Leo Yearly Horoscope: 2023

Leo Yearly Horoscope: 2023

Leo Yearly Horoscope

Leo Yearly Horoscope: Overview for 2023

You will experience a year full of lights and shadows, nuanced, rich in chiaroscuro. Between joy and concern, between laughter and a few tears , however, it seems that you will certainly not be bored. 

With you, until mid-May, the sure and lucky hand of Jupiter in Aries, who will receive the precious and gritty collaboration of Mars in Gemini until March. Saturn still stresses but will only stress until March and then ignore you.

 Thank god! However, Uranus will always remain a thorn in your side, an omen of unforeseen events and unexpected situations that could affect your family, home, work or heart. And from mid-May, with Jupiter also entering Taurus, the possibility of running into situations so unexpected as to be destabilizing will become more concrete. 

What can you do ? Accept what you can’t change as calmly as possible (as long as you can, okay?) and confidently commit to changing what you can improve. 

In summer, Venus will travel precisely in Leo (between June and October) and will give you a great desire for relaxation, pleasures and love. Here, just what you need to switch off and live life with disenchantment and realism.

Leo Horoscope for Love in 2023

2023 will be a varied year, with intense moments both positively and otherwise. In short, it seems that you will not be able to win the prize as Miss or Mister Mid Season: either it will be summer, hot and boiling , or winter, thunder and lightning ! 

After all, at least you won’t be bored and you will be able to spend moments in which you feel alive, even if put to the test and challenged in your inner security (or insecurities). What does heaven say? 

At the beginning of the year, a battle will take place between Jupiter and Mars, your allies, and Saturn, the usual spiteful one. Which, needless to say, you will win, with your joy of living and lovingand the warm and overwhelming charm that you will emanate. In March, Saturn will finally stop tormenting you. 

From mid-May, however, Jupiter arrives in Taurus, like Uranus, an annoying omen of unexpected events and passing obstacles, which however will probably concern the family more than love itself. In June, Venus passes into Leo where she will stay much longer than usual (until October, to be precise). 

For you it will mean passionate emotions but perhaps not very linear, nuanced and contradictory. Your heart will be divided between lights and shadows , as is typical of life.

2023 for Leo who are Single love

With such an eventful year who knows what will happen in the hearts of singles! The sky portends movement but of what kind, it will be difficult to say. However, imagine being surprised and that what will materialize before your eyes will amaze you. 

A breathtaking encounter is therefore possible , one of those destined to excite you as perhaps it has not happened to you for some time. But it is also possible that you decide that love is not for you, that you’d rather focus on your career or cultivate friendships and fun. 

In any case, know that there will be twists, second thoughts, exciting situations and even those that will make you question everything, absolutely everything. It will be in these last situations that you will have to be careful not to lose sight of yourself and your trust in yourself and in who you are. 

To smile again and believe in yourself and in your potential for seduction, Venus in Leo between June and October will be almost miraculous. It could be an exciting time, maybe unstable, but certainly fun and full of discoveries, about you in the first place. 

Live lightly any meetings and never fossilize yourself asking questions that no one will be able to answer (such as if he will be the person who will remain by your side forever…). 

There is the present, not the past and not even the future. You must therefore like the person you are interested in now , which means that there must be no reservations (such as: this is not good, let’s hope it will change in the future…). 

That’s not how it works and previous experience should have taught that. Be drastic, as this incisive sky wants, and either inside or out: either you like it as it is, or move on to the next round. No regrets!

The year goes on like this, perhaps with an even more nuanced and contradictory autumn, full of those passionate sensations you feel but also of tensions and uncertainties. What to do? 

Be yourself and follow the wave of your sensations . Whatever they are…

Love horoscope for Leo who are in a relationship

2023 will be a busy year for couples too ! Solid relationships will face a series of problems, related to life together, if you live together or to family management which for those who do not live together could translate into problems relating to previous exes, children or parents who do not appreciate the current partner if you are younger.

In any case, whatever the object, rest assured that it will play a perhaps secondary but by no means negligible role: it will cement the complicity between you and your partner, it will help you march at the same pace , find your rhythm and find out what really holds up a solid relationship. 

Trust, knowing how to tolerate differences, mutual support and emotional availability seem easy concepts but in reality they represent a rock against which the expectations of many are shattered. It takes tenacity and you have to believe it: and they don’t have to be just beautiful words to share on social media but they have to become flesh and blood, you have to feel them in your heart

The year begins with Jupiter and Mars in your favour, which for you will mean enthusiasm, capacity for involvement and also for action, in case the problems we mentioned above emerge (Saturn in Aquarius until March and Pluto in the same sign from March in June). 

