Gemini Yearly Horoscope


The year will be quite successful, especially for those Gemini who are not afraid to show themselves and their abilities one hundred percent. The beginning of the year (winter months) will test your diplomacy, your ability to make useful contacts and, most importantly, keep them for a long time. This can be a real challenge, especially for those Gemini who are not used to delving into relationships and prefer novelty and freshness of emotions to long-term stable connections. Try to still focus on those partners (both personal and work) who are really important to you.

At the very beginning of April, the conjunction of Mercury (and he just controls your sign) with Neptune will usher in a new period – you can call it a period of increased intellectual activity, as well as expansion of contacts. What you have sown and begun to grow in winter will give the first shoots in spring. And what they will be depends only on you.

Summer 2020 will be held under the auspices of rest and relaxation, no important events are foreseen, besides those that will simply reveal your abilities even more. And yes – this summer will be very fertile for love and tender feelings, so use your time wisely: go on a romantic trip together or go on a trip alone: ​​in a distant country, you will definitely meet someone who can become a part of your life.

The opposition of Mercury and Uranus in November will remind of the need to make decisions quickly, focusing only on the current state of affairs. But the Gemini never had a problem with this, so it remains to be hoped that the misfires will not occur in the fall of 2020. 

Horoscope for Gemini women for 2020

In the spring of 2020, Gemini women are waiting for changes, but in what area they will occur, astrologers do not give an exact answer. This can be a radical change in the image, the emergence of new hobbies and acquaintances that will bring other interests to life. In the second half of the year, the life of Gemini women will sparkle with bright colors: exciting trips await her, she will try her hand at new hobbies, which she had previously thought about.

2020 is passing under the sign of new opportunities, so you need to apply maximum energy, not refuse incoming offers, even adventures – the White Rat will patronize you, finally it is time to live for your pleasure. The year does not promise career growth or increased income for Gemini women, but it will not be boring and will be remembered for completely different things, astrologers assure.

Horoscope for Gemini men for 2020

Representatives of this sign have a characteristic drawback – they like to transfer important decisions to later. To finally be sure of something, they will “ripen” for a long time. But in the Year of the White Rat, such tactics will only get in the way. You need to act without putting things on the back burner, sometimes you will have to deal with several projects at once, so there is no time to relax. Only composure and dedication will help improve the financial situation, grow up the career ladder. The dividends received as a result of the new rhythm of life will give rise to new grandiose ideas for the future.

Astrologers advise Gemini men in the current year to act as they themselves deem appropriate, and not follow the advice of others. Family Gemini will become even closer with their other half, and bachelors will have interesting novels, one of which can turn into something serious. If you feel that someone needs your help, feel free to substitute a strong shoulder.

Gemini love horoscope for 2020

If you are in search of the second half, then there is not long to wait: the right moment has come. In 2020, Gemini has a lot of chances to connect a heart with a lover, but this will have to act, and not wait for love to fall on your head. The novel promises to be fast-paced, and if you feel that you suit each other – why bide your time? You will have time to fully get to know each other, to be imbued with mutual tastes and interests, and it may be that the next 2021 you will meet together, perhaps already as legal spouses.

For those Gemini who are already related by family ties, relationship problems are possible. Resentment, misunderstanding will arise, one of the partners will be dissatisfied with the behavior of the other. It is possible that one of the spouses will have a side romance. In a word, astrologers predict difficulties for couples in which there is a Gemini. In any case, for all Gemini, 2020 will be rich in feelings and experiences – in different aspects.

Gemini’s financial horoscope for 2020

The Metal Rat patronizes the collected and decisive, so Gemini should make every effort to improve their financial situation. They should stop wasting money on empty desires. It is better to invest the released amount wisely in order to receive good dividends in the future.

This year, astrologers promise people born under the constellation Gemini to receive unexpected profits. For example, they can win the lottery or receive an inheritance, a large prize. And this grace of fate will occur precisely when the need for money arises especially acutely. It is important not to waste the entire amount on dubious pleasures, but to properly manage your finances: invest them in a profitable business, buy shares, etc.

Gemini health horoscope for 2020

Gemini do not like hospitals and any treatment very much. They cannot be forced to visit a doctor until the state of their health becomes very bad. On the other hand, they are very susceptible to advertising of various miraculous remedies and are happy to buy all kinds of dietary supplements, vitamins that promise eternal youth and beauty. At the same time, the Gemini are actively violating the regime: they drink liters of coffee, abuse alcohol, and rarely go out into the open air. Of course, with such a lifestyle, no magic pills will save you. Only a healthy diet and respect for health will help to maintain vigor and strength longer. 

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