Aquarius Man and Aries Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Aries and Aquarius. Fire + Air

Aries and Aquarius have a lot in common and a very high degree of compatibility. Both signs are independent, caring, optimistic and enthusiastic. They like strong emotions, the courage and progressive nature of Aquarians tend to attract Aries a lot.

The compatibility between the men and women of this sign is something that cannot be denied. This is because these signs complement each other, having everything going for them. If the Aquarian man and Aries lady can use the things they have in common to bring out the best in each other, there is a real chance for a lasting relationship.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman Friendship:

In friendship between these two, there are no moments of boredom between Aquarius and Aries. This is because they enjoy learning from each other, and they are both adventurous enough to handle their high energy. When the Aries woman needs life advice, the Aquarian man takes the time to listen and offer solutions from her analytical point of view.

Aquarius and Aries , form a good trend as friends. although it does not become a romantic relationship. Therefore, it is very possible that if a romantic relationship ends between the two, they will continue to be good friends.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman Compatibility:

Aquarians are very interested in social issues. Loa Aries are very hardworking and ambitious, which will help Aquarius a lot to fulfill their dreams of transforming society.

Aquarius is governed by air, so you will always be trying to put your ideas into motion in a very creative way. Those of this sign are considered extremely intelligent, even considered eccentric, but that is part of their appeal. Chats with him are always interesting, and he seduces those around him with his fresh perspective.

Aquarius also enjoys relationships with those who appreciate their curiosity. His level of thinking places him above the rest, and leads him to seek people who share the same mental prowess. The attraction for Aquarius is both intellectual and physical.

Luckily for Aquarians, Aries is a fire sign, which leads him to always be full of passion. His enthusiasm for life is combined with the need to explore the world, in search of limitless knowledge. This is because they are natural leaders, enjoying taking charge of the situation when planning the next adventure.

It is worth noting that Aries never back down when faced with a problem. On the contrary, they rush to overcome any obstacle that comes their way, using their infinite imagination to achieve success in difficult situations. Those with the sign of Aries tend to react naturally when it comes to playful jokes.

It should be noted that both signs are extremely independent and can live without each other. But, if Aquarius wants to take his relationship with Aries to other levels, he will come like a strong gust of wind, dragging her to his feet.

These types of relationships will quickly move into the bedroom, and he will make your fire burn even stronger. Aquarians like to take charge of the situation. Both are always willing to try something new, and the Aries woman is not one to reject requests when it comes to experimenting.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman in Love:

In intimate relationship , the relationships between Aries and Aquarius are usually satisfactory for both. The predisposition of the Aries to try new things and the ability to invent new experiences and games of the Aquarius, complement each other very well so the sexual compatibility of these two signs is high.

Because both signs are excited by the mind, words and role play have a tendency to dominate your time between the sheets. They do not tolerate boredom, being completely natural that things in the bedroom stay warm. The Aquarius man is prone to fantasy, and the Aries woman is confident enough to act out them.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman Relationship Issues:

A possible barrier to a relationship between Aries and Aquarius is the self-centeredness of many Aries, who often put their own interests before those of others, which contrasts with the tendency for Aquarians to worry about others before their own. own happiness and romantic relationship.

Aquarians work very well in groups and in teamwork; while Aries prefer to relate on an individual level. However, this difference does not have to create too many problems, because Aries are usually sociable and open to new situations.

Despite their sexual chemistry, their egos can be a bad experience for them. This is because Aquarians value intellectual conversations, but shy away from compromise. Aquarians are characterized by having a certain threshold for those who dare to challenge their thoughts and ideals, and this is where the problems arise.

For her part, the Aries woman always has the desire to be the best in everything. She is also argumentative and has no problem speaking her mind.

When times of stress come, it never helps that Aquarians are as temperamental as stubborn Aries women. Aquarius man is very quick at building sentimental walls, and can be extremely distant. Unfortunately this behavior becomes a problem for the Aries woman, who needs to see the emotion of her partner to feel safe.

It is for this reason that due to her confrontational nature the Aries woman will want answers. Those of their sign like to be the boss, and they firmly believe that the Aquarian man needs to explain herself. But the more she demands to know what the Aquarius man is feeling or thinking, the more she can retreat to a cold and distant attitude.

Aquarius Man and Aries Woman Compatibility in Professional Work:

At work, Aquarius and Aries are collaborators in everything that has to do with the implementation of future plans. Aquarians are true visionaries, and their leadership will bring ideas to life. If Aries can control their dominant energy, the two of you will form a great relationship over time.

