Gemini Yearly Horoscope

August 2022

Gemini Yearly Horoscope: Overview 2022

A favorable year full of goals awaits you, but you will experience some pitfalls, which if unmasked in time and carefully you will render harmless and harmless.

These are Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces which could represent confusion and fears , sometimes unjustified and sometimes quite appropriate. This transit, however, will be cornered by the favorable one of Saturn in Aquarius, which will make you more solid and rational than ever.

So, when faced with any doubts, stop for a moment and think : there will always be an excellent Plan B! Furthermore, between May and October Jupiter in Aries will give you great opportunities .

Not to mention Mars, which from August will be placed in Gemini where it will remain until next 2023! For you it will mean unstoppable determination, willpower, passion and enthusiasm . Just what you needed!

Gemini love horoscope for 2022

2022 seems to be a very eventful year . Even to the most detached and rational of you the heart could offer intense emotions, with a thousand shades ; the game will be played right here: on the countless shades, aspects and colors of feelings.

Do not expect anything unique, but all multifaceted and multifaceted, prismatic and iridescent . Some of you, as good Gemini, are already used to managing one thing and its opposite, accepting that every aspect of reality has its downside.

But others may feel displaced, lost, disoriented , and here are doubts, fears, inner eddies and whirlwinds of thoughts. Which could even force you into a hellish circle of destabilizing sensations. In short, with Jupiter in Pisces, and Neptune in the same Sign, this year you will have to take a step back as soon as the mechanism contained in your little head is set in motion.

Providential Saturn in Aquarius , which will help you stay cooler and more rational: stop and reflect. Luckily, Jupiter will drop by in Aries between May and October, where it will give you warm emotions and lots of enthusiasm . Furthermore, from August Mars will be placed in Gemini, where it will remain until the end of the year. He will mean grit, passion, eroticism, sensuality and a lot, a lot of determination: what you needed!

Horoscope for Gemini who are Single: for 2022

At first glance, 2022 does not seem to be a fabulous year for singles, as it will start with a nervous and slow pace, too slow. But don’t be fooled because it won’t be like that at all and let these first few months go by, not very encouraging. Perhaps you will be struggling with memories of previous stories , or you will remain focused on other issues , family or work, or in any case personal and unrelated to love. Be that as it may, for you the time X will start from the beginning of March .

Until April you will enjoy a particular phase, in which to increase the circle of friendships, carefully evaluate who you are in front of, understand what you really want. Take advantage of this phase as it will help you get through the next few months. In fact, between April and May you could experience one of the most agitated periods (together with the beginning of 2022), in which you will doubt, get depressed, torment yourself with conflicting thoughts and moods .

If you like a person, try to keep your feet on the ground and listen to the wise advice of those who love you. Your heart may be blindfolded during this time! But from May itself here is that slowly the sky will give you many positive emotions : Jupiter, Venus and at the end of the month also Mars will pass into Aries, intent on giving you passion, new acquaintances, sympathy and sex appeal .

In short, everything changes and everything passes, and now will be the right time to pass a good swipe on the past and look to the future with hope and trust. If that weren’t enough, from August here comes Mars in Gemini, which will make you unstoppable, gritty, passionate : the right transit for uncertain singles looking for authentic emotions!

Horoscope for Gemini who are in a Relationship: for 2022

The most important projects for each couple are safe, in the hands of Saturn in Aquarius! 2022 seems to be a year of stability, favorable to material initiatives, but you will have to pay attention to several pitfalls, hidden in the transit of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, the latter hostile only until May and between October and December. The duet could push you to commit financially well beyond your possibilities, so the suggestion will be to always take into account the X factor, that of unexpected and unexpected situations.

Or, if your economic and family situation is solid, it could represent a phase of uncertainty in the relationship itself, in which you will question many things, or you will feel the need to live the story with more excitement than ever.

Or, again, here you are doubting your partner’s affection, suspecting who knows what and setting strange mechanisms into motion. In any case, hold on tight, because until May you will go through yes (few) and other no (more marked) moments. From this month on, however, the astral landscape changes, it becomes promising for concrete projects, hot for emotions, special for passion .

