Gemini Monthly Horoscope

December 2022

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

How many stimuli ! December begins with a crowd of thoughts in your head, requests flocking everywhere and perhaps a hint of nervousness that will depend on the fact that you are unable to relax for a moment.

Partly because the holidays are approaching, partly because some people shouldn’t allow excessive interference. Be that as it may, before the holidays the weather will lighten and you will be ready to give yourself a well-deserved rest together with the people you love.

Christmas and the end of the year will be moments of joy and sharing . And to relax!

Gemini Monthly Horoscope : Love

How much energy in your heart! An impact force that could become a stimulus for projects and changes, for the most enthralling passion but also, in some cases, a source of nervousness and heated comparisons, or of conflicting and strong feelings.

The stars will only exalt what they find, they will develop budding emotions until they blossom into a splendid rose or a pungent artichoke. However, by the end of the month you will certainly have clear ideas and the right incentive to turn the page or to confirm what you already knew.

Horoscope for Gemini who are in a Relationship

It could be a splendid period, a starting point for new adventures as a couple , a trip for example, a cohabitation or a child.

Or it could turn out to be a nervous period , in which, especially in the first part of December, you will find yourself bickering for any pretext! The most probable thing for most of you, however, will be a mix of the two situations: a little good a little less good!

Apart from particular cases, in which either you will experience a disruptive passion or others will understand that they are at the end of the line.

Horoscope for Gemini who are Single

Crazy love or anger towards Cupid who never satisfies you? For sure, you will not experience tepid emotions this month, which could be characterized by intensity , in any direction.

Therefore, if you fall in love, passion and physical attraction could explode in your veins, up to setting fire to all your thoughts and feelings. Otherwise, you’ll be quite irritable , unhappy with what’s going on, strange characters and human cases that you’re really tired of meeting.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope : Career

At the beginning of the month it might seem that your agenda is too crowded! Maybe it’s an optical effect due to mental tiredness , the need to rest, the overload of thoughts that will crowd.

You want to do many things but the best strategy always remains the same: little but well followed to the end. If you work in communication, watch out for gaffes , which however could also affect normal working relationships.

Just before the holidays, the sky will give you a lucky change , which between now and 2023 will help you achieve what you want.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope : Health

Physical energy will always be at excellent levels, as confirmed by Mars in Gemini. However, sometimes the energy will be similar to an electrical overload : too much, to go haywire! Watch out for stress , which will be lurking especially in the first part of December.

As soon as you can, disconnect and give yourself a break. At the end of the month, you will feel lighter, also thanks to the holidays which will bring serenity and rest .

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