Aries Man and Capricorn Woman love compatibility

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility Percentage

Aries Capricorn Intimacy and Love Compatibility Percentage30%
Aries Capricorn Emotional Compatibility Percentage10%
Aries Capricorn Communication Compatibility Percentage30%
Aries Capricorn Trust Percentage70%
Aries Capricorn Intellectual Compatibility Percentage50%
Aries Capricorn Common Interests30%
Aries Capricorn Overall Compatibility Percentage37%

Aries and Capricorn Fire + Earth

The Relationship Compatibility of Aries Man and Capricorn Woman in is low. It is a very complicated combination.  Both signs will have to do a lot of their part for the relationship to work, due to their enormous differences between their characters. Its ruling planets, Mars and Saturn, are diametrically opposite forces.

This combination of signs can work out in the long term if they decide not to compete constantly. If they do not agree, it will be necessary to accept that there will be a constant battle and complex competition.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Friendship

The Aires man hates being related to capricious, clingy and dependent women, which is why a Capricorn lady is one of the most interesting options, because both are independent, self-confident and complement each other in a good way, as long as they learn to stop aside the innate competition for leadership that exists between the two signs.

They are traditional and a bit introverted, which is why they have a rather small selection of friends, although they love to chat with everyone. It will be very difficult for a Capricorn to choose as a friend or lover people who are not aligned with her personal values ​​or who offend her sensitivity in some way.

They are quick to express disapproval when something does not please them, which is why some people in their circle do not come to like him completely. 

However, they have a very big positive side, and that is that they are reliable and extremely loyal, something that is attractive to Arians and that allows them to surround themselves with many other people as loyal as they.

They value freedom and convey respect for personal freedoms, keeping low expectations of people. They love fun, although their ability to express it will depend on the environment and the company.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Relationship

Aries tend to be outgoing , confident and impulsive and don’t tend to take criticism well, while Capricorns are much more introverted , practical, conservative, and even pessimistic. 

They are very methodical in their approach to life and relationships, and they need to have a carefully detailed plan for their entire life, while Aries is drawn to the thrill of the unknown. Capricorns are usually very fair, but also quite severe and serious, so Aries can feel judged by their Capricorn partner.

Capricorns find it difficult to fully commit to a relationship and, to do so, they have to feel very secure in their partner. Although they may envy the energy and optimism of Aries, it will be difficult for them to face the taste for freedom of this.

On the other hand, Aries needs variety and a life seasoned with species, so it could feel quite trapped in a relationship with Capricorn. It can also be boring, because Aries likes to live at a much faster pace, while Capricorn prefers things to go slower.

Aries is a wild child, who through his adventurous nature demands great freedom, which can cause discomfort in his Capricorn partner, who also needs freedom, and independence, but adds the characteristic of jealousy.

Capricorn prefers a quiet life, but both have a thirst for competition. Both are natural leaders, so a relationship between them will be a constant struggle between the total leadership, which makes eventual struggles more likely to occur.

The interesting thing is that this fight is what initially attracts them. Aries is a born leader, but when it comes to their love relationships, they don’t expect a submissive person. The Capricorn woman can be submissive when she wishes, but in general she also claims her own spaces of power within the relationship, causing an interesting fight that is stimulating for both of them.

Capricorn is characterized by being a reliable and responsible behavior figure, something that Aries values, and as an earth sign, it can anchor the scattered energy of the ram man, who is stubborn and expels large amounts of energy from his inner fire. This relationship can be very pleasant since both signs compensate without canceling each other, whenever they wish.

Women and men of both signs are born for leadership. They love to guide, take charge and are happy when they get someone’s attention, since that way they subtly feed their ego.

The Aries man is free and independent and can thrive in almost any setting and take on challenges of any kind. They are both ambitious, but unlike Capricorn, they are adamant when they want to live life their own way.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman in Love Compatibility

In intimate relationships, Aries and Capricorn are a fiery combination that generates an intense glow. Both are sexual signs, and they feed on that energy, transferring it to other aspects of your life. 

They are insatiable and few signs can satisfy their sexual urges. If you both become aware of this aspect, you will be very satisfied in the bedroom, but it may take some conversations to get the sexual volcano that you both represent to erupt.

If either of you is not up to the task in bed, it is very likely that the relationship will start to have problems, since sex is in its primary nature.

Neither of you is especially emotional, which is why you may come off as cold. You need to communicate effectively so this lack of emotional expression doesn’t wreak havoc on the relationship.

It is very likely that the woman seems distant and less emotionally involved, being the latest in making certain decisions that affect the well-being of the couple, but since both are independent, this is not usually a serious problem.