So a minimum of courage and commitment on your part will be enough to regain the momentum lost in those negative thoughts and restore new luster to the relationship. Take advantage of the end of spring and a good part of summer to find complicity with your partner and do not miss the opportunity to organize romantic events just for the two of you. In the autumn some thoughts emerge again, but they could be related to the school of the children (if you have any), to some concern for them, or to the profession, if you are younger.

Nothing that you cannot solve and face: the recommendation of the stars is to face every situation together , as a team, as a couple. In December, say goodbye to Jupiter in Pisces and welcome Jupiter in Aries: it will be your Christmas present for a more linear next year!

Gemini’s Career horoscope for 2022

Saturn in favor represents a positive transit , especially for the profession. In fact, its support will be aimed at stability, the rationalization of commitments and will offer you a pragmatic point of view that will help you make informed and correct decisions .

 In 2022, however, having Saturn as an ally will also mean being able to counter Jupiter against, which in itself is an undemanding transit, but this year it will join Neptune in Pisces, thus representing an obstacle to be faced with caution . The greatest pitfall will be impulsiveness, acting by letting oneself be carried away by fears, by the irrational, by the general current. 

Think with your head and stay with your feet on the ground : the most complicated moments, the months of January, the first part of spring and the end of summer. If the professional commitment could always be punctual, Jupiter and Neptune instead will threaten above all the investments related to their own businesses (read the chapter on money: continuous ups and downs). Luckily, between May and October at least Jupiter will loosen its grip and will pass into Aries, where she will give you security, trust and also many opportunities . 

From August Mars passes into your Sign, in Gemini, and will be a source of grit and tenacity, but in some cases, especially in late autumn, it could stimulate impulsiveness a little too much. Think and stay rational: Mars plus Saturn represent a formidable team , able to help you overcome any type of obstacle and perfect for achieving any goal .

Gemini’s financial horoscope for 2022

In 2022 you will have your opportunities to improve the delicate economic aspect but you will have to be cautious and attentive to the smallest detail. 

In fact, Jupiter in Pisces represents some risks, linked above all to investments, mortgages and loans , which will be better evaluated with caution and realism. Do not commit and wait: a subsequent unexpected event could make you regret a possible rash choice . 

The best time will go in the heart of the year, with Jupiter making a detour to Aries between May and October and where it will return from the end of December. In this period you could welcome good opportunities , but it will still be revenue, small business, while for a more demanding expenditure chapter it will be convenient to stay with your feet on the ground, especially if you want to invest to expand the business.

Lucky numbers and periods

2022 will be a swing year , in which good luck will now look at you smiling, now it will turn its back on you. In any case, never pull the rope, and always be cautious, because the luck will be really capricious and you will not be able to count on it with the utmost confidence! THE 

luckier periods will remain few but excellent and really good especially for profession and every occasion in which you need the support of luck, and limited by the passage of Jupiter, in Aries from 11 May to 28 October and from 20 December onwards (especially between 25 May and 2 June; between 26 June and 2 July; between 15 August and 2 September). 

Lucky numbers : 15, 33, 41, 81, 84.

Gemini health horoscope for 2022

On fitness and energy this year you could be in pole position ! Unfortunately, however, until August, when Mars passes into Gemini and will remain there until December, you will have to put some fluctuations in the account.

However, these are in all likelihood moments of sluggishness and listlessness due to the enormous expenditure of mental energy: simply said, you will think too much !

But above all you will think badly: you will mistrust someone, you will imagine the worst, you will cultivate doubts, anger or who knows what other negative emotion. Well, it would be enough to engage in the famous positive thinking to surely recover inner energy, serenity and consequently also greater physical resistance.

If you have a problem, hold on tight, because from late spring there will be a very fast and effective recovery for you .

Mars in Gemini will mean a lot of grit, physical endurance, muscle strength and the possibility of practicing sports with excellent results.

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