Leo Monthly Horoscope

December 2022

Leo Monthly Horoscope: Overview

December will begin with grit, confidence and many positive situations , destined to take root soon. Indeed, for many of you it may be time to turn the page with tiring and exhausting periods.

It will be time to celebrate, to gather family and friends, to pamper the people you love and to remember someone very important to you: yourself ! Give yourself a special gift, something you can remember and that marks your newfound confidence for the future.

Leo Monthly Horoscope: Love

Serene mood , lots of energy, excellent availability. It would be enough to mention these simple qualities, enhanced by the December sky, to understand how this could be a good period: a starting phase to build something important , for example.

Or the landing place of a relationship that has now exhausted its emotional charge and that ends naturally, without problems. Or the joy that comes from those who have lived with their partner for years and realize what is truly fundamental, what gives life zest.

Horoscope for Leo who are in a Relationship

Dialogue, feelings and physical attraction will be highlighted by the stars! December starts well but it will be particularly favorable especially for setting up concrete projects, to kick off something special for the couple, such as a trip, the purchase of your home or a partnership.

Before Christmas, Jupiter will become favorable: its transit is linked to expansion , luck, external and internal well-being. A positive effect on your relationship like a warm hug given from the heart!

Horoscope for Leo who are Single

Kisses fall under the mistletoe in December ! Seriously, it could actually turn out to be a great time to have a meeting. However, if it doesn’t, don’t lose hope, because the stars still bode well for the heart , from now on.

If you have to close some matters from the past, even just inwardly within you, do it. A nice clean sweep will ease Cupid’s arrival. Either way, expect friendships, sizzling dialogue , stares, and lots of fun!

Leo Monthly Horoscope: Career

December, an excellent starting point to broaden your horizons and look into the future!

So says Mercury, favorable for profession and communication, especially at the beginning of the month, and above all so says Jupiter who will pass in Aries just before Christmas, giving you the beginning of a long period of luck and expansion .

You can then improve finances, solve old problems, face positive growth. Unexpected situations may not end but you will face them with greater confidence.

Leo Monthly Horoscope: Health

A lot of energy and a lot of grit : December will give you the necessary vitality to face the month of the holidays, between increasing commitments, the desire to celebrate, meetings with friends and family requests.

You, however, will always remain on the piece, ready and snappy. For aesthetics , you can adopt clever tricks or change your look successfully.

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