Sexually , the combination also has its difficulties, since while Aries likes to experiment and is daring, Capricorn is much more conservative and finds it more difficult to let go. Both signs will need to be committed and have patience to have satisfactory intimate relationships.

The relationship between the two will always be intense, although at times, external factors can cause boredom in different aspects of daily life and routine takes its toll in the room.

The relationship offers good conditions to function in harmony and problems will only arise when one of the two neglects some aspect or does not establish solid foundations that support the weight of the relationship between two absolutely independent beings. Jealousy on the part of Capricorn will be a constant, and it will become an Aries duty to demonstrate commitment and fidelity.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Problems and Breakup

The main challenge of this relationship is to achieve a balance between the ideas of what is fun, the establishment of goals that both can follow as a team and that respond to the interests of the couple and individuals, since personal fulfillment is of the utmost importance for the two components.

At this point, the compatibility between the two is quite bad, because neither party is willing to take a position of submission. The Aries man is impatient, loves adventure and personal satisfaction, while the Capricorn woman is the opposite; he is patient, not very adventurous. 

Their only point in common would be personal satisfaction, so it would not be a relationship that has too many prospects of lasting in the long term.

It will be very common for the woman to frequently accuse and reprimand the ram for its wild and carefree behavior, and with time it will learn more and more of the self-control that Capricorn exercises.

Being an earth sign, realism prevails over optimism. So a Capricorn woman is pseudo-optimistic, because she is optimistic about her own exploits and what she can achieve on her own, but offers a cold, harsh and pessimistic approach to almost every other aspect of life.

If you annoy a Capricorn woman, you will have to endure silent conspiracies, since she has enough intelligence to choose perfectly those battles in which she can win. Unlike Aries, she is not aggressive and has other means to assert her point of view.

The main problem between an Aries-Capricorn relationship is avoiding burnout. Tiredness, monotony and routine are lethal, therefore looking for entertainment alternatives and constant change in routines is essential to maintain a healthy relationship. 

It is a mutual challenge to find ways to alter the daily routine, encourage spontaneous outings, read books and comment on them or talk about exciting topics for both of you. Some seemingly insignificant things can have a positive influence on the mood of both.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility in Work

A business led by both can be one of the most rewarding experiences on a professional level for both of you, because although their personalities and fundamental nature are similar, they have a lot to learn and feed from each other.

One field in which both signs are compatible is at work, because the hard-working nature and excellent management skills of Capricorns go well with the ambition and gift of Aries. A professional relationship between these two signs should work.

Aries is enterprising and vigorous, Capricorn is ambitious. They are both leaders and this can be negative when they compete within the same workspace. The Capricorn woman can negatively affect the morale of the Arian gentleman.

They do not consciously get involved in other people’s dramas, but create their own dramas among themselves when they are in a competitive position.

If you are looking for a quiet life, it is better that these two signs do not work together, because it is a constant challenge that is not suitable for the weakest. Both are important assets on your teams, and they can complement each other as long as they don’t compete for the same position of power.

When the two establish a common project or undertake some economic activity, they become an unstoppable pair that can be destined for success thanks to the shared similarities. 

Love for your partner may be the only way for either of you to soften your character a bit and decide to give in.

Tips to make Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Relationship Work

A balance can be achieved with a little effort, since the Capricorn woman has a great feeling of responsibility and has the ability to control her own emotions and impulses, while Aries is a lover of freedom and responsibilities are a burden that sometimes you don’t want to endure.

It will be a very satisfactory relationship with good long-term prospects. They can both share work spaces and make a great duo in business, since both signs are intelligent and have characteristics that manage to compensate for the shortcomings of the other.

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Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Typical Relationship

The relationship between a Aries man and a Capricorn woman mostly depends on her age. 

If she is not yet thirty, he will most likely not have to go to court. Cheeky and rude type, caveman. And she has little chance of being liked. Maybe someone likes grouchy, eccentric old virgins, but not him …

If she’s over thirty, she can seem incredibly funny. He will be touched by the fervor with which she undertakes to judge everything in the world – from psychology to ecology. They have so much in common! Alas, this is a fallacy. 

Saturn still imperiously controls Capricorn, and nothing will outweigh, will not push into the background the main vital necessity – security. Nothing measures Capricorn’s reverence for success and a solid bank account. 

Although most Aries men are the spoils of success. Good luck nimbus shines over their heads, shines through in gait and movements. But Aries are not always quick-witted in money matters until they are over thirty. Well, it’s time.

