Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aquarius + Aquarius = Air + Air

The compatibility between two Aquarians is high.

Aquarius men and women are known to struggle when it comes to finding a partner who is able to handle their needs and expectations. Those who carry this water sign have to work extra for their relationships to last, as they seek to promote and maintain the loving bond. Aquarius is characterized by being very independent, and will never accept limitations or be told that something is impossible or out of reach. When this sign focuses on love with another Aquarius, it can be a rebellious but successful mix, in love, and in every way. However, for those who are not willing to work hard and fight for that love, this combination may not be the ideal choice for a match.

Aquarius women and men will fight for what they believe in. Both of you will know that your love is destined for happiness when the two of you fight for it. People born in Aquarius find a level of satisfaction together that is not common in the rest of the signs, since, feeling alone and different in the world, there is a person who understands them intimately.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Friendship:

Those born in this sign are usually shy at times, Aquarians are extremely outgoing individuals. They value the time they spend alone to brainstorm or just get lost in their thoughts, but in the end, you will always turn to the people around you or who interest and inspire you.

Many Aquarians claim that there is nothing more interesting than an aquarium companion. The reason is compassion and love for helping everyone that makes those born in this sign faithful and dear friends. It’s worth noting that Aquarius men and women rarely crowd many friends, as they tend to keep their distance from the few they do have. This is why close friendships with Aquarians are said to be hard to come by, and much harder to maintain. This is a sign that the Aquarian recognizes his own vulnerability.

This is because, by being in a distant relationship with few friends, the hurts that these friends may inflict on you will not hurt you as much. But what is a fact is that Aquarius women and men are often fantastic friends with each other.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility:

Since there is no sign with a greater capacity to understand the sign and not feel threatened by its way of being so different and unique.

Aquarius is outgoing, sociable and loves being part of a group. He also has a lonely and independent side, sometimes he feels the need to be alone with himself.

They also like modern and innovative . In this sense, the combination Aquarius + Aquarius could redefine the word “couple”. It is a sign with a lot of energy capable of captivating people. If you can channel this energy down a positive path, you will achieve a lot together.

Aquarians and Aquarians are able to carve their own paths in life and follow the instinct of their heart. Aquarians can follow in someone else’s footsteps as long as they have common goals.

For a relationship this can be beneficial and harmful at the same time. In these cases, the safest thing is that neither party tries to be the leader of the relationship, which is positive, since Aquarians usually fight in any situation they consider unfair.

The negatives are related to responsibilities; If each member of the relationship is focused on doing their own thing, the most important tasks can be quickly neglected. Those born in Aquarius tend to be very compassionate and are often seen doing charity work or volunteering their time.

Aquarians enjoy having a partner who accompanies them to share all those values ​​that characterize them. This is usually a great help for compatibility, as this way there will be no resentment for the time spent helping others.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman in Love:

For Aquarius men and women who decide to be together in life and in love, it is much easier to maintain an intimate relationship. This is due to the innate creativity and adventure that characterizes this sign, this touch of adventure will make the sexual intimacy between these two Aquarians exciting and fresh every time.

Many claim that romance is not their strong suit, but there is no reason why they should not express their love and devotion in other ways. As passive signs, Aquarians will have to work hard to keep the passion from fading. The good news is that Aquarians don’t give up, or break promises. This means that long-term marriages and relationships are unlikely to drift or fail. Your secret to love success is in the understanding that you both share the same weaknesses and need to work together to strengthen them.

A relationship between two Aquarians will not be very intense and it will not be too romantic or passionate, since it is difficult for this sign to deepen a relationship. This can be an obstacle, since with the help of another sign, more likely to seek an intense relationship, an Aquarius is more likely to achieve a depth of feelings and rapport, which she will hardly achieve with her partner of the same sign.

Two Aquarians share great intellectual and mental communication , and in this sense both will feel very comfortable in the relationship. The typical jealousy issues will not arise in many Aquarian relationships with another sign. They are very supportive and love humanitarian causes, and seeing this reflected in their partner will encourage them to dedicate a lot of time and effort to this field. This could be to the detriment of the couple – they will have to recognize the value of caring for their partner’s needs as well as fixing the world’s problems, especially if they want a lasting relationship. They will receive a lot of support and love from their partner.

They also like excitement and change. They will have to balance this with the importance of creating a stable partner.

It can be exciting without finding time to practice it. They will have fun times. They are private people and may find it difficult to open up in an intimate relationship, but if they overcome this they will be sexually compatible.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship Issues:

This apparent contradiction is a problem for many signs, but another Aquarius, far from feeling threatened or rejected, will perfectly understand and perfectly share that desire for solitude.

However Aquarians are unpredictable and this can be frustrating for your partner and can cause problems. They are also quite uncompromising and this is another aspect, which an Aquarius couple will have to watch out for. If they learn to give in and control the most negative traits of their sign, they will enjoy one of the most compatible combinations of the entire zodiac, if not the sum of two air signs can create a very stormy relationship.

