Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope


Sagittarius will be able to reach a qualitatively new level of development in the new 2020. All efforts should be devoted to professional growth and maintaining the proper level of energy, health care. In personal life, no global changes are expected: those Sagittarius who already have a couple are likely to remain in a relationship, while free representatives of the sign are unlikely to start new ones. However, the renewal of old ties is possible: former friends and love partners may return.

February will be the month of important exams: both career and freedom and endurance. Try to focus on the goal and not be distracted by heavy thoughts about what is currently missing. Your mind and your courage will help you overcome all obstacles and demonstrate yourself as a true leader and professional in your field.

At the beginning of May, Sagittarius can plan a trip far, far: the stars predict a time of peace and quiet, even isolation: after a period of tough socialization, a long-awaited rest will come. You can also spend this time with your family if the relationship is really close.

In the middle of summer, the stars will give Sagittarius some excellent opportunities to improve their financial situation: take everything at once. It is better to spend money on improving your home and health. Go through the necessary diagnostics, which have been postponed for a long time, buy a gym membership. Large purchases: a car or an apartment, for example, can also be made until the beginning of November.

November and December 2020 stars are advised to devote to leisurely philosophical reflections – you have worked hard enough this year.

Horoscope for Sagittarius women for 2020

The Sagittarius woman always achieves her goals due to her independent character, light disposition. But if earlier all the forces were spent on meeting basic needs, such as buying a car, technology, travel, then in 2020 there will be a need for self-improvement. And it is worth moving in this direction.

Perhaps there will be a desire to get a new education, master foreign languages, increase the level of professionalism. Or you will be pulled in a completely different direction – the area of ​​personal growth, spiritual practices. The knowledge gained this year will pay off with interest in the future, even if at first it seems like an empty idea. Therefore, if such a desire has already appeared, it can be embodied already from the beginning of the year – the stars favor this.

Horoscope for Sagittarius men for 2020

Divorced Sagittarius Man, who is used to living lightly and easily, will want to start a family this year. Such a fierce desire to appear under the influence of the lady of the year – the pious Rat. The Universe will fulfill such a request – closer to the middle of the year, it is possible to meet with a true soul mate. Don’t miss this moment to finally find happiness.

But married Sagittarius Men will want to improve the living conditions of their family – to make repairs, acquire a new home, arrange a joint trip. And for this you will have to look for new opportunities to earn money. But you shouldn’t start a new business and be more careful with people who rush to make responsible financial decisions. All this can end in complete failure.

The patroness of the year appreciates grateful people, encourages them in every possible way. Therefore, in 2020, the funds spent on the health of parents and improving their well-being will fully return in an equally pleasant form.

Love horoscope for Sagittarius for 2020

This year, the love front promises to be calm. Free Sagittarius do not need to embark on an active search, because all good things will happen by themselves – just let go of the situation. By the end of the year, you can still find true happiness and enjoy it to the fullest. It is important not to miss this moment, so that personal life finally returns to normal.

Family Sagittarius are going through a turning point in their relationship. But in the end, everything will end well – you can overcome differences, and the relationship will only grow stronger. The main thing during this period is not to break the wood, not to make rash decisions. It is in your power to preserve love by making the bond stronger and stronger.

Financial horoscope for Sagittarius for 2020

Work for Sagittarius is of great importance – they always do their job well, the management counts on them. But despite the analytical mindset and practicality, they tend to unconditionally trust their business partners, colleagues and employers. Such blind trust has more than once led to sad consequences.

Therefore, in the year of the Rat, you must first of all follow your interests, slightly relegating the interests of other people to the background. This will open up new financial opportunities, increase your income and improve your standard of living. There is a possibility of promotion, or you will receive a favorable offer for a new job. The patroness of the year favors persistent, respectable workers, so even in a new field, you can unleash your potential, while achieving financial independence.

Sagittarius health horoscope for 2020

Health Sagittarius is always put in the first place, they try to undergo preventive examinations on time and prevent diseases, and not treat neglected pathologies. And even if a Sagittarius has bad habits, he always tries to compensate for their effect through proper nutrition and physical activity.

But Sagittarius often go too far with physical activity, so in 2020 it is worth saving your knees, especially in the case of long runs, aerobic exercise. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the state of the gastrointestinal tract, liver – it makes sense to cleanse the body. Moreover, it is better to do such procedures under the guidance of an experienced doctor.

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