Aries Man and Aries Woman love compatibility

Aries and Aries Compatibility Percentage:

Aries Aries Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage 70%
Aries Aries Emotional Compatibility Percentage 70%
Aries Aries Communication Compatibility Percentage 90%
Aries Aries Trust Percentage 50%
Aries Aries Intellectual Compatibility Percentage 90%
Aries Aries Common Interests90%
Aries Aries Overall Compatibility Percentage77%

Aries and Aries. Fire + Fire

The Aries girl is independent, bright and intelligent, but any Aries man, in his opinion, has even more remarkable qualities. He will periodically demand recognition of his merits, by all available means, trying to convince her and himself of this. 

If she tries to surpass him, he will be very excited, will try to convince her that the victory should remain with the man. Young Aries will have to choose: either subordinate the girl at the very beginning of the game, or say goodbye to her. They are waiting for a lot of noisy skirmishes with tears before the girl stops resisting. 

Aries Man and Aries Woman Relationship

It is better not to even try to demand that the Aries woman quit her job and devote herself to indulging in his whims. To reveal her femininity and establish his male rights, there are other ways. 

If she is forced to sacrifice her activities in order to bring him slippers or help him achieve his personal goals, forgetting her own (which often happens), and does not come to such a decision herself, it is better for them to leave immediately. 

It would also be wise for them to share the costs: he incurs daily expenses and paying bills, and they spend her money on special occasions … when they want to satisfy some kind of mutual extravagant desire. 

It is necessary that the Aries man knows: his role in their pair is worthy of a man. It is very important to tell him about this directly and clearly at the very beginning.

A girl under the influence of Mars will accompany her chosen one in all life’s troubles, even if he is not nearby. Perhaps she will begin to lead him over the phone, with the help of telegrams or letters. 

Since the Aries man knows that no one has managed to lead him from the day he was born, he probably will want to get even at the first signs of the war declared by the Aries girl, but it would be better for him to suppress his irritation and tackle her taming closely.

Every Aries woman deep down wants to see a man as a protector in her. In her dreams she is always gentle, and he is kind, affectionate, strong. And it’s best for him to be like that. A man who is constantly striving to please her is uninteresting, and bending the stick in attempts to tame her is not needed. 

He should not infringe on her personality and interfere in her life. His masculinity, due to the influence of Mars, makes the Aries woman look at her chosen one with wide eyes and fills with delight while walking or in the solitude of the bedroom, but these quivering feelings relate only to love romance. Aries woman strictly distinguishes between the realm of feelings and everyday life. 

A man should never forget this if he wants to keep her. To think that such a woman will wait for his signals or follow his instructions, stupid, but ignoring her is simply dangerous. 

Such errors are possible until the Aries man understands that she will not cross the line, but will not submit to the influence of the dictator, because they are both cast in the same form, which, of course, was destroyed after the creation of the Solar sign of Aries.

The Aries girl shed sweet tears, reading about a prince who bravely went to the forest to find his princess and wake her from a cold sleep with a kiss of True Love. (The heart of an Aries woman begins to tremble at the mere thought of True Love: her idealism in heart affairs is as eternal as Spring itself.)

But, dear Aries girl, admit honestly, at least to yourself, what dreams you would have generated a tale of an ardent, courageous princess who bravely went to the forest on a horse to find her prince and save him from the evil witch? What about other magical tales that you still believe in? 

Imagine a sophisticated Cinderella with red cheeks, blowing away a strand that fell on her forehead, sweating and exhausted, when she tries to squeeze her prince’s foot into a crystal slipper to see if she fits him! Mother Nature knows what creates. 

Relations between a man and a woman Aries will be much more successful if she allows him to steal the Thunder of Mars from her. 

And let the initiative come from him. And besides, having overcome her own obstinacy, she will finally understand that behind the aggressive appearance of Aries lies an amazing idealism and a passionate desire to be needed and noticed.

Fine, she should consider it at the moment when he, emblazoned on a white horse, embodies the desire for leadership inherent in Aries, hiding behind this a secret fear that no one can love him as he would like (and this is very important ), if he himself does not achieve this. 

Such a man can be very gentle and caring for all his alleged independence, he, like no other, knows how to hide even the most severe pain. To whom, and to the Aries woman, this is well known. 

Since both of them are stuck together from the same test, it would seem that there is nothing easier than finding a common language, but it will take more than one painful lesson until they understand the futility of endless mutual calls. Often the last lesson is a bitter experience, when, even though they understand everything perfectly, Aries are forced to leave.

If the woman-Aries turns all her aggressiveness to her male opponents (except for the one and only, of course), he will adore her for this and will more than reward her for every friendly step taken to meet him. 

Aries Man and Aries Woman Love Compatibility

Two Aries, it would seem, should be excellent sexual partners, since both expect from love the unity of soul and body, which poets write about and in which almost every Aries believes, as in an absolute romantic dogma. 

