Aquarius Yearly Horoscope


Aquarius Yearly Horoscope: Overview for 2022

Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus continue their work of transformation : for some of you it will be rapid, like a single event that arrives and changes the cards on the table, for still others it will be slow, meditated , weighted.

For someone else, however, it will be the people around you, those who live with you, family members or partners, who will go through a phase of profound transformation.

If you feel the need for a moment of respite, take a deep breath and think that between May and October you will receive the support of Jupiter in Aries, an omen of luck and happy and fulfilling changes , in every area but probably about love, free time, opportunity to enjoy life or professional economic.

You could even make an old dream that has long been held in the drawer come true !

From August Mars will pass into Gemini, where it will bestow grit, tenacity, energy, physical and psychological strength: all very useful skills for the everyday and the extraordinary !

Love horoscope for Aquarius for 2022

How will love go in 2022 for the Aquarius sign? 2022 promises to be a year full of unexpected situations. Some of you, especially those born in the first decade or those who have planets between the first and the beginning of the second decade of Aquarius, have probably already previously welcomed the news and unexpected events that characterized the years between 2020 and 2021. 

But for everyone else it is time to look deep into their hearts and smell the air, to understand which way the wind is about to turn. It will take you patience, because you will have to know how to wait for the right moment, the right sign, the signal that will indicate the most satisfactory path for you . 

 It seems mysterious, perhaps incomprehensible, but the moment you live your different situations, you will begin to understand better how you have to move. In addition to patience, you will also need a lot of flexibility : knowing how to adapt to changes requires this type of strength. 

The person responsible for the continuous changes, which await you again this year, will always be him, Uranus in Taurus, who could create continuous interference between love and family life

With you, Saturn in Aquarius that will make you tenacious and rational, but also Jupiter, favorable in Aries between May and October and again from the end of December, and finally an excellent transit for passion, eroticism, audacity and l ‘ resourcefulness , or Mars in Gemini from August onwards. 

This last planet will be responsible for one of the tastiest and liveliest aspects of this 2022: sensuality and the possibility of making your activities more dynamic!

Horoscope for Aquarius who are Single in 2022

Will 2022 bring you love? What will happen to all Aquarius singles? A rather lively year awaits you, in which the desire to flirt will be strong. 

A desire that could take on all the shades of passion but which in many cases will remain an innocent game for its own sake, almost a style for being in company, socializing or communicating on social media. 

Audacity, curiosity, charm, the desire to meet new people will accompany your dreams during this dynamic 2022. 

If it is love, it could happen just at the moment when you least expect it, when maybe you have decided not to think about it anymore, to simply enjoy life in joy and company, with lightness and carefree, even to erase all the darkness of the period. previous one.

 And just as you smile at life and have fun, here comes Cupid, with a bewitching and conquering look , and you get lost in his eyes! 

Everything could happen quite quickly , but be careful not to be the one to resist or to allow the family, yours or that of the person you are interested in, to get in the way between you and happiness. 

So, despite some uncertain times, 2022 seems to be a pretty good year for singles, whatever your original intention and whatever your desires. 

Very well at the beginning of the year , with a stop of uncertainty, confusion and perhaps even anger between July and August. Another stop between October and November, but in the remaining months love could smile at you with great enthusiasm.

Horoscope for Aquarius who are in a Relationship in 2022

So many loves, so many couples, so many different relationships! Never as this year should we deeply scrutinize the specific condition of each of you. The transits that concern you will in fact speak of individuality, of the desire for freedom, but also of the desire for passion and to design . 

Therefore, in close-knit unions, where complicity and attraction reign, this 2022 could be the springboard for significant transformations , which will include fun, leisure, travel if you are young or free from family commitments, or will pour into concrete projects, such as stork, coexistence and so on. 

But be careful if your relationship is tired and maybe the family members of one or the other partner (or on both sides !!!), create complex problems to manage , both for reasons of specific responsibility and why not.

