The Secret Meaning of Angel Numbers

Do you see repeating numbers regularly? Pay attention to what you think, what you are doing, or what you want to do at such times. These numbers are trying to guide you.

Wherever you look, do you regularly see repeating numbers? Pay attention to what you are thinking, what you are doing, or what you want to do at such times. These numbers are trying to guide you.

Your brain sees more than you are consciously trying to see. An important process of selecting relevant information is constantly going on in it so that you can focus on one thing. In psychology, this phenomenon has received many different names: the Baader-Meinhof complex, selective attention and confirmation bias.

But why is the human brain looking for repeating numbers all the time? The first possible reason is that you convince yourself that you want to see them, because they are important to you. This is your personal and quite effective way of self-affirmation. But other people call it “angelic numbers”, based on the belief that their latent non-material energy can attract a person’s attention when he needs to convey a message.

Below we will tell you what each series of numbers (or angel numbers) means:

111 – You are on the right track

When you see the number 111, you can think of it as a way to tell yourself that if you continue like this, it will pay off very soon. Because of its exceptional “purity”, the number 111 is considered to be divine and the most powerful among the numbers. So, if duality is represented by the number 2, then the unity, or the absolute truth of the Universe, is always 1.

222 – You need to carefully approach the choice

Number 2 denotes duality (day and night, good and evil, etc.). If you find a “two” everywhere, it may indicate the need to focus on what you want, and not on what you do not want. Once you lose your guard, you may begin to hold yourself back more than you think.

333 – You have found the perfect balance

Number 3 speaks of the divinity and transcendence of the human condition. Frequent eye contact with the number 333 means that you are on the path to getting rid of suffering and realizing your inner potential. You overcome obstacles and choose the best possible path. It also means that the Universe supports you in your endeavors.

444 – You Are Protected

Even if at this stage of your life you are overcome by self-doubt and despondency, know that the number 444 indicates that you are being protected and guided. Instead of asking yourself why you didn’t get what you wanted, it’s better to ask what you were saved from. So, if you want to choose a certain life or partner and see the number 444 at the same time, consider it a confirmation of the correctness of your choice sent from above.

555 – Everything will change soon

If you feel that you are tired, that you are tired of everything and that your efforts are not bearing fruit, do not worry: the three “fives” indicate that your life is now going through a period of transformation. Everything around is changing, even if you don’t notice it yet. Just keep believing, and more importantly, don’t stop.

666 – Beware of your thoughts and actions

Folklore (and some religions) believe that the frequent appearance of “sixes” indicates the presence of evil and negative energy. In fact, this is a way to convey that you have chosen the wrong path and now have to follow all your thoughts, ideas and plans in which this number appears. Take a step back and revise your plans. This is a kind of warning that your thoughts or actions are controlled by your ego.

777 – You are stronger than you think

Seeing 7s often is a way to remind yourself that there is more power within you than you think. This means that you need to let go of all your fears and worries and look to the future with enthusiasm.

888 – You receive divine instructions from above

The number 8 is sometimes perceived as a sign of infinity, which can indicate an eternal connection with everything that is now and everything that is to come. Frequent sighting of repeating “eights” means that you are reminded of your true nature and that you are guided towards realizing your inner potential. Keep track of what you hear, see, or dream about in the hours and days ahead.

999 – You start over

Nines are a symbol of fulfillment, that is, some part of your life is coming to an end, which, however, speaks not of its end, but of change. This is a way to remind you that even if something changes around you, it does not yet indicate the loss of everything that matters to you. Often, certain things leave our lives in anticipation of the approaching higher blessings.

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