Virgo Yearly Horoscope


Virgo Yearly Horoscope: Overview for 2022

2022 could prove to be a somewhat eventful year ; on the one hand, you will receive the unconditional support of Uranus and Pluto, which will make you strong and help you to accept changes and transformations, or, in some cases, to be the creators of these innovations yourself .

On the other side, however, that of the opposition, Neptune and Jupiter will line up (the latter until May and from October to December) and Mars from August onwards. The latter will try to stir up your certainties , they will instill fear in you, exasperating insecurity and confusion .

So you will have to try to always stay with your feet on the ground , to avoid giving in passively to negative thoughts, to cultivate rationality, common sense and attention to detail.

Sometimes it may not be easy, due to people who will disappoint you, circumstances that will turn out differently, delays, but always remember that there is a solution to everything and you will only find it if you remain calm and detached.

Love horoscope for Virgo for 2022

2022 could be a surprising year, full of emotions but also of confusion and uncertainty . Much will depend on your reactions, on the way you handle your feelings, and above all on the way you accept novelties and situations that do not depend on your real will. 

It seems obvious as a concept, but think of all the times you have accused yourself of mistakes, carelessness or other. In short, you will have to be careful to avoid the trap of believing yourself responsible for any missteps. Sometimes certain things happen and they are almost unstoppable.

With all this disturbing premise, many of you will be thinking that 2022 will remain a year to forget. But it will not be so, if you let your warm intensity emerge , if you let yourself go to the passion that you hide in your heart, if you accept that everything changes , and that love also evolves , changes shape, if not really substance.

Flexible and adaptable you are often, but the challenge of 2022 will be learning to be yourself and to say no when needed . It’s okay to adapt, but sacrificing yourself always and in any case is by no means a gift to be proud of. It is therefore difficult to say in advance whether you will be able to squeeze the best out of this year’s ambiguous but not unfavorable transits.

In any case, remember that experience is never a waste of time, but an enrichment of the soul , of the heart, of your own ability to love and feel. So be proud of every sensation you will experience, of whatever kind it is, because it will help make you the unique person you are.

Horoscope for Virgo who are Single in 2022

Do not hide the desire to live a love! Some of you will not think about it at all, almost daydreaming of the moment when they will be able to meet the right person , or working hard to make their wishes come true. 

But others will hide behind a thousand pretexts : the lack of suitable people, the low level of available people, the family to take care of, the work that absorbs energy, the time that passes, age, one’s external appearance and who knows how many. other reasons. 

The point is, maybe you think you don’t have the right to be happy, that you deny yourself the chance to try .

Pay attention to this negative judgment, the more subtle the more you are not aware of it. Love is an experience, a gift of life , so wait for it, look for it, certainly without thinking that it should solve the problems of existence for you, but that it can enrich your heart and your life, yes. 

Learn to be complete for yourself (go out, have fun and be happy, even as a single!), But also learn not to give up on love and passion , which make life tasty and tasty.

The year will start with some contradictions, with intense emotions but with an undertone of distrust, anger or even frustration. Luckily, from the end of January everything clears up and you could live a couple of months to remember. 

Between April and May, keep your eyes open: you could meet your half apple or one of the biggest disappointments of your life. Difficult to say a priori: listen to the emotions but stay with your feet on the ground . If in doubt, time will reveal what the right answer is.

So no hasty choices: enjoy the feelings, if there will be, at the present and without plans for the future. If you do not meet anyone, do not be discouraged: with that group of planets in Pisces, therefore in opposition (Venus, Mars, Neptune and Jupiter …) you risk letting yourself go to the darkest discouragement and to truly defeatist thoughts. Luckily the rest of spring will flow much better, with nice surprises between June and August .

Towards the last part of this month Mars will pass into Gemini, an irritating transit that, unfortunately, will accompany you until the end of 2022.

How to trim his nails? Simple: putting yourself , your desires at the center and always remaining a little detached from what causes you negative feelings. Cultivate only beautiful thoughts and strong, optimistic emotions!

Horoscope for Virgo who are in a Relationship in 2022

How many stimuli on the couple relationship during this 2022 ! In older and cohabiting unions, perhaps you will welcome this mass of sensations by conveying them into discussions about everyday life , about the future of children and about family and domestic projects. 

