Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

May 2023

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: Overview

May will offer you the best at the beginning of the month , when Venus in Gemini, for the first seven days of the month, will also be joined by Jupiter in Aries, which will pass into Taurus after the second half of May, ushering in a truly complex period, if you think about it . that after a few days even Mars will hinder you. 

Therefore May could end up with many questions . The stars suggest you to be cautious, especially if you were born at the beginning of the sign. Don’t be stubborn, but always show yourself malleable and attentive to detail.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: Love

What a confusing sky ! It is therefore easy that you too can often feel uncertain or say one thing and think another. 

In short, communication will not be your forte and probably neither will patience. This could create potentially explosive situations , even if to see the operational effects we will have to wait for the last part of May which inaugurates a period to live on tiptoe. 

You know it beforehand, so take precautions and get ready to live every tension lightly .

Horoscope for Aquarius who are in a Relationship

Hard to see you always say yes to your partner! Well this month will be even more complicated, even if your poor better half is right. 

 In short, you will demonstrate a certain stubbornness , you will be not very malleable and, moreover, also unclear. But at least at the beginning of May you will know how to love , make your partner’s heart feel warmed by your affection, so in the end everything else will count for little. 

But be careful at the end of the month, because destabilizing situations could emerge , which, however, are not said to be negative.

Horoscope for Aquarius who are Single

May will be a rather complicated month , but one in which some of you could light up like a Christmas tree when you insert the plug into the electrical socket . 

Lightning-fast loves, bright but not easy, and certainly quite nervous, perhaps only due to external circumstances. In the absence of certain data, what you should do is certainly show yourselves cautious and wait for these circumstances to take a definite turn. 

In the meantime, don’t be afraid of a blizzard in a glass of water but take cover if a tornado hits.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: Career

May could give you excellent chances in the first part. So if you have to plan, set the agenda of the most important commitments and projects, it will be better to take them into account. 

Afterwards it’s not that you’ll end up in a limbo where nothing happens or everything goes wrong, but you could be a little too stubborn, undiplomatic, and this attitude could harm you in many different ways . 

In short, a little prudence will certainly be more advantageous than a possible hasty and poorly thought out step .

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope: Health

Energy may be quite low this month . Especially the mental one, solicited by stress , too many thoughts and maybe even some passing worries. 

In short, the watchword this month will be relaxation: as soon as you can, detach from your commitments and treat yourself to a nice break, as necessary as the air you breathe. 

At the end of the month, say no to imprudence : they could have really harmful results.

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