Taurus Yearly Horoscope


Taurus Yearly Horoscope: Overview

Starting the year with Jupiter in favor is priceless! It will mean being able to count on greater confidence , on the ability to imagine a different future , above all on the desire to act to make this future truly different.

Certainly between Saturn against and Uranus in Taurus you have seen, and perhaps you will still see, of all colors, especially if you are from the first decade or the beginning of the second.

But this year you will want to change the cards on the table , to give yourself unprecedented opportunities, to let yourself be guided by emotions and even a pinch of creative madness .

Improvise, you del Toro? Why not, if you open the door to the inspirations suggested by Neptune and Pluto, transits perhaps inconspicuous in appearance, but in reality terribly revolutionary.

Whether it’s family, love or work, make way for hope and don’t be afraid to start new projects : heaven supports you. There will be unforeseen events, obstacles, difficulties, but with a little confidence and without ever giving up hope you will succeed.

Taurus love horoscope for 2022

For the Torelli the changes, the novelties, the pinwheels of emotions and transformations continue . The transits this year will also be revolutionary ones, but it will still be necessary to reflect that it will touch the initial decade first, and gradually the others. Therefore, in all likelihood, 2021 massively involved all the Torelle and Torelli of the first decade, with the most challenging and complex changes , while for the other decades, if there were any news, they were certainly less complicated.

This year Saturn will test the wishes of the second decade, but, for all, in 2022 there will be the benevolent and lucky touch of Jupiter in Pisces to soften every situation (while last year Jupiter was rowing against).

In addition to Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto will also be your allies, indicating that for many of those in the third decade the situation could become stable, rewarding and if there are changes they will be creative and fruitful . The stars advise everyone not to be afraid to indulge their dreams , to have the courage to dare, to look up , to find the smile and the confidence to imagine the future.

The sky warmly embraces especially those born between the first and second decades, who last year had to face many, and, even if perhaps they did not directly concern love, however these events have an impact. Well, 2022 will be different: believe in it and shape reality according to your dreams!

Horoscope for Taurus who are Single

Big news await the singles of the Sign of Taurus! If you are wondering what love will be like in 2022, if you dream of meeting your soul mate, get ready to experience amazing days. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, plus Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus will be the directors of new situations .

You could widen the circle of your friendships, even just on social media, or increase the number of your activities outside the home, which will allow you to get to know more people and therefore also increase your opportunities to find yourself face to face with the right person .

However, dear and dear Taurus, why not try to demolish this concept of the right person? It’s not that you have to run after people you don’t like or have opposite opinions and lifestyles to yours. But simply understanding that the attraction has sufficient reasons in itself to be carried on.

Accept that you may be intrigued by people other than you. And understand that no relationship is born perfect and complete , but every couple must commit to grow together and make their relationship grow together. 

In short, we educate each other , we learn to respect each other, and we change. This does not mean that you have to get into complicated stories, where you hope to completely change your partner.

The stories in which you are a Red Cross nurse and the toxic stories, better leave them alone! You will experience a magical season in January until early March. 

Then, again between mid-April and May, in the heart of summer, between August and September and again between the end of November and the whole of December. As you can see, several moments in which to enjoy the opportunity to let yourself go in the arms of Cupid!

Horoscope for Taurus who are in a Relationship

What a pinwheel! Family and work, home and unforeseen events, here are the knots to be solved that will concern older couples, those living together, but also those just formed but looking for stability . In fact, the relationships that will remain within the limits of a passionate flirtation , without seeking further commitments, could paradoxically be the luckiest and happiest ones of 2022 .

Because this unpredictable climate will bring them excitement, and will offer the possibility of improvising, because, in the absence of obligations and duties, they will be able to react with greater elasticity . In short, it is the best thing in the world to have a family, but it also involves responsibilities, especially financial ones. Certainly, however, Taurus is a sign that is born already equipped to bear commitments and duties without problems.

To guide your choices, however, there will be love, the feeling capable of sprouting wings even to the most materialistic and down to earth among you. In your heart, many projects, which Jupiter in Pisces until May and from the end of October to the end of December, will be in charge of helping you find the way to realize. 

