Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope


Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope: Overview for 2022

A very dynamic year awaits you, in which you will have to face some changes but which in the long term will prove to be positive for you and your personal growth.

Saturn in Aquarius will also remain your anchor of rationality, stability and thoughtful and far-sighted decisions in 2022 but Neptune in Pisces will receive a hand from Jupiter in the same sign until May and again from late October to December.

Neptune and Jupiter you already know from the previous year that they could cause doubts, confusing circumstances, create ambiguity in family relationships, in matters related to the house or finances in general . So keep your eyes open and maximum caution in these matters, so as to avoid any problems.

Between May and October Jupiter will peep out in Aries, a transit that will give you enthusiasm and luck .

So, as you can see, also the possibility of being able to improve and make a qualitative leap. 

From August, Mars will be placed in Gemini, where it could sow discord in already quarrelsome couples. Watch out for this transit if you care about your partner , ignore the provocations !

Love horoscope for Sagittarius for 2022

What will happen in 2022 for the love of those born with the Sign of Sagittarius ? This year’s horoscope could herald even more dynamic situations than the previous year. Meanwhile, in the account you will have to put your urgency , agitated by Mars which will often be in aspect (not always linear …) with your Sign. 

The problem, however, will concern the inner clarity , clouded by Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces, which will stir your emotions, making you feel even one thing and its opposite!

So, despite the urgency, the haste and all your passionate flammability , you will have to be very careful not to act too hastily, at least until you have a clear picture of the situation. The point will be that everything will seem so clear to you in the moment that it is crystal clear.

But Jupiter will give you a gift; in fact, between May and October he will pass into Aries, your great ally Sign, where he will help you recover certainties and serenity. 

In this regard, you will also have the support of Saturn, which in Aquarius will always remain your solid, only certain and granite point of reference . In short, rationality awaits you, but, who knows why, you will often prefer to get there following the most tortuous path.

On the other hand, with your choices you will live an almost adventurous year, full of events set in motion by your emotions , so even if you will often experience tiring moments, at least you will not get bored. 

If you are looking only for tranquility and stability, it will not be enough for you to look inside yourself, where the pragmatism signed Saturn, your permanent center of gravity , will always be waiting for you.

Horoscope for Sagittarius who are Single in 2022

In this eventful climate, singles will surely find their match! It will only be necessary to pay attention to your emotions, which could create perspective games , perhaps even delude you. 

Saturn in fact advises you to stay with your feet on the ground, to welcome every new knowledge with openness and joy, but before signing a pact that includes your commitment for eternity , think about it very, very long.

Because you yourself might change your mind later, meet someone you like best, or realize it was just a momentary pull of the senses . In short, be careful, enjoy the moment but take it one step at a time. 

The easy enthusiasms will be ignited by Mars, which will always remain a lively stimulus , both when she rows against you and when she favors you.

After all, 2022 begins precisely with Mars in Sagittarius and if a good morning starts in the morning … However, consider that it will end with Mars in the opposition, given that the red planet of eros will enter Gemini in the second half of August and will not come out more.

This last transit could make you even more flammable, considering that Jupiter, in Aries and therefore favorable between May and October and again from the end of December, represents exciting encounters , which will make you super enthusiastic. How will it end? 

According to the wise Saturn, if you are careful, you will evaluate well, you will deepen your knowledge without preconceptions, without closures and distrust, well: whether you meet your soul mate or not, you will still live a dynamic, interesting year, full of experiences and emotions.

Horoscope for Sagittarius who are in a Relationship in 2022

2022 could be a busy year due to the many likely comparisons with partner or family, but looking forward it still looks very positive for your relationship! In fact, this could be the right year to solve some problems that you may be pretending not to see. 

Some irritating dynamics in the family, if you live together or if relatives interfere with the couple (parents who do not approve of the choice, for example, or interference from previous exes, if there are children in common. The possible examples are really numerous).

