Aries Man and Virgo Woman: Love, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction, Breakup

This is sad, but often true. Sooner or later, the Aries man may feel the need to prove to the Virgo woman that his concepts and ideals are reasonable, that he has matured emotionally – in general, he will try to prove to her that his plans, ambitions and feelings have a right to exist. 

It is not that she does not agree with him, but he might think (if she is a typical Virgo) that she somehow does not approve of his behavior. Perhaps it is. She can wholeheartedly support most of his suggestions and inventions, but there is always something that she will object to. 

These are the Virgin.

They notice weak links in the chain and warn of them before the chain breaks. We all must be truly grateful to them for knowing the danger before it is too late, and therefore the success of each adventure becomes more likely. Most people properly appreciate Dev’s ability to clean up chaos.

But not Aries. He will angrily resent her incredulity and may even accuse her of insensibility and lack of imagination. He is very mistaken. This woman is endowed with a wonderful vivid imagination, but she is so secretive that everyone considers her terribly prosaic. She does not like to flaunt her brilliant mind and secret thoughts. When he appeared, the dashing, magnificent Aries, she had the feeling that she was very special. It warmed the cold heart of the Virgin and made her more confident than ever. But he, like everyone else, blames her for the lack of imagination and insensibility. Or maybe he is insensitive?

The inner world of a woman cannot be filled only with imaginary magical creatures. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful wonderland, because she sees beauty in the small and the ordinary. If an Aries man who loves her truly understands this, stops shouting at her and humiliating her, she can tell him about her unfulfilled desires and secret fantasies, become tender and affectionate and open her fears instead of hiding an insult in her soul . Yes, she will learn a lot from him.

He too can learn a lot from her. For example, thoughtful attention to others, calmness and happiness to serve (rather than accept services). She shows it almost every day when they are together. Only he rarely sees it. She intervenes so gently in the mess that he barely notices her presence, helps him do everything right, although he did not ask for help, and does not wait for praise. She would have blossomed from his gratitude, but never required it.

It is so good to come home to a Virgo woman when she likes herself, when she does not pretend and allows her beloved to be herself too. If she is a typical Virgo, then she is unobtrusive (compared to Aries!), But she is fun and enjoyable. She is calm and educated and so needs tenderness (which she never asks for, as well as gratitude). Sometimes she is critical, yes, but at least polite when arguing about trifles. 

An Aries man who loves this intelligent woman can reassure her when she is upset and discouraged by some petty mistakes (Virgos are prone to sharp self-criticism), reminding her that no one is immune from mistakes, even the noble Nazareth.

In the physical love of the Aries man and the Virgo woman, the hazy charm is often hidden. It is likely that they belong to rare people today – opponents of sex for the sake of sex, which is on display for everyone. The Aries man is a staunch idealist (and also super-jealous), and the Virgo woman usually does not recognize any cheapness and vulgarity.

Their lovemaking will reflect their mutual idealism and the subconscious search for purity and innocence. This does not mean that their physical love will lack passion. The Aries man, ruled by Mars, is embodied passion. But at the same time, he is touchingly gentle and usually remembers the little things associated with sexual unity. The Virgo woman will answer this with genuine joy. But she must be careful not to criticize his love technique, not to allow her innate coldness to turn into the ashes the fiery sexual outpourings that he so trustingly offers her. For his part, he must watch so as not to offend her delicacy, always showing that tenderness and gentleness are part of their union. He needs to learn not to be offended when she prefers to express her love for him not physically. His sexual stamina is often greater than her,

He just needs to give her a little rest and also not forget that her desire or unwillingness to make love always depends on the problems and anxieties that occupied her the day before. A virgin will never surrender to love completely, and Aries is capable of it. This is the main difference between them, and one must approach it with caution.

Despite their natural attraction, they can allow their relationship to gradually take on a slightly different form, depending on mutual respect. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that. But emotional bestowal and mutual understanding are also necessary. Virgo and Aries, even if their relationship cracked, are rarely unfaithful to each other. There is a deep reason for this. Typical representatives of these solar signs cannot leave, abandon another (even when, it would seem, this is inevitable), if they once dedicated themselves to it. Virgo, a forced analyst, is always responsible for his words, and especially for this promise. And if she violated it, it means that she was inflicted a personal insult of such immeasurable depth that it required either a final decision to break, or a real mental change.

Aries man does not want to admit his mistakes. It is not a sense of responsibility that connects with a woman, but emotions. It is difficult for Aries to imagine that he was mistaken in love if he had once believed in it with all his heart. This man rushes headlong in every adventure, responds with fiery intentions to every challenge (and love too). Could Romeo ever stop loving Juliet and Juliet get tired of Romeo? Of course not. That’s how he looks at it. He forgets that these samples of pure love were not even twenty, and if they had lived longer, they might have faced mutual misunderstanding and disagreement. Strange, he strives for perfection in love as much as his female Virgin – for perfection in everything except love.

When serious difficulties arise in their relationship, the site is usually cut with sharp scissors of powerful external pressure, rather than cooling their senses. Sometimes this is her almost fantastic obsession with work or home responsibilities, sometimes her fiery ambitions and determination, forcing him to push aside everything except the great goal in life, the desire to find himself. Then she can feel an irresistible desire to criticize his actions and intentions. This annoys at first, then humiliates and, finally, causes Mars anger in him, which, in turn, freezes her desire to help him to the extent of icy detachment and almost ostentatious enjoyment of her grief. Then you have to give up something, and quickly! Or their mutual need for tenderness of each other will soon fade into the background, giving way to a mutual need for self-esteem, and they will disperse.

But quite sad. These men and women can correct all their mistakes and establish relationships, even if they would have seemed to someone else doomed to death. But only when love for him is selflessness and awareness of her needs, and for her full trust and dedication to his dreams.

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