Capricorn women are instinctively drawn to those at the top. Prudence? Not. A developed sense of responsibility … But Aries can get on her nerves. Gives caution and prudence. And these two words symbolize something terrible suppression of his Mars enthusiasm. 

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman : Office Romance

That’s why “office romances” between the two are rare. The Boss Aries immediately notices that his Capricorn employee is a real treasure. A capable and knowledgeable worker, knows how to joke and is damn sexy, although she hides it. 

His Martian “ego” is flattered that she “knows her place.” Then he discovers that this quiet woman is imperceptibly learning everything. Probably dreams of taking his place. Probably. Aries will be scared and will instantly dismiss the “scheme.” It’s a pity, of course, to lose a good employee,

When Capricorn and Aries do not compete, they can make an interesting pair. Not bright or amazing, but interesting. 

I have already said that the symbol of Capricorn is a mountain goat. But there is another symbol – the two-faced Janus, one face of which is turned into the past, and the other into the future. For Capricorn, the future is inextricably linked with the past. Only a person with an excellent pedigree can impress this girl. To herself, she does not make such harsh demands. Capricorns are their own ancestors. 

Very often, the Capricorn woman gets bogged down in a completely impossible love story. And there are reasons for this. Secretly considering herself an impossible person, she seeks impossible love as a punishment. Impossible connection for an impossible person. In fact, she has more warmth and charm than she allows herself to realize.

Aries needs to convince this impossible creation that she is desirable. He, inclined to idealize a woman, raise her on a pedestal, is easier than others to turn Capricorn’s self-abasement into a proud awareness of his sexuality. But even having created this small miracle, he did not immediately wrap her in his arms. 

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman : Family Concern

A family sentence is most often not subject to appeal. In addition, the chosen one will have to share with the Capricorn woman the care of her family. Maybe even live with her relatives under one roof. 

If Aries asks her to leave her family when they need her or let them cope with troubles on their own, she will torment him and herself. It is rather unpleasant to make love with a woman who is constantly suffering from remorse and despondency. Especially the Aries man who wants the whole world to revolve around him.

If we are talking about love and its manifestations, we must warn that the Capricorn woman often hides her passions under the guise of cold indifference. She is prone to suppress physical attraction, for fear of finding a wasp among flowers. 

The voice of reason tries to drown out the call of the flesh. Thus disappointment is born, which translates into the most bizarre forms: the desire to rule, accumulation, eccentricity and irritability, attempts to present their loneliness as a sign of spiritual selectivity.

The courageous Aries is not afraid to tear off her ice mask of indifference, unless, of course, it is guessed that it is just masks that will not lay down arms without a fight. And if the coldness of the Capricorn woman does not crush Aries’s self-confidence. His heart jumps out of the sternum, she is so insulting unperturbed, so outrageously calm! There is reason to despair. 

And here, as in the relationship of the Capricorn man and the Aries woman, everything depends on the Sun and the Moon. If the position of the stars in the horoscopes of these pairs is harmonious. Aries will turn Saturn’s gray lead into the sparkling diamond of Mars with the help of the alchemy of love alone. Otherwise, these two will have to wait for a meeting in a future incarnation.

Capricorns always remember their goal, and they are angry with any invasion of the unexpected or unusual, even if it is love, and a collision with an angry Capricorn is unpleasant. 

The Capricorn woman usually has nerves of steel, Hawk’s eyes and Job’s patience. But do not let this scare Aries away. Her self-control is just a chain that captures the spirit so that it does not fly too high. With all her appearance, she seems to say: “Do not get too close,” but her timid, incredulous “I” whispers: “It would be wonderful if you came closer, but who can guarantee that you need not only my reliability, but also my femininity? ” Listen to this silent plea. Yes, this woman will not shower you with passionate romantic confessions, but her gentle secret smile is worth a lot.

He is really very lucky, this Aries. No matter how beautiful she is now, Saturn promises to make her more beautiful every year. This planet is tightly controlled by feelings, never deceives. And the Capricorn woman also never breaks her promises. Finally, the Aries man has found love that you can trust, which you can keep and hold. And for the sake of this, you can even cope with your own egoism.

In Conclusion

It will be a very satisfactory relationship with good long-term prospects. They can both share work spaces and make a great duo in business, since both signs are intelligent and have characteristics that manage to compensate for the shortcomings of the other.

Capricorns born between January 2 and 10 are the most compatible for this combination, because due to the presence of Venus, it is easier for them to be affectionate and express their feelings and Aries born between April 10 and 20 have greater possibilities compatibility with Capricorn. However, it is a very difficult combination of signs.

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