Virgo Yearly Horoscope


Virgos will face real challenges in the new 2020. Absolutely all areas of your life will undergo changes, and what kind of person you come out of them depends only on you.

The conjunction of Venus and Neptune at the end of January will usher in a new period in love: all your romance will be required of you, and even if you consider yourself a dry and low-emotional person, you will still have to open up. The middle of March will tell you how well you did it: your relationship will either become much deeper and richer, or come to naught.

For May, the stars have planned large-scale events that will affect your career and health, and the main recommendation is as follows: try to take into account not only the rational side of the issue, but also the psychological, human factor. For example, in your work, focus on customer interaction, and in terms of health, pay attention to how your well-being depends on the emotional atmosphere in which you are.

From mid-July to November, everything will help you to express yourself and find new opportunities for realizing your skills and talent. Many Virgos will start doing something qualitatively new in 2020, do not be afraid to move in an unfamiliar direction – everything will work out.

The first half of December will be devoted to summing up: both personal and professional. Be sure to note what you have been able to achieve and what has not, to lay the motivation for the next year.

Horoscope for Virgo women for 2020

Women born under the constellation Virgo are used to always being in the center of male attention – for them this is the norm. In the Year of the Rat, it will even be in abundance, which can have negative consequences for married Virgins. One of the new fans may turn their heads in such a way that it will lead to divorce. If Virgo is lonely, then she will be completely fascinated by the admirer, failing to discern those character traits that she would have previously reacted negatively to. Astrologers warn: when entering into a new relationship, you should not lose your head and unconditionally believe every word. It is worth visiting with a man in different situations before rushing with him to the registry office. The stars do not recommend that Virgos also go on long trips, this may affect their health.

Horoscope for Virgo men for 2020

In the year of the White Metal Rat for Virgo men, stability will come in all areas. They will slowly move up the career ladder, with a stable income, and peace and quiet will come in family relationships. However, this harmony can be broken in the second half of the year. The man will be offered a project for the sake of which he will forget peace and sleep, will throw all his strength into its embodiment. The art of achieving the unattainable, the ability to quickly navigate in the current situation will play into his hands on the way to the goal. It is important to be attentive to the matter, trusting figures and facts, and not advice from outside. Any mistake can become fatal and lead to failure, however, if successful, Virgo will have good dividends.

The stars advise a man to go on a trip in the spring. With a high degree of probability, a meeting will take place on the road, which will establish a further vector in his life. The change can be very dramatic.

Love horoscope for Virgo for 2020

Family Virgos in a relationship will have stability and mutual understanding with the second half. But this does not at all exclude easy flirting of either side, however, without serious consequences. Virgos appreciate the marriage bond and will not be exchanged for a casual romance – their practicality will prevail.

For single Virgos, there are many chances to meet the chosen one. For women, there is a high probability of meeting an influential person who will help them in solving material problems, as well as in moving up the career ladder. But the stars warn: only selfish interests can turn into trouble. No feelings are tested if they are based on deception. You shouldn’t make false promises and pretend to be in love if you don’t really feel it.

Financial horoscope for Virgo for 2020

Virgos are practical people, they wonderfully coexist the desire to have the thing they like immediately and the desire for saving, even saving. But they will never spend big money on momentary purchases, limiting themselves to only a certain amount. In 2020, Virgos have every chance of achieving financial stability, having constant passive income, in a word, they will always be with money.

The stars warn you shouldn’t borrow above average sums of money if you don’t want to part with them forever. Some changes in the house (renovation, purchase of new furniture) will help to attract cash flow into life. The Year of the White Rat is favorable for various investments, including foreign real estate. It is worth considering various options for investing money.

Virgo health horoscope for 2020

Virgos are quite hardworking, but this positive trait can turn into a negative side for them. Sometimes they are unable to stop in time, and the overload is reflected in health. In the spring, for representatives of this sign, an exacerbation of chronic ailments is possible. Weaknesses of Virgins are the genitourinary system and eyes. As soon as you feel problems with your eyesight or bladder, kidneys, see your doctor immediately.

Virgos should limit sugar consumption, it is better to replace it with fruit. And finally, it’s time to do regular sports. It doesn’t have to be a gym, cycling and walking are also beneficial. Fresh air will help clear thoughts, relieve unnecessary anxieties, abstract from the daily hustle and bustle. Astrologers also advise not to perform any manipulations with the body: piercings, tattoos, cosmetic surgery – all this is best avoided so as not to get problems later.

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