Capricorn Yearly Horoscope


Capricorn Yearly Horoscope: Overview for 2022

2022 could be a year to frame . Deserved business or financial success, for example. Or love , which will gratify you with special sensations.

Or, again, a more dynamic private life, with greater satisfaction, fun and pleasure. Or the cottage of your dreams . The stork.

Or something beautiful that will concern the family. In short, something good will come to visit you this year, giving you confidence, smiles and greater serenity than you have experienced in recent years.

Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn want to change many situations, but for the better. Luck ? Jupiter will support you from Pisces until May and from late October to December.

His support will mean well-being, trust and probably also economic fortune. But watch out because between May and October the planet will be in Aries, therefore a potential source of inspiration for an exponential increase in family and housing expenses …

Love horoscope for Capricorns for 2022

How will love go in 2022 for the sign of Capricorn? According to Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces, Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, marvelously. 

You could realize a long cherished dream, let yourself go to passion, discover that, whatever your age, love always finds a way to amaze you and make you dream . The whole sky will invite you to let yourself go to the emotions without fear. 

 It may be that some of you have deep reservations , the fear of feeling vulnerable, of being hurt. Well, the secret is that no one is really safe from disappointment but this should not stop you, on the contrary, it should make you appreciate every wonderful moment you live in all its uniqueness and intensity . 

What the stars promise for this 2022 are these moments, the chance to feel alive and savor the passion and emotions. 

Neptune and Jupiter want to represent vibrant and engaging feelings : it will be difficult to ignore them! If you also put Uranus into the account, which has been surprising for a while (from previous years) and Pluto, which for many years has been changing the way of love of every Capricorn (starting from the first decade, we are now in the third and end of the path …). 

This last transit wants to see your heart transformed in depth: the message is always the same. Let yourself go and enjoy the present moment to the fullest!

Horoscope for Capricorn who are Single in 2022

Even those of you who thought you were done with love this year may find yourself fantasizing about what their life would be like if they had someone special next to them. The Power of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces! 

It will be the power to push you to feel emotions, the power to make even the toughest Capricorns tender and malleable, to soften cynicism and make it romantic! Well, without exaggerating it means, because those who are born round certainly do not end up square. 

However, at least this year you will find yourself more eager for emotions , to savor the feelings, to let yourself go to love and to put aside fences, stakes, no and rules. You will be less of a habit and this will allow you to live with a freedom perhaps never experienced before . 

So, whatever your age, you will be able to experience a rich, exciting period, in which through love, dating, attractions and complicity, you will actually meet yourself , your desires and your dreams, often. set aside out of a sense of duty, to respect self-imposed rules or who knows what else. 

  Will you find the right person? Hard to say a priori: it will certainly be an important year , in which to regain possession of your seduction, feel confident in gestures, looks and learn to, or return to, flirt. The beginning of the year was very beautiful, with Venus still in Capricorn, reached by Mars at the end of January. 

From here until the beginning of March you will have excellent chances; the period between April and May and between early July and August is also very positive. Warm autumn and hot early winter, with the return of the Sun to your Sign and the arrival of the Holidays.

Horoscope for Capricorn who are in a Relationship in 2022

2022 will also be surprising for Capricorn couples. In fact, a year awaits you that could surprise you, especially if you were planning something special, regarding the family, the home or the children . 

For more financially demanding projects, however, the stars of 2022 suggest being cautious between May and October, even if you may be pressured to act differently by your partner or family. To put the favors of heaven to good use this year, you should open yourself completely to your partner , talk and make your free time together as lively and fun as possible. 

Make your relationship a small work of art, to the sound of feelings, words, gestures: you will live your little, extraordinary adventure and you will feel that yes, in this way life has meaning and taste! No habits, no boredom, no dissatisfaction: you have the right, like everyone and your partner, to live a wonderful relationship. 

But this wonderful relationship does not fall from heaven into anyone’s arms: it must be built step by step , choice after choice, tenderness after tenderness. It is never too late to be happy and to make the right choices. 

Only if you feel deep in your heart that there is nothing left and that you cannot do anything to return to cooing, then think about it carefully and make a decision, which is not based on fear, guilt, duty. towards it is not clear what or who. 

Only if you are happy will you be able to make happy the people you love and who live around you. In this sense, the sky will send you a precise message, with a retrogradation of Venus in Capricorn at the beginning and at the end of the year. Venus, the goddess of love, who will turn the feelings and the spotlight on what you want . You will not be able to ignore it!

Career Horoscope for Capricorns for 2022

Finally good news, no ifs and buts! If you are wondering how 2022 will go in the work for the Sign of Capricorn , the answer will give you without hesitation Jupiter in Pisces, generous giver of luck and well-being.

This transit, together with the equally favorable one of Uranus in Taurus, could have the power to change the cards and make you take off towards success, especially if you have been trying for some time without ever succeeding. 

In short, this 2022 seems to mark the right time to try , to launch a particular initiative, to set up on your own and groped for the big leap. If, on the other hand, you are in a career or are looking for a job, trust yourself , your skills and your resources.

And if what you have seems inadequate to what the market is asking for, then upgrade your skills , commit to improving your professionalism and learning something new. 

Stay on track because this year could really serve you the opportunities you’ve been waiting for. Particularly special is the beginning of the year, the arrival of spring , and the magical moment between April and May, when you could welcome an unexpected but very lucky novelty.

If you are a freelancer, put your resentments aside and be objective: after all, it didn’t go too badly if you’re still here. If you have turned the page, it will mean that it will be time to roll up your sleeves and take new paths . However, in business and commerce, this 2022 promises to be very favorable. 

Financial Horoscope for Capricorns for 2022

Money, this stranger ! However, if you know it, you know how to best use it. And this will be your talent in a year that will see you benefiting from astral favors that are excellent for money, but also the target of unexpected expenses, which, needless to say, will most likely concern your home, family and children . 

Overall, however, it seems that 2022 will be one of those rare years in which income could exceed expenses: putting aside a sum seems almost a forbidden dream these days, but if you are skilled at the right point you could even succeed in ‘ business.

Where to aim ? On savings, the first item to be followed carefully. Then on the extra income, replenish thanks to a part time or business that will spin much better. Or on the sale of objects and other things that you no longer use but that can help you recover a lot of spent pennies.

Lucky numbers and periods

Who says Fortuna says chance and unpredictability! However, if there is one aspect that can represent the luck, it is that of Jupiter who will stay with you favoring you until May 10th and again from October 28th to December 20th. If we want to select more precise days, write down these moments. From January 21st to February 14th. From 12 April to 2 May (fabulous between 26 and 2!), From 12 to 16 November.

Lucky numbers : 1, 5, 39, 77, 88.

Health horoscope for Capricorns for 2022

This year what will stand out could be a newfound inner confidence , which will reveal itself in the form of serenity, relaxation, a greater desire to enjoy life. 

But when it comes to pleasures to be enjoyed, the gluttony is often at the forefront , not just entertainment, free time and so on. Jupiter will stimulate you throughout the year (in both Pisces and Aries) while Saturn will remain indifferent.

 And these aspects could translate into weight gain, for those who obviously tend to gain weight (blessed are those with a fast metabolism, because they will be the kingdom of calories!). 

In short, be careful, and without depriving yourself of everything (how sad it would be…), moderate yourselves because it takes a moment to gain weight, to lose it instead a whole life of sacrifices. 

For the rest, however, you will be fine , and it will be noticed by the skin, by the look, by the serenity of your gestures. It would not be bad to practice a little more sport: try not to find too many excuses and get busy with more effort.

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