Scorpio Yearly Horoscope


Scorpio Yearly Horoscope: Overview for 2022

An eventful year awaits you but certainly with greater advantages than you might suspect. In fact, if Uranus and Saturn continue undeterred to put a spoke in the wheels for the whole year, in 2022 you will receive the fabulous support of Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter until May and from October to December.

These friendly transits will help you to cultivate tenacity and intuition , they will strengthen creativity and originality skills that will allow you to stand out in work, in the private sector and in any area you need to stand out and turn.

However, you will have to learn to move as if there were quicksand under your feet: the mischievous duet Uranus and Saturn does not encourage stability and at times will make you feel without reference points.

This is why intuition, enhanced by Neptune, will be providential: it will show you the way and suggest how it could end …

Scorpio Love horoscope for 2022

How will love go in 2022 for the Sign of Scorpio? The sky smiles, even if it continues to reserve unexpected situations for you. 

The sweet caress of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will really fall by the way this year, because it will encourage emotionality, stimulate the imagination , increase the emotional potential and smooth out that bit of harshness symbolized by Saturn in Aquarius who, in league with Uranus in Taurus.

Also this year will continue to offer you challenging events and surprises . In short, a fairly lively picture, even if it will be for different reasons from case to case.

The passion will be enlivened by the duet Jupiter and Neptune, fabulous above all to create a seductive atmosphere, full of imagination, in which you can express the best of your charm and your desires. 

You will be able to create complicity, attraction, arouse fantasies and arouse deep and authentic sensations.

This transit, however, also announces another aspect of eroticism: the possibility of putting the stork in the pipeline. Creative all the way, since Jupiter and Neptune really enhance creativity.

In short, despite all the unknowns still present in your sky and therefore in your heart, you will certainly appreciate this 2022 very much , at least more than the previous year!

Horoscope for Scorpio who are Single in 2022

Your imagination will be highly flammable . So it might take very little to spark your interest. Like a deeper look than the others, a seductive nod, a perfume that will strike the imagination. From here to subsequent developments, however , many things could happen , not all of which are exactly predictable. 

If Jupiter and Neptune make you available for love and increase the number of possible opportunities, Uranus will remain the godfather of the unexpected, ready to upset all your projects.

On the other hand, if there is a transit that can be compared to love at first sight , those that will form in your sky are very close. In itself, however, a love at first sight does not guarantee that the sequel should be smooth. 

And this 2022, with Saturn still at the ribs, could still propose difficulties, obstacles, impediments or delays of various kinds which, however, you, tenacious and combative as you are and as you will be, will eat in a single bite.

If there is love, every battle is worth fighting! If there is reciprocated love: before starting in the fourth and launching in the rest, probe the soul and heart of the person you are interested in

Not everyone is able to withstand your intensity and to keep your interest always on you need people who know how to stimulate you, not passively give in to your charm and become puppets just waiting for someone to pull their strings.

Maybe this second situation can have interesting implications, especially in the eroticism and at the beginning, but in the long run it bores you, so be careful not to exchange a momentary passion for true and eternal love. Very good January until the beginning of March and between April and May, in summer, November and December.

Horoscope for Scorpio who are in a Relationship in 2022

How will the relationship go in 2022 for Scorpio? If you’ve had problems before and your relationship is based on love, you may finally turn the page with doubts and uncertainties and travel to a more passionate and engaging complicity. 

However, this will help you to face the probable practical obstacles, symbolized by Saturn against, which could delay, but never prevent, from fully realizing all your projects.

Being able to refer to your partner as an accomplice, at this juncture will prove to be fundamental for your mood, for the courage it will give you and also to deepen the strength of the relationship itself. 

In short, 2022 could be a fabulous year to grow together with your sweetheart, even if not always smooth, as it could happen between early March and April or between early July and mid-August. 

These periods may be complex but you will be able to face them and overcome them in a great way. The situation is different for those of you who can’t stand it any more than an intrusive, boring partner or who knows what else.