But if your union is young or if by choice (or necessity …) you have not decided to form a family or to live together, these feelings could turn into fears, in the anxiety that the partner is not faithful for example, or you will be yourself. to dream of something different with open eyes.

In short, an elusive and uncertain climate seems to characterize this 2022, but for love it might not be a bad thing, if you know how to exploit these emotions well. Easy? Not at all, unfortunately: also because for eroticism it will not be a memorable year, with only a couple of moments, between the end of January and the beginning of March and between June and mid-August.

Then, for the rest, a great confusion, with question marks, now positive and vibrant emotions , now tinged with so many uncertainties. 

A great movement in your little heart, with the always inherent possibility of transforming this chaos into strong, satisfying feelings, capable of making even the most habitual relationship wonderful. Not at all easy, then, as you can imagine.

If you care, however, it will be worth trying, what do you think? From the end of August you will have to face some rising tensions. Be careful not to argue, because even the most innocent of comparisons could suddenly lead to open confrontation

Manage tensions and dissatisfactions with delicacy, especially in autumn. From December, under the holidays, the climate finally changes and you will find yourself more serene, malleable and available.

Career horoscope for Virgo for 2022

How will 2022 go for work and money for the Sign of Virgo? This year’s stars are fluctuating, but not unfavorable. Concentration and mental clarity will be indispensable over the course of a year which could create some confusion even in the delicate sector of the profession. 

This is how Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces advise you, the duet that could create a lot of agitation, especially in collaborative relationships, in legal and bureaucratic matters or in new agreements and contracts .

It will be advisable to keep your eyes open and always remain lucid and focused. Jupiter will bother you until May and again from October to December. In addition, from August also Mars will mean the of him, not always in an appropriate and serene way. 

But Uranus will always remain with you, patron of ingenuity, innovation, favorable novelties and capable of pushing you to overcome your limits to renew action and future goals .

In short, the sky encourages you to turn the page and look for new ways to get involved and update your skills. Remember that although the unfavorable transits (Neptune, Jupiter and Mars) will try to corner you, you can, and will have to, react by finding the most suitable strategy case by case. 

In short, 2022 will be a year that will put you to the test but from which you could come out renewed, more skilled and full of professionalism and therefore ready for the next leap in quality: make the most of it and never be afraid to question yourself, even radically!

Financial horoscope for Virgo for 2022

The call for caution will be worth double but also triple in the delicate economic sphere. The opposition of Jupiter and Neptune recommends the utmost attention to contracts (therefore loans but also investments, both financial and real estate), clauses and everything that revolves around the legal and bureaucratic world.

With a little more attention and prudence you could avoid a loss of money , also because you do not need it at all, since expenses, as often happens, are never lacking. 

In short, Jupiter and Neptune threaten pitfalls, but you will be stronger and more careful than the insidious duet and you will avoid any trap.

Lucky numbers and periods

2022 could proceed with an ambiguous trend also for luck. Jupiter will dictate the law. So let’s immediately declare the yes and no periods: no in Pisces until May 10th and from October 28th to December 20th, yes but with reserve in the central period (between May and October and from December onwards). So be careful and don’t be rash, ever. Any particular day? From 25 May to 13 June (25 26, 27, 28 May; 15 and 16 June). Between 5 and 11 August. From 21st to 31st December.

Lucky numbers : 2, 21, 33, 67, 88.

Virgo health horoscope for 2022

2022 could be a busy year. And as often happens when events put us to the test, it will be necessary to make an effort to always keep one’s forces active . Be wise in administering your needs, and never deprive yourself excessively of food, for body and mind, and a good rest . 

Also pay attention to the energies and beware of expired medicines or the abuse of supplements and the like.

This year we must put health and serenity first , and beauty in the background: many choices end up being superficial because we think about aesthetics, forgetting that only a healthy body and face are beautiful.

From August, Mars, the planet of strength and energy, will make you more nervous, less focused , so you will need all the good will to manage your well-being as best you can. Be cautious and never pull the rope: and you will live a year that is, after all, smooth and easy to deal with.

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