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Aquarius Man and Aries Woman Relationship:

He was about to cry, but instead laughed to tease her …

These two will get along well if she learns a simple truth: the Aquarius man laughs when he is sad and cries when he is happy. Having understood the rules of his game, she will not allow herself to perform other tricks. And those that he throws, hiding his love, and those that mask the depth of his feelings. Even in love with his ears, he is trying to impress both himself and her that it’s not too late to return to friendship. These relationships are more exciting than a card game. Aries girl loves games, but only those where she always wins.

Aquarius is not satisfied. He does not agree to lose, and even her tears full of anger will not soften him.

Most likely, he will say to his independent and assertive girlfriend: “Where does this sensitivity come from? Didn’t you demand equal rights to demonstrate the women’s league last week? So play on an equal footing! Move the furniture itself, fix the water supply, change the tires … Fight, finally ! “

He is not right. She was lured to the demonstration not by caring for equal rights, but by an exciting noise and a cheerful crowd. Prove your equality with a man? What nonsense! She is free from birth and knows that her role in this world is more significant than the male one. Therefore, she simply laughed in his eyes: “To fight? Yes, if women ruled everything, there would be no more wars.”

Sooner or later, she will begin to complain that he is indifferent, alienated, cruel – in a word, a sadist. (Aries do not distinguish between semitones.) This is not to say that this is slander. The breadth of the views of Aquarius puts him above the petty interests of individual individuals, he cares about the prosperity of all mankind. Absorbed in thoughts about the health of the nation, he may forget that he promised to run to the pharmacy and buy medicine for a loved one. He spent hours talking about gerontology and aging issues, but he won’t be able to take his grandmother across the road. Uranus directs his thoughts and actions to the fight against the Universal Evil in the name of Bright Tomorrow, but makes blind people close to today’s troubles.

The Aquarius man is most often kind. And his goals are noble. But how often the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Think of Robespierre, in whose horoscope was the Ascendant of Aquarius. He desired the good of France, but forgot that it was inhabited by living people.

Aquarius is trying to sympathize with friends, but his compassion is not too deep. He believes that suffering exalts the soul, and does not like to interfere with fate. This man can be kind and gentle, loving and cheerful … when it suits him. But he remains cold and heartless in the eyes of the sensitive Aries girl. This contradiction can be smoothed out, but not eradicated.

He has many friends, and, of course, not everyone likes her. And the more time he gives to friends, the more likely she is to become jealous. How to be here? Understand that he will not replace the whole world with it alone. It remains to reconcile.

What other flaws are attributed to him? He is unpredictable, eccentric, often strange. Well, this is a challenge to her Martian readiness to fight.

Aries girl is waiting for a lot of surprises when it comes to physical rapprochement. Decisive and somewhat straightforward, she rushes forward in full sail. But where is her Aquarius? A minute ago he was there. Ah, there he is! Have to go back and pick it up. He, as always, is deep in thought. It analyzes the sensations that the first kiss brought. Above Aquarius dominates the habit of carefully studying the first life experience. However, it is possible that physical closeness will help these two to better understand each other. Perhaps her sincerity and ardor will awaken in him an unusual tenderness. But she will have to forget the image of the ideal lover, which was portrayed in her dreams, and move on unbeaten paths.

A lot of problems will be brought to them by the fact that she is the Cardinal leader and therefore loves to lead, and he refuses to obey. In addition, both are ruled by powerful, unpredictable male planets. Mars and Uranus – this is not pharmacy medicine, but an explosive mixture.

An old fairy tale comes to mind (I confess, I redid it in my own way). The elf is in love and promises to fulfill three wishes, but only three! What will Aquarius do? True to himself, this folly will require something like a blueberry pudding. His girlfriend, Aries, angered by such frivolity, behaves no smarter: “Let this stupid pudding seize your physiognomy!” And what is the result? The third and last desire has to be sacrificed in order to tear off this pudding.

It’s sad when people don’t know how to manage their desires … But what is it? The invisible flutes began to sing, the distant drums scored – the quarrels are forgotten, and again everything will go smoothly.

In Conclusion:

For this couple to last, it is important for Aries to remember that Aquarius’ detached nature does not mean that he is a person who does not have a heart. The Aries woman needs to understand that the Aquarian’s distance is not to keep her away, but rather a defense method to avoid conflict. Aquarius man is a true believer in peace, unfortunately Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war.

But at the end of the day, the fire still needs air to burn. And when the air is heated by fire it rises as far as the horizon can see. When Aquarius and Aries learn to enjoy their similarities and respect their differences, they can definitely develop a very safe relationship. 

The most compatible Aquarians for this combination are those born between February 10 and 18, and the most compatible Aries are those born between March 31 and April 10.

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