There are many hopes this year, perhaps more than in 2021: you hope to live a more peaceful year, but with Uranus in Taurus you will have to get used to taking into consideration almost continuous changes or, in any case, few but really surprising .

In January Pluto in Capricorn will be joined by Venus in Capricorn, followed by Mars at the end of the month. These important, intense and passionate transits advise you to let the passion that you have in your heart emerge, without pulling back and without fear.

 Your union could receive a tremendous boost and turn in satisfying directions. It would be a great way to start the year: don’t miss this opportunity.

Until the beginning of March you will be fine, then between the beginning of March and the first part of April you will have to deal with a knot to untie. This could be the least stable period , but once it is over it seems that the following months will involve fewer problems, or in any case that can be faced with greater serenity.

Career Horoscope for Taurus for 2022

This 2022 will offer you more concrete perspectives than 2021 did. Above all it will serve to help you get back in touch with your hopes and ambitions , which ended up in the meat grinder of Saturn in Aquarius due to the unforeseen precedents. Saturn will remain in Aquarius again this year, but you will have a solid, fabulous helping hand from Jupiter in Pisces, which will help you to have more confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

  Do not underestimate the power of trust and hope : positive thinking is not just an urban New Age legend, because on a psychological level it causes openness, relaxation, all conditions that help to reflect better, to look better and therefore to seize the best opportunities. . 

If you are closed and wary, the train passes by but you do not get on it for fear or you do not see it at all. In short, bet your cards on yourself, even before luck, and be courageous, daring, timely . Perhaps your opportunity will present itself immediately, in the very first months of the year. 

Also keep an eye on the period between April and May, excellent for starting new collaborations, developing a project or finding the right collaborator. Your strengths, now but also throughout the year, will be creativity and empathy : you will be able to guess the needs of your professional interlocutor, satisfy customers and this will allow you to get your business and business off the ground. Saturn always threatens unexpected events (eye between March and mid-April, between July and August and between late October and November). 

But surely this year many pitfalls will be thwarted by your sense and a half: by the way, in the curriculum insert a separate chapter for this outstanding talent. Intuition or flair for business and fashions will always keep you one step ahead of everyone!

Financial Horoscope for Taurus for 2022

This 2022 bodes well for your pocket . Jupiter in Pisces could give you excellent opportunities, valid both if you have to conclude an important purchase (and therefore find a way to save a lot of money on the total amount), and valid if you want to conclude a particular investment . 

For sure, you will know how to treat your sweaty savings with velvet gloves , if you are among the lucky categories of those who manage to set aside a nest egg or if you have received an unexpected income (such as an inheritance, a good exit, a win, for example example). You may also find yourself having extra liquidity due to a fixed expense that you no longer have (financing, mortgage, but also quitting smoking or squandering capital on shoes and cosmetics). 

In short, whatever the reason, it seems that your current account can be in excellent health. And if you find yourself a statement with zeroes decreased, it will be for a good reason, such as buying a property.

Lucky numbers and periods

2022 seems like one of those particular periods, in which you can count on the favors of luck . So be confident, but always remember that to win the minimum bet is enough, indeed, those who exaggerate the goddess of luck seem to reserve a bad treatment, with money squandered and never recovered. 

So two columns and lower bet! What are the best times? Between January and March 6th; between April 6th and May 2nd. December. Some days yes: 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 30 April; 1 and 2 May. A birthday present, practically! 

Lucky numbers : 1, 13, 20, 54, 90.

Health horoscope for Taurus for 2022

2022 will be a much more pleasant year than the previous one, but you will still have to pay attention to some pitfalls. First of all, the gluttony: those of you who have to lose weight, or have just lost unwanted pounds, will have to contend with a disruptive desire to enjoy life , which will also manifest itself as a desire to go out more often and indulge in moments of conviviality.

At home you will be good, but still you will have to learn to manage these moments with intelligence. Every now and then it will be good for your health (otherwise, what a beard!), If you move a lot, you will play sports and then you will pay attention to what you eat for a few days. In short, insert your cheat once a week because even pleasure has its importance for general well-being .

For the rest, Saturn advises you to do the periodic checks you undergo, never skip any tests and take care of yourself , based on your condition and your age. Just to make the point clearer, having your bone health checked at fifteen makes little sense, at sixty it makes a little bit more!

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