Leo Monthly Horoscope

May 2023

Leo Monthly Horoscope: Overview

News and changes. Tensions and will. Emotions that are never lukewarm, never gray. May won’t be the time for mid-seasons but it will vibrate in your heart with strong and clear colors , unfortunately in every direction, both positive and nervous. 

Therefore, the stars suggest that you try to advance with a soft step, to try to remain detached (try… It is known that it is never easy, so do what you can). 

 This period could be a springboard : in which direction, however, everything will be seen…

Leo Monthly Horoscope: Love

Lively month equals lively emotions . However, do not expect to experience rosy situations. After all, May is the month of roses, a magnificent flower, with a perfume praised in every weather and every latitude, and with an amazing appearance. 

But with thorns : here, for you this month love will be like this, inviting, beautiful but thorny, therefore to be handled with caution and being careful where you put your hands. 

Don’t hold back: love is always worth every effort it entails.

Horoscope for Leo who are in a Relationship

If you care about your partner, this month it will be better to equip yourself with a lot of patience ! 

Do not draw hasty conclusions, however, because it is not said that it is not you who create destabilizing situations . Or family. In short, something in May could make you feel under pressure, with the avoidable risk of picking on your better half. 

If you love each other, it is certain that you will face every thought with complicity and availability . Stay resilient, confident and positive and make the most of the very positive start of the month.

Horoscope for Leo who are Single

At the beginning of the month, the aspects of Jupiter and Venus are excellent, an omen of love at first sight, flirtation and charm . 

But from the middle of the month Jupiter will pass in Taurus, then Mars will arrive in Leo and these transits, together with Pluto in Aquarius, can herald important changes but also power struggles, jealousy, emotions so strong as to destabilize . 

Leo Monthly Horoscope: Career

Stay focused , because May will ask you for a keen sense of opportunity and a lot of patience. 

You could indeed seize some good opportunities, possible at the beginning of the month , but over the course of the days, arriving at the second part of May, you could also find yourself nervous and ready to roar to the whole world. Watch what you say and impulsive choices. 

Better to postpone any decisions and navigate on sight, because events could happen quickly . Don’t be pessimistic.

Leo Monthly Horoscope: Health

Low mental energy , alternating vitality and a lot of nervousness. These seem not very encouraging premises, but remember that you can intervene effectively on some factors . 

For example, you may detach your mind from too many thoughts, prevent you from ruminating and cultivate nervousness. A practice that will allow you to feel at peace and save energy . 

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