Weekly Horoscope

11 January – 17 January 2021


This is a fairly quiet week, but problems may arise next. Therefore, be careful not to create tension. On Monday, at the end of the working day, you can visit your boss with questions about your prospects. The new moon on Wednesday heralds a career and team change throughout the month. You need to react quickly to news and offers. Traveling on Thursday night is dangerous, but the day itself can bring interesting news. On weekends, don’t be seduced by the moment, whether it’s a sweetheart of the opposite sex or a pretty little thing in a store. Both will disappoint.

Auspicious days: 12. 13. Be careful: 14


On Monday evening, interesting finds await you on the Internet. It is good to make orders and purchases during this time. On Tuesday on a dark moon, it is advisable to repay a debt or fulfill an obligation. News of a long trip is a big change. A new moon on Wednesday requires stopping, thinking and planning. It is advisable to give up something superfluous. This will give you more opportunities to succeed in your core business. Do not take any risky steps on Thursday night. On the weekend, your intuition will tell you what to do and who to meet. Financial receipts, gifts are possible.

Auspicious days: 13, 16. Be careful: 14


On Monday you can try your hand at a new business. But already on Tuesday night and during the day, caution is needed. If the new moon on Wednesday becomes a financial topic, then in both positive and negative versions, this is serious. Do not dismiss and do not shift worries to other people’s shoulders. Now you must fight for a place in the sun, and if someone wants to help you, accept help with gratitude. On Thursday, your thoughts will be directed beyond distant horizons. Keep your suitcase ready. On weekends, you can do a little exploration in an area that you want to do, meet someone, exchange information.

Auspicious days: 11, 14. Be careful: 17


The new moon on Wednesday will open up a new stage in the partnership for Cancers. The changes can be unexpected. Until Wednesday, it is advisable to fulfill old promises and pay off debts so that you do not have big claims for the new moon. Monday is a good day for transactions and acquisitions. Better evening. On Tuesday, a team quarrel can hurt your well-being. You will be energized on Thursday. Take on any difficult cases, but consider the increased accident rate. Weekends will bring a sense of harmony, but can increase laziness. Relaxation is better.

Auspicious days: 11, 16. Be careful: 14


Before the new moon on Wednesday, do everything to leave some of the work and worries behind. Pay off your debts. This is important, because from the new moon on Saturday, you will be worried about completely different things. Spend your environment calmly, in thought. Take care of what your soul lies in. On Thursday, an influx of energy will set you up for activity. Be prepared for unexpected events and don’t make hard plans. Weekends are good for commerce. Despite your practical attitude, outbursts of feelings, romantic mood are likely.

Auspicious days: 11, 16. Be careful: 14


People around you will be drawn to you, for you will radiate strength, confidence and reliability. Your business qualities will manifest themselves at full power, and personal interests will not prevent you from seeing the benefits in any suitable opportunity. On Monday, you can make responsible decisions regarding your personal life. The new moon on Wednesday heralds an active, creative period in the life of Virgos. Your vitality will improve. Observe what new appears in your life, who will be near. The more surprising and strange circumstances seem to you, the more positive potential they have for you personally. Feel free to tell yourself – I want more!

Auspicious days: 11, 14. Be careful: 12


Current affairs and hobbies pull you in different directions. And yet, work comes first now. Give her all your time, leaving a small outlet for any activity. Everything interesting will come into your life, do not even hesitate. Monday is good for financial matters and shopping. Beware of rash moves and extravagance on Tuesday. Wednesday’s new moon opens a new phase in household chores and renovations. You can start repairs, raise the issue of changing housing. Saturday is a good day for love and romance.

Auspicious days: 11, 16. Be careful: 12


Scorpios need to supplement their knowledge. Either you enroll in courses or self-study. The immediate environment will stimulate you to search for new ideas and areas for self-expression. Significant events are possible in the life of close relatives, brothers and sisters, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. You will need wise advice and possibly financial assistance. Tuesday is an unpredictable day when things can go wrong. Do not let people with negative energy into your house. Saturday is a good day for receiving guests.

Auspicious days: 13, 16. Be careful: 12


The topic of money is gaining momentum. A new moon in the monetary sector of your horoscope will force some to work hard for profit, while others portend great expenses. But it is imperative to think about making money in the future, as well as to negotiate, to outline transactions and activities. The world is changing and you need to meet its new needs. On Thursday and Friday, the stars patronize new pursuits, hobbies and romance. Interesting meetings are possible, offers that are difficult to refuse. On Saturday you can shop at home. Please your loved ones with something unusual.

Auspicious days: 14, 15. Be careful: 17


On Wednesday, the new moon in the sign of Capricorn portends a big change. If you yourself do not dare to do something, you will be forced to do it. On Tuesday, be alert to unexpected news and think about what they ask of you. Do not shut yourself off from life, even if everything suits you. The ability to make useful contacts is now just as important as practical activity. On Thursday and Friday, don’t waste money or make any purchases you didn’t plan on. Save up money, it will be useful for other purposes. Saturday is a good day for travel, meetings in your circle.

Auspicious days: 11, 13. Be careful: 12


Aquarians have many new plans, but something pulls back. After the new moon on Wednesday, it will become clear what you will have to do against your will. The sooner you accept change, the easier it will be to deal with difficulties. Be careful on Tuesday. At this time, it is undesirable to be in a remote place far from home. Thursday and Friday will make you visible. Ideas and advice will be expected from you. On Saturday, think about how you would make additional profit. Shop smartly. Sunday will delight you with an unexpected meeting. You are going to be surprised at something.

Auspicious days: 14, 15. Be careful: 13


For Pisces, activity in a team is of exceptional importance. You will not rush home after work, and you and your colleagues will have many common themes. There can be problems too. Take your time to get close to people who impose their friendship on you. They probably want something from you. Communicate more with those with whom you easily develop a useful interchange. Dedicate Friday and Saturday to personal relationships. On weekends, stay in the beauty and harmony zone away from the hustle and bustle and risk. Choose appropriate activities.

Auspicious days: 16, 17. Be careful: 13

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