If frustration and fatigue characterize your relationship, these same moments, complex even for close-knit couples, could turn out to be disastrous and involve continuous discussions, memorable arguments or even a twist that will overturn the projects so far cherished. In short, be prudent but above all be far-sighted: if you are looking for a break or a change of another type, why not be the one to take the reins and choose for yourself instead of waiting for a chance coincidence to do it for you? 

In the second case, the events could leave their mark even beyond your will, in the first case, if you are the one to act, you will do it with tact and foresight.

Either way, caveats aside, you will have a special year that will allow the passion to take off. So, if this were the only problem, take action and commit yourself to organize frequent moments to spend in intimacy with your partner. 

Do family, duties and fatigue prevent this? You are right, but you have to find a way around these obstacles! For the daring, heaven promises a lot of complicity and intense sensations in return. It will be worth trying, right?

Scorpio Career horoscope for 2022

How will work for the Scorpio sign go in 2022? You will have to find the answer in your great creative ability, a mix of fantasy, imagination and intuition that will allow you to always stay one step ahead of difficulties and competition

In this way, you will be able to seize interesting opportunities or, if fate struggles to come forward, even create them yourself, with your own strategy. For these gifts thank Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, your tutelary deities also for the profession.

For the obstacles, however, the person responsible will always be that spiteful of Saturn, who will still make your projects and your commitment tiring and slow. But think that every drop of this sweat could be useful. 

Many of you would gladly do without it, especially those struggling with heavy job uncertainties, such as a corporate restructuring that could also lead to a staff cut. Don’t wait for your fears to come true or fade like fog in the sun; rather act, look for alternatives, update skills.

Do nothing, here is the worst way to experience this transit which together with Uranus, also unfavorable, could represent difficult and complex conditions. Not for all Scorpios, of course, because some of you, depending on the decade and personal aspects, may remember this year as a memorable one for successes. 

So never give up: you could be part of the lucky group, which, even if not numerous, will be there. Hold on and make the right choices , especially between March and April between July and August. The remaining months, on the other hand, could give you many more fluid situations.

Scorpio Financial horoscope for 2022

Jupiter in favor often results in a particular look from the famous blindfolded goddess. The planet will be in Pisces until May 10th and again from October 28th to December 20th. 

However, he will never be completely free to assert himself, because he will have to “bargain” with Saturn, a symbol instead of the short arm with a money theme! Overall, however, if you indulge in the right choices, you could find yourself at the end of the year with a positive balance sheet .

You will have to carefully evaluate the expenses related to the bureaucracy, check the outgoings and establish a certain margin for the unexpected , which will remain the most insidious unknown factor of your astral picture. Be foresighted and shrewd, and you could do some great deals .

Lucky numbers and periods

2022 will be a year full of unexpected situations, especially in the economic sphere . Lady luck could also come and visit you but remember to always stay on the minimum bet. However, take good times as good for business as well, not just for the green table. When? From January 1st to March 6th; from April 16 to May 24 (especially April 26 and 27); from 29 October to 20 December (especially 12, 13, 14 November).

Lucky numbers : 7, 8, 12, 43, 78.

Scorpio Health horoscope for 2022

2022 will not be a memorable year for energy but compared to the previous one you will certainly go great for how you will feel inside. In fact you will be stronger , more available, more attentive to your well-being. 

Jupiter in Pisces will give you greater serenity and will also push you to cultivate the pleasures of the throat a little too much, so be careful if you tend to get fat and are greedy .

If you are attentive to the line, do not worry: Saturn against has many disadvantages, but it is perfect for those who want to lose weight, because it represents restrictions, even food . The most complex moments, in which physical and inner fatigue could even go hand in hand, will remain confined between early March and April and between July and August .

They will be the most insidious periods, as you can see, however, not infinite, compared to all the other months in which you will do much better.

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