Aries Man and Aquarius Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

A typical Aries man surrenders to love swiftly and recklessly and expects the same from his chosen one. Not waiting for an immediate response, he is offended: “But who needs it?” Perhaps he needs it, but he cannot afford to love unrequitedly. 

Aquarius Woman Personality

For an Aquarius Woman, it is hard for her to make a choice. This is a curse or blessing of Uranus – she finds something exciting or interesting in almost every stranger. And then, how to distinguish passion from love? She constantly confuses love and friendship, but she does not mix love and physical attraction. Her element is Air, she was born under a mental sign and therefore seeks intellectual kinship. It’s not that she didn’t make mistakes or was immaculate – no … She’s just looking for something else but physical pleasures.

Aries Man and Aquarius woman Compatibility

Aries man will not be able to subjugate her only with fervent confessions and promises of unearthly love, but if she decides to opt for him, she will not be humorous and torment him with uncertainty. Rather, she will bring down something like: “It seems I love you. Why don’t we spend the night together?” For a minute he will be taken aback. But only for a minute. He himself is honest and straightforward. This couple generally despises hypocrisy and is indifferent to the opinions of others. Both do what they like, adore panache, and also shocking.

In their relationship there is a dangerous pitfall: both are born under male Solar signs and obey the power of male planets. Something like a children’s game. One draws a line and encourages the other to step over it. However, they can not only reward each other with shocks and kicks, but also be friends. This is a favorable aspect of swing 3-11. It is not so bad to be not only lovers, but also friends. And one more thing: they easily pour out their feelings in words, and therefore easily find out the relationship. (Aquarius, like all signs of Air, loves to talk.)

Aries Man and Aquarius woman Love

So, the Aquarius girl decided to enter into a love union with the Aries man, and harmony reigned between them. But now her lover will not have to rest on her laurels. Her deity is Diversity. She does not recognize once and for all established rituals. Feverish satisfaction of love hunger instead of apologies after a quarrel. Making love during off-hours. Loud music that drowns out words, sighs and an exciting whisper. Anything but monotony and boredom.

But she needs to understand that he is incredibly vulnerable, although he does not show it. His affection must be taken enthusiastically and seriously. This is not always possible for the Aquarius woman, for whom physical pleasure is only one side of a diverse existence. She can enthusiastically delve into the engine of her car or collect violets without noticing his melancholy. She should be more attentive, forget about the carburetor, throw a bouquet and instead whisper a few tender words in his ear. But you need to do this so that the man himself takes the initiative further. Yes, protecting his tender “ego” is a troublesome task, but is it easier to adapt to the kaleidoscopic change of her moods and fantasies?

Sometimes the ambitious, energetic Aries seems to the Aquarian woman as a bright comet that flickered and disappeared. Will she be able to slow down this rapid movement? It will succeed if she often reminds that she loves him with all her heart. But one day she wants her to become impetuous, as once. And she deliberately set fire to the powder of his explosive temperament. She won’t have to wait long. And, strangely enough, this flash will make her happy. And she will surprise him by buying a bottle of the very cherished wine that they drank on his birthday. True, it will be in August, although he was born in April. But now he will not be offended – rather moved. He will again feel the power of these Druid spells, this wonderful craziness.

And then, casting a glance at the ceiling, he will say: “You know, my love, this mural that you painted to hide the stain from the wax is very picturesque.” 

“How did you guess that I was dreaming of going to Italy in the fall?” – she will be delighted. 

Nothing is simpler: he finally tuned in to high-frequency modulations of the space channel. In addition, he himself had long wanted to see the Sistine Chapel. It is best to travel in October to celebrate her birthday in Italy. 

In October? But she will smile and confirm that this is a great idea. She always wanted to know how it feels to be a Libra woman. 

And he confesses that, like Leo, he always wanted to start an affair with the Libra girl.

Then they will fight pillows. And she will win. As always … But defeat will not upset him.

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