One of the main difficulties that occurs in relationships is emotional distance. Aquarius women and men tend to stay on the elusive side, often avoiding any emotional investment that leads to commitment. It is for this reason that the representatives of this water sign could spend a lifetime together without passing from a friendship.

In another vein, Aquarians enjoy their intellectual partners, which means that any such partner is extremely promising. The Aquarian does not tolerate being bored or stuck in a rut. It is worth noting that those born in Aquarius are very creative people and strive to be unique. Every Aquarius man or woman can be sure that they will never find a more compatible partner who values ​​and respects their individuality and freedom than an equal Aquarius. This relationship has its downsides, but the benefits of these types of partners are more than valuable, and can ultimately make it work.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

Having no wild ambitions, two Aquarians working together shouldn’t have much trouble coexisting. This is because, for the most part, those of this sign are in charity work or other work that means being at the service of others.

Participating in this type of work reduces the possibility of clashes over individuality and ideas. Normally those of this sign are working in environments where they must solve problems or fulfilling tasks where they must develop all their creativity, but, on the other hand, disagreements can be fierce since those born in Aquarius do not take a step back.

When working with an Aquarian you will not find anything beyond a shock of creativity, since those born in this sign are usually workers who stay away from drama and discussions. Aquarians do best when they are able to perform tasks alone and without interference. But you can count on them when you need to complete a backlog.

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Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Relationship:

What kind of absurdity are you saying, honey! How can one enter a house without knocking? – In my opinion, he appears through the window. “But, love, we live on the third floor!” … However, she does not wake up, and it is not known how she knows about it. He just knows, that’s all.

Aquarius men really enter the room in a unique and inimitable way, however, they all do this. Actually, entering a house, a theater, a stadium, a church or a chicken coop through a window is too easy for Aquarius. He could knock on the door with water skiing on his feet. I know an adult Aquarius whose hobby is walking on stilts. An actor-Aquarius named Beria Bridman rides a skateboard around his block in the Bronx, on Kruger Avenue, checking stickball matches on the go, holding absolutely incomparable lyric songs of his own composition under his arm, chewing a bunch of dill and a freshly baked bun, and on his chest he has a badge with the inscription: “May you have strength.”

All these Aquarius men, all to the last, are from outer space, and only this can explain their absent appearance. One of my friends, Aquarius, before coming to me, called and arranged to meet at eleven in the morning. When I asked him why he could not come earlier, he replied that he needed enough time to get lost, trying to find a meeting place. All is correct. Aquarians are often lost in the subway, on the roads, at the airport, and sometimes in their own home.

No matter how the Aquarius man enters the room, if he entered, and the Aquarius girl is there, their eyes will meet right there, and then they will both begin to carefully examine the ceiling. (The view of Aquarius is difficult to attract. Such are they.) If one of the two Aquarius is already engaged, connected by a slight passion or officially married, none of them will think about taking at least a step towards each other. Infidelity is not among the moral principles of Aquarius. They will not fall in love headlong, will not arrange secret dates or otherwise violate decency. They can only become close platonic friends.

If it happens that both are free from any obligations, then they will still become close Platonic friends. Aquarius, both men and women, attach much more importance to friendship, not love. Their main goal in life is friendship with everyone living on the planet, from the king to the insect. Naturally, they cannot fully achieve this goal. But they come surprisingly close to her.

You see, they trust friendship. A hobby, love for Aquarius is a suspicious state of mind. Those Aquarius, on the Sun of which the inharmonious planets of the fifth or eighth astrological houses were fatally affected, can lead a surprisingly hectic sex life.

For most men and women, this sign is argued like this.

Passion leads to love. Love leads to sex. And sex, of course, is the study of two completely different systems.

When the discovery is made and carefully verified several times, then continuing to research further is a waste of time. There is so much interesting around that it is simply unreasonable to focus on studying one or the other!

Everything that people controlled by Uranus thinks, says, or does is theoretically, abstractly, or academically. Even love, when they decided that it was reasonable, simply because they were curious and could not bear the secret for long.

The Aquarius man will demand from the woman whom he ultimately chooses as “that-her-own, who-will-take-him-a-big-walk-in-life”, to be more than just a wife, mistress, mother and servant . He will hope that she will become his geisha, confidante, secretary, confessor, best friend in the world, buddy, partner in all his crazy, magical and impossible plans. She will also have to like all his friends (which can be quite a lot), she should have a good mind, be able to tell how Uriah Gip differs from Ophelia, read and intelligently talk about whether Professor Moriarty killed Sherlock Holmes or vice versa. If the Aquarius girl succeeds in all this, then he will probably do some miracles for her.

Of course, the Aquarius girl will require the same magic tricks from him. She will hope that he will become for her more than just a good husband, breadwinner, father and lover. He will have to become her guru, judo instructor, father, brother, best friend in the world, Tibetan monk, Romeo, Valentin …

He should most importantly remind her of the guy she loved for the first time, the one who handed her a frayed daisy behind the teacher’s class in algebra. And she should, in the most important thing, remind him of the girl whom he loved for the first time, with one blue and the other with a brown eye, which was the cutest in geometry classes, which he lent a handkerchief when she burst into tears, having not solved the problem of isosceles triangles.

