Aries in Love

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which is patronized by the element of fire and the planet Mars. Aries are passionate, impulsive, egocentric, stubborn energy.

Aries is a pioneering hero, and this is clearly reflected in love relationships. By and large, they are in love with the feeling of new love.

Aries love philosophy

Positive qualities of Aries in loveNegative qualities of Aries in Love
straightforward, openness,
optimistic, cheerful,
active, energetic,
confident, courageous,


Aries of both sexes often fall in love and make many mistakes. They tend to mistake flirting for true love. When Aries finally decide to tie the knot, they already have a solid baggage of love adventures behind them.

Aries love the way they live: with extreme passion and explosive energy. They may be angry over a trifle, and the next moment they swear eternal love. They achieve ideal compatibility with people who can understand their emotional outbursts and not take resentment to heart.

Aries are attracted by the inaccessibility of a partner. They are not afraid of the barriers of incompatibility and life obstacles. They win the sympathy of their chosen one with unprecedented persistence, sparing no time and effort in courtship.

However, having achieved reciprocity, they quickly lose their initial interest. The nature of his romantic feelings is similar to the attitude of a child to a new toy. Showing increased interest at the initial stage of acquaintance, over time he cools down to the subject of his adoration.

Aries partners need to be prepared for the fact that they can break off relations without regret after another quarrel. They enjoy being in a state of active search rather than trying to maintain a problematic connection. But if everything goes well with the second half, Aries is ready to give himself up without a trace.

Aries in love can be recognized by several signs. They begins to “accidentally” catch the eye of the person whom he loves, as often as possible, they can engage in frank stalking: calculate the place of residence, call and be silent on the phone.

They becomes cheerful, joke a lot, sometimes out of place. Aries will not beat around the bush – it is easier for Aries to confess and get rejected.

Who can Aries Marry


Aries Love Language

The Look in their Eyes:

Arian eyes say it all, in them you can read anger or anger, shame or pride, but more than all love. Do not be guided by what he says because sometimes Aries “explodes” in a temperamental way and says something that could upset or hurt you, but that he does not really mean.

During the conversation, Aries will fix their gaze on the face of the person they love. 

Look at their eyes and you will immediately realize what their true feelings are.


If you see that Aries is always in high spirits, it means that they are in love. They can rejoice at everything, even the most ordinary things, since the realization of love. 

At such moments, Aries is open and cheerful, and is especially comfortable when they meet their partner. 

Showing concern!

Care can be received from friends, but the care of a man in love is somewhat different. He will not spare his time, effort and money. If it is necessary to do something, he will use all possible resources, because in order to make her feel good, he will do everything. 

Care can be received from friends, but the care of an Aries in love is somewhat different. They will not spare to spend their time, effort and money. If it is necessary to do something, they will use all possible resources, in order to make the person they love feel good.


If Aries sees that someone is looking at their beloved, they will immediately become sort of jealous. 

Spend Time Together

Aries, value time together with the person they love. What they love the most is a relationship that allows them to spend as much time together as possible. 

Face-to-face communication is the most honest and sincere love language of all, happily used by Aries. 

Advantages of an Aries partner

Aries are Sincere and do not know how to lie

Aries does not know how to lie. Aries never weave stories, do not start undercover games and do not manipulate people.

You can believe every word of your loved one, because the Aries always say what they think.

Exception – When Aries is furious. Then he can say a mountain of nasty things to hurt you.

Aries Make decisions quickly

If Libra marinates you in a relationship for years, then Aries never. Aries make decisions quickly, which is why, it happens, they make mistakes.

If Aries likes you, he will immediately go to meet you. If Aries decides to live with you, they will pack your things in a suitcase, put the screaming cat in a cage and take you to their place.

Aries Know how to achieve what they want

The more impregnable the peak, the better. Aries do not know the word “no”, and translated into their language they understand your ten “no” as one “yes”.

Aries will do everything to get the person they like: they will ride a horse to the kingdom far away from the land, put a fire-breathing dragon in the shackles and climb on foot to the fortieth floor of the tower.

