Aquarius Man and Libra Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

Unless it is pleasing to both of them when their feelings are constantly “refreshed” by thunderstorms and hurricanes, it is better to establish from the very beginning which of these two will be the main one. Do you know how this happens? Ahead is the head of the family, a little behind his wife – and no disagreement.

Libra woman must admit that he is the male half of the duet, so to speak, the main party. Of course, she was born under the influence of a masculine sign, but Venus leads her, and this is femininity itself.

The sign of Aquarius is also a male sign, but, unlike Libra, it is heavily influenced by the arrogant male planet Uranus (male charm is always slightly arrogant, isn’t it?). Moreover, in astrology, Aquarius symbolizes homosexuality. No, this does not mean that Aquarius is homosexual, it only suggests that Aquarius is tolerant of all life styles that are brotherhood and universal love (we do not discuss personal characteristics of such a plan here). A Libra woman can carefully try to put her Aquarius in a dependent position, quietly rebuilding their life according to her own program. She will confuse him with her dimples, charm and smile, and he will follow her. But the time will come when he will refuse. Do you remember What is the stubbornness of the representative of the Permanent Sign? This man will not move one iota if he believes that he is right. And no one’s influence will bewilder Aquarius if he sincerely considers his line of behavior to be right and true. I did not say “fair”? Justice is in its part. And the definition of what is considered fair often serves as the main cause of trouble between these two personalities, which might just be a perfect match. Want an example? which could just be a perfect match. Want an example? which could just be a perfect match. Want an example?

I knew one Libra woman and her Aquarius friend. I think they were friends. They never said that they were lovers, but you cannot make out Aquarius, because they are not able to draw a line between love and friendship. But it’s not that. Libra woman gave her friend Aquarius a present: a funny fat Saint Bernard puppy. The puppy grew until it grew into a huge dog, and with it the devotion of Aquarius to his pet grew. But they quarreled (not St. Bernard and Aquarius, but the woman Libra and Aquarius). She carefully weighed everything, and more than once, and after many hours of painful reflection, she came to what she considered a fair decision.

He promised to always be her friend. In the end, it was he who constantly said: “If you really were, my friend, you would have done it” or “If you really were my friend, you would not have done that”. She gave him a St. Bernard when she thought they were friends. This gift affirmed their union, which was no longer in force. And now she made a decision. She called the sheriff and insisted that the dog be returned to her. Aquarius lost his temper. All this he considered riding injustice. This Saint Bernard became his best friend, and now she is taking her present away ?!

If she only broke his heart – but she broke their friendship! With Aquarius this is almost impossible, especially in relations with Libra, because their signs are in the favorable aspect of the trine, which smooths out almost all the difficulties they encounter. But not this one. Aquarius and his dog Boddy could not be separated.

Libra woman made a serious mistake. Maybe she can someday fix something, but it will take a lot of time and patience. Aquarians need time to change, but they cannot be forced to do so by force.

If these two come to a common understanding of friendship and justice, they can feel how beneficial the influence of the fifth and ninth houses is in their union, because they are connected by a golden thread of understanding.

He considers her beautiful, and although love is often blind, he is probably right here. Most Libra women really possess this treasure of Venus, and even those who do not win the beauty contest are endowed with such smiles that can not only blind a man, but also deprive him of common sense for a while.

She considers him the most witty of all she has ever known. True, his mind is sometimes puzzling, but who knows, maybe this is what the unlimited fantasies of a true genius look like? Sometimes in his reasoning there is not too much logic, but she has a sufficiently lively mind to understand everything and find in reality a fulcrum for his unpredictable inspiration. He also appreciates her magnificent mind and her ability to talk with him on any topic, so the interest in her is explained not only by her charm or dimples on her cheeks.

But it is precisely at the mental and philosophical levels that they may have disagreements. She loves luxury, beauty and comfort, and may simply not notice the unsightly side of life, which clearly does not coincide with the humanistic impulses of Aquarius. He can even accuse her of selfishness and indulgence in his weaknesses, although this is not entirely true. You know that Libra cares about any form of injustice, it is just that they often manifest a purely Venusian unwillingness to see and accept that which is so far from beauty and harmony.

He should tactfully help her use the sense of justice inherent in Libra, and not reward her with contemptuous epithets such as “lazy” or “spoiled child.”

From time to time, they may look at life differently, but this does not apply to love. Here these two are waiting for calm and equanimity. Their hearts and bodies harmoniously harmonize with each other, and often the joy that they feel when their love gets a physical expression smooths out all the sharp corners in their relationship. They perfectly correspond to each other not only spiritually: their bodies are tuned to one wave of happiness. Sometimes it seems to them that they loved each other not only in this life … Maybe, because the combination of 5–9 speaks of the union of souls and bodies in half-forgotten past lives and sometimes reminds oneself of an implicit longing for the past, especially during intimacy . Therefore, for a woman-Libra and a man-Aquarius, even the very first time may look like they already knew each other for a long time, and now they have met again.

The Libra woman who wants to hold on to the elusive love of the Aquarius man must give him the primacy. There is no other way. But, perhaps, after their divergence, resentment, mental suffering and clash of two “I” end. The last word will be hers. If she is patient.

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