Scorpio Yearly Horoscope


Scorpios will be able to reach any heights this year: 2020 will be intense enough that you will not get bored. At the beginning of the year, you will be predominantly focused on your career and health issues, and your relationships will fade into the background. But everything will change at the beginning of March: many Scorpios will be involved in new relationships that will start by themselves. Connections will be sudden: you will be attracted to people with a similar worldview and similar views.

In May, Scorpios will receive a pleasant offer: it may relate to work or personal life, but in any case it will contain the opportunity to increase their social status. The stars advise Scorpios to moderate their ardor and regulate their passion when it comes to something serious. Try to understand not only your own, but also other people’s feelings – although this is more difficult for you than for representatives of other signs.

From the middle of June, Scorpios will reach the home stretch: you will “pass exams” in absolutely all spheres of life. Health, work, personal relationships will require all your strength and energy from you. Act thoughtfully, do not make hasty decisions and do not be discouraged if for a moment it seems that things are really bad. The stars promise support in any situation during this difficult period.

By September, the tension will subside, and the Scorpios will reach the home stretch. It will be necessary to push for the last time (closer to the end of September), and by the end of the year it will be possible to calmly count your trophies. 

Horoscope for Scorpio women for 2020

The Scorpio woman lives like on a theatrical stage, attracting attention to herself with various acting tricks – innuendo, languid glances, intrigues. The rat does not accept this, appreciates straightforwardness and openness in people, so you should abandon the usual tricks. And she also recommends this year for Scorpio Women to stop looking for the perfect man, because he can be found among people from close circle. Perhaps it will be far from ideal, but it is best suited for the Scorpio Woman. Also, among your acquaintances, close friends, you will find a reliable business partner who will help you achieve success in the business you have started.

This year, the Scorpio Woman can boldly set high goals and go forward. At first, you will have to leave your comfort zone, push yourself, but the path traveled will become a matter of pride.

Horoscope for Scorpio men for 2020

The confidence of the Scorpio Men in their own strength knows no obstacles – they believe in themselves, always move towards their intended goal. But often excessive emotionality acts as an obstacle, which can ruin everything at the most crucial moment. You can fail at the final stage, or make the wrong decision under the influence of emotion. That is why in the year of the Rat, Scorpios must learn to restrain themselves – to think over actions, manage anger and emotions. If you can achieve this, you will receive a nice bonus from the Rat throughout the year – an unexpected win, a bonus, a pleasant adventure.

In addition, Scorpio Men should more often let go of the situation, accepting life as it is. Thanks to this, you can bring many pleasant changes into life.

Scorpio love horoscope for 2020

This year in the love sphere promises to be harmonious for Scorpios. The stars are conducive to the birth of a child that has been expected and planned for so long. A calm and peaceful emotional state will allow you to look at motherhood and fatherhood from a positive side, even if you previously felt very negative about it.

Family Scorpios should pay more attention to each other. Especially if the meeting with the second half happened quite recently – literally last year. You should not take the advice of friends and loved ones, but try to normalize your personal life in peace and quiet – alone with each other.

If Scorpios ended a painful relationship last year, 2020 will begin with a sense of emptiness. All courtship and new acquaintances will not bring pleasure, even cause negative feelings. But there is a chance to find your soul mate among someone from the inner circle – perhaps earlier this person has already shown sympathy, but all attempts were unsuccessful. It’s time to take a closer look – maybe you are just running from your happiness, wasting time on useless searches.

Scorpio financial horoscope for 2020

From the beginning of spring, Scorpio should keep track of expenses and income in order to control its own budget. Invest part of the money in such an enterprise, from where it will not be so easy to get it – thanks to this, by the end of the year you will be able to save up a decent amount of money.

In general, the year foreshadows many opportunities, by agreeing to which one can close large financial goals – loans, mortgages, help parents or make long-awaited repairs. But you shouldn’t start a new business or invest in long-term projects in 2020, as this will not bring the expected result. It’s just that the time for such investments has not yet come.

Scorpio health horoscope for 2020

Scorpios are very scrupulous about their health, therefore they do not miss preventive examinations, and always visit doctors at the first sign of illness. But the coming year will be so filled with events and experiences that there will be less time for health. Therefore, it is worth taking care of prevention – to monitor the daily regimen, be less nervous and sleep a sufficient amount of time. If your strength is at the limit, you need to take a break, rest, and not wait for complete devastation. There is a possibility of dental problems, so treatment will require a significant amount.

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