Life is fun (and not boring) with Aries

You won’t get bored with Aries. Forget about the evenings when you watched one episode after another of the next series and put together a puzzle.

If Aries has appeared in your life, then you will spend your evenings anywhere, but not on the couch. You will learn how to enter a burning hut, stop a horse at a gallop, and what else Aries are doing there at their leisure.

Disadvantages of an Aries partner

Knowing the weaknesses of Aries will help build a harmonious relationship with them. In different people, they can manifest themselves to a greater or lesser extent, depending on the location of the planets in the personal horoscope.

Hot temper:

This trait of the character of Aries is legendary. Aries first destroys everything around, then cools down (as quickly as it ignites) and looks around in amazement at the chaos around: “Did I really do it?” However, this character trait resonates with some representatives of the zodiacal circle. Something, but you will not be bored with Aries.


Aries tends to dominate the relationship and do not always take into account the opinion of their partner. In its extreme manifestation, this trait can turn into arrogance and insensitivity to the emotions of loved ones.


If you try to convince Aries, chances are you will fail. They are not inclined to make the compromises that are necessary in any family. The stubbornness of Aries can be compensated for by cunning diplomacy.

Aries tends to pass off other people’s thoughts as their own. Make a reasoned proposal and don’t mention it again. Perhaps, after some time, he himself will come up with this initiative.


The impulsive nature makes Aries men and women first act and then think. They fall in love quickly and are just as easily disappointed.


Aries is enthusiastic and active, but his energies are scattered in different directions. To achieve stability in matters of the heart, he needs to cultivate responsibility and self-discipline.


Contradictions with a partner, provoke Aries to confrontation. Aries is not inclined to smooth out conflicts and may, in a fit of emotion, offend a partner with tactless words.

Studying the psychology of interpersonal relationships will greatly benefit Aries.


Even in a state of love, Aries is like a cat that walks by itself. He always keeps a private area, which is fenced off from others by warning signs.

Aries can escape if you inadvertently violate their personal space. Try to channel this trait for the benefit of the relationship. A little freedom will not hurt love, otherwise it threatens to turn into a habit and routine.

Are you Compatible with Aries?

You are Compatible with Aries if …

  • You want to freely show love, passion, desires;
  • You do not adhere to strictness, restraint in behavior;
  • For you, everything old-fashioned, conservative, monotonous boring;
  • You like decisive, strong partner;
  • You think that real passion should be combined with aggressiveness;
  • You want to be guided by your life;

Zodiac Signs Best Compatible with Aries are:

Are you Incompatible with Aries?

You are Incompatible with Aries if …

  • Do you want to be the head of the family, or at least to be respected?
  • You think that passions interfere with sound reasoning and adequately perceive reality?
  • You don’t like rude and hot-tempered partner?
  • Your ideal is a calm relationship built on mutual respect, where no one is rude?
  • You hate cruel people who do not know how to control emotions?
  • You adore tenderness, affection, and even more so in intimate relationships?

Zodiac Signs Incompatible with Aries are:

Aries Compatibility Percentage

ARIES and ARIES Compatibility77%70%70%90%50%90%90%
ARIES and TAURUS Compatibility53%60% 50% 40% 80%40% 50%
ARIES and GEMINI Compatibility63% 90% 70%40%  40%80%60% 
ARIES and CANCER Compatibility38%  60%50%20%  40%30%30% 
ARIES and LEO Compatibility82% 90%90% 80% 70%90%70% 
ARIES and VIRGO Compatibility35%10%  20%20%  70%30%60% 
ARIES and LIBRA Compatibility67% 80% 90% 60% 50%70%50% 
ARIES and SCORIO Compatibility33%50%  10%10% 50%30%50% 
ARIES and SAGITTARIUS Compatibility83% 90%80% 90% 70%80%90% 
ARIES and CAPRICORN Compatibility37% 30% 10% 30%  70%50%30% 
ARIES and AQUARIUS Compatibility75% 70% 40%  90% 80%90%80% 
ARIES and PISCES Compatibility42%30%  10%70%  30%70%40% 
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Aries Compatibility

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