Hold tight and remember that Mars and Jupiter also represent another magnificent card to play in the couple game: eroticism! In fact, the duet will warm up the passion, the first until March, the second until mid-May. 

From here on, a new season begins, at least as far as goals and finances are concerned. In fact, Jupiter will reach Uranus in Taurus, threatening domestic or financial unexpected events, or indicating a moment of inner instability, in which the most habitual unions could get stuck on the rock of dissatisfaction (with consequent danger of high infidelity!). 

Venus in Leo between June and October could light the fuses and therefore indicate a crisis or act as glue and allow for a sweet reconciliation. What will happen? Expect to draw conclusions, because autumn and early winter will be just as surprising and unfortunately even more contradictory. 

Emotions will be turned on,the love of fire , because it can be beneficial and bring warmth and well-being but also be destructive if uncontrolled. Choose well and act accordingly.

Leo Career and Work in 2023

That determination! You will start the year with strength and enthusiasm, determined to face and overcome whatever might come between you and success! In short, emphasis aside, you will certainly demonstrate great tenacity and courage , precious qualities for silencing Saturn’s teasing and welcoming the fortune promised by Jupiter.

However, your journey will be even easier if you learn to accept the constant demands of change. True, it can destabilize, but with the ever-changing labor and financial market, unfortunately it will remain the best way to stay afloat: adapt, accept, learn new things, always and in any case. 

This will be the message of Saturn in Aquarius until March and of Jupiter from mid-May and Uranus in Taurus: therefore, as you can see, a valid message for the entire course of 2023. Let’s go and examine the two planets in Taurus better: the second, Uranus, you already know it, since it has been pressing you for some time with unexpected and unforeseen events of today’s type. 

The second, Jupiter, will simply act as an amplifier , exaggerating what it finds, therefore it will let you see any critical points better and clearly, as if it were a magnifying glass

But don’t just think negatively: should it find fertile material, fruitful situations and susceptible to favorable developments, it will quickly germinate these seeds, up to fruitful consequences ! 

In short, what the stars want to suggest is never to take anything for granted: that’s why flexibility will be an essential skill to be successful this year. Incidentally, if you do creative work, astral stimuli will provide you with the complete kit to produce quality, original and entertaining content that will grab your audience’s attention.

Horoscope for Money for the Leo in 2023

Jupiter in Aries until mid-May, therefore in a favorable trine aspect, should represent economic well -being . However, unfortunately, another but depriving transit will pass through your sky: Saturn, in hostile quadrature until March. 

Therefore, you will have to try to maintain a certain balance between income and expenses and moderate as much as possible, but this throughout the year, any funding. Be careful with important expenses, except if they are not absolutely necessary and irrevocable. 

If they were, stall, because next year many things could change (an example? Finding what you are looking for at half the price, different rates and so on). 

Venus also symbolizes a certain prosperity and her transit through Leo between June and October could help you, but maybe not on income. Either way, focus on the essentials and your balance sheet will stay healthy.

Horoscope of Fortune for the Leo in 2023

Are you tempted by the green table? You could even try ( with extreme moderation and remembering that no one has ever really become rich, on the contrary, they squander their possessions), but this year Fortune will take on ambiguous attitudes , without ever openly favoring or irritating you. 

Therefore, it will be advisable to move with caution and train your nose: maybe it will work better than Lady Luck! Special days: from February 20th to March 16th; from 11 April to 7 May. All of July; all September and October until 9. Lucky numbers : 22, 43, 68, 71, 86.

Horoscope of Health for the Leo in 2023

Grit, a particular form of energy, linked to willpower and therefore to inner energy, will always accompany you throughout the entire year. 

To this, you will combine physical energy, vitality , at excellent levels until March, between the end of May and July and between the end of August and mid-October and again from the end of November onwards. 

The only truly difficult period that you could experience will remain confined between mid-October and the end of November. At this stage, do not be rash, stay away from arguments and nervousness, take care of yourself and your diet, rest and focus on well-being. No stress! 

Saturn in Aquarius until March suggests not to skip any checkups, screenings and so on, especially if related to ageing and bones (including teeth). Aesthetics: Venus in Leo between June and October indicates you as the super favorites for important changes and right choices!

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