

Auspicious days: 20, 21. Be careful: 19


On Monday and Tuesday, it is advisable to refrain from travel, risky business, repair work. Threat from electricity, natural disasters, technology. In conversations, the true state of affairs can be revealed, but the time is not right for important decisions. The best day for purposeful activity is Thursday. Children will require special attention. You can give a go to a creative project or revise agreements, “shake up” partners, suggest new ideas. Focus on one thing, otherwise your energy will quickly deplete.

Auspicious days: 22, 25. Be careful: 20


Your desires will be strong, and few will dare to stand in your way. Luck will also accompany your plans, although they will have to be implemented in a tough environment. Monday is not Tuesday, don’t risk your physical safety and money. Men should not overexert themselves, women should be afraid of infections. Focus on household chores, strengthen the protection of loved ones. Until Friday, you will be demanding of yourself and others, and you will only be able to relax on weekends.

Auspicious days: 21, 24. Be careful: 20


At the beginning of the week, strictly dose the load and monitor your well-being. Do not cheat yourself, do not try to surpass or get ahead of someone. The main thing is to do what is required of you well and on time. Life itself sets unexpected and urgent tasks. Events are condensed. What has been postponed for years can be accomplished in a short time. The one you were hoping for may leave or change their minds without explanation. Take your time to get discouraged – challenges this week could be new opportunities. On Sunday, surprises will find you even at home.

Auspicious days: 22, 25. Be careful: 19, 24


On Monday and Tuesday, not only personal safety will depend on you, but also a lot of what is happening around. Don’t do anything new these days, but be on the lookout if something goes wrong or an unexpected situation arises. Moreover, you can be lucky in the most unfavorable circumstances. This week will have to correct the mistakes made earlier. Wednesday through Friday is a good time to work, but you will have to prove your case. You will have money, and considerable money, but you will have to fight for success.

Auspicious days: 19, 25. Be careful: 20


Be wary of a team scandal at the start of the week. From the side of friends, all sorts of surprises and very useful advice, help in solving problems, especially technical help, are possible. Take care of your health, but don’t put off the hard work. Just stay away from people who annoy you. From Wednesday to Friday, try to do the impossible at work. It is better not to react to new proposals yet. On the weekend, you will find unexpected spending related to hobbies and leisure. Good time for creativity.

Auspicious days: 21, 22. Be careful: 23


On the first two days of the week, Aquarius should not make choices or suddenly change plans. You can make a big mistake, quarrel with one of the significant people. Accident rate increases sharply in everyday life, on the track, in sports training. It might just be stress. For work, the week is productive, for relationships – quite a conflict. Those wishing to fall in love cards in hand. It is good for family Aquarius to deal with long-planned household chores. Relax to the fullest on the weekend.

Auspicious days: 22, 25. Be careful: 24


The beginning of the week prepares shakes and additional loads. Try to keep yourself safe from risks and unreliable contacts. Trust your intuition. You will see through the one who tries to deceive you, but you will be very upset if a conflict situation develops in your immediate environment. From Wednesday to Friday, don’t waste energy on trifles, only on things that are beneficial and beneficial. Teamwork will be great. There is no need to play subtle games on weekends. With friends and partners, you will find a lot of common affairs and interests.

Auspicious days: 21, 22. Be careful: 20

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