Or, projects not shared in a practical context , which will end up igniting dormant grudges, with the risk of unloading frustrations and boredom on the partner (you on him / her, or he / she on you) . In short, it is better to move with caution, if you care, because the emotions involved will be very many and could lead you both towards heaven and towards hell.

Much will depend on your reactions but also on the underlying situation on which these complex transits will affect. In short, the sky itself will not be responsible for anything, because it will only magnify what already exists. But you who already know it, stop and immediately reflect on what you really want from love and from your partner.

Do you want more passion ? Live everyday life with more enthusiasm? Or do you dream of an officialization , complete with a stork and a house of your own? Or again, do you know that your heart is now double-ended and you stay with your partner out of a sense of duty, or worse still, out of guilt? 

In short, take a good look at yourself, your emotions and your feelings. And then make your decision, consistently with what you want . And so you will remember this 2022 as the beginning of a fabulous time in your life.

Career horoscope for Sagittarius for 2022

How will work go in 2022 for the sign of Sagittarius? To answer this delicate question Saturn immediately appears, which from Aquarius will equip you with firmness, tenacity and desire for stability. 

However, until May and again from the end of October to the end of December, Jupiter will be in Pisces, where together with Neptune he will try to confuse your ideas and make you pursue unattainable projects , based on illusory premises or will make you see a situation as worse than in reality has solution.

With you, there will always be the same Jupiter who between May and the end of October and again from the end of December will help you to recover optimism (if you have succumbed to pessimism and despair) or to find better, more practicable and realistic solutions .

In short, it will really be like a magician with a magic wand, who will now make the opportunities disappear, now you will need them by making them appear out of nowhere! 

So be careful , because this 2022 seems to go on in jolts, jolts and novelties, but with a little attention they will not be unexpected news, but the consequence of mechanisms that will start from a precise origin and that you can then modify or refuse in the race.

If you are looking for work , keep your feet on the ground, rational and farsighted as Saturn will want you. Being satisfied does not mean accepting a defeat, but taking time to find better opportunities. 

And to grab these best opportunities, always remember that skills and professionalism must be treated, updated and constantly improved.

Financial horoscope for Sagittarius for 2022

2022 will look a lot like 2021 when it comes to finances . However, it will not be entirely identical. In fact, the exasperations, both in a more and less sense, will be more pronounced. 

The responsibility will be with Jupiter, which when it transits into Pisces, approaching Neptune could raise a smokescreen between you and clarity (which will affect every aspect, but for money it could mean bad choices, rash spending, or even cheating and loss of money: eyes open!).

On the other hand, when the planet is in Aries (between May and October and from the end of December onwards) it will give you excellent opportunities to increase your income. In short, even for the money it is no longer the mid-seasons!

Lucky numbers and periods

You will have already guessed that this 2022 could give you surprises also with regard to Fortune! Better not take anything for granted and avoid spending too much money at the green table. The diagram of the luck will be clear: yes only between 11 May and 28 October and from 20 December . Some probable best days : May 25, 26, June 4, 5, 13, 21, 22, August 12 to 23, September 30, October 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 .

Lucky numbers : 11, 37, 59, 71, 83.

Sagittarius Health horoscope for 2022

This 2022 will begin with jokes and jokes and will end up pesto and sad! In fact, Mars will not often be your ally and you will have to face a long, very long period of fatigue and lack of energy. 

But let’s go in order: you will live well in January, and between March and mid-April and from the end of May to the beginning of July . 

In these moments you will have energy, strength, vitality and you will be very ready to let everyday life and difficulties eat dust. These same moments will encourage sport, problem solving, and health in general. 

Between mid-April and May and from mid-August until the end of December, however, you will have to fly low, take care of yourself, never pull the rope. 

Manage your energies wisely , which will really go on the swing and try not to be careless and reckless. With a little patience, even these tiring months will end without a trace.

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