Cancer Zodiac Yearly Horoscope


Cancer Zodiac Yearly Horoscope: Overview for 2022

This 2022 will give you many, many emotions. Some you will color them with the shades you prefer, others instead you prefer to leave them to fate, which will surprise you with unusual but definitely appreciable colors!

Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will enhance your poetic vein, your imagination, they will make you sensitive, attentive to the slightest emotional nuance and, at times, therefore even a little more susceptible than usual.

With Uranus in favor, even the profession could take an unexpected but promising direction. But to your sky and your stars, promise to let go of the past: live in the present and never be afraid of being yourself.

It will thus be that this 2022 could represent a crucial moment, to be remembered also for the future.

Cancer love horoscope for 2022

But how many emotions in this 2022! The sky will put empathy in the foreground, accentuate your sensitivity and make you capable of vibrating like a tuning fork at the slightest hint of feeling and erotic desire on the part of others. 

Therefore, potentially a dynamic period, which could give you positive twists, desired and planned changes, exciting news but also some tension , given the emotional potential that you will always put into play. However, don’t worry, because the positive points will always remain more numerous and satisfying than the less rewarding moments.

2022, with Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus in favor , promises to be an ideal year to rediscover yourself and your desires, to learn to let yourself go and above all to learn to let go of old or small resentments.

Ruminating and cultivating negative thoughts will make little sense unless they relate to current problems that require immediate resolution. Let go of the memories because this 2022 could be the first step on a ramp that climbs directly to the top of your most fulfilling love aspirations .

Remember that Pluto and Jupiter, only between May and October, will act like a ball and chain, which will remain tied to you only if you allow it, cultivating disturbing emotions and thoughts. Delete everything and treat yourself to a different year : those who love you will follow you, who won’t, patience!

Horoscope for Cancerians who are Single in 2022

Your fantasy this year will be truly flammable ! A look, perhaps crossed by chance, while you take the tram, for example, and here you are taken and interested, intrigued if not really captured. The prospects for two of you will therefore be very positive. After all, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces plus Uranus in Taurus could create surprising situations, even romantic and very intense .

Even Pluto, while rowing against it, will play a role in making the feelings intense. Sometimes, however, too much: beware of jealousy and a sense of possession, whether you are a subject or an object. 

In fact, the year could begin (and end) with very strong feelings at stake, which leaves suspicion either that you will be struggling with exes and annexes and connected, or that you have set your eyes on a person in a difficult situation. 

Or, the third and simplest and most popular situation will be that you can’t wait to fall in love and between haste and urgency here you fall into despair.

React and take your space, have fun, go out with friends and friends, get noticed on social media, cultivate your passions and take care of your appearance, for yourself, before making an impression. 

In short, the more you put yourself and your needs at the center , the more you will be sure that your next flirt will be rewarding and human case-proof! 

Despite all these warnings (necessary to help you grasp only the best), 2022 is set to be a fabulous year for love and dating. Spring is special , with authentic strokes of luck between April and May, summer is beautiful and autumn is very sweet.

Horoscope for Cancerians who are in a Relationship in 2022

If you are lacking that pinch of romance you need to make a relationship interesting even after years of living together, then this 2022 could have what is right for you and your needs in store. So promise Uranus, Jupiter and Neptune. 

However, the trio will encourage skills such as creativity, sensitivity, attention and empathy: skills that will serve as a springboard for action , which you will have to think about, however, adapting the astral gifts in the way that best suits your particular and unique situation.

In short, to be clearer: do not remain idle! It will take resourcefulness, audacity, even courage in some cases, qualities that heaven, although favorable, will not take much into consideration. 

Get busy and take what you want, without waiting for a special event to push you into the arms of happiness! Life is too short to wait and a thousand emotions will vibrate in your heart , waiting to be expressed, lived, shared .

Open up, trust and accept the confidences of your partner: it will be the first step towards a complicity that will make you happy. And if you realize that your sweetheart does not want to keep up … Well, then it will be better for you to turn the page: love will not let you wait, because this 2022 wants to see you calm. Are you thinking about material projects? This 2022 bodes well for your every intention.

Cancer Career horoscope for 2022

Whatever type of work you do, you can certainly benefit greatly from the talents highlighted by the sky of this 2022, namely creativity, empathy, attention to detail and intuition . Skills that you will need, for example, to understand how to best manage working relationships and avoid conflicts and prevarications in an intelligent and not unnecessarily conflictual way .

Or, these qualities will be precious to give life to an alternative project , to outline ingenious initiatives, an ingenious and effective marketing campaign or an original professional enterprise, perhaps making use of some of your passions. 

Or, you will be able to guess the needs of customers , concluding excellent deals, expanding your tour or, if you work in contact with the public, you will be able to spend more peaceful and productive working days. In short, there will be so many ways but all of them could still indicate that the time has come for you to try a small or even a big turn.

Don’t be afraid to untie your ambitions, to try, to try, to test. Better a small mistake than a future regret! Do you know what they say? 

Success is the result of many mistakes lined up ! Spring is very positive, especially towards the first part, but summer and early autumn are also excellent. Only around January and December could you have a small stop, perhaps a moment of mental fatigue.

Cancer Financial horoscope for 2022

Jupiter in Pisces bodes very well ! The planet of inner well-being but also material and economic will support you for the good art of the year, since it will pass through this sign, favorable to you, until May and again between October and December. This transit promises to help you manage your economic affairs in the best possible way .

Often in league with Neptune, it could inspire you with ingenious solutions to increase your income or help you find peace of mind regarding the progress of your finances.

This latest achievement should never be underestimated, because money, as they say, comes and goes, but tranquility is a priceless treasure ! Jupiter in Aries between May and October could indicate some extra expense , perhaps related to a professional or personal investment. It will still be money well spent, if you think about it very carefully.

Lucky numbers and periods

Cancer calls Fortuna! And Fortuna will most likely respond . But remember that her action always remains mysterious so don’t waste your hard-earned pennies to invite her to multiply your money (and remember Pinocchio, the Cat and the Fox ..).

Either way, you will have several moments yes. When? From 1 January to 10 May and from 28 October to 20 December (some specific days: from 6 April to 24 May, especially 26, 27 April, 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 May; from 30 October to 17 November).

Lucky numbers : 9, 18, 44, 81, 89.

Cancer Health horoscope for 2022

2022 will be a positive year all in all but you will have to put a really insidious combination into the account: laziness plus gluttony! In short, those of you who tend to get fat will have to pay a lot of attention and maybe try to overcome their laziness and move a little more. 

It will take very little, like a walk, a ride on a bicycle or an exercise bike, but constant , like at least thirty minutes every day.

Moderate also at the table: it is not a question of making too bloody sacrifices (life is too short to eat only boiled vegetables!), But of not overdoing it and indulging in your beloved sins of gluttony only occasionally.

You will have a more “sprint” moment in early spring, between April and May, and again between July and August. 

In short, not many months, but still useful to overcome laziness and start, or to address a possible health problem (pre-existing: this 2022 does not threaten health but only aesthetics!). Watch out for the extra pounds then, and everything else: cholesterol, triglycerides, reflux and pressure.

With good nutrition and lots of intelligence, you will keep everything at bay, enjoy life and be fine!

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