 In the latter case, in fact, the underlying resentment caused by the deterioration of attraction and emotional complicity could take the path of conflict . In short, you will fight all the time for reason X, but at the base there will be reason Y. 

So think carefully because if you face every sensation lucidly, you will be able to both solve and cope very well with the pretext X (that is, family problems, domestic or other types) and to make intelligent choices regarding the underlying cooling. 

Watch out for summer, in this case, because it will clearly explain many, many things to you. But whatever the answer, the outcome, try not to be destructive. And now let’s move on to another type of union, where maybe there is love but there is also a lot of time on the shoulders. 

Well these transits will work in your favor if you are courageous, you will put aside your pride and you will show yourself more enterprising . Mars in Gemini towards the second and last part of August promises you a hot and passionate end of summer (and autumn and winter…) . 

Lots of news are also waiting for couples who want to make their dream come true. In this case, the astral benefactor will be the generous Jupiter, in Aries between May and October and from December onwards. In short, a multifaceted 2022 awaits you, sometimes unpredictable, but full of emotions.

Career horoscope for Aquarius for 2022

How will the profession go in 2022 for the Aquarius sign? Also this year Saturn travels in your Sign and this will indicate a great need for stability and certainty. 

However, the unexpected will always remain in the strings of Uranus, still in Taurus, so you must always remain flexible and attentive to the changes taking place , both general and concerning the world of work and those specific to your employment. In fact, with a little foresight you could anticipate some situations or even, in the most favorable cases, turn every change into a good opportunity for you .

It will take quick reflexes and a lot of strategy, but it seems that this year the movements of the fastest planets (such as Mercury and Mars) will often be at your side, encouraging ascent and projects of all kinds. 

This year you will have with you the encouragement of Jupiter, who, even if for a short time, between May and October and again from the end of December onwards, will help you to seize opportunities, to receive excellent proposals and to live an overall advantageous year for the career and employment.

However, some of you could find yourself in a situation made complex, for example by family interference , by problems that distract you or that take away time and energy to devote to the most important projects. 

In this case, act cautiously and try to never lose confidence in yourself and in the future: you will soon find excellent solutions and solve everything.

Financial horoscope for Aquarius for 2022

You and money , in a relationship that is simple in intentions and style, but in reality as complicated as a long, never-ending affair with a family member who is not very malleable. 

And in all probability in 2022 you will experience an interesting alternation but one that will make you sigh for greater stability. Take a sigh of relief, however: despite the unexpected, your accounts will end up in balance or even in a clear advantage .

If anything, try not to spend too much for unimportant reasons (fun is one of the essential reasons: you can’t live only on sacrifices …). If you succeed, it would not be bad to set aside a sum to be allocated to your projects , also because some family unforeseen events could push you in this direction. And, as they say, better to prevent and anticipate …

Lucky numbers and periods

Jupiter, the planet of luck this year will walk in Aries from 11 May to 28 October and from 20 December onwards . Maybe not very much but if Fortune decides to look at you favorably, it will be enough. Remember to always bet little, because you don’t need anything else, if it’s Destiny, and spending a lot of money is completely useless. Any good times? From May to October! Specifically, May 3, 4, 12, 13, 14, 30, 31. 1, 2, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 June. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 July; 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 August; all September and October until 28.

Lucky numbers : 12, 27, 49, 69, 73.

Health horoscope for Aquarius for 2022

Energy and willpower this year will be in great shape! So here is a perfect time to lose weight, start playing sports or get rid of some bad habits from your life. 

Energy will also allow you to tackle any pre-existing problems (if they had sprung up earlier, because this 2022 does not seem to bring any news in this sense). 

Therefore excellent for surgery, therapies and so on. If you are older, Saturn recommends a good check on everything bones, teeth, that require the mineral calcium. 

Mars will give you energetic support often throughout the year, in fact it will turn its back on you only between July and the second half of August. Little, very little time compared to everything else in which it will encourage you, will give you grit, willpower, energy and a lot of endurance. In short, a really great year for fitness and beauty!

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