The instinctive thirst for kinship of souls makes loving rams not doubt that their union is not only concluded in heaven, but will not fall apart on earth until death, and in another world. However, in order to achieve such harmony, they will have to overcome a serious obstacle – a very strong, though not always conscious vanity of this solar sign.

All the interests, knowledge and desires associated with sex with Aries are based on the sometimes unintentional, but use of a partner for his own satisfaction, the desire not to give him the greatest pleasure, but to achieve satisfaction himself. 

Doctors David Rubin, Master and John, Kinchi and Freud explained all this, checked, examined, analyzed, photographed, recorded on magnetic tape, listened to both sides, wrote about almost everything, but did not show it to the audience. (The stage, films and magazines are actively competing among themselves.) But most men and women still have not received answers to their many questions.

It would be nice for these lovers under the influence of Mars to purchase a huge poster depicting a sail in love with blissful smiles on their faces. The inscription below should read: “Love begins when the desires of another become more important for you than your own …” Such a poster should be hung over the bed next to the rug depicting the wedding of Romeo and Juliet.

When this childish vanity can be overcome with the help of tenderness and mutual understanding, the sexual relations of two Aries can become an ecstatic exchange. For them, sexual Love consists of strange contradictions, turning their partnership into an incredible combination of explosive desire, direct and piercing, ardent and uncontrollable … and visions of flowers in the rain, gentle waves licking the white sand, and sparkling snow with diamonds. 

The strong influence of Mars, softened by the naivety and wonderful amazement of the symbolic Baby Aries, creates a rare and amazing mixture of unrestrained, stormy emotions, silence and calm dawn … Obviously, the sexual union between two Rams at its best can be a good school that will teach them treat each other with tenderness. And even at the worst, this union will be interesting.

Aries Man and Aries Woman Problems and Breakup

What will happen if Aries Man starts flirting with other girls? And what will happen to him if she shamefully smiles at another man? 

An emotional explosion comparable to the explosion of a hydrogen bomb, the consequences of which will turn out to be just as terrible for love as the consequences of a bomb explosion for all life on the planet. 

Every Aries will surely let others know that it will not allow anyone to encroach on their freedom. However, for him to recognize the same right for his partner, both will have to work hard. 

They have to understand that love is not a game to be won, not a battle to be won, not a prize to be won. This is a gift, and it must be joyfully presented and enthusiastically received. Sheep require a lot of life and, as a rule, achieve a lot. But demanding love is pointless.

Aries man will make clear to his lady that she does not dare to be jealous of him, but let herself better not look at the other man. She also does not accept jealousy, but if she notices that he is looking at the other woman with the slightest interest, then she is not responsible for herself.

Know what that means? This is egoism. The Aries themselves most likely disagree with this, but it would be better for them to think carefully. Jealousy can be overcome by jealousy if they notice a smile on the face of a sleeping lover or lover – Who does she or he dream about? 

And believe me, many Aries have repeatedly asked in the morning: “You must have had good dreams tonight? And who did you dream of?” And almost certainly the answer was: “My dreams do not concern you. Besides, you weren’t in a hurry to get up today. You probably dreamed about the girl you flirted with in the store last week?”

Dialogues may be different, but such skirmishes are inevitable if two Rams promised to love, respect and cherish the other, but never promised to obey! These two jealous people just need to constantly convince each other of unfading worship, since the subconscious fear of losing love lies at the heart of the jealousy of all Aries, a fear incompatible, it would seem, with a conscious desire for personal independence, due to the influence of Mars. Aries, like no other, obey sudden impulses, forgetting about everything in the world. 

Aries man, who suddenly rushed to a new delightful goal, recently discovered by him, is actually true to himself, and Aries woman, who is looking the truth in the eye, must admit that she will not be able to love a person who has even changed her own self. This longed-for goal does not have to be new love.

In Conclusion

Thus, as you see, a close relationship between Aries Man and Aries Woman is possible. And at the same time it is not at all necessary to sacrifice your courage, initiative and independence, due to Mars. 

Whatever the natural nature of Aries, but if the Aries girl has learned to control her nature and can even treat her with humor, instead of denying or even being ashamed of her, she learned an important lesson. You must love yourself (which requires both honesty and humor) before someone else loves you. 

If two Aries adhere to the golden rule and act in relation to each other in the same way as they would like to do with them, their connection will bring them both rest from emotional stress and, moreover, the best of all gifts – the freedom to be yourself, not afraid of losing a loved one.

During a quarrel, in haste, he may declare that he will leave her, but he is unlikely to ever do so. If he once fell in love with an Aries woman, all the other girls would seem boring to him. With them, maybe it will be easy, but not interesting. Yes, and she, no matter what is torn from her tongue in anger, will never leave her chosen one.

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