You see, the requirements of Aquarius for his eternal love are so severe that it is not surprising why many of them never get married.

If they meet each other’s refined, refined, sophisticated requirements and pass the five-plus exam, then they will most likely be able to achieve sexual harmony. They both instinctively know the greatest secrets of sexual relations: rarity makes everything in the Universe more refined, and making love is no exception. This does not mean that they will live like brother and sister, no, this is far from the case, but if they are typical Aquarius, they gradually heat up desire, starting with looking at each other during breakfast or at dinner. But sometimes the physical love between them will be sudden, unexpected, like an explosion, without the slightest warning on both sides.

Just an instant need, followed by instant gratification.

If the lunar signs or ascendants of this pair 1-1 are harmonious, then it is impossible to think of the best for them, but if the sun, moon or ascendant are in an unfavorable position, then they will have to work very seriously to adapt to each other and live in peace.

On the one hand, they may too love each other’s friends. Most couples have difficulty because one of them hates the friends of the other. This does not apply to our couple, because they are so curious and so enchanted by each other and one day they will go for a walk with one of the friends … It is hard to maintain love when the kitchen is full of friends, when the living room is full of friends, and the bed is overwhelmed with coats, scarves and sweaters friends.

Another feature, if in excess, can also cause problems, because both Aquarius share it. This is their mutual tenacity. Perseverance is stubbornness raised to a power. In people ruled by Uranus, it is combined with unpredictable behavior, so we can say that these two qualities give rise to a syndrome of inventive, unconventional obstinacy. So, he will be adamant in his desire to put his dog with him in bed, so that he curls up under his chin. It is difficult and a little unaesthetic to kiss a man at night, whose Labrador hunting dog curled up around his neck. You can never understand who kisses you in return – the man you love, or the dog. She, in turn, can be adamant, insisting on her right to drive his car, despite that almost twice a week I almost crashed into my inbox, and the penalty receipts for improper parking and speeding are no longer put anywhere. This can upset a man who wants to be sure that his car is handled in accordance with all the rules. Aquarius is almost impossible to persuade to change the point of view (and in general it is impossible to force to do something).

Fortunately, even those man and woman of Aquarius, whose Sun and Moon form a negative aspect, can find an easy solution where they experience stress. They can focus on general (or even different) humanitarian or scientific goals. Thus, they will significantly reduce the time to fight each other’s tenacity. The fact remains: many pairs of missionaries, research teams consisting of husband and wife, authors who write together, etc., belong to this type of 1-1 double bond of Aquarius. Having committed themselves to some ideal goal, they are less likely to lose each other due to discontent and anxiety.

As I mentioned, the man and woman that Uranus rules, believe in change if they do not relate to them themselves. He may be inclined to think that everything and everything in this world should change, including her (his girlfriend), but refuses to change his habits at least a little. The same goes for her. Obviously, one of them will have to admit that he is mistaken, and it is better if both do it.

The happier moments of their life together will be those when they give each other surprises. Aquarians generally love surprises. These two rarely hint at their plans until they are implemented. The old Ford T model that he will give her for Christmas will be completely unexpected. About the booth that she will build by attaching her to the bed so that his beloved dog sleeps in her every second Tuesday, she will remain silent until everything is ready.

He will not be angry because his girlfriend, his best friend, a girl who looked so much like his first love, that made him forget the name of that Girl did it. Whose name? First love, of course. But it is also possible that the Aquarius man will forget the name of his wife. Names are not that important. He remembers the most important thing connected with her: how she looks when her hair is wet after a shower, how her voice soothes his soul, when she reads Tolkien’s tales to him on the night, how she cooks spinach soufflé and prune pie for him in the morning .

The Aquarius woman is also scattered. She may occasionally forget what her husband or lover’s name is when she is busy with other things, but she remembers what is really important. She will remember that he was the first who could show her Sirius and Orion in the sky, who explained to her that using dry closets without water could save the planet, who, as a wedding present, had presented her with a subscription to the journal of the National Geographic Society, and for her birthday – a box with tools to repair the car. Still, of course, she will remember those minutes of the unexpected need of love and its instant gratification, and how after that he looks at her. She will always remember this, because that is precisely what is important.

In Conclusion:

Aquarius men and women may find that the ideal partner for them is someone who shares their same sign. We must remember that all zodiac signs are unique and therefore their needs and values ​​can be difficult to fit in a relationship with stereotypes or traditional.

Accepting differences and finding another partner to share your intimate life without regret is very easy for Aquarians. The advantage of not having to struggle with communication is a positive aspect of most love unions of this type, which is very helpful in keeping things working.

Those born in Aquarius do tend to be happy forever together, the only limitations being those that they create themselves.

The most compatible for a relationship between two Aquarians are those born between January 21 and 30.

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